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Found 3 results

  1. Hey so, why did I pay money to either have to play with sound and play with constant lag spikes and low fps or absolutely no sound what-so-ever? It's not my rig, i7 6700k - GTX 1070 - 16GB Ram, hundreds of gigs of space left. It's not my internet 70-80 MB/s Updated my drivers TODAY! Yet the game runs like garbage or I have no sound. Whenever I play without the -nosound "FIX" which is a term I use lightly, I shouldn't have to do this, people have been having this problem for years yet it's not fixed. I get these lag spikes constantly that make the game UNPLAYABLE and my fps
  2. Why does it keep crashing for everyone and why is the faulty code not fixed? Is it trying to render too much? Because it seems to happen more the further you get in the game...
  3. I... love the update... a little too much. This is my main little hideout. It connects to the mine (not shown in this tour), the Intercommunal Railroad, and the Wind Farm. I'm in the process of building extractors for every resource I deem useful (in other words, screw ammonium, coal, and organic). I didn't get many details of the wind farm, since it's mostly still "indev", but I wanted to show it to prefice just how much of a building nerd I am. I spent way more time than I'd like to admit on my connector between the main base and th