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Found 30 results

  1. I know that each planet is going to have different types of weather system but I would to get into the effects and new stuff they can add into the game which uses the weather/storm. Storms should carry debris and research pods which when hits the astroneer should cause some damage, these debris and research pods could be captured by a new item - The Net - Researched for 1500 bytes Recipe - 1 Plastic and 2 rubber Built by - Medium Platform Can look something like this- Every time a storm hits the net should opened manually or the net should have a sensor which senses an upcoming storm and opens by itself which should also have a probability of getting a debris or a research pod like- Debris probability - 75% small debris ,15% medium, 5% large debris and the other 5% should have nothing in the net(bad luck). Research pod probability - 25% any research pod , 75% nothing The net can have other uses like used as a life saver/trampoline i.e. when jumped off a very large height the net should be able to catch the astronomer without any fall damage. The net should also have a rotating system(manual/automatic) so that it catches debris and pods to its maximum potential. Storms should boost the power generated by the wind vanes by 100% i.e. 2x power generation during storms and all the solar panels, arrays should stop working due to the storm, even all the other items should stop woking during storms while displaying "Paused due to storm" which can again be resumed later. Covering yourself(Astroneer) with a wall will not cancel the effect of storm on you, you are only safe in a habitat or a seat or by digging down to enter the cave system meaning that the storm will have no effect in caves. If you die during a storm , you shall loose some of the times available in your back pack. Storms can be of different types on different planets Sylva - Default storm Desolo - No storm Calidor - It should have a really strong sandy storms(difficult to see through) which carries huge amount of sand and if you jump it should also carry you for some distance, like reduced gravity. Vesania - Calm storms i.e. it should have clear storms but with very high winds, also the storm can contain some seeds of exotic plants which can be captured in nets, since Vesania is filled with rich flora. Novus - It can have those tumbleweeds in the storms which we used to have in the early access. Glacio - It should have a snowy storm which should cover you up in layers of snow if you stand in one place for a long time Atrox - The storm here should be a toxic fallout in a particular region which should contain toxic gasses and when you enter into it will slowly start to die, hence advised not to enter that region. If you guys have any suggestions or new ideas then please comment down
  2. I understand that most players do not enjoy the storms that were in Astroneer. These could be completely changed with a few implements into the game. The idea of a thunder storm was to be both useful and annoying to the player. You could either harness the electricity from a bolt of thunder, or die due to it. This is where the storm shield comes in. Its a type of generator, fuelled by the developers choice which emits a glowing shield across a set area. This can protect the player and is something else in order to grind towards. These could also be upgradable such as small, medium and large. The implementation of a new method of creating electricity would be to harness the thunder. Metal rods could be added to the game, these harness the electricity into an output. A good use of these is up high on a mountain where it is more likely to be struck. The storms can be both good and bad. They could also be a beautiful implement into the game adding dynamic lighting and fog. The types of storms and how to harness them can change on each planet. Like an acid storm on the Exotic based planets can be used to burn product and turn it into electricity. This also means you need to be better prepared for these environments. Thanks for reading! Leave a comment on your opinions below! (Discord qio#7575)
  3. Love the game. Crossplay is smooth. But for the love of space the storm are just too much. And night comes too fast. Slow day the day cycle speed and the storms please. Thank you for the great game.
  4. Rhandomme

    Storm hunter

    Hi everyone, Currently, on planets surface, storms force players to stay under cover mainly doing nothing, or going to explore underground. Otherwise we suffer from lack of visibility, slow movements and danger of being killed by a rock. I noticed storms are specialy anoying on Exotic planet (which I am exploring right now). It is almost impossible to explore its surface, there are storms almost continuously. I find boring that, if you want to explore the surface, you have to stay covered during storms. I think it would be great some special equipment to survive and explore during storms: an armored suit to resist some rocks, goggles to see a bit more during storms, heavy boots to not being moved by the wind... It would be great that you could find some special materials carried by the wind, only obtainable during storms. Also would be nice to have a new planet all the time with storms, where the new equipment was a must to explore it. I hope you like my suggestion.
  5. I've been playing the game since it was released on Xbox in Game Preview. Storms have always slowed down the game a little bit, but not this much. Especially when I'm on a different planet than Terran, if there is a storm nearby, the frame rate drops to the point of making the game look like it's in slow motion. Additionally, storm winds are affecting the caves. So exploring underground is as much a pain as it is above ground in a storm. The only difference is that there aren't any flying blocks trying to kill you, just deadly flora. Honestly, I wish y'all would just disable storms until they can serve a purpose other than being a tedious obstacle. With these frame rate drops, storms are doing nothing but ruining the experience.
  6. Jcgeek2000


