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Found 196 results

  1. So, Microsoft released a new os update in November that enable (finally) keyboard and mouse support for Xbox One. It would be much apprecciated if, before exiting Alpha, you consider as an option to add that support for console. At now few games are enabled (like Warframe eg.) but having at launch a fully supported mouse and keybard with console maybe could add a big value to this game (starting form no PvP setting type game) linking more friends from different Platform. I'm playng both PC and Xbox, but obviously KB&mouse kick Controller 10/1. Just an idea, that might make me very happy and a PC turned off.
  2. This may sound stupid for some people but I come from FPS games and it really feels awkard to move the camera around with the acceleration (the camera does not move instantly with the mouse like it does on a FPS game). I really think this ruins a bit the movement experience. I know this is really easy to fix so it would be awesome if you could provide an extra option to disable this on menu or either removing the acceleration completelly. Related to this is the item acceleration when moving stuff from anywhere to anywhere (i.e. backpack to storage on your base). I know that an inventory system update is planned so I just wanted to suggest that if drag and drop is not going to be changed at least remove the acceleration so the items move instantly with the mouse so you can perform faster and smoother operations. I have been developing some personal projects with Unity for 3 years now, accelerations may seem to be good for smoothing but for some things like user input it just hinders the user experience. As always thank you for your attention
  3. orion6969

