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Found 265 results

  1. my chemistry lab auto consumed some of the graphene when i scrolled over the option to make a diamond when i wanted to make titanium alloy. the machine assumed that because i had the resources to make the diamond that that was what i wanted (obviously not) and when i switched to something else i couldn't retrieve the graphene back from the lab, instead it forced me to make the diamond in order to make anything else. my suggestion would be to make automation of these processes, the making of individual items, optional or something that would require making a repeater and attaching it to the machine so this doesn't happen
  2. I think it would make more sense while you are in your inventory, that you can use the "Context Left" and "Context Right" buttons to navigate the inventory crafting recipe. This would also make the in-inventory crafting more accessible, as well as preventing the accidental placement of context items while you're crafting.
  3. Can we please get an Eject button on the storage silo where when you press, or double press the button on the silo it will instantly eject all resources? This would be killer.
  4. Duz any1 have a bench

    Increase Multiplayer Player Limit

    Hello all! As I just recently discovered this thread, I thought I’d share some of my ideas. One of which is increasing the maximum player limit to around 5-6. The story behind my proposition is that I simply have around just that many friends who are trying to get into the game, but I can’t play with all of them since the current limit is 4 players. I always have to just tell them whoever joins first gets to play which always ends in someone being left out. Overall, I believe 4 is an average amount, but 5 or 6 would not only get more players engaged, but allow for satisfaction for larger groups all over the world.
  5. The game gets more easy the better your power sources are. At some point, power isn't even a thing that you'd think of. What if gave base building and machinery a huge overhaul with a simple mechanic? We do it by making machines/power sources generate heat. The more machines, power sources in your base, the more heat that they will produce. Eventually your machines/power sources will overheat and they won't work anymore until they cool down. A gauge will be on every machine and power source displaying how hot it is. This way, the game would make you think more about which machines to run or when to use the right power sources, basically making the game more challenging and fun. So what if you didn't want your base to constantly shut down? Introducing base cooling: For early game, you could use an exhaustion pipe which you can put on any tier 1 slot. It only works by hand and once it's used, it will release heat and temporarily make the heat on the platform/machine go down. The first step to actual cooling is, water. How are we going to get water? Well we could have a new machine called the "Liquifier" which basically turns gases into liquids. It will come in 3 sizes: Small [fits on a tier 1 slot and can also be placed on the ground], medium [fits on any tier 2 slot] and large [fits on any tier 3 slot], the effectiveness of cooling will depend on the size. Step 1 of base cooling is done, the next step is: The cooling system itself Water cooling will work in a way similar to how power cables work. Your liquifier will actually have a new slot which is like a cable slot but for liquids. All base platforms will also have this slot which will be placed next to the power cable slot. If you click on the slot, a pipe will appear and follow your cursor, you can connect it to other pipe slots. If you connect it to an extender, it will turn into a pipe extender, same goes for the splitter. By default Liquifiers won't produce a lot of heat, so that you won't have to cool them. I'd love to see this feature being implemented into the game, it would make base building a lot more fun than it is, especially during endgame/post endgame. I hope that System Era will see this!
  6. It would be great if backpack had power cord like platforms and generators have. So we could feed objects with power without taking power giving items off backpack. For example, I can use three small generators to open EXO Dynamics Research Aid, but I need to take them off, place them on surface, connect them together. If I could just use power cord from backpack it could simplify such things greatly. Also it will be possible to charge backpack from platforms and items that have no tether.
