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  1. So, me and my buddy were playing, and we have started to build automated harvester stations on a few planets, and started to think, "it would be cool if we could automate the transfer of resources between planets", and i thought it would be a good idea to have a platform like a Exo Trade Platform, and to be able to automate it, and then it would be able to transfer some resources across worlds. and of course it could require some sort of fuel, or maybe energy to be able to transfer items further or faster. Another idea we had was a tier two auto arm, one with the ability to carry more items or maybe bigger items, such as the medium resource canister.
  2. Last night, while I was thinking about astroneer and his old versions of the game (the ones with still tubes instead of cables to internderci), I came up with the idea of conveyor tubes. Operation is simple, hoses must be connected to a power source to function. They can be positioned as extenders, and depending on the length increases the operating cost. The beginning and the end of the tube delineate the entry and exit, and can be lengthening just like extenders, and be unidirectional or bidirectional. They have a T1 slot or a T2 slot in order to put any storage. Operation: When a resource is placed (also via auto-arm), it is slowly transferred to the outlet side (speed like a melting furnace to be clear), and eventually this speed slows down according to the length of the pipe, and in the case of energy deficits. The nuggets of resources will be transported one by one from Point A to Point B Pipes do not replace auto-arms because in order to move resources from a pipe outlet to a platform, you will need an autoarm. Connecting a tube to a platform serves only to supply them with energy and oxygen. The pipes will be a means of transporting resources for the medium distance, (remember that the longer they are, the more time the transfer of resources takes) over long distances future trains will be much more effective ^^. I already imagine pipes of resources starting from the self-extractors up to the base. In this way two fundamental things are obtained: energy and oxygen for self-extractors, and transfer of resources from the latter to the base. This idea could be a great alternative to conveyor belts that may require extensive calculations and efforts on the part of the game to work. Such tubes on the other hand are very suited to astroneers, and feels very unique, and I really think this game made a distinct leap in quality on par with the automation patch. And you gamers and devs, do you like the idea of resource tube design, could gaming and automation benefit from that or am I just dreaming? Thanks System Era
  3. Expand automation, don't leave it halfway. Give the possibility to create all the objects of the backpack from the printers, perhaps with a new basic printer. It is really a pity not to be able to build turbines, solar panels, small batteries, and other objects automatically. The fact that some of the backpack items can be built by a small printer seems like a momentary patch, forgotten and not updated. Also add other types of sensors perhaps as detect the start and finish boot of modules. The cables should also be updated, I have already mentioned this in another post, but we really feel the need for new cables, bidirectional, maybe fixed power regulators etc ... As already mentioned in the past, a self-positioning mode of the tethers / extenders would be very much appreciated. Self-collection of extensor tethers is also something to improve life. Where are the life improvements? Make the game enjoyable and pleasant. Reduce frustrations (ex: hell again! I placed the extender / tether too far, what a drag!) Or the unlock platform button, but have you ever accidentally unlocked it and then found the platform in your hand with all the cables disconnected and the damnation that goes up especially if you had it perfectly aligned? But this is an obvious thing, I knew it would happen even before the patch was released to hook the platforms manually. I don't understand, but i think that 5 minutes of programming are really enough to set the key hold to unlock it! I think that these types of updates require little work compared to the final result and the degree of satisfaction of the players. I may be wrong, however many players find current automation and some features of the game clunky and frustrating. In the past I held firm, advised very much, but I have not seen improvements in the areas mentioned, which is why I have recently become very critical. Sorry for the outburst, but I'm really speaking from the heart, because I really care about this little-big game! Maybe some will say, half automation? better than nothing. But I say that the details that make the difference between a good game and a masterpiece.
