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  1. I don't know if this was thought of already by System Era or anyone else. But it would be awesome to have a new system to travel too! In the end scene when you've activated all the core nodes and a portal opens. The tablet shows a line connecting to something new, as well as something previously discovered. That makes me think it's a new system and the path to it was just discovered. You could introduce new metals and other elements in the new system as well as have an updated catalog upon finding things in the system. I know it's a stretch and I'm not the smartest on coding, scripting and the likes. But if you make a new system for the game, if it's possible you could off-load the previous system and save the changes you made to it, then load the new system with the save data on your character from the save file. It seems like some of the models for rocks and foliage share similar looks between planets, it might help to off-load only the necessary objects and entities that wouldn't be in the new system. Though that could only apply if you create new objects and entities in the new system. My second idea comes from your video about the history and background of System Era, in a clip of old game footage it showed fuel being carried across a tether to the shuttle. It gave me the idea of a tram/carriage system that only works on tethers, so it uses a small slot to carry things like resources and other small objects back to the origin tether. (Which in this case would be the tether connected to your base.) It wouldn't have any other use than that but it would help with creating room in your inventory so you can continue collecting resources and such. In terms of how it probably wouldn't work seeing as it would be hard to distinguish an origin tether as the stopping point of the carriage system. Maybe it could work if you create a new type of tethers to be researched, maybe something along the lines of "Carriage Post" or something as the name. Since power seems to feed through normal tethers it can work the same as one, only this one allows the transport of small items between two posts. It could start from one post and travel until it reaches the other post. If tethers branch from one tether along the way you can put a Carriage post there and set it to pass through a specific connection. This method is a long shot since I don't know how the tethers are scripted/coded to function. But it would be useful nonetheless. Anyways that's just the start of my ideas. I'm still thinking of more things that would be a nice addition to the game. I love where it is so far and can't wait for more additions to the game! Keep doing what you're doing everyone at System Era, you make a lot of people happy with what you've created!
  2. It would be nice to have some form of character progression in Astroneer, namely a light skill tree involving jobs related to the game's mechanics. Let me explain: The way I see it, there are four quintessential jobs necessary to have a working planetary base: - Scientist - Engineer - Explorer - Gatherer Scientists are the players who constantly hunt for research pods, node outcrops, EXO supply drops, and unique plant seeds. The more the player hits the "research" button on an object, the more they scan field research and unlock EXO drops, and the more they grow crops; these should give the player experience in the science field. This experience could be used to unlock minor buffs to research speed, research gained per object, catalog research costs, and plant research pod spawn chance. Perhaps a fully-fledged scientist player activating a research station causes the station to research faster, and produce more bytes overall. Perhaps seeds they germinate have an increased likelihood of spawning a research node beneath, and perhaps it allows them the chance to harvest a seed from the crop when broken instead of none. Engineers are the players who build, simply put. The more the player crafts objects in any of the printers, the more they launch trade shuttles, and the more they interact with chemlabs and atmo-cons and such, the more engineering experience they earn. The engineering tech tree may allow players to increase processing speeds (and power cost) or decrease power consumption (and speed) for crafting stations, increase power yield from generators of any kind, and be able to place connections at a greater distance. Perhaps the trade station rocket returns quicker for them, and any of the shredders yield slightly more scrap per object. Explorers drive vehicles, find debris fields and zebras, place beacons, and power up gateways. They're the players who love to run around on planets, and tend to nearly suffocate returning to base because they just had to get 7 resin in one jog. Thus, they would earn experience in exploration for driving vehicles of any kind, flying rockets between planets, discovering rare debris, and obviously progressing through Astroneer's story by activating gateways and engines. Even dying would grant players a small amount of experience, with steep diminishing returns, since the other "classes" rarely get to the point where they're suffocating or falling to death. Perhaps due to this their tech tree gives an increase to movement speed, vehicle speed, and oxygen tank size (though not a lot; don't want to power creep on the Small Oxygen Tank). Perhaps they can take greater fall damage than other players. They can jump a bit higher and run a bit faster with things in their arms, and maybe they can power up gateways faster the more they've already activated. Maybe they can even see beacons from further away. Lastly, gatherers are the standard mining players. They spend a long time underground, tethered