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  1. Adding other types of mods for the terrain tool, I think most players would like it. In the last 100 hours of gameplay I have enjoyed the alignment mod a lot, for its ability to create a flat (curved) and pillars perpendicular to the ground. In particular, I also like this last function because it keeps the direction of the tool locked, giving the possibility to create perfectly vertical columns. It would be nice to have other similar tools to create horizontal or top-down pillars, even a slow mod would be appreciated for working surfaces with greater precision. I am not an artist, however thi
  2. Perhaps its time to take a look at landing sites and landing pads. If you plop down a landing pad within a landing site you get this circle within a circle making it more difficult then it really needs to be to pick the correct one from orbit. Particularly if its off to the side of the planet. Just have landing pads override and remove landing sites circle if they are present and restore if the pad is removed. In the event the pad is occupied remove the pad circle and restore the site circle. Would definitely be a nice QOL improvement.
  3. Does this process look's familiar ? But Imagine something inspired but this: So... If you will be close enough you would be able to "connect" yours terrain tool with trailer through suction pipe. To transport all resources that you are going to mine right into those trailers. If those trailer are armed with storages those will be filled too (you will fill all empty space). If it would work in both direction so we could also use it to unload trailer!!! But it will be quite slow, so there still be a reason to use auto arms. I think that this could look
  4. I mean, RTG is still great nuclear power but, I want a new technology of nuclear power generation. The Nuclear Fission Reactor and Nuclear Fusion Reactor. My idea is this: Fission Reactor is using Nuclear Fuel Rod and Coolant. And release a Nuclear Waste. Fusion Reactor is using Deuterium or Tritium. Or both for more efficiency. And release a Helium. Fission Reactor is generating powers to 100 U/s. Fusion Reactor is generating power to 250-500 U/s. (Why not a thousand? Because that's too much and useless.) Nuclear Fuel Rod can be crafted to use Enriched Uranium an
  5. Before you judge I want to say I love the new update with the compass, missions and large wind turbines and solar panels, but me and my friends think that some of those rewards make the game too easy. I am not saying they should be removed, but let me tell you this: All our playthroughs before the update went something like this: - Land on Sylva, research items, gather resources for a small space shuttle and gather some zinc for batteries later (1 - 2 hours) - Travel to Vesania for titanite and lithium (for medium batteries), make batteries and collect resources for later (1 - 2 hours) -
  6. Hi! I realy miss these old days when i was exploring and unexpectedly debris storm flew over me. I wish they'll come back soon.
  7. "Prioritizing items that player do have enough of resources to create" I would like to open a Printer and see *in the first place items that i am able to create right now. Not to be forced to scroll through the list almost each time. Here, I can create tractor but i still need scroll to find it, why? It such a waste of time (Especially if you already know the recipe) It could just pop up first *If you think that this is irrelevant. The more items will be added the bigger "mess" it will be, the harder it will be navigate. So it will not "only" help now but it will be al
  8. Since the ability to manually lock / unlock platforms was added, I noticed that during the game, it often happens that I accidentally unlock platforms, by accidentally pressing f, when maybe I want to use modules or printers. But the big problem is when I accidentally take the platform just because it was accidentally unlocked, which is really annoying and frustrating. Keeping the F key pressed for a second, to lock / unlock the platform, would be the most obvious and simple solution to implement. And you players, have you encountered this problem or is it just me, the poor wretch who runs i
  9. Hi To "allow" players to travel on to planets in a different order than they did in their previous playthrough, some key items could have "alternative recipes". For example Chemistry lab or small battery could have recipes that would allow couple of items, something like this: Small battery -either 1 lithium or 3 Iron or 4 Tungsten or 6 Copper Chemistry lab -1 glass -1 ceramic -either 1 Tungsten or 4 Iron or 4 Titanium So players still have a reason to wait till they reach planets with more "worth it" resource, but it creates a possibility to make those items earlier, waiting b
  10. It's nice to go around the map to get scrap from the debris you find lying around. This is generally done with a Rover with Shredder on. However, it is really boring to wait for debris that needs to be shredded in order to insert more. A debris container could be the solution! Through this module, players can collect debris and insert it into it, up to a certain amount or produce very fast and low-energy Debris Bundles. A grab on the crane could be useful for taking debris and pouring it onto the Conteiner directly from the rover without the need to get off it. You could also try to dri
  11. Hi I would like if RTG would work not as a generator but more like a amplifier of energy. So, RTG would require (let's say) 6 units of energy to run with full efficiency, and if you achieved that. It will "produce" 10 units, so you will have 4 more then at the start, kind of like right now. But it will not work on it's own! This will make RTG work as intended, it will enhance building a endgame structures, but because it will constantly require energy all the solar panels, wind turbines and most importantly batteries (combined with battery sensors or power sensors) would still hav
  12. When using drill and paver on rovers, the only options just sign in or turn off both. However there are times when you would like to deactivate paver, and others when you would like to harvest vegetation without digging soil (as an inhibitor). A leveling block mode (which does not go up and down) for the paver could also be interesting for building smooth floors. Adding digging options , perhaps using the selection wheel, as you are doing with compass, would give players more control when using these tools. Great System Era, can't wait for the next update! PS: We also want Large
  13. This may sound stupid for some people but I come from FPS games and it really feels awkard to move the camera around with the acceleration (the camera does not move instantly with the mouse like it does on a FPS game). I really think this ruins a bit the movement experience. I know this is really easy to fix so it would be awesome if you could provide an extra option to disable this on menu or either removing the acceleration completelly. Related to this is the item acceleration when moving stuff from anywhere to anywhere (i.e. backpack to storage on your base). I know that an inventory s
  14. The crane is an interesting multiplayer tool to play with friends. However, it is quite uncomfortable to play alone. Give the crane the functionality of a seat and the ability to drive rovers right from there. It makes sense because in any case due to the bulky space of it, it could be worth it. At present, the reason to creating the crane is more for fun than real utility. Thanks
  15. Too often, I find that I have to attend to my auto extractors by simply clicking them and putting them right back where they were so that they detect the resource nodes right under them. It's odd finding extractors that say there's nothing available when they're surrounded by big, beautiful resource nodes. So, could the auto-extractors periodically (like every hours or so) reanalyze the area around and under them as if they'd just been placed there again (without actually moving them)? I think they'd be able to acquire more resources that way without having to be babysat. Thanks
  16. so the flaw i see in the extractor is that it doesn't have the slot the auto arm does to pick a specific resource because some resource deposits are mixed together like the one i am at now ammonium and compound. Ammonium is what i need but its mining compound kinda hope this can be fixed it's rather annoying.