  4. I recently made heavy use of extenders, and was particularly disappointed with how they work, and I had to replace most of them with batteries or bi-directional cables. I knew the functionality of the energy priority, which is that it does not send energy until a surplus is created at the source. This feature is fine and has been very useful to me in the past and still today. However I have found that if you create multiple outputs using unidirectional cables (ex: extender) they will send a maximum of energy equal to the ratio between the initial source and the number of outputs. This makes their use very limiting. Let's assume I produce 30 U / s and connect three outputs with extenders to it, each one of them can carry a maximum of 10 U / s. This is sometimes good but other times a real pain in the ass. I am not saying to modify the extender and its functioning, however it creates other types of extenders with different and adjustable functionalities. I'd also like to see an adjustable separator at X and not at%, or a bilateral extenders, I did a similar thing with batteries, really awkward to place, etc ..... You give players the ability to experiment with new configurations by adding new power manipulation items. Furthermore, using the C or V keys to position the extenders is not enough, they are still very uncomfortable to place and remove, find a way to improve the life for us players.The game has to be enjoyable and not frustrating, which doesn't mean easy. And you gamers, did you know this feature of extenders, and unidirectional cables? And what do you think about it? Ps: will there be a printers UI update on for the selection of buildings / items soon?
  5. Hi Players and Developers, the new patch has been fantastic, and the thing that really impressed me was the reworking of the power costs of the various structures. However, analyzing the costs of the new generators, I noticed that beyond their aesthetic beauty, they are not very convenient. Get comfortable because we are going to analyze them one by one, Let's go: - Small Wind Turbine (cost 1 ceramic) 1,5 U/s On this I could create an entire degree thesis, I'll try to be as concise as possible. Honestly I'm not happy with this at all, I made a post about it. The amount of power produced has been increased x3, and the recipe changed to ceramic which is cheaper than glass. This means that if you need power, start making as many small wind turbines as you want for free (soil centrifuge). An medium Storage (8 turbines) produces 12 U / s, while a 36 U / s medium silos (turbines), all costs just a handful of ceramics. I understand that maybe yours is to find a fast and cheap way to generate energy, but geez, don't you incentivize exploration in this way! Just dig the earth and wait! The quickest solution might be to change the ceramic cost to aluminum! In this way aluminum acquires a more precious value and is found on all planets, but when you find it, you open a bottle of champagne for joy! - Medium Wind Turbine (cost 1 alluminium, 1 ceramic) 5U/s When I saw the output increased from 1 to 5, I said it was time! But when I saw the cost in aluminum, I said to myself, why i should print it? With an earth container I can print 3 small turbines and put them in a storage, and I can do this as often as I want, saving resources, space, and search bytes. Precisely, the problem is not the average wind turbine, but the small one! The thing would be different if the latter cost aluminum. - Large Wind Turbine (cost 1 alluminium alloy, 1 ceramic, 1 glass) 10 U/s When I analyzed the cost and the production, I asked myself, what the fu**? Let's assume that small wind turbines cost aluminum. There would be significant savings in this. But why should I create this instead of two medium wind turbines? The latter cost two aluminum and two ceramic, and I avoid creating aluminum alloy, and copper I could use it in another way. In addition medium wind turbine I can build it where I want (aluminum available on any planet), while the large one needs copper which is not always available. I want to remember that medium turbines can be placed on large storage / silos, doubling the production space efficiency up to 6 times! The only reason to create it would be if you have very little aluminum and various copper reserves. But otherwise it's a scam! Compared to before, the mistake lies in the recipe, maybe you could make aluminum, ceramic and rubber or plastic? - XL Wind Turbine (cost 1 iron, 1 alluminium alloy, 1 graphene, 1 ceramic) 17 U/s Very nice graphically, but the recipe puzzles me. The main advantage is that it does not need a platform to be positioned. The current recipe is very messy, to print it you need aluminum, copper, iron, ammonium, graphite and hydrogen. It is much easier print 12 small turbines in medium storages with 4 soil small canister, and I just need a melting furnace and a centrifuge. But if small turbines cost aluminum, alternatively, I