up, with boost and wide and drill mods tacked onto their terrain tool. They hunt down the titanite veins under Glacio, and climb mountains on Sylva to get malachite. They would gain a tiny amount of experience from breaking resource nodes, with rarer nodes such as titanite and lithium awarding more. Digging, placing, and flattening terrain would grant a tiny amount of experience as well. Placing tethers, delving deeper underground, and mining harder types of stone would all award experience. Thus, their tech tree would obviously grant bonuses to digging speed both with the terrain tool and with rover-mounted drills. They would be able to place tethers further apart than normal, surf along terrain faster, and maybe even gain a slight increase to resource yield per node (and by slight I mean perhaps 1 kernel more than normal, and maybe not even 100% of the time). They would be able to use the soil centrifuge at an increased speed, or use slightly less soil when doing so, but not both. They may even be able to recover their terrain tool's resource digging progress after dying, in case of a bad accident in the mines. I'm sure this is a bit ambitious and out-of-scope for Astroneer, but I believe having something like this would be benefitial to the game. It would encourage players in multiplayer environments to adopt certain roles, which is why four is the best number, since that's the current size of multiplayer servers. Of course, the benefits provided by the tech trees would be small, but they would add up over time to allow players to better perform certain roles as they play. Optionally, taking the final perk in a skill tree would lock the player out of picking perks in another, unless they wiped that character's experience levels somehow, further encouraging multiple characters and multiplayer diversity.
  3. Ryan J

    Xbox needs love

    What am I supposed to do? I'm losing it. I'm a console player. I've been paying since alpha. Back before we could make tables and everything was connected in a web. 1.0.0 has totally and utterly destroyed the game. I'm trying so hard to love this game. I put so much time into it and it just keeps slapping me in the face. Crash after crash I just cant get to the core of the final planet on my list. Desolo. It's been days. I'm not exaggerating. I've been trying for days. I keep hoping " maybe this update will fix it and make the game playable. No? Ok then the next one. I got multiple friends to buy and play the game with me cause they wanted the full games release before they sunk money into it. And they already have uninstalled cause literally it doesn't work. It cant be played. It crashes when you're trying to save to avoid crashes. It couldn't be more frustrating. I have 6 of the 7 cores done after many many many wasted hours of crashing. On the plus side I've read the entire dragon ball z manga. And I'm at book 10 of dragon ball. And I only read during load screens from crashes. Guys I started a week and a half ago. That's how long these crashes take. Its 5 and a half minutes at the least between load screens after crashing. Please do something. Maybe make it so I can dumb down game quality. Maybe make it so caves dont utterly trash my game. Tethers to. Maybe my rover doesnt crash the game. Maybe make it so I can save the game. Each update I see performance updates or reduce crashes and I get hyped. But alas. I cant move another level down the dirt or I'll, you guessed it. Crash. There has to be SOMETHING that can be done to improve stability. I just want enough so I can finally see the ending cutscene. I've turned on almost every single gateway just because I cant open the core on desolo (cause as I said entering caves destroys my game. Always crashes in just a few seconds) It's only gotten worse the further in the story I've gotten. I'm so close but infinitely far. Please help sorry for the essay I just wanna play your lovely game.
  4. Hi SES! This is probably just a small mistake but the symbol at the core of Glacio does not match correctly and exactly with Diamond, for players new to the game this may be hard to understand as the symbols are quite easily mixed up, but they might go and make nanocarbon alloys instead of diamond and then be dissappointed that they did all of that for nothing. Just thought I would make you aware. Thanks!
  5. Summary: 1.0.4 - Steam - Unable to activate Desolo Gateway Chambers Version: 1.0.4 Platform: Steam (Windows 10) Severity: Major, unable to progress Description: I am unable to activate either of the Desolo Gateway chambers. After activating the Core of the starting Planet, I dug down to the core of Desolo, but after reaching it I realized I still needed to activate at least one surface Gateway Chamber, so I went back up and supplied power to one of the chambers. It went through the normal animation with the center pillar gradually retracting into the ground, but after it was fully down and the Chamber was supposed to unlock, instead nothing happened. The activation sound continued looping until a ran out of power and the three surrounding pillars with the Power connections never retracted. (see screenshot 1) I was then stuck. Supplying more power to the Chamber had no effect, and removing all connected power did not revert it to the unpowered state. Went around the Moon, tried the Chamber on the other side, exact same thing happened. After a Game restart, the central Pillar comes back up when connecting power and shows the purple lines, but even after enough power is supplied, the animation doesn't start, and no amount of extra power will make it. (see screenshot 2) I am now stuck with two broken Gateways and no way to get into the core, which (presumably) means no way to complete the "story".
