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  1. So, I'm with everyone else in that the tether system is awesome and without it, the game would be unplayable. But like a lot of others, I think the infinite tethering is a good starting point but to make it more realistic, the air pressure should decrease as you move further from your base. The infinite oxygen somehow created by your habitat is also a good starting point, but also slightly unrealistic. Thirdly, some tether pole changes might be kind of neat. What I propose are three ideas for improving the realism of these features: For the air pressure drop: As you move further away, you must install air pumps to keep feeding air through your tethers (physics dictates that air pressure will drop through a length of hose). The pumps can be created for the base itself, via the printer, and will generate large amounts of air pressure for the beginning of your tether. For this to work, tether upgrades should be available to withstand such forces. The pumps can also be created via the backpack, and because they're a slightly smaller version of the printed ones, have them take up even two spots on the backpack. They can be placed along the tether line or as attachments to tethers (see third point). To adjust for the increased air pressure and limited oxygen supply: We can start with a certain amount of oxygen, and by a certain point in our builds, we need to upgrade our oxygen supply. Where do we get oxygen from here on earth? Plants! What I suggest is adding a greenhouse to the level 2 platform build option. As we build more and more platforms and tethers, we need more and more oxygen supply. As we research the balls that we find on trees and beneath plants we discover various new types of plants for different oxygen benefits. As we gather organics in our travels, we can combine and "plant" them in the greenhouse, and choose the types of plants made, requiring different amounts of organics. Thirdly, tether pole changes: Adding tether attachments would be a great way to add air pumps to your tether lines. Requiring compound or resin to "level up" a tether pole will allow us to place air pumps, beacons, storage, power sources, mini research platforms or research ball teleporters to our tether lines. This way, the infinite power coming from base is adjusted for power loss, and we don't have to carry those heavy research balls all the way back to base. I realize some changes completely different than these may already be in the works, but they're just some ideas I had and I'm not married to them. But thanks for listening, and I love the game!