    Space station

    The space station could be a fuel depot will be able to hold a lot of fuel possible a shall ship or a landing area and you could put the station into orbit like build the parts on the ground and make it bigger and better every time you go back
  4. I've run into a problem where, I would build a bridge and use it for my vehicles. Due to circumstances I left my vehicle on the bridge and accidentally fell off. I re-spawned and went back. The rover(medium rover) disappeared. I couldn't find it and it turns out it fell down. I think it's the rendering issues. Maybe you could make so that the land renders a half second earlier?
  5. Hi, just a suggestion to add a terrain anazlyer module for spaceships to scan the surface of planets for good landing sites. Another idea would be to add a remote launch feature so you could have a rocket launch and have it land on another planet remotely. Also add an independent rocket orientented launch station instead of the stupid vehicle station.
  6. Since the crafting patch the medium shuttle has mostly become useless. You can make one pretty close to as soon as you leave the first planet and before the large shuttle. But the medium shuttle only works off of hydrozene and by the time you have the materials to make that you can make a large shuttle and there is very little research point difference. It seems like one of the following should be true. 1.) the large shuttle is hard to get materials for or requires more research. 2.) The medium shuttle can take solid fuel thrusters to allow you to carry more to new planets near the beginning. 3.) hydrozene can be made without needing Iron. Maybe doesn't require gas to create?
  7. Huge fan of the game, I appreciate how the background of the game is like a Gold Rush in space where it is a haphazard Expansion into a new territory (it isn’t a government program or military expansion). I feel like an old timey miner heading west to California except you have a terrain tool instead of a shovel. I love no map, no GPS, it should be rough and people suffocate and freeze to death. I don’t like the trade rocket because it makes the game too easy. I have restarted multiple times and “finished” the game multiple times. I think the end should be an ongoing massive project. Build a giant automated mining facility that pulls resources out of the ground automatically that you sell for profit (generates cash, not building materials). Build a giant terraformer that changes the atmosphere and the face of the planet (Aliens 2 style massive piece of equipment). Build a spaceport that allows for future commmerce. Build automated farms that are ran by robots. Something that gives you currency or isn’t building to build more materials.
  8. The game has gotten so much better when I decided to string large rovers together. specially having a mineral extractor is great when you dig, being able to extract all the resources you desire. unfortunately 4 large rovers move pretty slowly and they can't climb any hills. because only the first one actually moves and the other ones are dead weight. you gotta make it so they move their wheels (straight forwards at least) I see how making the AI for the vehicles to move smoothly is a challenge, but if you make it so that they move at half speed they wont ram into you while you drive but they ll slow you down much less. Also I d like to increase the limit of only 4 rovers in a row to 6 or so. having them in a row is actually less jumpy than just one rover so there wouldn't be a need to limit the number of rovers. they drive well enough. Also there should be a feature to push a rover on foot so you can move them without a seat... just very slowly. it's a pain in the ass to get the rovers into position to hook them up to each other without a way to push them.
  9. This thread is expanding on an idea I previously mentioned in response to another topic. TL;DR: Add stack-able structure bricks, made from compressed soil. ⇩ Summary As it turns out, this isn’t an entirely original idea. Bricks/blocks made from compressed regolith is a real strategy, and has been seriously considered for colonizing Mars, and beyond. The entire idea is reminiscent of when settlers made houses from the very sod they walked upon. The more things change, the more they stay the same, and otherworldly habitats may very well come in the form of compacted dirt. Still, you might wonder, why make bricks from soil? This is an important question; especially in a game where the surface can be remolded at will. Well, here are some reasons: ⚒ Durability Terrain that’s accidentally swiped using the Terrain Tool - without an Inhibitor Mod - will be torn up by mistake. Compressed terrain in the form of building blocks stops this. Making interior spaces would be very easy; bricks could be placed in a large mass, then removed after terrain is molded around them like a casting, creating nicely uniform interiors. An inner wall of bricks could be left to prevent damaging outer terrain by mistaken digging. ⚐ Signs of Life Nature will always take back what belongs to it, and terriformed soil is no exception. Over time, molded terrain reforms to the natural environment; becoming dirtied with debris and coloration. This is often deadly. A storm shelter that was dug to protect Astroneers fleeing poor weather becomes camouflaged against its surroundings. Beacons might be a solution to finding hidden bunkers, but this clutters the UI, and can actually impede getting to safety at distance. Teathers can highlight routes to safe zones, but over large distances this is not always feasible. Bricks would be dense (as material only mineable with drill heads). Hardened blocks would not be sullied by flora regrowth, coloration shift, or debris deposit. Small stacks of bricks could even be used like road signs to mark pre-explored routes; allowing Astroneers to traverse with rovers more easily along paths they know are easy. ⚖ Standardized Unit Terrain does not expand uniformly. Being able to lay down a uniform block of compressed terrain opens up new worlds for building systems. The game already has modules, but they act more like internal components of nonexistent buildings. A brick system allows forming structures around bases, and help stabilize modules. ☄ Future Considerations Future updates may create more demand for durable, modular construction. Meteorite bombardments, liquids, and hostile fauna additions could be held at bay with walls, moats, and bunkers formed from compacted soil bricks. So, tell me what you think?
  10. Resources Sperrylite Smelter processing into Platinum Trade resource Sale value of 16 Gas Hydrate Fuel Condenser processing fills Canisters with Liquid Propane Liquid Propane produces doubled energy output in Small Generator; triple energy output in Medium Generator Isotope Smelter processing fills Canisters with Tritium (hydrogen-3) Fuel Condenser processing fills Canisters with Helion (helium-3) Modules & Equipment Atomic Battery = Tritium Canister + Copper Roughly size of canister Provides 100.0 Bars at 2.0A Spent batteries can be used as substitute for Fuel Condenser Helion production Great for late game solution to portable power (widget compatible) Fusion Reactor = Iron + Titanium Attachment space for four Helion Canisters Produces 6x Power Stack equivalent per canister Flywheel = Tungsten + Copper Large, powerful immobile energy storage (non-lithium based) Stores twice the amount of energy produced by a Fusion Reactor; provides at 2.0A Scrubber Printed using Filters Acts as indefinite oxygen supply when powered Greatly benefited by equipping Atomic Battery Vital late game upgrade for Astroneers needing medium-term independence from external oxygen supply; without burning through resources Other (For possible future addition of Space Stations) Space Elevator Solution to fuel demands late game May use rare resources, but allows for movement of larger objects into space Bulk trading using docking spacecraft with station (late game resource procurement)
  11. First, this game is great. I am excited to see what the future holds. I first searched for my topic as per instructions and did find some things related. I also noticed the last relatable suggested post was in January of 2018. I thought it wouldn't hurt to put this request in again to advocate for those of us with that inverted touch. Suggestion: The inverted option works in traveling mode but once the backpack is opened or LT is pressed, the cursor is no longer inverted. Please keep cursor inverted throughout all applications. Thank you.
  12. vvhorus

