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Found 8 results

  1. Tomvs


    Yo, guys! I have ingame stuttering after 10-15 minutes from the start of the game- first 10 minutes everythings perfect. Any suggestions how can i solve this problem? Processor: Ryzen 5 2600 Video: Geforce GTX 980 TI RAM: 16 GB Motherboard: MSI Tomahawk b 450
  2. the game runs fine when i play it by myself (as far as this topic is concerned) but once i let one of my friends join, cpu thread 0 (in task manager) spikes to about 80-90% for as long as someone is in game with me. despite this the game runs more or less fine, except when it saves, then thread 0 bottlenecks the whole game for a split second, the game seems to save every few min or so. when the game saves, FPS drops to nothing and game freezes for that split second, almost not that noticeable of a time, just happens a lot. my system specs are: Operating System Microsof
  3. The most prominent problem I'm facing is the rendering. It makes me drop in FPS everywhere I go. I get a smooth 60 fps but if I move around it can drop to 30-40 fps. This causes a stutter each time. I've tried many methods to try and fix this but to no avail. No matter how far my view distance is, it still stutters the same. This can make the game very unplayable at times especially when you start to surf down a slope. I usually end up dying without any control over my character. There is also heavy lag when ever I enter a planet dropping my fps down to 1-8 fps. Once landed it goes back to 60.
  4. Ok. So as I play the game after a while the FPS will drop to like 5 FPS and it starts to stutter. Like ill jump and my guy looks stuck in the game like I did a freeze frame. Even after quiting the game and reloading, the game is still stuttering. This happens after 12 to 15 hours of game play in a load. I will start a new game and the stuttering and such doesn't happen for a while. It is as if everything that I have rendered is still rendered and in view of my guy locking up my graphics card. I opened my task manager to monitor my CPU use and it dosnt go above 60%. I have a NvIdia 980 and an I
  5. I have found that when playing on a joined game through the multiplayer, i fall through the map, have a problem using the hosts objects, and general problems in multiplayer. Hope this gets adressed soon, as multiplayer is a function i very much look forward to!
  6. When I had started my game and landed on my first planet, I noticed my FPS dropping frequently. It would sometimes be at 60 FPS and then immediately drop down to 20 and then right back up to 60. The stuttering in the game is kind of a permanent issue (or at least seems to be until its fixed). I'm quite sure it isn't my PC at fault here since I've got a decent setup going with an AMD FX 4130, NVIDIA GTX 960, a 500 GB SSD, and 16 GB of RAM. I don't know if anyone else is having the same problem but I'd like to know if anyone is and if they've found a solution to the lag/stuttering or not. Thank
  7. Hi all. I just got the game and was excited to try it, but right after the install, it is unplayable. I land on the planet and try to move and the game pauses for up to 2 or 3 seconds at a time, lets me move a tiny bit, then stutters again. As there are no real graphic settings available, I couldn't lower the quality, but it shouldn't be an issue either way. From my DxDiag, my system specs are as follows: Windows 10 64 bit AMD FX-8300 8 core , 3.3ghz 12.2gb ram DirectX 12 Display: GForce GTX 760 with 2048mb memory (Although DXDiag shows 8091MB of memory) I can pla
  8. The game starts up fine but when I play there are these annoying instances of stuttering. The sound will slow down and the game will freeze before snapping back into action. It occurs roughly every minute or so and regardless of where I am. I can be looking at a wall underground and it will happen just as often as when I'm standing in my base. This happens constantly and it's making the cam almost impossible to play.