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Found 15 results

  1. Fixe325Kore

    Streameur débutant Twitch

    Bonjour à vous, Sur Astroneer je suis un joueur découverte et farmeur. J'ai créer une chaine Twitch dasn l'objectif de vous de vous partager mes divers gameplays et conseil sur divers jeux. Si vous avez des questions, ou alors parlez avec moi n'hésitez pas a venir, le partage et le mot clé de mes streams. Je suis également dans l'attente de vos avis constructif que ce soit sur ma chaine twitch ou alors sur le jeu en question. Je suis généralement en stream le soir le : - LUNDI : 21h - MERCREDI : 21h - VENDREDI : 21h - DIMANCHE : 21h L'heure de fin, ce détermine celon de où on en n'est sur le jeu, ou alors de ce que nous sommes en train de faire. Lien de ma chaine Twitch : Merci a vous !!
  2. Hello all. No time has been announced yet, but yesterday Joe mentioned that there would be a stream today (Pacific Time). Stream was delayed, the team is busy getting ready for PAX West in a couple days. They usually live stream on Twitch, so if you haven't already followed SES_Dev on Twitch, do that now and enable notifications so that you're alerted when the stream is starting. Sometimes live streams air on Mixer, so it wouldn't hurt to follow there too. If you miss the stream or want to watch it again, it should be available for at least a week as a VOD, and any clips made of the highlights will be available forever (assuming it airs on Twitch). We are also expecting to see a Vlog this Friday, so go subscribe and enable notification on the System Era YouTube channel to be alerted when that goes live. There will also be a trailer to accompany the next update posted on their YouTube. The Exploration Update is up next, and expected to be available the day after PAX West. 👆 Sources for above ☝ (Pic is from yesterday, don't let the date/time fool you) There will also be a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT at PAX on Friday, August 30 at 1:30 pm PT on the Gearbox Main Theater Show, you can watch it here.
  3. The stream's title is "Night Before UpdateMas". Your guess as to what that means is as good as mine... P.S.: The stream goes on for around 2 hours, I haven't had the time to watch it and I don't know what's in it.
  4. When streaming via Steam, the mouse input appears bugged in a way that suggests it is being interpretated as a joystick input. Panning is inverted, sensitivity is way too high, etc.
  5. Using my Steamlink with a mouse and keyboard. Normal mouse actions are okay but trying to look with the mouse (right click) is a nightmare. The mouse is just completely mirrored and too sensitive. Using Logitech M705 mouse. Works fine with all other games I have tried it with. If it helps I also have a steam controller that works fine for the most part but this game is just easier with a mouse. Thanks
  6. Optinalmind

    Dev Stream ?

    Before you go " THERE WAS ALREADY A DEV STREAM !!! ". Hear me out for a second.... I loved the fact you guys did a Dev stream back on March 17, but would about a monthly / every 2-3 month Dev stream?Just a 1-2 hour talk about .... Recent post on the forums Development ( maybe no news some months, keep things a secret if needed) interaction with Twitch chat slowly as you go small bits of info near the end If this is already the plan to do a live stream once and a while, then great ( I'm just a un-informed user )
  7. Adam is having stream tomorrow! Expect to see more about the stuff that you've seen in the previous announcement! Edit: The stream is over, for those who missed it, it's available right now on twitch and (most likely) later available on System Era's YT channel!
  8. When streaming the game through Steam, the right-click and move the mouse to adjust the camera sensitivity is way out of control. When using the mouse locally on the host computer there isn't a problem. It only occurs when streaming. I have replicated this issue from multiple streaming clients to the same host, as well as reversing the stream from the host that was exhibiting the problems to one of the client machines. In all cases the move camera sensitivity was practically uncontrollable.
  10. Just curious if anyone counted. I ran out of fingers and toes. Seemed an awful lot
  11. Hey I wasnt able to watch the stream yesterday and I wanted to know if they talked about the performance issues. Thanks
  12. The developers are having a stream tomorrow!
  13. Cup O Noodle5

    Twitch live of astroneer now!!!

    I'm live now on astroneer to show any issues but also to have some fun ! Join me
  14. How's it going guys? (Mods, I love you, and I hope this is okay!) My name is Crash, and I wanted to drop by the forums here to announce a stream that I will be doing this evening, to raise awareness for this amazing game. So make sure to tell your friends, your friends' friends, your friends cat (Who knows, space cats, right?). As of right now the stream will be starting at approximately 12:30am Eastern (About 3 1/2 hours from the time I'm making this post). Link: Also, I want to give a quick shout out to the developers. I am absolutely loving every aspect of the game so far. It has so much potential, and I want to see it get the love and respect that it deserves. With the graces of System Era, I would love to give away a copy of the game tonight, if we get enough people in the channel (Out of my own pocket, of course). With that, I hope to see everyone there, and if not, I hope you have a fantastic evening! Happy exploring, Crash
  15. zvixual

    Zivvy's Birthday stream

    On my birthday we will be doing a minor stream & charity event for Foster-care children in need of clothes, food & toys. The event starts at 8:00 PM EST (-5:00) Along with a Corsair K60 Keyboard & Logitech G430 Headset giveaway! (Probably will give a i5-6500 processor out too) Make sure you tune into ! We will be playing CS:GO, Dead Island, Gigantic and most importantly we will be promoting Astroneers! Folding@Home Team ID: 232155