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Found 241 results

  1. superjaja05

    {Suggestion} Soil Printer

    Hey SystemEra here a suggestion for improving terrain manipulation a Soil Printer , when you hold f on it , it open a panel where you can choose a geometrical shape , then you place two Marker (new item craftable from 1 resin , it could be used like that : you place two of them to defind an Area) , then you will have a "Soil Cannister requirement" , the soil printer should have 4 or 5 slot to place soil cannister (and the printer could also pull soil cannister from connected stockage) , and when you start the Soil Printer it print the shape you selected , in the area you definded (and maybe a slot for terrain analyser)
  2. Hey SES Don't know if its been thought off for improving the UI or game but why not add a small transparent minimap with a small range of where you are in a cavern or how close/far you are from your last point of death when you suffocated? This will help immensely cause it's not always easy to remember where you last suffocated location was, also the markers currently in game doesn't give any help. Perhaps it could be shown in the top left or right corners of the screen. P.S. Don't think anyone feels losing resources collected on a planet is worth it. Love the game and can't stop playing, keep up the awesome work and can't wait for future updates

    (Suggestion) rocket mechanic

    Please when you press the launch key make a popup saying: "do you really want to launch?" sometimes i press c when not looking and i fly off again and you waste a thruster
  4. Researching items and exploring to gain bytes is fun. But what happens when a user buys everything that Astroneer has? Gaining bytes no longer seems fun 😒😞😟 I think to make it worthwhile and to keep the game enjoyable, items should deteriorate or damage (from a storm, from higher drops, and from use). User can repair items or repurchase them. Also, another thing that could be done is to make it so the user has to, perhaps, spend bytes build things with the printer. These are my thoughts. More to come! Made a huge list of (50+) ideas and suggestions as I am playing the game that I will post on this forum soon 👏.
  5. Darkstrider9 0 0 0