  6. On the planet Terran Kappa CV-11 B, a brave astroneer makes a habitable base while gathering useful scientific data for us here at Exo Dynamics. Several SGTUs (small galactic time units) ago, he sent us a transmission with some great news. The terrain on this planet appears to have several anomalies where heavy objects sink in to it without having a trace. He has lost many of his rovers because of this. Lately, he lost a small rover. These rovers are chosen for their speed, agility, and small size. While walking around in a local cave system, he noticed that the signals from the beacon on the rover were quite strong so he dug down and made a ramp in to a lower level of the cave using the Exo Terrain Tool. Because he did not know what danger lied below, he was forced to leap in to the safety of the rover and make his way up the ramp he built to bring out to the surface. Challenges like this prove the astroneer's courage and great engineering skills. The Small Rover is made to withstand the harshest planetary conditions. The rover has been safely brought to the surface. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for choosing Milky Way Galaxy // Sol // Europa // Irkni Sector // Exo Dynamics Mission Control Centre and Subterranean Research Facility
  7. Astroneer needs a story somewhat consisting of you crashing into whatever planet and you escaped the ship right before the ship exploded by a meteor going straight through the entire space ship and your goal is to get to the other solar system before the other ship leaves in a few months or whatever I just NEED A STORY PLEASE!!
  8. Just want ideas for a good story mode or something to keep you busy after you've pretty much beaten the game. A friend and I had an idea where the EXO guys (name on the ship you start on) were created because of a desperate need of resources or aliens attack or something. So they send these dudes out to other planets.
  9. For the sake of how this game should have introduced itself when it was born, to the gamers. It needs a better clarity on identity. Right now all I see is multiple answers to technical gameplay aspects solution but not the conceptual answers that needs to be addressed. It really needs to address the scope of the game and the purpose for player's continued survival in these alien worlds asap. As one of the greatest pitfalls of sandbox games is the looming lack of a goal(which creates boredom). What makes Astroneer a distinguishable game? Why should we keep playing this game after we figure out all the mechanics and base building on all the planets? The ultimate goal? The sooner we know, the better will it be a ease of mind for players. Is there a meaning behind being a "Astroneer" other than base building on planets? Its disturbing to hear from the developers about asking the players for what kind of story they'd like to play in. The disturbing part was, asking a question without giving a sense of choice. "Would you like a sandbox game like the ending of SPORE?" "Would you like a big plot with sandbox elements like Fallout 4?" The demographic for diehard gamers that are fine with creating their own goals is small. Games like KSP, Universe Simulator, Garry's mod(the plain sandbox mode), and Space engineers. What I am suggesting is a product that knows it's identity. Is it a sandbox simulator that is an adventure for the unknown with a grand finale? Or is it just another KSP with no career mode? What inspire you guys? What would be the name sake "Astroneer" other than just building? Gif: Made By Monkey Vision a.k.a Soomi
  10. Splitting discussion from another thread. Anyway, from what I can tell, our intrepid astroneer has been marooned in this solar system by some outside force. My reasoning is as follows. Astronauts typically don't have to scavenge for materials -> I'm marooned I got to find materials to get off this planet Engineers typically don't need to build a blueprint database from scratch -> I'm marooned, I got to recover blueprints so I can build stuff. Space agencies typically don't crash loads of space craft into planets -> something is marooning spacecraft on the planet Plus, there's dead astroneers littered about, so yeah. You're all alone, sure another astroneer can 'crash land' on the planet with you, but mission control has completely lost connection. Anyway, perhaps our astroneer was just warping around, mind his own business, when Bam! Something ejects him from warp space into a solar system not on the intergalactic maps. I suppose the end game objective would be to construct a star gate in space so you can escape. Think the space ship in factorio. Train of thought over.
