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  1. A thruster that runs on the atmospheric gas and provides unlimited launches but needs time to refuel or recharge at a station or something while being provided with power. I think the best materials that would be needed to craft this would be a nanocarbon alloy as well as a piece of ammonium. The thruster could have to be charged/refueled at a station the would be crafted via other materials. Tell me what you think of this idea.
  2. jurkotajny


    Hello, I would like to give you my ideas for Astroneer, and I hope I will see them in next Astroneer update. I am still studying english, so sorry for any mistakes. Buildings And Items Large Auto Arms These auto arms will be big, able to pick up items that are in small and medium sized items, but they will consume large amout of power. Scrap Auto Arm These auto arms will be able to give to shredders any size or kind of debris and if enabled, they will cut extra large objects into smaller pieces, small enough to be salvaged by extra large shredder. Train Station These will be used to navigate and manage trains. Custom names will be possible. If plugged, they will give the energy to the rails. Train stations will be able to share power trough rails. Large Wind Turbine These will work like other wind turbines, but they will produce large amout of energy. Nuclear Power Plant These will produce massive amout of power, but on startup they will need water and to keep them working they will need nuclear fuel that will be consumed very slowly. Fusion Reactor These will be very large, so large, that they will don´t need platform. They will produce very large amout of power, but will need helium 3 on startup. Sings These will be cheap to produce, and they will be used to navigate easily. It will be possible to give them shape of arrow. Helium 3 Canister These canisters if placed in inventory during mining on Desolo will slowly collect helium 3. Decompressor These if placed in inventory and enabled, they will take oxygen made by atmospheric condeser and using some power it will extract oxygen into players oxygen canisters, but if it will be running for too long while having oxygen canisters full, it can kill player. Vehicles Auto Train These will be unpacked in train station and are fully automatic. Player will be able to control the train, but it will be slow. Manual control will be used to attach wagons to the train. It will go according to slected train stations. Train stations will be selected using their name. Auto arms will be used to load/unload train automatically. It will consume power according to number of attached wagons. It will use power from the rail or use the energy from the wagons. It can also give energy to the wagons if in rails that are powered by train station. Wagon These will be possible to connect them to the auto trains and will have large slot on top. Maximum amout of wagons will be 5, if more wagons than the limit will be attaced, they will start to slow down the auto train and double it´s power consumption. Rail Creator These will be used to create rails using resources and some power. It will have 2 medium slots to increase storage capacity. Auto Rocket These will be unpacked on auto landing pad, and will travel between selected auto landing pads. They will consume hydrazine and will be only able to transport small items. Resources Helium 3 Helium 3 will be possible to get from mining on Desolo using helium 3 canister. It is used on startup of fusion reactor. Oxygen Oxygen will be possible to extract from Sylvas atmosphere using atmospheric condeser. It can be used for breathing using decompressor or using chemistry lab turned into water. Water Water will be possible to create in chemistry lab using 2 hydrogen and oxygen. It is used during startup of nuclear power plant or using chemistry lab turned into sulfuric acid. Sulfuric Acid Sulfuric acid will be possible to create in chemistry lab using water, oxygen and sulfur. It is used in chemistry lab to make nuclear fuel. Uranium Uranim will be possible to find on Glacio deep underground. It is used to make nuclear fuel. Nuclear Fuel Nuclear fuel will be possible to create in chemistry lab using uranium and sulfuric acid. It will be used as fuel for nuclear power plant.
  3. Thank you for such a great game. I have hundreds of hours into it and thought id share a few ideas with you.. As an astroneer that uses a drill rig a first prison mode or moving the camera so i can see in front of the rig better would be a huge help. A way to lock a grade when cutting would be a huge help as well. this would allow for cutting slopes, roads and such in a more controlled manner. Extenders in my mind should be either the same length as tethers or slightly longer due to the resources used. They should also be able to be placed on top of tall platforms without them returning to a storage mode. this would allow for a cleaner and more protective connection as the are currently able to be knocked about at times and disconnected. Would love an option to lock tethers to the ground. Make it a clickable option. Also a colouring system on the tethers would be nice. This would help facilitate routes or use mixed or patterned colours to mark off areas. like a red and black for danger, yellow black for loading zone ect. A means to add floodlights to a larger rover seat. as the drill or other attachment remove the lights.