    Btw we have a solar array, wich is extremely useful on planets like calidor. But what if we turn 180 degrees and look to glacio, on a planet like glacio we need electricity production based on wind, and having tons of medium wind turbines is not just anti aesthetic, it's an enormous waste of material AND SPACE. Thanks for your attention
  6. Im thinking of More futuristic transport on planets. Currently we have rovers in all sizes, a tractor and a buggy. But i think it would be fun to have a flying *car/plane/Craft/vehicle* . Mabye having flying cars.. or rather hovercrafts in the game will make it to futuristic, but mabye just a car looking thing that flyes only like 1-3m over the ground that is'nt affected by the terrain under it. mabye it seems useless or rather unnecesserry*** but many times have i had 2 bases on other sides of the planet and would either have to rocket there… or rover there, and both are inconvenient. since the rocket is for longer runs. Its more expensive to use… and since the rover is made for Shorter runs... it takes longer and the tarrain is enoying to pass the land With... mabye if you comment possible problems or questions i will have more spesific idea for Craft.. i have other ideas like Trains/conveyors and HUGE Space Crafts. Btw if you arent sure of the design, just think of some sci-fi starwars at the sice of a medium rover... please comment
  7. Hi! Love the game! This is the second time I'm posting this suggestion. The game would be so much more enjoyable with a mapping function. a small map that you know where you would solve a lot of running around and frustration to a lot of users.
  8. Recently I was building custom fun tools in Astroneer using existing pieces, such as platforms, research items, plant seeds, minerals, and then I thought that having electronics lab would provide endless opportunities for different kind of creations. So, the suggestions is to implement electronics laboratory, similar to the chemistry laboratory. There will be the following items: - Printed Circuit Board (PCB). - Alternating Current Generator (AC / ACG). - Wire. - Capacitor. - Diode. - Transistor. - Switch for AND, OR, XOR, NOT operators and manual on/off. - Light sensor. - Movement sensor. - Memory (RAM) bit. The electronics lab will consume silicone, resin, copper, aluminum, steel, plastic to print the items. In the future, some (or all) existing structures might receive Electronic Control Unit (ECU), which, for example, would allow to use electrical input in order to instruct chemistry lab to produce an element.
  9. I'm new on this forum. I wanted to see people's ideas and suggestions about new things in Astroneer. I saw that many people have great ideas, and even more: some demonstration/raw projects what for me - just a game fan is something awesome to see all these things. So, my question is: what if Astroneer could support steam workshop or website with mods, somewhere where people could add their own projects. I don't know what about game's compatibility and that's problem if game can't be modded by stuff like this. Tell what you think about it.
  10. I move to new apartment!! YEAH!!! Alright!! I bring some idea again and also, I make some samples for easily to look! When we play Astroneer, we feel need more storage when we get resources other far places or deep underground. So! Here is what I think! This equipment called "Toolbox". I want to design like hard case. so I add iron stick for cover all side of box. You can easily to grab and lay down! Just press "G". After lay down the Toolbox, you can open it to press "F". This is the toolbox's inside. If there are nothing, that green light going to be red or orange. I also want to add disadvantage for this model. Because.... I don't know!! haha maybe, for fun! so what I think is this toolbox has to charge. You can open and close for 4 times (one movement use one floor of battery). After the battery is gone, that box is automatically closed. And one more!!!! (Sorry guys :D) It's not disadvantage actually. This toolbox can put only equipment! not any resources! That's it! Hope you guys enjoy it and if you guys have any feedback or more ideas, Please tell me! Thanks!
  11. So I want to suggest an option to build your own satellites and launch them into planet's orbit "1 Per Planet" The point of these satellites will be to orbit around the planet and show the locations of every radar module that is on the current planet "Just the radar Module" This will let us track other players that have radar with them during their planet exploration also this satellites will allow us to see incoming weather hazards. This satellites will be built out of different parts such as: Thruster Fuel Storage "Optional for better Thruster if planets will have different gravity" Satellite Module "Tier 1 = No additional Space, Tier 2 = Space for singe items such as small solar, wind generator and Tier 3 = For large items such as Medium Battery" Top of the satellite Note: Satellites will require power to work Now to limit the size of the satellite we will need different levels of Thruster, let's says that: Tier 1 Thruster will be able to have up to 6 modules Tier 2 Thruster will be able to have up to 10 modules and etc. Note: Thruster will not be counted as Module so with T1 whole satellite will be made out of 7 parts Now the best part, to actually use these satellites we will gonna have to construct Stationary Radar Node which will require a large platform to be placed and constant energy supply to work but just like the furnace you will be able to turn it ON and OFF however turning