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Found 78 results

  1. Disclaimer Hey, since there is a lot of traffic in the suggestion here, I'll do you guys a favor and make list for the most suggested Features and the one that has already been confirmed by the Developer. Let's keep this topic more organized, So please read this list before posting a thread here Now Available! Gallery of Feature, Fanart, and Fluffs related to Astroneer. Link (Google Drive): LISTING INFORMATION Reddish For the Most Wanted suggestion, Posting a red marked suggestion may result in your thread getting locked down Ratio of 10-20 post per month, will be the red flag, further posting the same topic may result in said action Between 3 to 10 post per month won't be flagged as red, but still listed in this post. Sources used for planned features come from within roadmap: And remember! NO GUNS ALLOWED,YEP NO GUNS, NOPE STILL NO GUNS Asking for guns in the game will instantly get your thread locked Last Updated: December 21, 2017 HIGH PRIORITY !!! (Most of these will be in-game by the end of Q1 2018) Research System Encourage exploration to other planet Adding skill curve into the game Research Points Ability to decide which to research first Sense of progression Resource-Based Terrain or Terrain-Based Resource Chemistry Modularity Vehicle built parts by parts Modules are also built parts by parts Bases are also gonna be built parts by parts All above will be interchangeable, augment-able, and may provide many different functions Thus allowing different complex structures Includes a new type of printer (guessing it as the small printer) UI Update Making the UI elements cleaner, more diegetic and provide more information Interaction Refractor Improve the current controls for controller & keyboards Complex Encounter/Discoveries Combines a lot of mechanics to make discoveries more exciting More Aggressive Floras And Faunas (but that's a far stretch) Weather Systems & Complex Hazard Temperature (Heat vs Cold) Radiation Poisoning Meteor Showers Rains, I guess? Black Box and other narrative element MIEDIUM PRIORITY !! (Might be added after or alongside the High Priority Features, They're not working on it right now, but will have the feature ready by the end of Q2 2018) Terrain 2.0 (What is terrain 2.0?, well to simply explain it would be a feature that will substantially change the way planets generate within the game) More Integrated Biomes Better Caverns, Chasm, and Mountains Variation to Terrain Density Unique Resource Distribution Larger Planets Soil system Special Tutorial Planet Crafting Revisiting to the crafting system and recipes Broaden the crafting progression Multiplayer Imrovement Up to 8 player in a server Dedicated server Online Presistence Personal Online Profile Dedicated Servers Trading Between Player Server Browsing Player-Driven Economy Public Multiplayer Servers Player Customization Let Players choose and customize their appearance Also customize the "mark they leave", Graffiti, Footstep, Modules, not sure what else Unlockable Suits with different functionality More Features World sized Puzzle Linux Version LOW PRIORITY ! (Will be added in-game farther into the future, Preferably by the end of Q3 2018) Automation Allow modules to be programmed in a way for Large-scale, and High-cost projects Conveyors, Sorting, Elevators, anything you'd expect from a large-scale mining In-Game bug reporting mechanics More Features OSX Version New Planets New Resources New Vehicles New Modules New Augments New Stuffs Achievements OTHER ROADMAP CONTENT (not sure whether they'll be added early or later into the game) Modding Decorations (static & interactible) Farming System Farms, Biodome, Seeds? Not the one you gotta eat wait? there might be the edible kind too? dis 4 real guys? More automation Liquids on Planets Faunas (agressive) Player Home (Personal Space) Cartography, Map-making, and all of it's sorts NON-ESSENTIAL FEATURE (Doesn't make it to the Roadmap, but still have chances to be included) Making it easier to drive trough rock Geothermal Power Custom Beacon Icons Improvement on mechanics Improved Vehicle Driving Sprint Toggle (Xbox Controller) More Feature on the Augmentation More compatibility to other modules Constructing Large Module on top of a Vehicle More resource types Iron, Carbon, Astronium Variation to the terrain tool and it's function Local Splitscreen 2 panel split screen 4 panel split screen Steam Workshop (User Generated Content) Creative Mode Improving Tutorial CONFIRMED FREQUENT SUGGESTION, BUT NOT WORKED ON AT ALL (suggestion that will make into the game, but is in the lowest of all priority) Breakable Base Module, most likely by storm Power-ups and Consumables Local Splitscreen 2 panel split screen 4 panel split screen Manual Spaceship Flight A Space Station Building said station with wrecked part Jetpacks Consumes hydrazine to fly "Yes it's that specific" Grappling Hook Physical Liquid Underwater Cavern Ocean Planet Save Editing Duplicating Naming FREQUENTLY SUGGESTED (Suggested many times by user, Eitherway.. Unconfirmed by the devs) ANIMALS "Yes everybody want's an alien lifeform to be added here; hostile, passive, and friendly, form packs and stuff" Minimap, Gps, Satellite More reliable means of navigation Adding more survival elements Not adding more survival elements Fuel Condenser & Trading Post Nerf More Research Options Names for researched artifacts Tech Tree/ Research Points Large Habitat with interior and stuff Recycling Bigger Storage Silo or other form of enclosed storage Building vehicle storage on large platform, or just allow it to be built over without forcing you to put in other module More Vehicle Astrobike/ Hoverbike Giant Drill Trains, and similar minecart/rail system Hovercraft Larger Vehicle Mech & Exosuits Shape & Size options for terrain tool Shields Shortcut to move content of inventory between a storage and the player's backpack More Planet types Ocean Planet Ice, Lava, and other biome specific planet Gas Giants Some better way to differentiate copper and aluminum "Either make their color more contrast, or change one of it's model" NPC, and Lore Items Companion Creature Drone (working and stuff) Tames/pets, (dogs or apes or whatever companion animal suggested) Mining Elevator More & Bigger Power Sources A plow of some sort for vehicles to push trough rocks Modular Indoor and Enterable Habitat Terrain Tools Option Option for ramps with different angles (45º/90º) HUD improvement Weather Predicting Radar Permanent Upgrades (inventory, oxygen) Scheduled Update Robot Astroneer that consumes power instead Command Console (in-game debug mode/cheats) World Generation option: Seed, Size, and Resource difficulty An EXIT button Space Diseases Transporting POWER between bases Wind turbine to generate power during sandstorm First Person View Landing Pads ALREADY A FEATURE But suggested anyway Sprinting "Press L3 if you're on xbox" Road/Ramp Building Increasing Terrain Flattening Ground Mining Vehicle (Crane and Drill) Realistic Gravity, Physics, Solar System Rare Resources unique to each planet types Minigame/Puzzle Garage "Dev suggested you to build it yourself using terrain tool" Custom Keybinding (PC) Removing Base Element and Vehicles (use dynamite) Storm Shelter "Just get creative with your terrain too ffs" Gallery of Feature Fluffs BONUS (In case you somehow read this long thread this far) Old Dumb Astroneer Fanfiction I used to make Do note that this was made before I learned about Dialectic UI, so please do Understand.
  2. RedZX