    On-Suit Computer

    This game being supposedly 400 years into the future, I wonder why our astro-suits don't have an on-suit computer similar to Jarvis. It could have advanced sensors and GPS capabilities. It could be something we need to unlock from the catalog. It could warn us of incoming storms, their level of intensity (hint, hint), and the direction that they're coming from. It could locate objects and resources on a X-meter radius. It could guide us home when we're lost. It could talk to us when we're feeling lonely.
  13. cakes73

    A fixing system

    i was wondering maybe we could add a fixing system in game that requires I don't know maybe half of the ingredients needed to make the original object that would be amazing like I always see a broken wind turbine or solar panel and I would love to see a feature that allows us to either 1 fix debris (like broken rovers) 2.a feature to fix wrecked items or 3. both 1 and 2. It can also make more good uses for debris other than scrap metal and I don't know in order to balance this new system make wrecks a bit less common to find?
  14. Gillberd Törötukka

    Distance indicator

    Here has been lot of request of map or somekind position system. So far what i need most is just distance meter to planet core. Beacons and compass has been enought so far at surface of planet, but when go under to caves, it would help a lot if i could now the distance to planet core. Good place to meter is at compass, when you move mouse over player avatar and it opens compass, the distance number could shown at ground like directions.
  15. As explorers exploring unexplored caves, ropes and zip-lines should be essential tools of the trade. Imagine your astroneer rappelling up and down a deep cave, or zip-lining between two distant points, say, two mountaintops or a cave entrance and down its depths. Harnesses, ropes, cables, anchors, pulleys, grappling hooks and their delivery systems, all could be unlocked from the research catalog and crafted using already-available materials such as iron, tungsten, titanium, aluminum, or copper. Another idea: we could even hook anything and send it up a rope or across distances using motorized pulleys. It would be glorious. It would truly bring exploration to a whole new level...
  16. Mattbatcraz

    Gotta move that gear up!

    Hello my friends, tell me, have you ever had a moment where you find a launch pad, put things on it, then think "Hmm, something better could go here, but I can't remove these things!" Well fret not, because I have thought of a solution to this problem, Repack! Yes, yes, pull out your good ol' mining tool and hold (well, for Xbox) hold B, and watch as the structure shrinks back down and shuts itself inside a box for easy transport, no longer will you have to worry about a bad placement ever again, think of the resources saved on Platforms and buildings! "But Matt, why do you sound like you're selling this?" Because I am! It's the best thing since the Buggy, and all You need to do, wonderful Dev team, is make it possible! Don't delay, add it to the next update!
  17. sure the multiplayer right now in game may be laggy cause the game isnt optimized for it yet but with the trailer we got for 1.0 we'll be able to invite at least 6 people into our worlds and since its already very laggy getting 4 people in a world i think that 1.0 or updates before it will have optimization for multiplayer if that's the case then how cool would it be to have servers in the game like a raid and alliance system server where people can loot other bases and ally with other bases to help each other out while we are at it or just general co-op play with multiple people would be very nice as well. now honestly i dont expect to see this soon since system era is a realativly small studio when compared to other companies so it would generally be hard but if they get more people down the line and make astroneer successful when its near its full complete or during the beta (since we are still in early alpha which is before beta) i can actually see this not only work but be a good boost in sales since alot of sandbox players (not all) like to play with multiple people .
  18. cakes73