  4. Please create a function that allows you to specify multiplayer options for each save. Load Rename Copy Delete Back To Load Rename Multiplayer Option Copy Delete Back Additional options display when Multiplayer Option clicked Allow Not Allow
  5. Whenever I play the game Astroneer, it's with my friends because it is more fun that way. But I can't seem to render them in at all without being close to them. I know that it is about optimization from updates and what not. But I would love to have a view distance slider in the settings menu. I can't doing anything about my render distance being bad. My brother seems to think it's about RAM. I have 16gb of ram and he has 32. When I'm in game I walk out 20 feet and he disappears even with his beacon. But he can see me across the world. All I'm asking for is a render distance slider or setting eg. Low, Medium, Epic, Extreme.
  6. The following are cosmetic items I thought I would suggest now. These could be used in some sort of 'Summer Event' Have a suit that has a fish bowl as a head with a fish inside that is wearing sunglasses (to act as the visor). I think it would me Funny to see some thing like this. It could be called "Fish Bowl" For the Visor You could have a derpy looking fish on it with bubbles surrounding it. You could call it something along the lines of "Fishy brain" (I ran out of ideas on this one) My idea for the emote is the character would do a weird swimming motion but then falls and starts flopping like a fish. This could be called "Fishy Business" I trust your guys' judgment, Hope your 2020 goes great, ~CreateTeen
  7. It's not comfortable to see the blurred background when an alert was appeared.
  8. Please. Because I've just lost one save's game progress when I'm trying to save a game. Why the Astroneer isn't auto saving? It is only auto saving when we a entry to shelter or riding vehicle and rover seat! But why? That's useful but at the same time risky. Saving the game too often to one save file can cause performance degradation. This puts a heavy load on the computer and eventually leads to a game crash. Please, make a manual saving function and change the existing auto saving function.
  9. Yeah, we have a Trade Platform and EXO Request Platform. But it is using a space lander, right? So I thinking about "How about using drone?" thing. That's my idea: Here is a this module's features: (The units of power follow the units used in the official wiki.) Delivery Platform is using unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV). This module's is delivery a materials purpose. It can be attached on Tier 3 Platform. There is exist it's own network. This module has powered it's own solar panel and supply power to drone without wired(Wireless powered drone). If the In-game time is night, It can be powered by base's power(Supplied by platform). In this case, it consumes 2 U/s as much power. Drone landing pad's power capacity is 128 U, and drone's power capacity is 32 U. Drone is have exist Tier 2 slots. But only can attach a storage modules. Of course other drones may not land on a pad that has already landed. This module has a controller. So you can inspect it(Interact to control a module). To use this module, you must first specify its location name(It can be edited in controller interface. Max number of character is 16). You can place a total of 5 drones per planet, and there is no limit to the placement of modules. Delivery Platform: Byte cost: 7,500 Materials: Tungsten Carbide, Graphene, Copper Medium Cargo Drone: Byte cost: 7,000 Materials: Titanium Alloy, Lithium, Copper
  10. You know, In Astroneer, when you print the RTG, you need a Nano-carbon Alloy and Lithium. But in real world RTG is not using Lithium! that's using Plutonium. (More scientific info: Plutonium 238) And I wanted a new power generator. The Fusion Reactor. You know the Astroneer is Sci-Fi genre. But why not add a fusion reactor? Fusion reactor is so VERY fascinating power source! Fusion reactor is using Deuterium or Tritium, this will be more powerful than RTG, It is very excellent energy efficient, and you don't have to worry about the reactor exploding. And the fusion reactor is create helium after reaction. Please add a new elements. Plutonium is must be added on Atrox. (With much deeper in the mantle.) Tritium is can be must combining in Chemistry Lab modules. And finally, add the Fusion Reactor If you can.