    More Progression

    Hey I’ve had a few ideas for some new things to add to this wondrous game. Im not asking for a total rework of the progression system, but I’ve noticed a lot of complaints that there isn’t anything to do after unlocking and building everything except expanding. While this problem can’t really be resolved totally, more progression should be added. Even though I know more things are going to be added, here are some ideas. Dangerous weather is a must, to make things a little more interesting. I’m thinking snow on Terran and blizzards on tundra, heat storms on arid, and acid rain on exotic and radiated, not to mention heating/cooling protection. Adding an Astroneer/ vehicle upgrade system through, say, an engineering bay would include such things, as well as additional slots and durability. More resources in addition to the ones added in the crafting update should be added. I’ve looked toward the periodic table for inspiration, elements such as Osmium(super dense, upgraded titanium sort-of), Vanadium, a durable metal that is cheaper than titanium but of similar strength, and lead, which does not allow radioactive particles to pass through it, maybe to protect the astroneer from acid rain and general radiation, to name a few. An advanced chemistry lab should be added, as well as larger, more advanced power sources, vehicles, and crafting stations,and platforms to accommodate these. Examples: Maybe a solar tower, or a geothermal form of power, a larger scrapper for larger debris, a larger rover with a space for a seat imbedded in the front, or a flying machine, with flight cap(of course). Fission power could be a thing, as well as fusion power, but these would have to be extra large, and not fit on platforms(but you can do what you want). Uranium, as well as a way to make Deuterium or tritium for the fusion reactor, as well as magnets. Rivers and lakes would be cool, but that just means making more animations. If added, hydroelectric power should also be thrown into the mix to utilize those. Ive also seen requests for space stations. These would be great, but there’s a few logistical errors. First off, how would you build these? I considered this for a while, then thought: Rockets. A larger version of the vehicle bay with a launch pad would build either a small or a large rocket. These would function like shuttles but carry more items. The “rocket bay” should also build space station parts and put them in the rockets cargo bay. A “nexus” should be the starting point and include a “station printer”. The station printer would have an interactive menu, organized in a grid. This grid should have options for building and deleting. After designating what the printer should build, and finalizing the changes these really expensive station parts would then be built onto the station automagically. Second, how would you access said station after you built it? I think solving this could be difficult, but I have a few ideas. Making a hangar bay for a shuttle or rocket is necessary because of access issues (I don’t want to spacewalk any more than the next guy). Space stations should orbit the planet/moon it was launched from, have a beacon, and be accessed like a planet would be. These are my ideas, and I congratulate you for making it through my extensive post. I know this would be a hassle to add to the game, sorry if I repeated someone else. I look forward to the next update (and maybe steam workshop support)!
  3. I bought the game as soon as it was released and I played a lot at the time, but I spent years without playing it and this weekend I played a lot again... Here are my considerations about the game so far... First I would like to say that I enjoyed a lot the new research system, graphics, and general improvements, but I still found a lot of bugs that I'll enumerate here... Tethers - Since it was released this was a problem in the game, but I must admit that you have improved it a LOT, but is still a problem because if you still place a lot of them the game starts lagging. Terrain cracking - It was a big problem, but I am still seeing this problem happening, it happens when your save starts having more than 10 hours of continuous play. Multiplayer - Again I would like to say that it has improved a lot, but yesterday I was playing from a guy that lives in Central America and his ping was high, so when I left the rover it started spinning crazily and I spent almost 30 min trying to recover my rover... Planets divided - While I was on the space the planets were split in half... Saving the game - If you are the host of the game, everytime someone (that`s not you) enters in a vehicle, the game saves - As a host, I would like the game saves just when I enter in a vehicle, not others. Flying around the vehicle - Sometimes when you are playing with other people, when you enter the vehicle you float next to the vehicle and does not sit on the chair. Just a small suggestion Car upgrades - I would like to have a possibility to add a turbo on the rover or rocket engines like you can do with the terraforming tool. Small flying vehicles to explore the planet - this would be awesome, something like a helicopter. That's pretty much it... I know that you are working hard to improve the game, this is just to help you. Thank you!
  4. I didn't see anything on this topic in here and thought that elevators would be a nice addition to getting up and down vertical shafts. Possibly a lift for vehicles too?
  5. SpaceCadet_Psylo