it ON again will require some time to connect to the satellite again before the player will be able to use it. "Running out of energy will reset Radar and it will gonna have to reconnect again" Note: Satellite will be able to see stationary Radar too Additionally player will be able to install modules to the satellites which allow them to check the percentages of the defined resource is left on the planet or if devs will add some additional hazards or events such as "Meteor Shower or Wind Direction" this will be very flexible for future stuff. And now small Q&A about that: Q. What if there will be more than one stationary radar on the planet? A. In the case of this, players will be able to select what they want to see if there are more than one Module installed For example, players will be able to select what they want to see so that one player will be able to check the percentage of resources that are left and others will be able to see in which direction is wind going "It will be based on Client-Side" Q. What will be required to build a stationary radar? A. My idea was to make it Tier 2-3 structure but I leave this to devs if they decide to add this. Q. What about the requirements for satellite parts? A. Same as in the question above for tiers higher than 1 Q. Only one satellite per planet why? A. I guess this will be the most optimal way in term of satellites and stationary radar however again I'm living this decision for devs. Q. What if we want to change the satellite or modules? A. You cant... Just kidding, a player will be able to take satellite back on the planet and modify it but this will affect thruster and fuel too. Q. This is the only purpose for the satellites? A. Nah that's just the beginning in future, for example, devs might be able to add stuff like meteors passing threw solar system and with satellites player will be able to collect samples for SCIENCE! Q. What's with the hazards? A. Using an example of a meteor shower, a meteor might be able to hit it and send it back to the planet most of the parts damaged off course. Optional: Meteor that will take down the satellite might have a chance of shooting it into space or on to another planet and if there will be warp holes with different solar systems than it might be possible to send our satellite on a planet in the different solar system. I guess that's all for my idea, I tried to be as much descriptive and predictable as possible to decrease the time of planing out this idea Hope System Era will consider adding this into the game :D
  12. When a canister containing soil is placed on the same platform as a Soil centrifuge, it is automatically transferred to the soil centrifuge to empty the soil contents of the canister into the centrifuge module's internal soil buffer. This functionality is great, but has a minor flaw. A canister which has just been emptied in this way will be replaced by another canister containing soil, to continue filling the centrifuge until the centrifuge is full. However, once the centrifuge is full, an empty canister is left on the centrifuge's canister slot (assuming that two full canisters were used). While I understand that this is done to facilitate the storage of a partially filled canister on this slot while the centrifuge is in use, it has a major downside on the quality of life while using the centrifuge with large batches of soil. As the empty canister is left on the centrifuge, a slot on the medium storage from which the canister was taken is now empty, allowing the contents of the centrifuge operation to empty into this slot instead of the canister, which is still on the centrifuge slot. This means that the canister and items must manually be moved around, which is annoying for bulk centrifuge operations. My suggestion is to add functionality for the centrifuge to eject empty canisters from the centrifuge slot to other platform slots. This would allow for complete separation of canisters and centrifuge products, allowing for easier and more efficient use of the module. Current Result: Desired Result: Thank you to SES for all your hard work, and I hope that you will consider my suggestion for implementation.
  13. I have been playing astroneer for about a month now, And I found this cool looking resource called astronium, And I was curious to see what I could do with it. I was sort of disappointed when I figured out it really had no other use than to be researched for 1000 bytes a piece. (And thats fine by me I needed some bytes anyway.) But I had a few Ideas for maybe what Astronium could be used for. My first Idea was it could be some sort of fuel, Since ammonium is really the only material for fuel (Hydrazine is labelled as proccesed ammonium ) I thought maybe It would be cool to have another thruster that uses something along the lines of Processed Astronium or maybe just a stack of astronium itself. My second Idea was that Astronium could be used as some super material, Being able to be converted in a new building you are able to craft, into the materials you need with some limits. I thought that It could be converted into any material you could get from the trade platform with relatively the same ratios of trading. The ratios below. Compound, Resin, Organic, Clay, Quartz, Graphite, and Sphalerite. 1:2 Ammonium, Laterite, and malachite. 1:1 Wolframite, Hematite. 3:2 Titanite. 2:1 Lithium. 4:1 My third and final idea was that astronium Could be used in a new, Large generator, to create a bunch of power. Anyway those were my ideas. Let me know if you think something should be changed or added, and thank you.
  14. David Abrica