  11. My idea is this: Vehicle Shelter Now this is really 'moveable' shelter. I know recently SES added a new shelter it's called "Field Shelter". But it can still be used by only one person at a time. I already came up with this idea before it was added. My idea is that it's much easier to move around and can be used by more than 2~4(or above) people at a time. And it can be attached on Medium Rover and Large Rover. One day I will design a 3D file to explain this idea in more detail... (But not now... Because I'm busy. I already have my another project...) The materials don't have any ideas yet. But the byte can be a rough. Medium Vehicle Shelter Byte: 8,000 or 8,500 Large Vehicle Shelter Byte: 15,000 or above If you have additional suggestions, Please let me know what you think.
  12. I wanted to post my email to SES for public viewing. Maybe if enough emails are sent, the devs will finally start paying attention here. Comments are welcome and I'm hoping I will get a response from them eventually. Any response would be better than nothing. ----------------------------------------------------------- Hello System Era, I am writing this message in the hopes that you will read it and reply, or at least take it into consideration. To start, I very much enjoy Astroneer. The concept is awesome and it has great potential for expansion into something greater. The ability to sculpt the planets however I want is something that has kept me playing. Also, space is one of my favorite subjects and was what got me interested in your game in the first place. Having said that, I have been met with many disappointments. The greatest of these is the fact that you, the developer and creator of the System Era forum, have no real presence in said forum. There are a multitude of posts on bugs and crashing issues (mine included) that have gone ignored. In your latest update, 1.1.2, a number of members have complained of crashing within the first 30 minutes of play which is generous to say the least. This was originally an issue in the 1.1.0 EFT 'beta' you held on steam that carried over to 1.1.2. Other members also posted this game breaking bug, who also went unheard. The latest semi-stable version is 1.0.15, which I have been able to play for several hours before crashing which would usually freeze the entire system requiring a hard reset. I purchased the game after reading reviews on Steam, YouTube, and various other sites. After watching several YouTube game play videos and seeing the smoothness of the frame rate I decided that I would pay the $30 to get the game. I started playing version 1.0.7 which also had crashing and whole-system freezing issues. From that moment, I thought that this couldn't be the full release version of the game. I was wrong. Thus the second major disappointment. Astroneer went from alpha straight to a 1.0 'full release' without having a beta test to work out the bugs of the release version. From what I have read on the forum, the game was more stable in alpha than it was after 1.0. I have played many games over the years and very rarely have I seen a game that had more issues post-release than pre-release. The third disappointment was that I was excited for a well-made game with a wealth of future updates from what seemed like a group, however small, of experienced developers. I have played many of the games that some of your developers had a hand in creating. The fact that quantity over quality seems to be the name of the game when it comes to Astroneer was very unexpected. For example in the latest update, we were given access to the extra large scrapper. A number of us were unable to use this because of the crashing issue that carried over from EFT. I couldn't get past the first two to five minutes after loading my save before crashing to even be able to craft it. Content updates are all well and good as long as the game is playable. Which at this point it is not. Many games that are worth-while and satisfying aren't pretty but they are more than functional. I am not saying the game is not worth-while but it has become less than satisfying. I have enjoyed the game enough to the point that I went through the frustrating process of downgrading to a previous version so I could play a semi-stable version of the game. Which brings up an important point. If you are going to update the game and ignore the bug reports, at least give us the courtesy of including the previous version under the beta tab in Steam. Other games have done this simply because some players enjoy certain versions over newer updates. In this case it would give us, the players, something to fall back on in the event an update goes haywire. Recently, a fellow member came up with some great ideas on how to improve communication with your player base. mystikro, a member of the forum had this to say, addressed to SES_joe: "Choose a team of free QA testers/players that get early access to builds (daily, or as soon as you have one ready). I think steam can