    Hi! Here are my 2 cents on the topic : - a planet map! right now the only map that pops up is the one you get when you're in orbit, but it would be nice to get a certain overview of the whole planet, better locate beacons (!) - make beacons visible from further away - any way/tool to transport salvage in addition to the winch or carrying, or just make them "pluggable" into available slots - make it possible to salvage larger pieces, like broken platforms, because we are able to carry them around, but nothing else - add a keyboard shortcut to flip the vehicule, there's no reason we have to exit it first, then flip before going back in again - give a functional purpose to the non-broken satellites one finds, like the golden one - enable repairs, at least to some degree, like be able to repair something broken until its made salvageable - make it all possible to dislodge modules from platforms, maybe at a cost, like, to be able to get a platform free at the cost of the module that was on it, or the other way around, save the module at the price of the platform its stuck to - in the same category, make modules generally speaking un-deployable, like the dropship. Once deployed it won't budge (wont even blow up with dynamite, although this I reckon is a bug) - make it possible to dislodge modules from rovers and shuttles (like extra large storage, crane) - make it easier to discard modules and different constructions without having to use Dynamite - make it possible to craft the circular habitat, the one you get when you start a game. I know that I can use the dropship, but it would be nice to be able to have that little home-pod on other planets and moons
  6. Please consider adding a mechanical parking brake to all rovers. One that doesn't require power to stop the rover when occupied. It is quite the experience to run out of power down a hill, and have absolutely no way to stop your rover from falling into a pit. A mechanical brake is common on most vehicles as a safety measure, since it requires no active power to engage. Please consider adding stabilization arms to large rovers with cranes, these will lock in place when the crane seat is occupied. There is still a problem with entering a crane seat and the rover starts sliding down a hill... and since you aren't "driving" it, there is no way to stop it, without exiting. The world isn't flat, and shouldn't be. But having no way to deal with inclines when in a no power scenario is a real problem.
  7. Not having wind turbines spinning and generating energy during powerful wind storms seems ridiculous to the point of being frustrating.
  8. Aside from the classic "key binding" and "volume bar", I'll like to see this implemented in one way or another ?. 1) Automatically insert research pod to research chamber: I know that the idea of the research pods having variable research point distribution is to add a bit of a challenge, to think what pod and when you want a pod to be researched, or at least it is what I remember from when research 2.0 came out. That's cool, but there is one big problem with that idea... you need to be in your base. For an exploration type game, being in your base should be the least important thing. Thus, I think that having the pods going into the chamber automatically a good incentive to not stay in base to continue research. Or just to be out exploring. 2) Medium batteries and energy producers to have a base similar to smaller ones: One thing I don't get is why the smaller, lighter and, obviously, with the less space to hold cables, energy producers (solar panel, etc) have the option to be on the ground without a proper base, while the bigger ones don't have the option. It is not consistent. If it is because storms, that makes less sense. Also, I think that a less restrictive use of the medium equipment could potentially be a door for other things. For example, imagine that you went spelunker-mode into a cave and you find a strange artifact that need to be power up. You can bring the medium battery on your rover and use it to power it up. Furthermore, people would still like tidy things, if they want to have a nice looking base they'd use platforms. 3) Short button press less restrictive: This is one of the things that I have problems with Astroneer right now. The short press frame is too short. I have a lot of problems trying to open the backpack. If the long press is, let say, two seconds, it is fine for the shot press to be one second before the game thinks I want a long press. 4) Add the option to change things from long press to short press and vice-versa: I want to set-up somethings faster. What I mean is, for example, I want to change the colors of the beacon fast, with short presses. Other thins would be to turn on and off the generators or the printers. 5) Research tech with their material needed for construction: I think that add in the research panel the information on what are the materials needed to build something a good thing. It would help newbies to decide if they want to research something knowing if they have or not the material to do so. It would also reduce the chances of mistakes or for returning players (or if there is a change in the recipe). Now that every material has its symbol, just putting the symbols (indicating material and quantity) would be more than enough. The following would be nice to have but is not particularly important (for me, at least) 6) Two dedicated slots in the Astroneer suit and one in the terrain tool: I'd like to have two slots to put an extra oxygen tank and/or battery in the suit without taking space from the very limited Astroneer suit. The same for the terrain tool. This would give a sense of progression within your character. Something that I feel it needs. It may be researched or found.
  9. Malachite

    More Survival Ideas

    Astroneer is a great game as it is but it is in it's alpha stage meaning there is lots for to add. One of my ideas is that Astroneer should contain more survival like essentials. Here are two of my ideas: 1. Food - I believe food should be an item in this game to make it more challenging but before creating a server there would be a difficulty option which change the amount of food you would need daily to survive. Food could be obtained from destroyed ships, killing plants, and from organics. On the hardest difficulty you would need five units of food each day. On medium you would need three each day. On easy you would only need to eat one. 2. Drinking Water- Just like food, water would add a more survival like aspect to the game. Changeing difficulty would also change the amount needed. Water could be abtained by filling a canister with soil then extracting a material, using the material extractor, leaving behind a canister with some fresh ground water. On a hard difficulty you would need to drink five units a day. On medium, three, and on easy you would need one.
  10. Mazsi0505