    add a creative mode

    I think this game would benefit greatly if there was a creative mode option I've seen some people use cheats just because they want a creative mode in the game from time to time to just mess around and to be creative on what they can do and implement it in their survival mode worlds without the risk of messing everything up cause of one huge mistake. what we can add in it is either 1.A menu of all craftable things in the game and maybe some trees and stuff if people want to make race tracks and what not or 2.keep the crafting but it has a no required building cost this will keep the creative mode vibe and also let's put infinite oxygen and power so that people don't have to worry about their tether or filters when they are building or their power supply.
  19. Hello there! Time for another burst of colourful* words via me, Sonic! *note: I am not British, I am a dirty American. I have had this spelling brainwashed into my head due to everyone spelling colorful like that. Sorry. What is it this time? A topic that could be a good addition to the game. Like any, if not all of the suggestions here! So what is it? Upgrade-able parts, items and stuff. What is an example? The oxygen tank is surprisingly small. Idea? Print a bigger oxygen tank in the backpack printer, or small fabricator. It would cost: 1x Titanium to make a tank x2 the size of the normal oxy tank. You may be thinking: "Oh, well that already exists. The tank. Debunked" Now, I know the Tank exists. It goes in the backpack. This new oxy tank would not go in the backpack. It would go in the slot of the backpack mounted oxygen tank. So you don't need to use any of your precious slots. Another idea is for vehicles: Upgrade-able batteries (1, 2 n' 4 lithium respectively) upgrade-able engine (e.g. more efficient OR faster, more power consuming less efficient engine) and interchangeable tires. (e.g. offroad for rockier planets, normal for regular cruising and speed tires for less handling, more UMPF) or: backpack battery upgrades, backpack generator (not as efficient as small generator) backpack solar generator, backpack wind turbine, backpack trickle charger, and the most expensive: backpack smelter which inefficiently smelts ore. Ideas anyone? I'm not perfect, this topic will likely be asked a million more times and this won't be considered although I won't be mad.
  20. As of now, the compass is difficult to use, making navigation difficult and leading to players, myself included, getting lost. The simplest way I see to resolve this situation is to add an option in the menu to toggle the compass on continuously, so that the player can be constantly aware of their bearing. It would also be helpful to make the compass visible while driving, such as by making it appear below the rovers as it does below the player. This seems to me as a relatively simple option to help players keep their bearings while exploring.
  21. Hello! Beacons in their current state are a useful way of marking your location, whether that be a base, a cave, or your buddy's AFK spot. Other than that, their use is fairly limited. My suggestion is to allow an astroneer to write a message on the beacon, allowing for it to act similarly to that of a sign from Minecraft whilst also retaining it's current utility in exploration. Basically, you place down a beacon and when it's settled an icon pops up reading 'HOLD (random key) TO CODE MESSAGE'. You hold it down and it brings up a little Astroneer themed keyboard (Yay! More custom icons for Adam!). Once your message is typed, a new prompt will appear in the place of the old one reading 'HOLD (random key) TO VIEW MESSAGE', allowing you to do just that. There are other utility related things I'd like to discuss about beacons but I feel those should be talked about in another, much larger, post (Hint: it involves coordinates and space travel). Anyways, that about raps up this one. I'd love to hear everybody's feedback and thanks for giving this post a look. Have a good day!
  22. Shakenbake393

    New Attachments for the Crane

    I did a little searching and didn't come up with much, but please forgive me if there is a thread for this. I think the crane could be super useful if we had more than just a drill for attaching. I find myself in situations where a claw attachment(or something similar like maybe a heavy duty magnet) would be amazing. Perhaps some sort of grinder could be added for taking down plant life/trees(yes, the drill can basically do it by taking out the ground underneath, but it'd be cool to take out plant life without disturbing the ground). The trees could become it's own material. Are there specific plans for additional attachments for the crane?
  23. ChrispuChan

    Keyboard Binding Issues

    I play the game on a Lenovo laptop. It runs well and is always stable. The problem occurs when i want to do things like viewing patch notes and generally finding out more about the game and stuff in it. I know these things are not necessary and I can play the game without, but it's gotten to a point where it's just in the way and generally quite annoying. This normally requires me to press one of the function keys (F1, F2, etc.), which already do things like muting the computer and toggling aeroplane mode, which it does instead of doing anything in-game. If anything can be done about this i would be super grateful, but i know it is just a minor thing and understand if this was to be overlooked.
  24. Shakenbake393