    How come there's no rain? Rain would only make sense on Terran and Exotic, but I think rain/thunderstorms would definitely fit into Astroneer in general. Terran and Exotic obviously have atmospheres. The amount of flora would definitely cause them to form, and there are even clouds. If water exists in a gaseous form, it would make sense to have use for the liquid. They wouldn't even need to effect gameplay in any way necessarily, I just think rain could give the game more life, and a stronger, more natural feel. They would by no means replace the sandstorms already present, they'd be merely a cosmetic feature, another weather event to spice things up. If you wanted to have them effect gameplay, even slightly, there are a few options. the sky could be darker, the ground could be slipperier etc. If water were added as a full blown resource, a rain collection module would be a good way of harvesting it, depending on its actual use, that is. in my other post, I briefly mention the implications of lightning, so actual thunderstorms, with downpour and lightning could make sense.
  7. Justin Ruiz

    Planetary Storms

    Each planet should have their own unique Storms. The Terrain planet's storms can stay the same. The Barren Planet should have Meteor Showers. The Radiant Planet should have a radioactive storm that slowly eats away at your health if you are not taking cover. The Arid planet should have Solar Storms that temporarily cuts off the power supply of all machines exposed on the surface. The Tundra planet should have a more intense version of the Terrain planet's storm with the wind being able to push the player around. The Exotic planet should have tornados.
  8. Christian Wilson

    Frame rate drops when storming

    When it storms the frame rate drops really bad
  9. Its to the point they seem to appear (literally) every 15 minutes. Its like clockwork. Yesterday I started watching when the sky would darken. And each time I punched up the home screen (XB1). It was, without exception, within a minute of the quarter hour mark every time. All day. 00,15,30 and 45. I don't remember them being that frequent before the most recent patches. Maybe its just old age, fading memories or pain meds I am currently on. But they are really getting on my nerves and really annoying.
  10. So this is my first post and I’m not sure in the right place, but it seems to me that the wind turbines should be going crazy during storms, and most of the time they’re stationary. Was wondering if anyone else had noticed that. I love this game. The new update rocks. You guys rock.
  11. Tempest125