    Bug report, Suggestions

    I am playing the game on pc. These are the bugs what i have: shows xbox button hints like "X" instead pc controls 2.i go to my base and it dropped me unerground 3.The medium printer comes of from the station and i cant get it back Suggestions: 1. Please make a segway like thing (or a mini car which uses small amount of energy and got nothing space) 2. Please animate the vehicle bay's arm to move like the thing is printing 3.Can you make a block maker thing that can make boxes of everything like the medium printer or the research station, beacause you can move it easily when it is a box Thank you, i love the game soo much, this is the best game i ever tried. I like sandbox and openword type games.
  11. ASTRONEER you guys have an amazing game going on. I haven't stop playing since I got it. But may I recommend some bug fixes that came with this recent patch you released? such as: 1. Items/Objects falling through the floor and losing them. 2. The new rovers when connected the slots change back to like what looks like pipes? When you forget to take off an item and connect the rover to another you lose the item. It acts kinda like a garbage disposal. 3. When getting off the Large rover the rover bounces up in the air like someone kicked it from the bottom. 4. When getting on the Open 1 seat it sometimes lets you on but you have to click it as if you were taking it off and put it back on quick to get on the rover. 5. In the beginning of the game you don't have a rover unlock but you have tethers to roam and place down tethers. When placing down a tether the game seems to lag every time some puts one down. (When playing Online co-op) But when placing down a whole bunch placed down through out the map it seems to lag a lot. As if the game was trying to animate every single cable. 6. When joining a game the habitat launcher doesn't always seem to land on the landing pad it sometimes lands inside the really big habitat and when trying to get out it's a mission because you really can't tell what direction you're trying to go. 7. The large rovers has what some people call it sticky tires and it drifts to much. First is the sticky tires, when the large rovers are parked for some time the tires seem to just stay and place and cause the battery to drain when trying to move it. Second is the tire grip. It would seem that the tire would get a good grip to the surface but it really doesn't. Its more of a sliding motion then a driving motion. These are only some of the bugs I have only encountered. I don't know how every one else feels about this bugs. Some Suggestions I have and maybe the community may agree on. Have a debate on it. This could be a good chance for you guys the Developers to get more ideas on how to make your game even better then it was before. (I don't know you may take it, I'm just giving an Idea for future updates to come.) 1. Making like some sort of a recycle-er? Example if we don't want a small solar panel because it's just keeping up space and it could be used for something else. Or like a grinder when if you place the small solar panel in there you get your copper back or a random resource or something equivalent. 2. Making a orbital space station maybe to collect resource from Asteroids. 3. A better version of a mobile base. For an example an enclosed rover with some open slots for some machinery (ie: smelter, printer, research, etc, etc) 4. A mod that its used for the rovers that if you use the mod it'll be like a small boost to get over a steep hill or a hill that the rover is having trouble on but if you shimmy your way over it you'll make it. That can be done and over with. With just only a small Mod boost. By mod I mean like a small mod for the rover just like how the terrain tool has many different mods for it. These suggestions are just some opinions and ideas that may be pretty cool for the game. If the community can talk about maybe you guys can get even more ideas from it who knows what may happen. As for the bug fix well those are just some I have encountered. Thank you for your time.
  12. yoavmal

    A request

    I would like to see more players on the suggestions channel, and providing ideas to the game. Right now it looks like i dominated the whole area, and all i do is just thinking of ideas 5 minutes a day. Please go to there and try to offer up some ideas. sometimes the idea may seem extremely bad, or not functional or creatable; offer it anyway; the talk provides more ideas. Thank you for reading my thread and my request.
  13. Arcannar

    The Real Martian

    Items that i would believe to make the game better (that i dont think are on the road map) to get people exploring the surface more & not deep underground (which bores me) you should have to get data disk (or the Artificial Research Items which makes more sense (how does a plant provide bytes of information to make a shuttle?) which should be on some crash sites on the surface (i have suggested this before) have distress beacons going off to lure players to explore certain areas including other planets having a way to check which direction your home or vehicle or any other beacons are! (a Must!!!) Having higher tier items locked until you have researched the lower tiered items, this will help fix research pacing but not solve it (large rover after small rover) Have a higher cost for items printed of the medium printer & Vehicle bay Having to repair your base from storm or meteor have a power gauge on your habitat like the vehicles (because i think the new one stores power? if it does it not very clear) Having a small buggie e.g. slot for seat & one slot for like a solar panel Solar panels do not work during sand storm & the wind turbine work in a sand storm (the wind turbine never seems to generate power so i rarely use it)
  14. I was playing astroneer and i noticed when a storm comes it does not power turbines like it would in real life if the turbine was strong enough so please make storms power turbines Thank you Echo weeibo
  15. The_yoohoo_master

    A few ideas/suggestions

    I would like to see in the research menu a description of the item your researching. Also a way to carry unknown items around faster without a rover. The rover driving system is annoying. something a little more familiar maybe more like a true forward and reverse. Being able to remove the crane from the rover would be nice too. if you put it on a small rover its stuck and you cant do anything with it. P.s. I was hesitant about this game at first, but I've come to enjoy it immensely .
  16. AstroneerNut32

    Ideas - m

    Love the new system. Would be cool to be able to repack modules and platforms after they’ve been deployed so we could move a base. Also, I think the river update may have made it to where you can no longer tow the large solar arrays.
  17. AstroneerNut32