could sprint 4 medium turbines and use 4 aluminum, 4 ceramic and 3 resin (platform) to produce 20 U / s. Clean up the recipe maybe steel, ceramic, rubber, plastic. These resources are strategic, because the large turbine requires copper, while this steel (iron and argon). Also increase the power output to 25 U/s, don't be afraid, you can further increase the amount of running energy for chemistry labs and atmospheric condenser to balance it. - Small Solar Panel (cost 1 copper) 1 U/s The 1 U / s production increase can be honest, as it costs copper which is a precious material and available in few planets. - Medium Solar Panel (cost 1 copper, 1 glass) 4U/s This could save you 4 times copper than small solar panel. The price it's a bargain. - Large Solar Panel (cost 1 alluminium alloy, copper, glass) 8 U/s The recipe is a scam (2 copper, 1 alluminium, 1 glass), they are robbing you of aluminum. Build two medium solar in its place with 2 copper and 2 glass, you save aluminum and bytes for research, and you don't need the chemistry lab. Rework the recipe with 1 aluminum alloy, 1 glass, and plastic. Increase also the output to 10 U / s - Solar Array (copper, glass, graphene, alluminium alloy) 14 U/s Like the XL wind turbine, it also does not need platforms. The recipe itself is not bad, maybe I would replace the copper cost with plastic. However, I would increase the production to 20 U / s further increasing also the cost of running the Chemistry Laboratory (20) and atmospheric condenser (40). Why this increase? To get that greater feeling of needing more power and more powerful generation systems! At present it is enough to create a storage of small wind turbines and I produce almost as much as a Solar Array XD - Small Generator (1 compound) 2 U/s for 120 sec for 1 organic It has been increased from 1 to 2 U/s. This makes it even better than before for powering vehicles, but also it is now supplanted by the Qrtg. Useful in the early stages of the game, it soon becomes completely obsolete. - Medium Generator (cost 1 tungsten, 1 alluminium) 9 U/s for 120 sec for 1 carbon The production was increased from 3 to 9 U/s. I have used it to make up for the lack of energy when wind and solar are not available, and does its job perfectly. I would like to see Large and XL Generators in the future. - Small Battery (1 zinc) 32U, throughput rate 1 U/s Changing the cost to zinc was a really good choice. A way to make zinc more precious, and to encourage its research of it. - Medium Battery (1 zinc, 1 lithium) 512, throutput 5 U/s Capacity has been doubled to match the modules' new energy costs, and make it more attractive than small battery stacks. I would like to see Large and XL batteries in the future. Qrtg (obtainable as a reward in missions and around the planets) By popular demand, this little treasure has been added! In itself it is fine, but it inevitably makes small generators obsolete. Power cells (Graphite) 48U throughput rate 1 U/s Changed the recipe from zinc to graphite, excellent modification because it makes energy cells available during exploration and emergency situations, however supplanted by Qrtg when available. It increases the amount of power in them to 256 U and 3U/s throughput rate, You will make them as valuable but not as valuable as a small, organic small generator. RTG (1 nanocarbon alloy, 1 lithium) It hasn't been changed, but due to the increased cost of energy, RTGs are less performing than before, however this is not a bad thing but it spurs players to invest more in creating more RTGs. Remember that once built RTG always works, so it should be normal that it produces little compared to other renewable and non-renewable systems. Additional Reflections Melting furnace: now it takes 5 U / s to work, and that's good, because it stimulates the player to create energy production systems from the earliest stages of the game Soil Centrifuge: draw was increased from 4 to 6. Good, but I would increase it to 10 U/s Chem Lab: draw was increased from 3 to 10. Based on what I wrote, increasing power production in high-end systems, I would increase draw to 20. The high cost in terms of energy serves precisely to incentivize players to build new power production in high-end systems compared to the low-end ones. Atmospheric Condenser: draw was incresed from 6 to 20, the same reasons of the chemistry lab, I would increase it to 30, if not 40 Rebalance other structures as XL Shredder following a similar pattern. The greater the difference in power between small and large structures, the greater the need to adapt to new technologies. It took me almost 2 hours to write this post, but I really wanted to give my opinion. And i having over 1000 hours of gameplay should give me some weight. I hope this analysis makes the developers think about what in my opinion could be improved. And you gamers, what do you think of the new power upgrade system, am I crazy or is there a hint of truth?