  7. I must say it frankly. This game as an enormous potential. I say that because I think it's missing ONE thing that would make this game truly amazing. It's missing the one thing that make me not want to come back and enjoy it fully... wiring @astroneergame. The foundation for wiring is there, @astroneergame , it's there. So much potential is wasted because no form of wiring is there. The ring platform where you go in it and it activate ? Cool, but useless because it's only there. If only there was wiring so I can connect it to other. See this firework field (WIP) ? If only there was some wiring so I can connect all of them together which would allow me, with the press of a SINGLE button, launch them all and enjoy it. Without it, I need to walk up to them, press a button, have time to distance myself and not enjoy it, because I can't be fast enough to activate them all and enjoy it from far away. If only there was wiring, so I could do some cool lighting setup which, on the press of a button, could light up in some way. Combined with logic gate, I could make a calculator, a computer, all of that in Astroneer. ONLY if there was WIRING. Please @astroneergame , add wiring. This was copy-pasted from my Twitter. So sorry for all the mentions. Wiring is the main suggestion here, but of course, this means that more things need to come with it to make wiring truly good. Here are the suggestions I can think off the top of my head. Not as detailed & explained as my take on wiring above, but enough to get the idea: • Logic gates: Logic gates would allow people to make some really neat circuit which could be combined with a lot of stuff. These mostly goes along with the other suggestion below • Colored lighting (At this point, colored tether too): It's christmas all over again ! Except this time, you can choose the color and activate it with wiring ! Along with logic gates, do all sort of crazy stuff. But what if ? • Sensor: Sensor for night/day, sensor for "is machine activated/working?", sensor for player, sensor for vehicle, sensor for "item in storage", sensor for everything ! Now, you can make your colored halloween light go on only at night ! Hmmm, this make me think. • Vehicle de-loader !: Now, me and my friend sometime (A lot of time actually) goes on "planetary expedition" with a rover setup that allow us to store A LOT of stuff. So much so that when full, it can take us from 30m to 1h to unload it and store it correctly. Imagine this. You come back to your base with the vehicle and you just position it at the side or under or whatever systemera give us and it unload automatically ! Now, if we can only get... • Conveyor ! Or something that can organize item on storage (I'm thinking Buildcraft mod in Minecraft): Now this. Combined with the vehicle de-loader, would allow us to just have your vehicle deload and the conveyor will organize it between the setting you put on the storage or the machine you decide ! No more time lost because you need to make your storage all organized ! Gosh, so much time saved. • Piston ! Or some forms of it: Now I'm daydreaming, but if SystemEra can pull this off, maybe I'll not be daydreaming afterall. Some forms of machinery that allow us to move stuff. Or to make stuff disapear. So you can combine the previously mentionned player sensor to do something like a door to your base... or some kind of trap, if you are that type of player. Just make sure if you do a trap that you collect the stuff dropped by the victim with the conveyor Do you have any other idea to add ? Don't hesitate ! I'm sure if we say the immense potential this have for Astroneer, SystemEra will give it to us ! So continue to give idea to show them how good it's gonna be if they implement this ! Also, don't forget. Stay safe Astroneer ! Firework field is there if you want to see it: Sorry for the double post. But apparently, we can't edit post after we posted it. So I need to re-create it again. Hope you understand, mods. Thanks !
  8. I would like to see keyboard and mouse implemented into Astroneer it is very important to me on Xbox. The game feels almost unplayable on Xbox due to the lack of maneuverability and the precision needed to play the game fluently. I am sure the game devs could work something out and implement keyboard+mouse support, because there is not much work to do left, half the work is already done, keyboard support is in the game, they just need to add the other half. I have already tested the keyboard and it works just like it does on PC, I know this because I have played PC version. I would love to see this feature added to Astroneer not only to make the game more playable to the Xbox community but to also help with problems with controller. I absolutely love this game and almost have your completionist achievement for my first run, I think I am 5 achievements off. I don't know if the game devs will ever see this but I hope they do and I hope I can do my part and see this awesome feature added. Thanks again to Astroneer.
  9. Abaddon