    13 Ideas and Their Rationale

    I just finished my fifth base in Astroneer Alpha for Xbox. Your game has the potential to be one my all-time favorites. The list below are 13 things that can help get it there. Many are already on your roadmap or list of suggestions, but I’m listing them anyway because why I want them may lead to alternate solutions than the ones I thought of. Plus, collectively, they’ll demonstrate which ones a particular gamer has interest in over the plethora that others have submitted. 1. As I’m sure you’re aware, the game crashes consistently around every 15 saves. Please deploy an update to address this ASAP so we can continue playing Alpha without so much frustration until the next major update. 2. Implement map, GPS, radar, waypoint system. It’s too easy to become lost and, while bouncing around in the rover is fun, the novelty wears off after the first hour – especially while towing a monstrous solar array. 3. Extend save system. It’s great that you give us multiple game slots where each is a completely new Astroneer, but what would really be nice is multiple, infinite saves per Astroneer with the ability to provide and edit a custom name for each. 4. Base building/editing: a. Delete/recycle structures – I ended up being content with the Fuel Condenser and had no use for the Hydrazine Catalyzer. I prefer the fun of seeking out resources rather than using the Trade Platform. I ended up using them as holders for Medium Storage. I’d find much more value in a platform to hold storage. Or better yet, a container that would let me easily transfer to and from personal inventory. b. Undo last action – Accidentally clicked one of the resin holograms when trying to extend a platform, which built it instead. Had to quit and reload. Accidentally clicked the icon above a new, unplanted habitat that was sitting next to my shuttle. It’s now permanently stuck there at an awkward angle. c. Rotate structures – Didn’t get quite the right angle while extending from habitat so now structures overlap and rotating would solve the problem. d. Truly flat - I know the alignment mod is supposed to do this, but either I can’t get the hang of it or it’s not working like I want it too. I want to use it to start a base, making a spot that’s flat to the horizon. Then I want to use the default flattening feature of the soil gun to spread from there. It works okay, but each time a structure is placed, it sinks into the earth or is positioned above or below the rest somehow, requiring frequent re-flattening, and there are slight, triangular deviations that prevent it. It’s fine as long as you’re not going far, but even if you’ve flattened a huge area and start there when re-flattening, by the time you reach the other end of the base then you’re at a completely different height than the surrounding terrain. e. I started my last base as described above, but it still ended up being built on a slope. When extending from the habitat, the platforms slid down the hill on their own making it difficult to extend in a 90 degree layout. 5. Screen movement – OMG the lag is killing me! Lol. If I’m not moving a thumb stick then the screen shouldn’t be moving. I don’t know how many times I’ve ended up accidentally dropping something or attaching it to the wrong spot because the screen was playing catch-up after changing the camera angle. If that’s difficult to implement, then one thing that would help in a MAJOR way is being able to press a button that immediately freezes the screen. Similarly, double-clicking it or clicking a different button could snap the camera facing directly forward, which would help while driving and immediately after launching into orbit. 6. Rover movement: a. Update suspension – Countless are the times I’ve had to flip it upright. The thing bounces way too easily and while that’s fun for a bit, I’d rather spend that time enjoying other parts of the game. Update the suspension to easily absorb the impact from most rocks or, better yet, give us a hovercraft/land speeder that clears them altogether. b. As I mentioned above, let me press some button to center the camera since it dictates direction of travel. The screen lag makes controlling it very difficult at times, which is frequently very important when you’re teetering on the edge of a deep cave or ravine. 7. Slowed Astroneer movement while holding items – Do they really need to look in the direction of the item they’re holding. It makes it near impossible to run while carrying something from point A to point B and oxygen is precious! 8. No launch icon above shuttle after saving and then loading again. 9. It’s awesome that you let us tow a behemoth solar array back to base and connect it, but can you make it to where I can mount it to something so I’m not spending hours pushing and pulling it to and fro through a combination of Astroneer-dug trenches and Astroneer-made vertical supports just to get the thing in a close enough and correct position to connect it? It was quite the feat and, despite hours of effort, a storm still blew it out of optimal position, but luckily didn’t disconnect it. 10. Make large storage and crane un-mountable – Once they’re attached to a shuttle or rover then they’re there to stay, which means I need multiple rovers depending on what I want to do. Would be nice to only need one and configure it as needed. 11. It would be nice if we could attach the rover to the shuttle somehow – It would make exploring landing zones for potential bases SO much easier. 12. I know it’s probably not the case, but it sure seems as though the day/night cycle leans significantly more towards night. 13. I want to build a base in a cave to eliminate having to find shelter so often during the frequent storms, but don’t want to run extensions outside for solar and wind. Can we get a new geothermal energy structure?
  18. Hello world! I have been coming up with ideas constantly since the start of me playing the game, and I have read the roadmap and most suggested features, though I have not taken the time to read through all the forum to make sure these ideas are original yet, and some I know others have suggested, but I say it's okay if multiple people suggest the same thing. So below, I will be listing out things I have thought of as "this should be a thing", and I may update this later as more thoughts come along. The priority is determined by my feelings of how often something recurs that makes me think of the given solution. High Priority Ideas: There needs to be a way to remove trees after they're de-rooted! I find it inconvenient that they do not disappear like rocks do after they are disconnected from the soil, yet physically block you. Perhaps they could be harvested in some way and be turned into Organics? That'd give a whole new purpose for trees. There needs to be a coupler / hub that is placeable to connect two habitat bases together. Since tethers don't serve this purpose, it can be a bit of a hassle sometimes to have to make a rover just to connect the two ends of the hoses between bases - it seems like there should be something to bind them together for shared energy. That'd also be a way to encourage teamwork from separate bases with roles being bound together for energy. There needs to be a way to remove the extensions from a habitat after you've placed Resin in them. Dynamite doesn't destroy them, though dynamite destroys buildings, and there is no button to change either in any way. A simple realign or remove button would be very handy. Medium Priority Ideas: Please allow Unknown samples to be attached to the storages again! I'm not sure why this was removed, though I do love the new appearance of the storages, perhaps there was some difficulty scale reason this was changed or clipping issues. If this is the case, then I could live with just having to put it on new rovers without slots, but I do miss being able to make a little adventure rover to put my samples on in a more tidy space. I'd like to see some Astroneer suit augments or inventory variety! I think there may be something like this coming but I don't recall it being specifically mentioned to include suit changes itself, though I did see there will be more personalization for it some day. My idea was specialized backpacks to be kept on and made with a station, either a double-inventory space one outright (that slows your walking and running speed slightly) or specialized packs like a Miner's and Builder's backpack that could store more items, though only items that fit in that specialty. (i.e. Miner's backpack stores only much more ore / processed metal than the default one, Builder's can carry much more things like tethers, worklights, beacons, small generators, augments, etc.) It'd also be fun if exosuits were a thing, like for example, faster running or ones that can carry the oxygen tanks in themselves, though that may be a tall order and I understand that isn't necessary per se. Being able to use the printer to make Shielded Tethers would be quite fun! Perhaps two compound instead of one, and can handle two or three hits from storm blocks instead of just one. So the most vital ones near a base are safer, then the regular tethers can be used underground where storms don't risk your lifeline. I'd love if we could turn Augments on and off with a switch rather than have to manually take them off each time or use them until we run out of power to start using the default ability. This would be helpful as less inventory-moving-around would be needed to achieve the result we want, as we could swimply turn off the one we don't want to use and turn on the one we do. The shielded switch style on the research consoles would fit this nicely! Or maybe just a UI "On / Off" button displayed above each connected augment. This should also be neat to see in the future once more augmentations are released. A medium / large oxygen tank may be interesting as well if it was able to be carried on the sides or top and bottom of the backpack in a slot specifically designated for it, 4 titanium instead of 2, maybe with or without a movement penalty, though not necessary, it would definitely encourage longer trips away from tethers and be kinda retro (in a cool way) and show which players are avid explorers. I think dangerous plants (such as spiky ones and types that emit poisonous gas) should make a hissing sound or some sort of audible warning before they attack. Yes, the brown and green ones that shoot homing gas do make looped sounds sometimes, it's not enough to know for new players to avoid it, so it would save frustration to know that all plants that hiss for example are ones to stay away from. Also I'm not quite sure if it makes sense that gas would penetrate your suit unless it's some kind of acidic gas. Maybe suit health should be a thing rather than an instant death, so it gives you a danger that will start to quickly lower your physical health when your suit is damaged badly, but one you can decide on how to handle it or give in. Dunno how this health would be healed, maybe a station for it or tethers using energy to mend itself or something to that effect. I find it strange you can't place Medium Solar Panels onto storages when it's placed on a building. I understand that it could clip but the small ones do anyway when placed fully together, so it seems logical to me that you could place them there. Also it should be placeable on land habitats too, as they both are two slots and it seems like it would make sense to be able to do so. I look forward to Large panels and batteries some day, so a whole power grid will be even more appealing and efficient! Misc. Priority Ideas: Though I am aware of more weather being on the roadmap, a tornado would be interesting as it would be most similar to the dust storm and therefore easier to program than something completely different outright (I'd think? Not an experienced programmer so I can't say!), something that has the same feel and destructive power of the dust storm but violently swings the spawned dirt blocks in a circular motion instead of thrown in one direction. I dunno, sounds cool to me! A strut or firm elastic bond (out of Resin probably) able to be placed onto either the tubes between or the corners of rovers connected to each other would be useful as it would be a way to keep further placed rovers that you are connected to from flipping over lazily and forcing you to get out and flip them over, as there are a lot of bumps and rocks that can cause this, and some kind of more firm bond, though making elevated terrain driving more difficult, would make flat terrain driving less tedious. Soil (and in the future, water) samples in canisters should be a viable research method. Though all soil collected is generic when in a canister, one day it might be interesting that if you collected say, green / brown, blue, purple soils (though they would be generic if you used them to terraform), if placed in a research lab, that they would give bytes as they are all differently composed. It would also be fun if other planets and moons' soil samples were worth more as they are other bodies entirely to your spawn planet. Maybe even having some kind of science module to put on rovers or landers to collect atmospheric and gravitational data as you drive or fly around planets, then remove to place into the research chamber would be cool. (This could also lead to autonomous research satellites being a thing in the future! Ones that constantly collect and report data back to the ground for bytes, and also being able to warn for storms as I see that may be on the road map.) Seeds from the pink-spike plant (no idea if it has a name!) and maybe one day, seeds from trees and other flora should be researchable. Perhaps researching items that you don't currently have researched should reduce the cost of researching that item, as you've taken it apart and scanned it, so wouldn't you know how to better make that item? Makes sense to me at least. Not necessary but sounds like it would make sense. Either way, this is about as all I could think of right at the top of my head after some gameplay, might add more later, but not sure! Hope you all like this, feel free to respond. I'd be honored if a dev would read these suggestions as well, though just input from the community is great too. Thanks for reading. <3
  19. zoura3025