  11. So with the new progressive research released and the game starting to form into a finished project (yes I realize there's still a long ways but as I'm sure most can agree this was a huge step and awesome improvement) I was thinking about how it could begin to have a story line to it. I came up with the concept that as a lot of people have suggested being able to build a sort of space station, that could be a good idea for the end goal of the story arc. The story would be similar to pikmin I think (never played the game but I've read and seen some videos). You start on the planet sent to find the pieces of the space station that was built as a new colony but destroyed by a rogue meteor shower. You need to travel between the planets of this solar system to collect the pieces and rebuild your station. Each planet could have unique pieces that you have to collect but before that you need the right tools, the small shuttle can be used to travel between planets to begin with but you'll need the (expensive) large shuttle to bring the pieces up to the station. Equipment like the winch or drill head may not be very expensive to research, (but still higher than your common equipment like a medium rover) require special materials which cannot be found until you reach a further planet (like diamond for a diamond tip) it would require you to eventually research almost all of the technology to be able to finally bring the pieces together. Some of the pieces may even be required to research and build, for example as a dual purpose you could create housing for certain station pieces that can double as housing for your base as protection from harsher environments. Feel free to comment and make changes as this was just a quick idea that popped in my head when I went to load up my recent game.
  12. My sister and I bought Astroneer around Christmas of 2016 and absolutely adore it. She still goes back and plays it rather frequently, and I've joined her a couple of times, though I've found myself less engaged by a lack of things to "do". I'm excited by the roadmap, and like what I've seen about player homes and customization. I think being able to make a mark on the world that I'm proud of would be a big boost to the galaxy of Astroneer. I'm sure you'll do wonderfully with that. My suggestion is less related to that and more related to narrative experiences in Astroneer. My three ideas: Settlements, Quests, and Recruiting, are all focused on creating meaningful interactions with in-game NPCs that could give the game more depth. SETTLEMENTS Imagine: your rover is pulling over a mountain range on your planet and, in a valley in between the peaks, you tumble into a strange and unexpected place. It's a village! There are a few constructs, a few simple NPCs with wonderful cartoonish design milling about, and one of them waves to you. Why It Works in ASTRONEER: Astroneer is filled with a gleeful, wonderful optimism and sense of discovery. Discovering a settlement would provide a sense of wonder, create a strong landmark on a planet for players to want to come back to, and could provide opportunities for furthering the player's goals and even creating new ones. Possible Types of Settlements: An alien village - these primitive aliens don't know anything about space travel. They are cheerful and simple, perhaps with a system of caves built into the mountain as their home, or with homes built out of local flora and fauna. They will happily give you a piece of valuable technology or research. On a grassy planet these fellows might be farmers with rice paddies. On a tundra planet they might appear to be eskimo aliens of some sort. An alien astroneer site - these spacefaring aliens are noble, well-equipped, and courteous. Their spaceships and equipment look nothing like yours. They are cordial, friendly, and may ask for your help or offer to help you. A human astroneer site - these astroneers are much like you! They just happen to be working together. They may have a great deal of resources or simply be a few astroneers puttering around on a new planet, lacking fuel. QUESTS In every settlement, it would make sense and be exciting for the player to have some way to engage with the locals. There are all sorts of variety to what these kind of quests, but here are a few possibilities: Alien village: A young child from the village has gone missing. She was last seen at a certain beacon. Will you take the beacon and bring the child back to the village? Alien village: We make all of our jewelry out of Malachite. Could you bring us some? We'd make you a cool new decorate space suit! Alien astroneer site: We found an interesting place you might want to research. Follow our vehicle and we will show you where it is. Alien astroneer site: We want to see how fast our vehicle is. Want to race us around the mountain? Astroneer site: We are stranded on this planet unless we can get more hydrazine. Could you bring us three containers of fuel? We would be very appreciative. Building Challenge (any type): We are trying to make a big shape in our settlement (big sphere, three pillars next to each other, etc.). Would you help us build it? NOTE: With the upcoming changes in modularity, it could become very exciting for aliens and other npcs to make requests that you engineer something to help them. It could then create a good sandbox for players to engineer more complex machines. RECRUITING One last thought: with the inclusion of NPCs and settlements, it would seem reasonable that a player might want to have their base become a settlement too. Perhaps a player would find, in each village, a young person who wants to leave the village and join you. You could then recruit them, point them to your base, and even have them perform simple tasks for you. Anyone else with similar ideas, please post below.
