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Found 3 results

  1. Xaver Schwer


    I have an Idea for a better Orientation in ASTRONEER. You can craft and launch a Sattelite in space and with the Signal of this Sattelite you are able to see where you Position on this Planet is. You can craft a Map to see this, like a GPS System.
  2. Here are five ideas 1) New planets with different new biomes 2) more crafting systems 3) New minerals 4) New ways of life, Animals (Both Hostile and Friendly), Plants and Fungi 5) When you are on the satellite in space you can go out and float the astronauts I would like one of these five ideas to come out soon in the game
  3. Suggestions: Habitat add-ons should be able to turn to face the direction you want Increase planet diversity and keep adding more content Add more weather conditions based off planets attributs Have some planets rain and have water more earth like planets with life Add shooting stars/auroras (ice planets or ice areas) and meters/comets hitting the planets with thin atmospheres/none sometimes dropping ores or loot Be able to delete saves easier Single seats on spaceships look vary unappealing The truck flips too much for being the better vehicle and the driving controls make it slide too much (maybe make sliding only for ice planets and add spike wheels for traction an add-on) Be able to connect habitats together to share power Be able to adjust game brightness dead treating organic life should look dead when you kill it (it is annoying because you think they are all still alive)