    Beacon changes

    Beacons can be seen from space with relative ease to mark landing sites but they have very limited use on terrestrial applications 1)beacons range needs to be made from all points on the planet A)either through the use of a transponder/other device B) adding a compass bar at the top pointing you towards the beacon (using shortest distance and color coded to that beacons color) C) utilizing the compass feature when hovering over your player that marks a colored indicator for the beacons direction (shortest distance again)
  10. I have one big PRETTY PLEASE. Change default T2 slots orientation on large storage silos A and B Because: Of course I can always rotate things manually, but that creates a huge issue when moving medium storages between large silos and large storages. Because: Putting it into words: Default slot orientation on large storage and silos do not match. When I interchanging med storages/silos between different kinds of large storages I either have to constantly rotate them or just cope with non optimal aligning.
  11. So I want to suggest an option to build your own satellites and launch them into planet's orbit "1 Per Planet" The point of these satellites will be to orbit around the planet and show the locations of every radar module that is on the current planet "Just the radar Module" This will let us track other players that have radar with them during their planet exploration also this satellites will allow us to see incoming weather hazards. This satellites will be built out of different parts such as: Thruster Fuel Storage "Optional for better Thruster if planets will have different gravity" Satellite Module "Tier 1 = No additional Space, Tier 2 = Space for singe items such as small solar, wind generator and Tier 3 = For large items such as Medium Battery" Top of the satellite Note: Satellites will require power to work Now to limit the size of the satellite we will need different levels of Thruster, let's says that: Tier 1 Thruster will be able to have up to 6 modules Tier 2 Thruster will be able to have up to 10 modules and etc. Note: Thruster will not be counted as Module so with T1 whole satellite will be made out of 7 parts Now the best part, to actually use these satellites we will gonna have to construct Stationary Radar Node which will require a large platform to be placed and constant energy supply to work but just like the furnace you will be able to turn it ON and OFF however turning it ON again will require some time to connect to the satellite again before the player will be able to use it. "Running out of energy will reset Radar and it will gonna have to reconnect again" Note: Satellite will be able to see stationary Radar too Additionally player will be able to install modules to the satellites which allow them to check the percentages of the defined resource is left on the planet or if devs will add some additional hazards or events such as "Meteor Shower or Wind Direction" this will be very flexible for future stuff. And now small Q&A about that: Q. What if there will be more than one stationary radar on the planet? A. In the case of this, players will be able to select what they want to see if there are more than one Module installed For example, players will be able to select what they want to see so that one player will be able to check the percentage of resources that are left and others will be able to see in which direction is wind going "It will be based on Client-Side" Q. What will be required to build a stationary radar? A. My idea was to make it Tier 2-3 structure but I leave this to devs if they decide to add this. Q. What about the requirements for satellite parts? A. Same as in the question above for tiers higher than 1 Q. Only one satellite per planet why? A. I guess this will be the most optimal way in term of satellites and stationary radar however again I'm living this decision for devs. Q. What if we want to change the satellite or modules? A. You cant... Just kidding, a player will be able to take satellite back on the planet and modify it but this will affect thruster and fuel too. Q. This is the only purpose for the satellites? A. Nah that's just the beginning in future, for example, devs might be able to add stuff like meteors passing threw solar system and with satellites player will be able to collect samples for SCIENCE! Q. What's with the hazards? A. Using an example of a meteor shower, a meteor might be able to hit it and send it back to the planet most of the parts damaged off course. Optional: Meteor that will take down the satellite might have a chance of shooting it into space or on to another planet and if there will be warp holes with different solar systems than it might be possible to send our satellite on a planet in the different solar system. I guess that's all for my idea, I tried to be as much descriptive and predictable as possible to decrease the time of planing out this idea Hope System Era will consider adding this into the game :D
  12. thomas bautista

    Rope, pulleys, and ladders

    I would like to see pollies, ladders, and ropes. I have a problem of making slopes with the terrain tool disorienting me while I built slopes. Pulleys can kind of be like a dumbwaiter where you can pull a rope and go up. Ropes you can just stick them right into the ground and feed the rope into the hole. ladders would be cool if you can make two story bases out of them and possibly make underground bases to. I would personally have limitations on the pulley system and the rope systems. The pulley system can have high, medium, and the low, buildings and maybe they can also have an items pulley which would carry up items to the surface. Ropes are smaller but can be climb faster than a pulley system put the rope can I let go a certain range. I'm sorry that I have no pictures or videos. I just thought of it when I was playing astroneer.
  13. Hi Astroneer team, I love playing Astroneer. I have one suggestion to improve quality of life. Could you please pause oxygen consumption during the warp animation OR allow custom naming of warp points. Often I have to teleport once or twice to get to the right warp point on a world as my memory is not great. So I can't remember where I left my car.... Most of my warp points don't have an oxygen source nearby. So I end up dying while trying to find the right warp point. It's frustrating, but it shouldn't have to be. Thanks
  14. dxy5

    FPS cap?

