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Found 17 results

  1. I think it would be super cool if you guys added ancient ruins of cities or temples that were maybe made by aliens millions or billions of years ago into the game. The idea kind of comes from Minecraft, with how that game has been specific temples and structures. I think in the same way, Astroneer could have planet specific ruins that you could explore, walk inside of, and even deform with the terrain tool. I think this would add more incentive to explore, and once cartography and map making is introduced players could map out these locations as well.
  2. I was thinking to myself about how one could be able to print one of those giant docking platforms you find abandoned around planets, and then had some thoughts about printer progression in general. Now that you've nicely simplified and unified fabricators and printers have a bit of a progression starting to appear, the vehicle bay seems like an odd fit. Perhaps doing away with the vehicle bay and building on the progression you've started could open doors to printing more varied things and add even more long-term goals to the gameplay. I threw together a screengrab that might better show
  3. While on Barren, I got lost searching for lithium while driving my truck. While lost, I came across a randomly generated abandoned base. While looting it, I noticed an enormous platform with eight sides, two spaces (like where you place things on other platforms) on every other side, and maybe four power attachment points. It also had enough space to make it look like a helipad, and it was so high I had to build up to the top. Will people be able to fabricate or print it in the future? If not, I'll have to move my moon base. Also, will there be different stations to print very large thin
  4. So I noticed that several of the wrecks you can find aren't super useful, so I was thinking we could get a rover-mounted item (it would take up the same space as a Crane) [And be a Crane module, but it would be slower] that lets you recycle all wrecked satellites & ships into resources (based on the wreck, so some give Compound and Aluminum for example) And being able to recycle the smaller debris (like a mini solar panel) or research them would be great too.
  5. When I join my friends solar system and go to other planets with them I can't see any of the structures that have been built there. I played the game a lot when it released last winter but when my friends and I realized we couldn't really enjoy the co-operative experience on foreign planets we all stopped playing. After seeing the game had recieved an update I convinced my friends get back in the game and to reach another planet but was disappointed to see that it is still only the host who can see structures built on foreign planets. I am wondering why this issue still hasn't bend fixed
  6. Here's another bunch of ideas, do not wait to discuss theses three subjects. *Firstly: I think it could be more interesting and immersive to develop the science and research concept. The game could be a scientific quest for those who're seeking the truth about the environment and the universe of Astroneer, by developing, for example a database to fill with information, a scanner system (for the wildlife), samples and so on. *Secondly: Improving the Weather System could be extremely interesting, particularly in the other planets than the first one. Snowstorm who is hurting the careles
  7. every research is made for moveable items and basic structures, but what if all moveable item concepts could be put towards new buildings? solar building power storage building storage building and last buildings that you could go into such as aroom that is big enough for player to go into with transparency mechanic socamera is not affected where resources can be piled without storm interference. make connecting tunnels and airlock doors same mechanic as platform preview extension. i can answr any questions within reason thanks, MadMunchkin95
  8. So as I was wandering around in Astroneer, y'know as you do, I thought to myself, "Hey, what if I had to deal with problems on each planet?" The idea sprung on me while I was booting up a new game and rushing instantly to a Radiated planet. Environmental Hazards I know that we have sandstorms, or whatever it is you'd like to call them, but what if there were more hazards or detrimental weather? Perhaps they vary from planet to planet, for instance on the moon you'd have meteorites, on an exotic planet you'd have maybe a swarm of carnivorous space wasps or something of the sort. I'm
  9. Now I realize a habitat is a thing, but I'd really like some sort of room structure, like something with clear walls and a door, (sorta a big habitat you can walk in). In these rooms could be maybe a light source or allow the user to decorate the room. And I do realize you can make rooms out of the terrain but they are very dark and me personally, I do not like the look of my terrain huts. Just an idea because I always like to have homes in these space games. (Like No Man's Sky). Also, I'm not sure if astroneers is mod compatible but I think astroneers would be fun with more community additi
  10. Here are some suggestions that in my opinion would make the game better: -Animals (passive and hostile) -More resources (More minerals, plants ...) -Some kind of backpack (an extra inventory) -Experience system (XP) and skills to upgrade the character. - Improved game search system. -More accessories for both vehicles and the character itself. - Combat weapons (the one I most want in the game). - Customization options for a new local or multiplayer game. - Difficulty level varied on other planets that force the player to create a suit or item to sur
  11. This has probably been mentioned many times, but what if they added big, somewhat expensive structures you could create, or even give you the option to design your own buildings using modular pieces, (To continue the theme of everything attaching to each other easily, and smoothly) post ideas for possible structures here.
  12. 1: keep the game from lagging after extended exploration 2: Add intelligent alien life, possibly as rival terraformers 3: Add story or universe-building 4: More space-flight and planetary flight options 5: Add ability to destroy base structures
  13. Structure nodes should not allow the player to build two (or more) structures/nodes that occupy the same 3-dimensional space. Test Specs: Platform: Windows 10 Version: (Experimental Version) (updated on 2/19/2017) Save Type: New Save (created in this version) Player: Host (as opposed to Client)
  14. Yes please, these are all really good ideas and i just want to add to them. More resources, and could even possibly be Planet specific. (I really like the idea of many more planets, but to have more planets we need more resources and reason to go to them other than the cosmetic venture) Please Please Please structures for building walls and base/fort. (Which would be very handy if added with mobs) Since we have to have oxygen all the time it wouldn't hurt to also have to eat or drink water. Which could add to more base nodes. i.e Water purification and cooking/packing station for
  15. Please add this! I've gotten SO MUCH LAG AND LOW FPS these last two worlds. Not even from tethers, we've taken up most of them.. Just from the amount of wind turbines, batteries, and solar panels we have put up in an attempt to have unlimited power while in caves (tunneling, building ramps to moon, etc). Also it'd help with when I accidentally put resin on which turns it into a platform, and it glitches inside another platform beside it.. Please and thank you <3<3<3 ?
  16. Suggestions from an embarrassingly experienced hobbyist game tester. One of the best pre-alpha games I've had the pleasure of playing, and I've played a lot of them. Somehow potential still lurks behind every rock and plant, in every cave and on every planet! Let me throw some ideas to see if any of them bounce Sorry about the lack of explanatory pictures, I'm terrible at drawing.. and I want these ideas to help the game evolve into something great, not something specific. Sorry about the long read. Variety in Death Animations This doesn't happen when you die instantly. When I
  17. I had a small component of my base and upgraded it with two resin and since I was near it, I got stuck inside of it and couldn't move. Great way to do the moon walk though!