  6. I mean, RTG is still great nuclear power but, I want a new technology of nuclear power generation. The Nuclear Fission Reactor and Nuclear Fusion Reactor. My idea is this: Fission Reactor is using Nuclear Fuel Rod and Coolant. And release a Nuclear Waste. Fusion Reactor is using Deuterium or Tritium. Or both for more efficiency. And release a Helium. Fission Reactor is generating powers to 100 U/s. Fusion Reactor is generating power to 250-500 U/s. (Why not a thousand? Because that's too much and useless.) Nuclear Fuel Rod can be crafted to use Enriched Uranium and Empty Containment Canister. Deuterium and Tritium is can be crafted to use Hydrogen or Water in Chemistry Lab. Coolant is can be crafted to use Water in Freezer. Nitrogen can be crafted to Liquid Nitrogen in Freezer. Of course it can be used to coolant for Fission Reactor for more cooling efficiency. But it is have some risks because the Liquid Nitrogen is extremely cold! Concrete is can be crafted to use Soil, Water and Compound in Chemistry Lab. Water is can be used to craft Hydrogen and Oxygen when using Electrolyzer for more efficiency. If your base is doesn't attached any Oxygenator, this module can provide a Oxygen to your base when the Electrolyzer is activated and produce a Oxygen. And Water is can be gathered in Sylva with using Liquid Extractor. Ice can be gathered in Glacio with using Drill or Drill Mod attached Terrain Tool to digging. Ice can be used to craft Water in Smelter. Water and other liquid can be transported with using Small Canister, Medium Canister and Fluid Pipe. When transport a fluid with using Fluid Pipe, you must attach the Fluid Pump. (Imagine about Satisfactory's fluid transport and production mechanism.) Fluid Pipe is can be connected to Fission Reactor, Fluid Pump, Liquid Extractor, Freezer, Electrolyzer and Medium Canister. Fluid Pump is similar functions Extender. It can extend pipe's length. Nuclear Waste is contained Depleted Uranium. It is totally useless... But maybe can be used to other things? Depleted Uranium can extracted from Nuclear Waste. It is still extremely radioactive but strength. Maybe can be used to... shield or alloy something? Nuclear Waste is can not be shred in any shredder. (Think about it, you don't wanna use the radioactive scrap, don't you?) Uranium, Lead, Plutonium and Radium* can be extracted from Uraninite in Chemistry Lab. Uraninite can be gathered from the Atrox. (Because Atrox does not have any primary and secondary resources, that's weird. It's impossible.) Radium is can be used to craft Radon in Artificial Radioactive Decay Unit. Or it just decayed to Radon in natural. Radon is can be used to craft Lead in Artificial Radioactive Decay Unit. Or it just decayed to Lead in natural. (Let's farming to Lead for the future...) Radium is can be used to craft Hydrogen and Radium Hydroxide with using Water in Chemistry Lab. Uhhh... So how to we processing about Radium Hydroxide? *: Cancelled, not a important. (Unofficial dummy data) Radium and Radon is too complicated so just ignore this two resource. Nuclear Fuel Rod is two different of variations: U-235 and Pu-239. (RTG is using Pu-238.) If Nuclear Fuel Rod shred or exploded, it causes nuclear explosion. (Yeah, let's some fun!) Fission Reactor is release a high radiation. Fusion Reactor is does not release any radiation. Fission Reactor is can be meltdown when your reactor's cooling system is failure. The Fission Reactor's cooling system can be monitoring in reactor's inspector or just using Remote Maintenance Panel for monitoring all connected reactor in far away. When meltdown is getting started, you are too late. It will increasing radiation release rate, then after few seconds it can be nuclear exploded. After exploded, that area becomes extremely radiated for long time. Of course