    If my settings are lowered, the fps seems to be capped at 100, if my settings are maxed out, my fps is capped at 50. How can i disable this? i have a high refresh monitor and 50 fps wont do it for me. This game is beautiful, so i want to play it on max settings. I definitely have the hardware to push it. I tried going into the note pad and editing the max fps, however when i launch it, it rewrites the line. I am on windows version, not steam. Is this on purpose? If so that is pretty unacceptable in 2020 to have capped fps on pc
  15. First time posting here, loving the game enough that I signed up to post and to discuss this. I think that if a mini map were to be implemented, it would be pretty sick, but should be implemented as a research-able module that attaches to your arm instead later down the line (doesn't waste backpack space). That way there would be an additional sense of game/ tech progression, where you start out using the primitive methods of path finding (line of beacons/ looking at stars/ compass), slowly upgrade towards better path finding methods aka cartography and then start pushing towards GPS technology. If a mini map feature is added in the future, it could open up other features/tech trees that further extends the longevity of the game itself. ex. tech layout Starting/Primitive period - Usage of beacons to create basic paths, study the stars and planet positions, usage of personal compass Research Basic cartography period - Create map module with limited features, have top-down terrain projection limited to players pov of the horizon (mini map with you at center and your horizon = map boundary, or make it a set distance), include the home icon but no other icons (just pure terrain + home). Attach to arm and not use backpack space? Have the module be brought up like the research windows when you click on it (hotkey M?), or like a pipboy from fallout? Research additional cartography features - Upgrade of map module range (stick an antenna on it?) and add the ability to track beacons/ home/ ship icons on map when in those objects are in the Map's range (outside of characters horizon range/ distance) Early Space age cartography period - Research and fabricate the GPS satellite block, carry and release out with mid sized rocket while orbiting the planet, have the ability to build/customize the satellite like you would with a rover (Research chamber (more bytes in space?), Solar cells, Battery, Camera... etc?). The satellite could then add zooming properties to the map module, have the ability to spot/show home, beacons, resource icons. Additionally, now that we've arrived at the space age of cartography, we'd have upgrade to the map module's next evolution which is to fabricate a screen/monitor big enough that it needs external power + transported on a rover or just placed on platform. (Just fabricate the screen and stick the module on it, print another to put on the arm if character far away from screen/monitor) Also, to further sprinkle some difficulty, having the satellite orbiting the planet, means you can only get the pros of the satellite's abilities when it is passing over you (add cool down timer?). To overcome the satellite downtime issue, you would need to saturate the skies with enough satellites that there wouldn't be down times when spotting resource icons. This could be then up to the devs to set a limit of how many GPS satellites you would be need to saturate planets orbit (10? 20? 100?). Late Space age cartography period - The next stage would be getting online Large GPS satellites that can only be brought into space only with Large space shuttles. You would need less of them to saturate the orbit of a planet, have more space to customize them. Gain additional ability to ping the map module of a specific location (have a laser light from outer space?) show up at the scene of the ping mark. Could also have add on's that can Only fit on large satellites that can spot/ show home, beacons, dangerous plants (red dot), debri (yellow dots), icons for Alien temple landmarks, resource nodes and subsurface nodes with depth measurements ((LIDAR?) too op/broken endgame object?) Late Late game, Space age?- Load up the Satellite with a dynamite launcher? troll your friends and shoot at them from space? blast at dangerous plants from space? Large Satellite laser drills? Like a space 3d cutter that carves the planet, can draw/design things to be carved with your Map screen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk or 3d print things. (design and place in space a complex power array to power space laser?(super power hungry)) Create Space station+Satellite extension? (space base) More bytes gained from researching samples in space station? Space elevator that connects to station/ satellite? (A large Monument/Wonder, Large construction project?) Space dock that connects to elevator? ship resources to parked ships, reduced ship thruster damage when parked in space Right now as the game stands, it's kind of lacking on the space content, things are mostly done on the ground/underground, so adding more space gameplay would be pretty cool (manually flying ship?). The skies the limit with your imagination. The beauty of this game is that research and technology tier evolution is a part of the gameplay, things do get get phased out and become obsolete, but they're still usable in some practical way. If something like a mini map/ cartography system is implemented, you could still just play through the game with the path finding method of Starting primitive period while not exploring/ investing resources into the whole cartography tree, but it can be there off on the side as a gimmick that could later be explored to further enhance your gameplay. Again these are just some basic ideas/ game layout suggestion that just kept bouncing around my brain while I was playing this game.
  16. Bobthe28th