    3 Ideas

    1. Geothermal Power The first idea I have to present to you all is the Geothermal Generator, a late-game power module that can harvest power from steam geysers found underground. I say late-game, since it could be potentially made with iron (alternatively a mix of titanium and resin), and probably wouldn't help too much when you're not far enough underground to find any geysers. It would be a permanently active energy producer, that would produce 1 bar/second (could be toned down for balancing). The module itself would be on-par size-wise with an item like a battery (meaning it would take two slots on the grid). As seen in the attached photo, it is an almost turret-like module with a large, single-jointed hose that has a suction cup-like steam collector at the end. When deployed in range (probably about the length of a platform building out) of a steam geyser, the suction cup end will surge out and latch onto the geyser, and will begin drawing power. The Generator will provide power for as long as it's attached to the geyser. 2. Terrain Holder The terrain holder is a module to be built on the large platform (as of January 30th 2018), and is a dual-purpose module. It has two major uses: 1. Hold up to 16 canisters of soil, for when it's needed. Canisters can be attached to an input and output slot, for easy access. 2. Turn unwanted resources (i.e. an excess of organic, compound, etc.) into soil for further usage (such as conversion in a mineral extractor) via the input slot and power. The Terrain Holder would probably look like a collection of 6 nodes, with 5 smaller nodes set in a semicircle around the large one in the middle. As it filled up, the soil would first fill the small nodes (at a rate of 2 canisters per node) before flowing into the largest node, which would hold the remaining 6 nodes of storage. The terrain holder would mostly likely be a Resin-based structure (as a reference to the fact t's just a huge canister in most practicality). 3. Amber/Relays (NOTICE: I've thought of this idea pre-any implementation of the movable modules. If something like this exists in the future, I apologize.) Amber is a substance obtained by smelting resin. It doesn't serve too much immediate purpose, other than making huge platforms, and platforms with a longer connection distance. The improved connection distance is fairly straightforward: When prompted to place resin on an platform blueprint, instead placing a stack of amber will cause the platform to grow out double the normal distance a platform would grow, allowing player to efficiently make longer-reaching pathways in their base. Huge platforms are a sort of "Tier 3" platform, that contains 12 full slots of storage, along with the ability to create 3 connections or new platforms, from 3 connectors on the front and each side of the platform (locked to solid directions; not angle-able like normal platforms).
  20. vizthex