help you with this, they have beta codes and stuff where you can enter that and gain access to it. The community can enroll and log bugs for you guys (JIRA or anything open source). You get free QA, the players feel like they are part of the development." He continues further down with: "And all you need is one QA manager. Someone to supervise the QA process. Someone that is active and interacts with the QA and the forum. You took refuge in the Discord server and don't really care for the users on Steam or on the forum. I think that is a bad approach. Get one community manager to have daily contact with the users so that the forum doesn't feel like an empty echo." None of this is unreasonable. In fact, this would be extremely beneficial to System Era. It would increase your player base which would in turn increase positive feed back and word-of-mouth advertising which is highly cost effective thus increasing profits. Currently, as I'm sure you're aware, Astroneer is $30 on Steam which in my personal opinion is at least double what is should be considering the state the game has been in for some time now. Another point I would like to make is about your Discord page. Wyvyrias posted: July 19, 2017 "To make sure everyone is aware that we have a Discord server for the whole community! The developers (and Joe) are around as well and sometimes chat with us, too. We'll also try to keep you up-to-date about important events about Astroneer. Feel free to join if you haven't already (and don't forget to read #information)..." After becoming frustrated with the lack of communication from SES on the forum, I decided to join your Discord server and try to contact someone there. I became extremely confused when I read through your rules, specifically rule 10 and #5 under additional notes: 10. | Do not ping the developers. Face it, SES is busy and can't take care of the individual messages of thousands of people. Use the forums or talk to the community. (5) Do not DM or ping anybody (especially not the staff/moderators) without a good reason (for example, you are free to DM a mod if someone is breaking the rules). This is somewhat misleading regarding what was posted on the Discord announcement post on the forum. It seems to tie our hands behind our backs seen as any kind of System Era presence is non-existent on the forums, almost as if the community is expected to fix issues with the game or given a single choice and that is to live with said issues. That's like me saying to you, "Buy this overpriced car, with warranty, and if it breaks give me a call. Oh, wait. I forgot to tell you the warranty is void and I've turned off my phone. But here's the number of a plumber who I've never met." I don't want a refund, I want a working game. That's all. I don't think this is too much to ask especially when I paid my own hard-earned money for it, along with many others. I believe Astroneer holds great promise for the future and even with all of the major issues it currently has, it is still a beautiful game. When it isn't crashing. I hope someone from System Era will respond to this email and the issues within resolved. I don't expect it to happen overnight. I understand that such things take time, energy, and of course money. At least take the time to read this as I have also spent my time and energy trying to get Astroneer to work, as well as money spent purchasing your game. -Thank You, GeneralMayonaise Active System Era Forum Member -----------------------------------------------------------
  13. I have been playing the game since a little after it was released and have become addicted. Although the game is fun I have a few suggestions; First of all, it would be nice to have a "Keep Inventory" setting. Second, it would be nice to make a creative mode. Thanks!
  14. Dell G5 15 - 5587 running Windows 10 (updated to most recent release) 8th Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8300H Processor (Quad-Core, 8MB Cache, up to 3.9GHz w/ Turbo Boost) NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) GTX 1050 with 4GB GDDR5 graphics memory The game simply crashes -- freezes up or quits, often when I'm doing stuff quickly (like running or using boost mod). It crashed several times last night, often when I'd done stuff for several minutes to an hour without saving. It's frustrating; any suggestions for settings that might ameliorate the problem? Having more control over saving without quitting would be nice; also to be able to copy a save so I have a backup if one becomes unplayable.
  15. A giant spaceship should be added to the game which would be able to carry a lot of cargo + should be able to deploy spacestations and if other solar systems ever get added it should be able to go there but to launch it you will need a special launch platform where the rocket stands on a grill where the fire can burst out of the sides (like a real launch platform) everything in the path of the flames coming out the sides should be destroyed/killed