    Naming storage

    I think that it would be very nice if it was possible to name storages and possible name buildings/boxes. When I play the game I spend lots of time planing my trips but one I travel to a planet it is hard for me to remember why I put what in the ship/storages. If it was possible to name storages that I would have this issue.
  17. Soooooo so long time! How are you guys doing? Alright! It's might be too late to showing this because, there were so many updates while I made by animation. However, this Digging elevator can be more comfort to going up and down than Jetpack! Digging elevator can saves more time and don't have to make slope for going up. Digging elevator going straightly to underground, so if you start to dig other planet that you didn't setup anything for digging, you don't have to bring many stuffs for going down. Digging elevator can be one of the best way to going down. You can question it, "You can also going straight if you use Jetpack?" For the answer, Digging elevator can save resources. As you know Jetpack use 2 hydrazine to flying the sky, but Digging elevator only use electronic that is same as vehicles. Once you make Digging elevator, you don't have to use resources while you going up, and save more hydrazine before you use in underground. It can be bring much more effective advantages! final.mp4
  18. I am used to playing Cities :Skylines so, for at least me, playing with the right mouse button is very useful. I know that coding can be a hassle, and I don't mean to work y'all, but i do have a feeling that having the option would help a lot of people that are used to certain games. Just an Idea. Another thing is that I was curious about the sand/rock/boulder storms. are they a permanent non-fixture or will they see a re-introduction in the future? Btw wanted to say that i love what y'all are doing in keeping with the original themes and not changing too much <3. I know Paul would be proud for sure; everyone's done such a great job making this work feel really special. Y'all have a fantastic new year~
  19. Defective

    Suggestion: Trash Cans

    I think it would be mightly helpful to us Surface Miners who use the new pavers and trucks to have a trashcan with the ability to set it to only take certain resources like Organic or clay etc. So that we could stop filling our entire truck storage with organic
  20. Let's be honest. I know that it is difficult for a developer to accept everyone's suggestions and ideas. That's why I come up with this idea. How about creating add-on support through Steam Workshop? I think if the developer accepts this offer, they'll have less hard work to do, and gamers who had to wait for the ideas they wanted to be added to the next update no longer have to struggle. Until your ideas are added as official updates, you submit your ideas to the Steam Workshop as an add-on. At first, I recommend creating your own ideas as an add-on, submitting them to the Steam Workshop, and then admitting them to the next official update once they are recognized by everyone above a certain level. (Sorry my bad English.) It is a good suggestion, isn't it?
  21. I hope this is received well. I fallowed the moderator recommendations and did a search for existing threads on this. Found only one older thread which I added to. I am respectfully seeking to minimize clutter. I have read some discussions on steam about adding first person view. I did not hear this perspective much so I wanted to give voice to it. First person camera view is most important for situations where the space is too tight for the third person camera. This is most obvious when taking a vehicle with modules through a tunnel dug by a drill on the front. The low ceiling quickly pushes the camera into or behind the modules on the vehicle, creating zero visibility. There is no work around for this. I can see the game is designed around third person, and the result is excellent in most cases. So I agree with many expressed views I've read, which is that first person view would not suit the gameplay very well. However, it is very important for some situations. Simplest way to accomplish this is to allow the camera to be zoomed in all the way, and not only part way. The fully zoomed camera can then either be within the character's head, or just above the character's head. The camera being inside of the character's head would be the best option artistically and functionally for driving vehicles. Thank you to the people at Systems Era Softworks for such a wonderful and inspiring game Please keep up your good work!
  22. Darkstrider9 0 0 0


