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Found 4 results

  1. Здравствуйте разработчики игры можете рассказать примерно когда будет продолжение сюжетной линии(истории) астронавта? Надеюсь увидем новую солнечную систему и хочется увидеть получилось осуществить водную планету в ASTRONEER. Я подумал, может быть, вы можете придумать тексты или видео игры
  2. I been playing intensely for a while and loving it. But lately I found it to be a bit repeatedly - it does not bring a lot new to the gameplay when you travel to new planets. Why travel to another planet when its almost the same? So I suggest you consider having af storyline that involves finding wrecks og other stuff on different planets. Only when you have all the puzzles from the different planets you complete the quest. The prize might be an item to add to your astroneer-man/woman - a item that you can't get from bytes.
  3. Allow me to explain in a short story why I LOVE this game. This might be long, so brace. I started a new save after 15 hours on the same planet. By that time I was getting serious FPS issues, so I thought it would be the opportune time to start a new file, anyway. This new file was proving to be something special. I had all the experience from the first 15 hours right at the start of this new file, so I was basically speed running at this point. 6 hours into this file, I had built this masterpiece of a base and a my Magnum Opus of a rover. I decided to build a spaceship and go to Barren.
  4. So, I've banked only about 7 hours into this game so far. I've built almost everything, with the exception of the drill and the spaceshuttle. I've loved my experience so far with the game. It's a really cool concept, but I feel like there isn't really much left to do. It's like, I can build a space shuttle to go to another planet, but what will I do once I'm there? I could mine more resources, but for what? To build more spaceshuttles, so I can visit more planets, to get more resources, to.... build more spaceshuttles? I don't really know what to do with resources anymore. The resource g