  13. This is my idea of what the story of Astroneer should be: Prologue: You and your crew of Astroneers are exploring a strange signal coming from an uncharted system. Upon approaching an area of ship debris, your team realise you've fallen into a trap. An EMP blast, knocking out your ship and sending down onto terran. Your ship is destroyed and pieces of it are thrown all across the surface. For multiplayer, all players escape pods land in a near vicinity. Game start: You emerge from your escape pod with the hatch bursting off and falling out onto the planet's surface. Your oxygen supply comes from your escape pod (not a habitat) and you receive your terrain tool from nearby debris. Once you collect enough materials, you can start your base wherever you want by building a habitat. You then travel around the world reassembling your ship and attempting to establish contact with "Exo Dynamics": not response. When you make a shuttle, you can go out to orbit and create a space station where you can reassemble your ship from the collected debris. [Not sure where to go from here] Ending: You find the villains behind your demise and put an end to their destruction. It's pretty average but I'm not the developer!
  14. 1: keep the game from lagging after extended exploration 2: Add intelligent alien life, possibly as rival terraformers 3: Add story or universe-building 4: More space-flight and planetary flight options 5: Add ability to destroy base structures
  15. Just what the title says. What are YOU looking for in the story/narrative/missions of Astroneer? I'm thinking the "Go here/Find this" style missions will be there. The "Mine 'x' amount of (mineral/ore)" as well. Those are old standbys. But what could be added that would be something completely different? Maybe tracking down another Astroneer? I know THATS cliche as well but I always liked the chase. So yeah. Spill your brain here! I'm curious about what the community wants.
  16. I was playing Astroneer on the same save for about 7-8 hours or so, I had yet to research a couple things, and I was running low on supplies so I decided to head into a cave near my base. Sprinting to the canyon where the entrance is located, my FPS started to lower a bit. (The save was before 125 so it made sense). I entered the cave and start following my winding path of tethers, mining compound to create more along the way. As I approached the end of my tether chord with little to no supplies, I decided to continue down a slant that I had yet to explore. I continued to place tethers as I descended this route. The terrain color changed from a normal brown to a deep green, I knew this meant I was far down. Yet still no minerals so I continued. I reached an area that seemed to open up, a lot. As soon as I stepped into the ever-expanding cavern my FPS dropped again. Again, I didn't think anything about it, I just needed minerals. It was like I was back on the surface, except there was no sun, and all I could see was three things. Giant bones, a crashed solar panel, and another cave opening in this flat wasteland. I took a moment to admire the giant rib-cage I had stumbled upon and place down some more tethers, then I continued down the new cave. The only thing different about this cave was its length. It abruptly stopped about 30-40 yards down. My FPS lowered again. As I approached the bottom of the descent I noticed a small orange symbol poking up through the dirt. I took out my terrain tool and dug away a small ditch in order to investigate. It was something I'd never stumbled upon before. I had heard about it from the forums but never actually found one. I had found the corpse of another dead Astroneer. I instantly felt scared and sorrowful at the same time. I removed the aluminum and dynamite from his backpack and, using the terrain tool again, buried him in respect. As I have no idea how he died I can only assume he ventured down just as I had and his oxygen supply must've been cut off. The poor guy must've suffocated. After burying him I returned to the surface to clear my inventory, and hopefully my mind as well. I have yet to return to that save file. Rest in peace Space-man.
  17. I think the basis for the lore of Astroneer was just born
  18. I know it is WAAAAAYY too early to be talking about the story. But I had an idea that I didn't want to forget. So here you go. If it is possible, when you get to making a narrative, it would be cool if the player could choose from multiple narratives or even choose a path within the narrative. Such as choosing the part of the story they will play. This could give a narrative with more open ending. But also be a driving force for replayability when the game feels finished to the player. Also adds the possibility of new stories to be added later as DLC. Just some thoughts from a lost planet jumper.