  17. It would be really cool if you guys added a rover similar to the Opportunity rover! I would love to have it roam around for me and send messages, or you guys can put an easter egg in Calidor referencing the opportunity rover
  18. So, I'm on another play through of the game and I'm enjoying it just as much as the first. This time, I tried something different. I made a personal rule that I HAD to complete all surface portals before the core portal could be unlocked. My last game I landed in areas next to portals so that my base's power could be used to power up the portal quickly. This has been a bit more tedious but I still enjoy it. I'm finding myself trying to optimize mobile power generation in ways I never did before. This got me to thinking how some subtle tweaks could increase replayability: 1) Add optio
  19. Cześć, mam sugestie, co można dodać do astroneera. Jest to laptop i można go odblokować na określoną liczbę przynęt. Żeby laptop działał, trzeba by gdzieś wysoko postawić antenę i podłączyć ją kablem do laptopa. (antena byłaby dołączona do laptopa, ale drukowałaby osobno w drukarce, byłaby podłączona zwykłym kablem). Możesz mieć internet na laptopie, aw internecie kupować różne surowce, np. Gaz czy minerały. (byłaby wtedy specjalna waluta, którą płacisz w internecie). Zarobiłbyś na sprzedaży rzeczy. Nie zawsze możesz kupić to, czego chcesz. Rynek może odbywać się między graczami lub między bot
  20. I love the Rover Drill/Paver combination but it isn't the easiest thing to control. I would like for example to create a 'corkscrew' shaped tunnel down to the core of the planet but maintaining the correct downward angle and left or right rotation of the rover consistently is very difficult at the moment. If there were a slightly more sophisticated H.U.D. interface that would allow the player to 'lock' the down/upwards angle of attack for the drill/paver as well as locking the rover left/right direction to drill and pave with greater precision… I think that would be super cool! A mor
  21. I must say it frankly. This game as an enormous potential. I say that because I think it's missing ONE thing that would make this game truly amazing. It's missing the one thing that make me not want to come back and enjoy it fully... wiring @astroneergame. The foundation for wiring is there, @astroneergame , it's there. So much potential is wasted because no form of wiring is there. The ring platform where you go in it and it activate ? Cool, but useless because it's only there. If only there was wiring so I can connect it to other. See this firework field (WIP) ? If only there was some wiring
  22. An update feature suggestion! An ocean update! Where mostly the whole planet/moon is an ocean and you'd need a submarine or something to explore and there can be insane coral structures and cave systems with warm lava-like mantle layer. When on the surface you can experience tsunamis just like the movie Interstellar. I'm really proud of this idea and I hope this message can be seen!
  23. 1. Add a auto rocket which you can schedule routes for and it will follow them, maybe you can add a special module that it can land on, and then unload contents, there will be threee tiers: the first one has the cargo size of a small shuttle and needs a 2 pin module to land (the landing module will have a double slot instead of a quad slot seen on things like a smelter) the next one will have the cargo size of a medium shuttle and require a four pin modulle and the last one will have the cargo size of a large shuttle and require a 8 pin connection(a extra large shredder one). these auto rocke
  24. my chemistry lab auto consumed some of the graphene when i scrolled over the option to make a diamond when i wanted to make titanium alloy. the machine assumed that because i had the resources to make the diamond that that was what i wanted (obviously not) and when i switched to something else i couldn't retrieve the graphene back from the lab, instead it forced me to make the diamond in order to make anything else. my suggestion would be to make automation of these processes, the making of individual items, optional or something that would require making a repeater and attaching it to the mac
  25. I think it would make more sense while you are in your inventory, that you can use the "Context Left" and "Context Right" buttons to navigate the inventory crafting recipe. This would also make the in-inventory crafting more accessible, as well as preventing the accidental placement of context items while you're crafting.