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Found 3 results

  1. So, on a mining expedition a friend and I found this strange spherical artifact. Thinking it was something we could research, we hauled it back to base only to discover that the research machine didn't want anything to do with it. It can be placed on storage pads and I believe it takes up two nodes on the storage pad. I was wondering if anyone has ever seen this, I know the picture kind of looks like I photoshopped it in, I didn't, but I can provide more evidence of its existence if requested. Anyway, if you've seen it or know what it does I'd love to know. Right now we have just been playing
  2. Hi guys! I do some screenshoot to some strange things that I discover while playing astronner. First: I love it and that's all Second: These screenshoot was takane by me. Help me please and answer if You have seen it or if are 'new' things! Thanks! Have a nice day. Ronin_17 Is it right that the place for the player aren't in the one next to the other? Shouldn't they be opposite? This is fun! What is this ebnormous rectangle? I don't know but it looks like something to put in the researce... Thanks for the help!
  3. Hello, I was doing some spelunking in my starting planet's moon and I stumbled upon some glowing stripped beach ball(it looks like one of those angels from Evangelion), it didn't kill me when I touched it so I brought it back to my base but I can't research it or attach it to anything. Does anyone now what that thing is supposed to do besides just glowing?