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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Players and Developers, the new patch has been fantastic, and the thing that really impressed me was the reworking of the power costs of the various structures. However, analyzing the costs of the new generators, I noticed that beyond their aesthetic beauty, they are not very convenient. Get comfortable because we are going to analyze them one by one, Let's go: - Small Wind Turbine (cost 1 ceramic) 1,5 U/s On this I could create an entire degree thesis, I'll try to be as concise as possible. Honestly I'm not happy with this at all, I made a post about it. The amount of power produce
  2. I mean, RTG is still great nuclear power but, I want a new technology of nuclear power generation. The Nuclear Fission Reactor and Nuclear Fusion Reactor. My idea is this: Fission Reactor is using Nuclear Fuel Rod and Coolant. And release a Nuclear Waste. Fusion Reactor is using Deuterium or Tritium. Or both for more efficiency. And release a Helium. Fission Reactor is generating powers to 100 U/s. Fusion Reactor is generating power to 250-500 U/s. (Why not a thousand? Because that's too much and useless.) Nuclear Fuel Rod can be crafted to use Enriched Uranium an
  3. Currently on pc, holding down the shift key and clicking on a resource, it goes directly to the backpack, allowing you to withdraw resources very quickly, and this is a great work. However, it is not possible to do the opposite, making it a waste of time and frustrating to unload one or more resources from the backpack. Adding the latter functionality, it's up to you, Era System to decide how, could bring about life improvements. It will certainly be something that players enjoy. Ps: when making updates, make sure that each one has at least one actual game content. Good Job System Era!
  4. I remember the first version of the game where the platforms and printers we have today were introduced. In that version there was also the old printer which was removed because it overlapped with the others. You could bring it back and to be able to build all objects from the backpack with repeat button. Players will be able to pick up items manually or through an AutoArm, and pave the way for further automation. Ps: I think a lot of gamers hate having to build lots of small turbines, or small battery manually to put them in a storage silo, and these are examples. Thanks.
  5. (i am chinese,my english is not very well,sry) First of all,i want to say ,I really love this game!!!! And i want this game become better ,i havent play it for a long time,because it havent had enough features and factors to discover or explore. Here is the list of my system ideas: 1:UPGRADE SYSTEM for almost very item on this game ,such as solar panel,the base level just like what it likes in lastest version, BUT,the senior level should like this and we can still has the advance level like this and may even more likely to build a solar panels station!!!!!!