all structures(exclude Gateway Chamber, Gateway Engine and Gateway Portal) near the reactor is destroyed. And you too! Remote Maintenance Panel is can remote maintenance, control and monitoring all modules include reactors. (For example, it can be used to monitoring battery modules capacity.) (The panel is attached the antenna so how it can remote control the other module.) You can monitoring reactor's status with this. You can protect yourself from the hazardous radiation with using Hazmat Protection Equipment and Hazmat Protection Shield. (Why not hazmat suit? Because I really have no idea how to equip actual 'suit' items in-game.) (If you can make actually equip-able 'suit' items, just rename this Hazmat Protection Equipment to Hazmat Suit.) These can be attached in your Backpack. Hazmat Protection Shield is just same functional with Hazmat Protection Equipment, but it is generate a sphere shape shield like a force-field shield in other Sci-Fi games. And can be toggled on/off. Fission Reactor's research cost is 25,000 Byte. Fusion Reactor's research cost is 50,000 Byte. Nuclear Fuel Rod's research cost is 10,000 Byte. Empty Containment Canister's research cost is 2,500 Byte. Electrolyzer's research cost is 8,000 Byte. Freezer's research cost is 5,000 Byte. Liquid Extractor's research cost is 5,000 Byte. Fluid Pipe's research cost is 1,500 Byte. Fluid Pump's research cost is 2,000 Byte. Remote Maintenance Panel's research cost is 5,000 Byte. Hazmat Protection Equipment's research cost is 7,500 Byte. Hazmat Protection Shield's research cost is 12,500 Byte. Fission Reactor's crafting cost is Nanocarbon Alloy, Lead, Concrete and Nuclear Fuel Rod in Large Printer. Fusion Reactor's crafting cost is Nanocarbon Alloy, Lead, Astronium and Hydrogen in Large Printer. Nuclear Fuel Rod's crafting cost is Enriched Uranium and Empty Containment Canister in Small Printer. Empty Containment Canister's crafting cost is Lead in Backpack Printer. Electrolyzer's crafting cost is Aluminium, Copper and Steel in Medium Printer. Freezers crafting cost is Aluminium, Plastic and Compound in Medium Printer. Liquid Extractor's crafting cost is Aluminium Alloy, Glass and Compound in Medium Printer. Fluid Pipe(Bundle)'s crafting cost is Aluminium Alloy in Backpack Printer. Fluid Pump's crafting cost is Aluminium Alloy in Backpack Printer. Remote Maintenance Panel's crafting cost is Glass, Graphite and Diamond in Medium Printer. Hazmat Protection Equipment's crafting cost is Nanocarbon Alloy in Backpack Printer. Hazmat Protection Shield's crafting cost is Nanocarbon Alloy in Backpack Printer. Well, what you think? it is good idea?
  7. Currently on pc, holding down the shift key and clicking on a resource, it goes directly to the backpack, allowing you to withdraw resources very quickly, and this is a great work. However, it is not possible to do the opposite, making it a waste of time and frustrating to unload one or more resources from the backpack. Adding the latter functionality, it's up to you, Era System to decide how, could bring about life improvements. It will certainly be something that players enjoy. Ps: when making updates, make sure that each one has at least one actual game content. Good Job System Era!
  8. I remember the first version of the game where the platforms and printers we have today were introduced. In that version there was also the old printer which was removed because it overlapped with the others. You could bring it back and to be able to build all objects from the backpack with repeat button. Players will be able to pick up items manually or through an AutoArm, and pave the way for further automation. Ps: I think a lot of gamers hate having to build lots of small turbines, or small battery manually to put them in a storage silo, and these are examples. Thanks.