  19. I was thinking that there should be three different game modes. Some people are asking for a story mode. and others are asking for animals or aliens and i think that this satisfies both. 1. Current mode: The current game mode. peaceful, easy and fun. 2: "Hardened" (thinking of beter name) This game mode would have harder features and would comntain animals. Some would be friendly and some would be harmful. There could be pack animals or lone animals. The changes would involve shorter time without oxygen., less resources, and animals. For this mode there would be a few weapons. The terrain tool could double as one and there could be one to mount to the back of a truck or rover. A drone would also be good. You could attach a weapon to a drone and then have it follow you. 3. Story mode: The main idea is that you are an astroneer sent to 5 planets to collect samples and bring them to earth. Something goes wrong and then you have to collect resources and make your way back to earth. Feel free to add on to this.
  20. Audio or written Journal entries left behind from previous astroneers on the dead bodies found or in crashed space shuttles. (Little stories that could help or just entertain us while on our runs for supplies.) optional to pick up and listen/read.
  21. is there a story i would like to know about one like 300 years in the future earth is destroyed. its your missio to colonize a planet(s) to save the human race and you can add in npc's somehow
  22. Hi developers! First of all, I want to thank you for a great game alpha. It was really good to feel yourself as a cosmic pioneer, alone in the endless space. The thing I want to discuss is game goals. It seems that game lack of it, especially after 5-6 hours of gameplay. The first stage is ok - I've just landed on the planet surface, and I need to find primary resources to construct my base. The second stage is ok too - I have a primary base and I need do find secondary resources and do some research to construct new building and vehicles. But then there is a goal problem. I can build a starship to scout other planets. But other planets brings nothing new to the gameplay. I can establish a base on the new planet - why should I do that? Jjust to establish a base? More, I don't even understand - should I go to another planet or should I scout the first one (it's really big, and I've scouted only a small area around a landing point). So, he problems are: 1. As a player, I want to understand a goal. I need to scout a whole planet I've landed? Or my goal is to build a starship as fast as I can and scout new planets? 2. What should each planet could give me? Is there a unique opportunity for me as a player? What is the difference between ice planet and desert planet? Is there some unique resources or technologies? 3. Is there some rare artifacts, materials, that bring WOW-effect to the game? WOW, I've found gold/diamonds! Is there any opportunities for me to sell items? Or items only have a craft-value? 4. What is my global goal? You say in the game description that there is time of space gold rush. So, I do all of this things (base, starship, researches, crafting) to find something? To get rich? What should I find? Where can I sell it? What could I buy for money I will earn? Now, after 8 hours of gameplay, I just have nothing to do in the game. I've landed on each planet - to understand that there is little difference between them, expect graphics and gravitation. I could establish a base on each planed - but why? To find the same resources? My suggestions are: 1. You must lead a players thought the game by adding new goals, step by step. It's not only about cast content - draw the meaning of all of this. Some storyline, some communication between my character and the outside world that want something from me is a must. Some video messages with some orders, or tasks, to suggestions. Find some crushed rocket on the planet A, scout some area on planet B, find some materials an etc. Give me a goals and story, not leave me alone in the space. 2. Some space stations to buy, to sell and to communicate with other space adventurers. There were a towns in the time of gold rush. There should be the same places in space. 3. Some rare things, artifacts that doesn't have craft value, some unique things that you can just sell or collect in the cabin or your spaceship. To motivate me inspect deepest caves and high mountains. I need to see value of things. Some plants are often, others - are rare, some are unique. And there should be categories. Research plants to make some bio-things, research stones to find new materials, research ship crashes and UFO-landings to find new technologies. I need to find antigrav to construct hoverbike, not a plant root. 4. Make each planet no like the others. Ocean planet to craft a boat and diving space suit. Ice planet to cruft a snowmobile. Jungle planet to make saw to cut thought the jungles. Radiative planets - so close to the sun that you should go outside only at night or have special protected costume. Give a new problems and new technologies to solve them on each planet type. Sun, strong wind, acid rain, big waves, aggressive flora - there should be wide specter of dangers to overcome. 5. Property. In the alpha I can construct a utilitarian base. I need it to cruft and harvest, but I could abandon it in any time to establish new one. A have no property inside the game. There is no MY starship, that I always use to ravel and that I can improve, decorate and equip. I have no my home, my crew, my dog, my space garden - nothing permanent. Only temporary base to harvest and craft. Thanks for reading.