    Winch improvement

    The winch is great, but I'd like to see it have better functionality with control over the length of cable. It tends to pull whatever I'm hauling too close to my rover and causing scenes that can be both frustrating and hilarious(I've had a few flips due to it's slinky-like nature). If there was a way to control it like an actual winch by spooling it to any desired length(within it's limit of course) and then winding it back up on command, that'd be a great improvement.
  25. Hi there, I've been following the game since it started, checking every update from time to time, glad to see all the progress being made, finally vehicles are more driveable but still need some work. So I trying the new U8.0 and i want to share some ideas that really would be nice to be seen ingame. Lets start with stuff we already got in here. - Parking brake, whenever i go to the crane to drill if i stopped in a ramp, the rover will start to slowly go down, also if i'm in a flat area any storm just blows me away. We need any kind of brake, automatic or manual i don't care we just need it. Automatic could be triggered when out of the driving seat and release when coming in again. Manual could just be a new button or a full new mechanic if you want to go deeper, like make an "anchoring" system or something like the real excavators, some have an hydraulic system to pull them up and stay still and stable. - Platforms, I've been trying all the different models and i find only a few really usefull, some may even look like a scam. Only large platforms A and D are the usefull ones and I'll explain why. First of all there is no way to storage stuff in big ammounts for now we have to use medium storage on platforms or medium on top of big ones on platforms. When I come back from any cave with metal ore to smelt i place them in the smelter in large platform A and as it smelts the ore it automatically sends them to the medium storages i put in both sides, when it's full you can pick it and place it in the printer for use you only have to pick 1 thing and place in other place. Comparing this to large platform C you can see you have 4 more tier 1 storage ports but you cannot pick the entire storage to use it in other platform you have to pick the items 1 by 1 and therefore place them 1 by 1 so i prefer having less storage just because i can move them around faster. Large platform B is A without sides, so it is pointless to use it cause you need as much storage as possible for your items or the next storm will blow them away, or the next time you load the game they may spawn underground or not spawn at all. Extra Large Platform allows you to place 2 machines on top but no place for medium storages so, i prefer using 2 large A ones. - Trees, Big rocks etc, any big thing that does not dissapear when digged. We need something to get rid of them and avoid stockpiling there wasting memory. For trees we could use a new attachment on our tool to transform them into organic resource, or transport them with a winch and then proccesing them in any new machine. In rocks case we could use drill and get extra soil. From now on this are suggestions for stuff not in the game. - Recycling, please we need this system ASAP, i built something by mistake and i want to remove it, i may just want to upgrade my base i don't want any organic generators anymore. All things "crafted" ingame have a cost of 1,2 and 4 resource items (tier 1 recycle eg: small generator; tier 2 recycle eg: medium battery or 1-seat; tier 3 recycle eg: medium rover), so recycling a tier 3 would give you 2 resource items, tier 2 would give 1, and tier 1 would give 0. I'd also add canisters to the process and recycling them would produce soil too, giving a full canister for tier 3, half for tier 2, and a quarter for a tier 1. This system would give players some "security" when trying stuff, so if they don't like what they did they can remove it and not leave it around somewhere. - Packaging, since we print everything into boxes and "unpackage" where needed why not make a machine for transform them into boxes again in exchange of power. - Weather system. All planets except the moon (barren) have atmosphere, and there are only sandstorms, i would add different weather events in different planets, like longer and bigger sandstorms with a really big cooldown, Tundra should have blizzards, Radiated could have solar flares that shut down electrical power, Exotic could have northern lights (not all the events must be hazardous). - Water. It kinda shocked me the lack of water in any shape or form. We could have a water resource for other crafting recipes, for now extractable from geysers, using a pump and canisters, maybe further processing could involve a new machine to transform water canister into water resource. - Leaving starting planet. We can do everything in the Terran, what would make you want to build a ship and go to other planets. We can explore of course and gather some rare resources like in Arid full of titanium and lithium, but what else? we need something to make us go out. Since we are not some kind of astronaut lost in space, we came in big spaceship and we are able to trade, i guess we are not alone, so why not add radars, receive transmissions, giving us coordinate or some kind of mission. Explore this area for us, or we lost a ship in that planet go get the blackbox. Rewards could be materials, or research items, we could use trading platform to send "quest items". For now these are my ideas, hope you like them or find them usefull, tell me your thoughts.