    Recycling Plants

    So I saw another thread who said something about this (Link below, or maybe at the bottom of the page depending on how it wants to work...) But having a recycling plant would be cool, and different versions too. Perhaps a building with a grinder on top, and you throw stuff into this bin and click a button then its recycled (and has a buffer that can hold 1 - 2 medium items) [Looks like an industrial shredder almost, but more futuristic] Like a small version that can recycle hand crafted items (So a Small generator gives you back a quarter of the Compound to craft it) and gives 25% of the items back A Vehicle version (that can recycle Medium, Small and Wrecks you find, as well as the random bits of tech strewn everywhere) that also gives 50% A Large version (built in a base) that can recycle Medium and Small items for 75% of the Resources required (But costs more than the vehicle one) An Extra Large version (which is like a Large, but you need to upgrade the Large to get it) that gives back 100% of the items, and can recycle Rovers as well (if you drive them inside the grinder on top) Anyways, these are my thoughts on it. Would be very very good if we could make one, and perhaps a trash can that you can put Small items into to get rid of them (Worms are great for this, but are only on 1 planet)
  21. Anyone have a hankering for a space-age industrial revolution? I do! So, I've compiled a big list of items to help bring Astroneer to the next level of infrastructure. Enjoy! 1. Rocket Drone The Rocket Drone is an interplanetary ship that can deliver Materials and other items between planets. When launched, they will fly to in-range vehicle bays or enter planetary orbit. When in orbit, they can be told by the nearest Controller Platform on the planet they are orbiting to fly elsewhere, as long as it has fuel. It has the capability to release Orbital Satellites. 2. Orbital Satellite The Orbital Satellite is a planetary scanner. Once in orbit of a planet, it collects data and sends it back to the nearest player base. This data can be used to pinpoint spaceship wrecks or indicate where mineral-rich areas are. When in orbit, the owning player will have a passive income of 75-250 Bytes, depending on the size of the planet. The Orbital Satellite must be built out of several expensive components and launched via Rocket Drone or Shuttle. To upgrade and refuel the Orbital Satellite, enter planetary orbit and dock with it. The Satellite has two augment slots and one fuel port. The Orbital Satellite's Augments can improve its abilities such as make its data more accurate 3. Control Platform This new base platform module partners with the Satellite Data Array Platform to control and instruct Rocket Drones and Orbital Satellites. When activated by the player, the Solar Map is shown and 2 Autonomous spacecraft such as Orbital Satellites or Rocket Drones are displayed. This can be expanded up to 8 spacecraft via the Satellite Data Array. This Platform can be used without a Satellite Data Array Platform or Dish, but actions require longer to communicate to spacecraft. 4. Satellite Data Array Platform/Dish/Server This device is an infrastructure staple In order for improved performance of all network-related items. The Platform adds +60% Network capacity to any connected Control Platforms (+4 Spacecraft Tracking). SDA Dishes add +15% Network Capacity and if mounted to the player's backpack, enables a surface mini-map if at least one Orbital Satellite is in orbit and able to make a Line-Of-Sight to the player's dish. Servers are 2-slot base-attachable items that come from the large Printer. They add storage capacity for Orbital Satellite data, which can then be deciphered and show where wrecks or high-mineral content is. This is essentially a variant of the research/bytes system. 5. Geodomes and Habitats Geodomes are base extensions that allow you to take shelter from storms and work in peace. Big enough for 2 fully-built base platforms, they would essentially look like this. The GeoDome Habitats are built from placing 1 compound and 1 titanium on a base extension. They have 4 internal 2-slot attachment points to put items like Medium Batteries or Storage on. 6. Reinforced Tether Pylons Reinforced tethers are large, tall structures that have the capability to also transmit power and items. Printed in sets of four from a base platform printer, these pylons have 6X the range of normal tethers and have 4 attachment points, allowing them to become solar-equipped or even windmills. They are set into the ground like Habitats. Rovers and Trucks are able to connect to Reinforced Tether Pylons to charge or transmit items. 7. Transmission Tubes Transmission tubes are a new item that can connect bases and move resources. They can be strung on or under the ground, or hung off of Reinforced Tether Pylons to stay out of the way of Rovers. They even move Research 8. Hydrazine Tank and Hydrazine Hose A Large hydrazine tank which can be printed. It occupies 2 slots and has a capacity of 25 Hydrazine Canisters. If mounted to a Hydrazine generating device, it will fill off of its labor. The Tank also has a hose that will try to auto-connect to nearby shuttles, much like base parts attach to Rovers and Trucks. That's all I have for now, folks. I realize that some of these may be under sub-categories of the roadmap, but my star ideas are 1-5 in my opinion.
  22. vizthex


