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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone ! So after a couple hours In, I got the great idea to take the small shuttle for a spin. I landed on another planet, then took off again and then boom the small thruster exploded, which prevented the small shuttle to leave orbit. I can land but the thing is, I took ZERO equipment with me... I can land again, but dying respawns you at the shuttle. Is there anything I can do that do not involve rebuilding my whole civilization from the ground up, up to the point I can print another thruster ? Thanks !
  2. I am stranded on Barren after launching off in a small shuttle with a solid fuel thruster. (1 way thruster really guys?). I have the small portable 3d printer but with no power source I can't make anything else to leave. So I have to just delete the save file from this one mistake? Hope it's not this way when the game is released ?.
  3. During a landing attempt on a planet your ship takes damage and you must bail... boom.. no ship, parts fall all over the place Limited technology, limited resources, find the parts, reassemble and repair your ship, find something to use for fuel, and get back off the planet. Mission success The parts will be on the surface of the planet, not in caves. Although for a stripped planet, most of the remaining resources are likely to be deep within the planet near the core. The difficulty of the scenario can be set by adjusting the concentration of resources and/or limiting the area of the parts spread
  4. I don't know what happened exactly The last action I remember before this issue happened was I shift-clicked on a Working Light when my backpack was full, the light disappeared and this started. I've built an underground base where I can do next to nothing but up top, nead the habitat I can do some actions. Then I took off in the small shuttle to try and see if things changed, landed on another spot on my Terran Planet and I am now stuck... AUTOSAVE_3_2018.03.24-23.16.58.sav
  5. Hi astronauts, my buddy newb tripped from his home planet to the moon in his shine new shuttle without enough fuel and no resources. So he's stuck. The kicker is that the Xbox will not let him invite me to his game. Is that normal? Is it because he is not on his parent planet? confusing.. Thank You...over gonz