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Found 2 results

  1. Is it a early game thing? Is it a late game one? What it is? At the begging I thought that it was a early game, easy access rover (an early entry if you wish). It have the advantages of: It is cheap to research and to build. Perfect for the beginning. Require little power, thus seems practical for early game where you don't have enough resources to make energy generators (solar, wind, etc) en mass. Ideal for the early first hour. It is light and kind of fast. Great for early exploration. But, once I tired I found it kind of useless for the early game: It canno
  2. (Originally posted as a reply in bugs forum - probably more appropriate here) It seems absurd that storms do not count as windy periods - that is, wind turbines do not necessarily turn during storms! This is especially apparent on the Arid world, where there are frequent storms - whilst the turbines remain motionless! I would recommend letting 'general' wind and 'storm' wind be both exploitable, so that the players are able to adapt their energy strategy to the environment - reward them for taking the correct Laterite > Aluminium > wind turbine approach on that particula