    Btw we have a solar array, wich is extremely useful on planets like calidor. But what if we turn 180 degrees and look to glacio, on a planet like glacio we need electricity production based on wind, and having tons of medium wind turbines is not just anti aesthetic, it's an enormous waste of material AND SPACE. Thanks for your attention
  23. With the recent release of the new Creative mode to Astroneer, a creative flight mode was introduced While this is already a great feature which greatly aids creative construction, some minor tweaks to the creative flight mode would render the flight experience all the more smooth and easy to use Some Improvements I would like to suggest: Disable Backpack jetpacks while in flight mode - It doesn't make sense to be using both at once Camera speed - the speed of the camera hardly keeps up with the high speed of flight, often lagging behind the player's character and causing the character to disappear from view, even at flight speeds as low as 3. Ideally, the camera would reliably track the character even at high speeds, keeping the character close to centered on the screen Flight Momentum - When flying directionally then stopping to come to a stationary hover, movement stops as soon as the flight direction key is released (i.e. on keyboard, forward flight stops as soon as W is released). While this enables the player to stop on a dime and position themselves exactly, it makes for a rigid and jarring experience, especially with the aforementioned camera speed issues. Other games which include a flight mode, such as the ever-popular Minecraft make use of flight momentum, in which the player decelerates after flying in a direction, smoothly but reliably coming to a stop. As some players may prefer the exactness of the immediate stop mode, this would best be implemented as an optional addition Flight speed sprint toggle - While walking on the ground, the sprint key can be pressed to make the player run and hence move faster (Shift key by default on keyboard control). However, the only way to change the speed of flight while in creative mode is to use the slider in the options menu. For ease of use when flying, it would be beneficial to include an additional slider in the options menu, which sets the flight speed when the sprint key is pressed. For example, a player might have a default flight speed of 2, which would be useful for player placement precision when terraforming a structure, but the flight speed increases to 8 when the sprint key is pressed, allowing the player to move quickly to another part of their structure or a separate area, without them having to access the options menu to increase and decrease their flight speed. I hope that these suggestions are seen and considered, for the improvement of this great mechanic. As always thanks to System Era for creating such an amazing game Feel free to leave your thoughts or additional improvements - Cinnamunoo
  24. Since astroneer added cameras recently, I was think of ways to get good aerial shots and views. This is my solution. Camera Drone! Can be controlled up to a certain distance away from the player. Can be accessed from a field shelter or a habitat. Has 4 tier-1 slots, in which you can put mods or resources in. (Be sure to also put a small battery on it) You can take photos with it from the air, or maybe even make videos with it! The drone would also be able to drill surface resources and dig up hazards. It would also be able to research consumable pods. It could also be used for scouting ahead the best path, and maybe even place down items like tethers or beacons!
  25. EndersTenders

    Better Recreational Sphere

    The Recreational Sphere is a great addition to the game, good for Astroneer League or just kicking it around like normal soccer; however, I think many improvements could be made. As an avid Rocket League player myself, ball cam is an essential part of the game. I think either adding a GUI to the ball with an option to enable ball cam, or some key binding to enable/disable ball cam would be a wonderful addition. A GUI may be necessary in this case, if there is more than one ball in the vicinity, the player would want to select the specific ball they want the camera to lock on. Furthermore, if a group of people want to play soccer just by kicking it around, it's easy for someone to just pick the ball up and spoil the game. Again a ball GUI might be needed here, with an option to disable players from picking up the ball. The physics of the ball could use a bit of tweaking. I'd like to see the ability to hit/kick the ball very far, this would provide for some very interesting gameplay. Also, I've noticed that when a player head-butts the sphere, it does not apply a lot of force to it. I'd like to see some aerial moves where the player has jetpacks, and is balancing the ball on their head while flying through the air. I don't think that is possible right now, since little to no force is applied upward on the ball when the player is underneath.