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Found 4 results

  1. When playing on Xbox, from time to time, the screen becomes blurred and the "Reconnect Controller" message is displayed. Two issues: 1)The game is not paused, so if you are off tether or in a storm, you die. 2)If a different controller is connected, the message persists. To Reproduce: The most consistent way is to start playing using a controller connected to the Xbox, start game streaming to a pc using the Xbox app and a controller connected to the pc then pop the batteries on the controller on the Xbox. The message will appear, you can move your Astroneer using the pc's controller, but the screen is blurred with the message.. You may ask how I know this... Apparently my wife doesn't find my son and I playing Astroneer (me in the living room, him in his bedroom) as entertaining as the new episode of this is us, hence relegating me to streaming to my surface.. (Keep it real, I like This is US,, but it's better if you're playing Astroneer too)
  2. When streaming via Steam, the mouse input appears bugged in a way that suggests it is being interpretated as a joystick input. Panning is inverted, sensitivity is way too high, etc.
  3. I'm rarely able to use my gaming computer because my daughter sleeps in that room, so the computer is on, but I use In-Home Streaming to play on my MacBook Air at evenings, which usually plays perfectly with no lag. Unfortunately there is an issue with In-Home Streaming and Astroneer. To recreate the problem: - Use In-Home Streaming (to a Mac?) - Right-click and hold - Move pointer slowly towards the left The camera will spin faster the more you move the pointer to the left - Move the pointer slowly towards to the right The camera will still rotate left, but slow down until it stops when you are centered at where you right-clicked, and will then start rotating right when continuing moving to the right. My explanation might be a bit hard to follow, but basically it does not act as a mouse when you right click, it is like a joystick where it's center is where you right-clicked the first time. I tried with an X360 controller, as I do have enough range to be connected directly to the computer, but unfortunately I didn't like the current gamepad controls, keyboard and mouse offers much more control, especially for terraforming. I don't know enough about how this works, but I guess the problem lies within Astroneer's way to "announce" it's controls to In-Home Streaming? Could it be that it's interfering with the X360 controller support? Would it be possible for the devs to deactivate gamepad support and then test through In-Home Streaming? I know there are more posts on this issue here from 2016 and up to now, but I haven't seen a fix, or a reply on the issue? Btw. I would love to see better gamepad support in the future, I tested Farming Simulator 2017 which has excellent support, the UI automatically changes when you click a button on the keyboard or gamepad to reflect the keys/buttons on the device. Attached is a video of the problem. Notice the mouse pointer and how to camera rotates. Right mouse button is held down at all times. It stops rotating however when I stop moving the cursor (while still holding right mouse button), but it rotates faster the more I'm away from the point where I initiated the right-click. IMG_2663.mp4
  4. I recently purchased the Steam version of the game, because it has the ability to stream games via their "in home streaming" feature. I attempted to use it today to play on a collection of other devices and found when trying to move the camera around, the view just started spinning. Thinking it was a Steam issue or a host PC issue, I rebooted everything but to no avail. I've tried on multiple computers, in home streaming is not working for me with Astroneer - looks great, but can't control the game.