    Just a cosmetic suggestion, maybe add some steam and Xbox related suits, colors, and visors. And maybe like a factory 2fa cosmetic if you have that option here.
  15. james s


    i think i speak for a lot when i say creative mode was amassing to teach the game try new things experiment with what we can do or just mess around and i believe it would be also beneficial for you because with it more people would look for bugs for you to fix due to it having less effort to get what's needed. thank you for the awesome game you have put together and i cannot wait to see what'll be added next. 👍
  16. Cinnamunoo

    Shredder Modifier

    I'd like to make a suggestion for a new terrain tool modifier. I would place this modifier as a late game item, but it might be able to be implemented at different game stages if it were balanced correctly. The function of this modifier is similar to that of the shredder modules which are already in the game. These take wrecked modules and platforms, among other items, and shred them into the Scrap resource, which can be used in the trade station. Equipping the Shred Modifier would allow the player to convert wrecks that they find in the world, which they would then 'dig up', into scrap nodes, which would build on the end of the terrain tool and pop into the player's inventory like all other mined resources. This would allow the player to obtain scrap without the use of a shredder. This is a very lucrative ability, which is why I have considered it to be a late game item. However, if put into development, it could feature balancing debuffs, such as providing only a fraction of the scrap that could be obtained if a shredder were used. A potential benefit for implementing this item from a development perspective is it may allow players to shred the majority of game items. Currently, there is no way to recycle large items in the game. The only method of destroying them is by using dynamite, which does not recover any of the resources used to build these large items and modules. For example, the introduction of the Extra Large shredder allowed the recycling of the Large Shredder. However, what can be used to recycle the Extra Large Shredder? Will we need an even larger shredder? And what will shred that even larger shredder? The introduction of the Shredding Modifier would allow the player to shred all of these items, regardless of the size, providing a solution to this infinite series of ever-increasing shredder sizes. Please leave your thoughts below, to continue the discussion 🙂 As always, thank you to SES for your continued hard work and dedication to Astroneer, and I hope that if this is seen then this suggestion is considered. - Cinnamunoo
  17. How about a printable elevator that can be placed like a landing pad. Visually something similar to mining elevators, with a cage the player can enter. To operate, the player must first dig a hole straight down to desired depth. Secondly, place the elevator module over the hole and supply it with power. Maybe the elevator could have a Tier-2 slot for storage or an oxygenator.
  18. Just Another Animator

    Non-Private Rooms

    What if the players were able to start an online room that wasn’t private, have like a tab for them. And maybe you could edit things about the play Through? Just seems like a good idea to me
  19. Belfagor