    DISCLAIMER: I'm not great at explaining stuff (English is my native language, but I just can't express this well sometimes) so these may not make as much sense as it does to me, Other than that, pleas enjoy! (I hope this gets added! Or at least the first one) So I've been playing for awhile-ish (got 27 Hours on the game) and I noticed fairly early that transporting items form a cave (Mainly research) to the surface is really annoying (cuz you can't carry research in your inventory) so I was thinking the devs could add several different kinds of transport (Either different tiers, or [what I think is best] each has advantages and disadvantages). I'll list them here, and have some concept stuff for 2 of 4. First, is a conveyor belt (file attached). This is the most basic, and you can make 1 section (which would big big enough to hold [at most] 1 Research Pod and 1 Small item. Each section would have its own conveyor storage (or just a platform you summon at a junction each time for say 1 compound and 2 power bars [and Junctions can hold 4 max, it's explained better in a bit]. It would move at a slow rate, but items can't be knocked off due to storms and the Conveyors and generally very sturdy. So without further ado, here we go: METHOD 1 OF 4 - CONVEYOR BELT: Advantages: Study Cheap to make (say 1 Compound at a Backpack Printer, making it 1 Compound and 1 Resin for 2 would be better but printers can only do 1 thing at once) Can be gained early-game (Research only costs 250 - 500 Bytes, perhaps you could find them in wrecks or on dead explorers sometimes too) Disadvantages: Isn't super fast, so if you're in multiplayer for example and everyone is mining in the same cave and finds loads of research, it would take awhile to transport it to the Surface Uses power at a constant rate (Not much power, it would use the same amount the backpack printer sues to print when transporting a few meters or something) NOTE: Another way is having a conveyor with only 2 slots, so you can transport 1 Medium or 2 Small per "tile" METHOD 2 OF 4 - PNEUMATIC * TUBE: *Doesn't actually use air, or just pulls it from the Atmosphere (but like, not actually it's just explained as such) (Also, I'd like all 3 to be in the game too, that way we can have multiple options for different scenarios) A Pneumatic Tube is the fastest* way of transport, but it's very sensitive. It can be placed on walls but not ceilings ADVANTAGES: Can carry all items (Except large, cuz those can't be moved) at high speeds (Small items are faster) Is very fast Look cool (It'd be translucent, kinda like the ones form Futurama's intro scene) Can transport the playe - Perhaps it would damage you if you shoot at at high speeds DISADVANTAGES: It's flexible, both literally and figuratively. Due to this, it will blow around in wind storms (maybe it can be disconnected if not reinforced) It could get attacked by creatures (if they were ever implemented) If you crash into it at high speeds it'll shake around, if hit by a Large Rover it may break (small chance with Medium) *Well, aside from Teleporters METHOD 3 OF 4 - TELEPORTER: The Teleporter would be end-game (Requiring Astronium to make, needs 1 Astronium and 1 Titanium to make 1 Teleporter in a Medium Printer, and you need 2 minimum to use them [Or it could make 2 if that was possible]) This is the end-game, you can teleport across planets too! (If they're in range, it'd be the same range Large Shuttles need to go to that planet) The Teleporter would have a buffer of 2 Medium items (or 4 Small) and can hold 1 in its main inventory (like the Research Chamber does). You could expand this with Medium Storage, but you would only be able to store 2 Medium instead of 3 ADVANTAGES: Instantly Teleports items to a linked Teleporter Instant speed due to that Can teleport the Player as well Gives Astronium a use. (I've never found any, but I'm sure some people have) DISADVANTAGES: Very expensive to make, and you need to make multiple. It's a Large module, so you can't use it outside of a base without making a Habitat Uses a lot of Power (16 Bars storage, 8 to teleport from one planet to another, 4 to teleport across a single planet) Might be hard to program, so if any of this would be added it'd take awhile (sadly :c) METHOD 4 OF 4 - RAIL SYSTEM: I managed to find a video of a concept for this, it's low quality but is below. The Rail System would be mid-game (Needing Aluminum and Copper) Researched for 500 Bytes (Unlocks the Rail, the Junction would be next to it and cost 1,000 Bytes. But Rails work without a junction to some extent, transporting but not unloading items) It would be faster than belts (in this video it moves at the speed belts should, so make it 2 or 3x faster), and can spiral around caves and walls (whereas belts can only be placed on slops [steep ones you automatically slide down too] and flat ground) and can transport many more items at no extra cost (except for power) It would be invulnerable except for high-speed belts (which you could make for 1 Rail Piece and 1 Aluminum at a Medium Printer, after researching it for 2,500 Bytes) ADVANTAGES: The most flexible, can be placed anywhere you want. Pretty fast (not as fast as Tubes, but faster than belts) DISADVANTAGES: Needs a bit more power (Stores 8, uses 2 to transport items from 1 Junction to another) If the terrain below it is mined, it will fall out of place (All of them do this except the Teleporter though, but needs more terrain to be dislodged than Belts)
  23. Iterem-Tandoku

    My suggestions

    Here are a few of my ideas to make this game a lot better than it already is : So far I feel like the end-game is when you've bought all the uppgrades (thanks to a treamendous amount of bytes-farming hours) and once you've visited every planets and moons of the system. So I was thinking about how to increase the fun. >A system of collectibles would be nice. Maybe through a catalogue system (unlockable via the research system and then craftable ). The first set of collectibles could be a series of crashed satellites providing us with either real-life space knowledge or small space-related objects. Another set could be about crashed elements from space ( stars, meteorites ... ) >A way to craft a music-device ( and a way to unlock in-game tracks that could go with it, collectibles maybe ?) so we can choose what music is playing as we play the game. >A way to change or personnalise our avatar a bit more. >Other planets/moons but this must have been said so many times already ... >Giving more importance to plants via a system of discoveries where we could register them on a notebook or something like that. Or even by making organic usable to craft dye or clothes for our avatar. >Some uppgrades to our traveller pack. I know there's already a few things but this are more like thing you have to add on your suit, thus decreasing your storage space which I'm not too happy about. This could be the opportunity to add an exosuit platform. It could offer us the possibility to add a jet-pack, the ability to run faster, jump higher, take more dammage etc etc ... >As said previously a system of discoveries would highly improve the exploring part of the game. This could be implemented via a catalogue ( again, unlockable via bytes and craftable, without ruinning our inventory space ) that uses pictures ( why not implement a camera ? ) or scan ( a craftable scan ? ) >A system of achievements. >A way to answer that question : why do I need to go to [planet-name] ? So far it feels like the only changes are about difficulty, which is nice ... but that's all really. That's pretty much all I can come up with for the moment. What do you think ?
  24. Hozzy

    Inverted controls

    I play with inverted controls, journal movement is inverted but whine accessing the backpack or other items the controls are no longer inverted, I'd like to see them streamlined and inverted at all times. Thank you.
  25. vizthex

    Modding Support

    I know this is on Trello already, but I really hope we cna see Steam Workshop support for mods! Or even if it had to go Minecraft-y and you'd need to put files in a certain area or something. I've always loved mods, it gives games even more replayability and is super cool to see the community help out in small ways. (Plus I want to make a mod for my transport suggestion) [Also wanted to see how people respond]