    Endgame Content ideas

    I just completed another playtrough and I found myself again wanting for more, especially after i have built a few bases scattered across the solar system and stockpiled a lot of resources. Moreover, this time i really felt that the developers made an amazing job in characterizing the inner caverns in the depth of different planets, but unfortunately there is little to no motivation to explore them if not "as a tourist" as the game mechanics really do not give the player any inventive to venture so deep if not on the way to the core. My idea has a wide range of implications and touches quite some game mechanics, but let' start for the beginning, or better let's start from the end... of the current story. SPOILERS AHEAD, if you have not played the games up to the credits you'd better stop reading and get back to the game When you are finally able to activate the gateway portal on the satellite and "zap away", there is actually a "reaction from the universe" and some alien intelligence answers to your intrusion in the space/time continuum. A set of "alien eggs" teleport from outer space and crash land on each planet and moon in the system at different depths. Those eggs quickly start to "infect" the surrounding areas of each planet with their alien goo covering the terrain and resources around making them impervious to human tools (even with drill 3) and spreading nearby. The newly created astroneer's goal is now to clean up this mess in order to avoid that the entire system becomes an alien wasteland. The player needs to research and build new tools and technologies to achieve this new goal and more specifically: A "defense" monolith that once planted in each planet slows down significantly the growth of the alien infection on that planet a new mod for the terrain tool able to "clean" the infection A satellite surveillance system to help the player in finding and tracking the alien infection on the planet surface and, with the proper extensions on the ground, also to identify the alien infection in the subterranean caves mining structures and tools to allow the proper exploration and travel to and from the depths of the different planets I'd suggest that everything related to "fighting" the alien infection has to use astronium as a resource for building the tools and maybe also powering them (like the Hydrazine for the thrusters). More specifically the monolith and the mod. For instance the alien goo can be stored in shielded canisters but the canister explodes after a while unless the player processes the canister at a specific station using astronium as catalyst. Regarding the satellite surveillance system, the easiest way may be to have a station like the trade platform to send surveillance satellites into orbit: 2 may be enough for the moons surveillance while 4 to 6 are needed for the planets. The baseline function of the satellites would be to give the player HUD visibility of the placed beacons and an special monitoring station with an "orbital view" of the planet (the interface may simple be recreating the view the player has while orbiting the planet on a shuttle but with the ability to "move around". Adding the proper upgrade (also astronium based) the satellite system is able to identify and highlight (also on the player's HUD) the position on the alien infection on the surface. To make things even more challenging the basic satellite system is not able to "see" much in depth in the planet and thus the player has to provide additional "probes" to make it happen: I was thinking about a specific module to be installed in each gateway chamber on the planet's surface to leverage the existing alien infrastructure or, to make things a bit easier, maybe only a module in the plant core to give the satellites access to underground scanning capabilities. if you want to add a little lore, we may think that the ancient race that created the gateway system was in conflict with another alien race, responsible for the alien eggs and the related infection, and thus the player needs to leverage the first race technology to face the new challenge. The satellite system would also solve a long standing request from the player base to simplify the navigation across the planet's surface and even more in their depths: you just need to give the player a direction to follow to reach the desired location, may it be a placed beacon or an habitat or a vehicle (a labeling system for each of the above would be incredibly useful, like in other survival games in a aquatic environment, for instance ). With the increased utilization of astronium (so far pretty useless) and the need to venture in the depth of the planets to clear the alien infection, the current set way of exploring the depth and bring back resources and alien goo may be frustrating and boring, given the time need to get down there and back. Thus I'd suggest the introduction of new mining structures able to allow either an easier way to create tunnel and mine shafts (like a vehicle mounted terrain tool and and automatic tether placing tool) or, even better, a fast and convenient transport tool to travel to an from underground locations. Continuing on the same lore regarding the utilization of the alien technology, the play may be able to build a teleport stations of different sizes connected to the habitat (so to make it a bit more useful). The player experience should be as follows: The player upgrades the habitat in order to work as a teleport hub when he/she reaches the underground layer/position to start digging resources/cleaning alien infection, they place the other teleport station the player can now teleport back and forth between those two points, provided that they are powered the teleport station can have 3 different modules: personal transportation (the player alone carrying with him/her only the current inventory), resource transfer (a large attachment slot to place a large storage to be sent to the other end), a vehicle portal (the player can enter in it driving a vehicle and it appears on the other side, like an inter-dimensional garage) Thanks to everyone who had the patience to read all the way to the end of my wall of text: I hope it has some good ideas for Astroneer 2.0
  20. At the moment, if I get lost, the search for my base can be described as agony.
  21. Hey, new player here. Managed to get the hang of this, really fun game. I would like to suggest making a toggle option for mods/augmentations so that they can be turned on and off without removing them. At some point, I have been putting and removing certain mods/augs that it became an annoyance. As an extension to this:adding a swapping functionality - so that objects can be swapped with objects in the backpack or generally in sockets. Great game! Really fun! Co-Op is amazing!
  22. Tractors and rovers should be able to right themselves by turning while staying in the driver seat.. Grand Theft Auto has done this for ages when vehicles inevitably flip upside down. It'd be way better if we didn't have to exit and violently clip through terrain to the core just to try and flip a toppled rover in a tunnel. Thanks!
  23. Right now the compass widget is extremely difficult to see on a bright white terrain, like on Glacio. What I suggests is to add a black outline to the compass shape, that will makes it visible in all conditions. I understand this can be not an easy, two-click task, 'cause it looks like the texture of the compass is used in a mask mode and therefore can't have two different colors at once. But nothing impossible. And it'll be extremely useful to all.
  24. KOR_APUcard

    Large Wind Turbine

    Can you add Large Wind Turbine? Like this: A helical Darrieus wind turbine Or just like this:
  25. For a little window of time more than a year ago, SES_dev let us choose our start planet. Those were the days when there was no easily available starter minerals and some games just could not be solved. That is not the case today. I just played a 'contrived' start on Vesania, with no hab available (so better not die!) and it was a week of pure bliss. This was a challenge but doable, if I just kept my head about me. Honestly, I haven't had this much fun in Astroneer in a long time. I know there is a chance to choose 'Starter Planet' slated for the Creative mode. PLEASE don't make us go there to get this available. I like to play this game with challenges and creative mode just doesn't do it for me. On any game. This would be a very easy way to ratchet up the difficulty level for those players who want it. And trust me, approaching 1100 hours in game, I WANT to find enough challenge to keep me interested!