    Visual and Audio Bugs

    I was coming up from the underground, making a ramp between the surface and a nearby cave system, when without warning I come up and there's a storm happening around me. Normally, the audio changes to wind as a warning, but I didn't hear anything. Also, my tethers light up and provide oxygen, but the blue connection lines sometimes don't appear at all.
  12. hi ... i like astroneer but storms are dull, only wind, could be more interesting with lightnings storms are the only weather event in astroneer... i played planetbase time ago and i liked weather system, they have no flora or fauna but had 3 risky weather events that can also be turned into advantages... storms (hurricanes), lightnings and solar storms hurricanes = slows down colonysts walk speed, however eolic generators run at max capacity ... astroneer ones additionally disturbs visibility lightnings (+ rain?) = colonysts hitten lightning while outdoor can be severely damaged, but can be exploited with LIGHTNING RODS as a very good energy source solar storms = outdoor colonysts reached by solar storms are damaged over time, however solar panels run at max capacity i think solar storms in planetbase could be improved with a "pulse" animation (they only change color pallete to a lighty one).. additionally in astroneer there are geothermal energy (at least in some alphas) ... astroneer hurricanes additionally disturbs visibility, in planetbase solar panels cannot operate during huricanes and night, so eolic generators are the only way to get power during hurricanes, they also could be accompained with lightnings, i dont know astroneer could evolve .. imagine a planetbase like game where you control a single colonyst, with indoor structures like biodomes, factories, storages, corridors, etc., .... like when in warcraft 3 you control a group of units and heroes from a birds eye perspective, and then change to world of warcraft to control a single hero unit from a more immersive 3rd person perspective .. that could be astroneer compared to planetbase, they are excelent games but with a lot of unexploited potential.. the games are different but i am addicted to both .. would love if there was a combined game .. play planetbase to get ideas
  13. I searched before posting, but I couldn't find a similar post. I've noticed that the windmills do not run during storms, which is ... odd. I'd like to suggest that windmills produce 100% more output during storms.
  14. Platform: Xbox One Version: Affects current update, but this bug was actually introduced with the patch that altered tether behavior (physics changes, including new drop animation, gravity effects, etc). It's not a problem with tethers per se, it's a problem with their behavriour in association with storms. Bug: When storms blow through the envirmonemnt on Terran, they will knock over and often disrupt tether networks, including tethers not in line of sight of the player. For example, a few hours ago I was playing a new game (current update version) and I got caught out during a storm so I decided to take shelter in a nearby cave. I didn't need to dig any around the cave, I just laid out some tethers forming a basic oxygen supply line from the nearby hab I spawned in at (no base at that time). As I went further into the cave placing tethers I noticed they weren't lit/active. I started to ascend (the storm was short-lived) and as I reached topside I noticed the storm had knocked out some of my tethers (toppled over & strewn about). This has been happening for awhile now, but nothing has been done to fix this so I decided to file a bug report so it can be taken care of. Storm damage & subsequent damage to structures has been discussed before, but nowhere have the seen it mentioned being placed in the game. I must conclude it's a bug at this time. Later if some wish to have storms damage things they can then repair for an extra level of challenge, then that's something that certainly could be introduced along with other "survival options" for the game. Now is not the time however, with so many other priority changes occurring. Having storms and other random factors cause your tether network to come apart all over the game world without having any idea what's happened or where, other than all of a sudden you're now cut off from your vital resources, that just won't do! Severely hampers the exploration & discovery part of the game. Please do fix this. Thanks!
  15. The mind begins to wander when waiting it a storm. Rocks slamming into the side of your habitat miraculously missing you with your door wide open. It was about this time I began to think about erosion. At these rocks travel across the terrain, what would happen if they damaged it in the process. Eating away at the side of a mountain. Uncovering forgotten caverns. Knocking over mighty... Tree things. And also I wouldn't mind the junk I leave lieing around to disappear into the horizon. I mean, we are here to manage the planet for all it's resources and leave it barren are we not? What's wrong with a couple filters blowing away... Anyway, storms over and I have another direction to explore. Thanks for reading. Alex Aka: Pays2Spray
  16. Ghostwolf93

    Dust Storms in space?

    So I tried building a ramp all the way up to the space station, only to realise I was in fact aiming at a beacon marker that I had lett on Barren. Ended up making a base in space at the outermost point you can build to. I'm out of the atmosphere, and yet, I'm still getting hit with dust storms all the way up here. two things about this is wrong: 1). The storms descend upon you without warning. In the space of a few seconds the blackness of space is replaced by the clouds from the dust storm. A second or two later the first debris starts flying at you. Have died at my space base four tines now, just from this. There is no time to get to the safety of my habitat. 2). Why are there even storms in space!? There is no atmosphere at the height I'm at, which means I should be out of range of such environmental effects. And yet that's not the case. Was bad enough getting killing all star every time I got hit by a storm whilst building the ramp (and therefore losing my backpacks constants because I then die immediately upon respawn), but this is rediculous. I would suggest capping the height the effects of dust storms are felt. They should not effect someone above the observed height the storms visibly have.
  17. FoxFireRage

    Missing land tiles, chunks.

    So upon logging into Astroneer I immediately found my world broken, missing chunks and disconnected seems : / I have included pics. Windows 10, Titan XP GPU, Patch 125. You cannot form or deform the ground to get it to reconnect even if its a split seem, though you can get it kind of close. But again massive amounts of the world are just missing now.
  18. miertam

    Tag out Storms

    As I was sitting out my third storm in the last hour it occurred to me that this was a waste of my playtime. I ran to my base got inside and now I just have to wait the 2 minutes until the stupid thing was over..and that was not fun. So what I propose is that once you get into your base/vehicle in the middle of a storm it speeds up the clock/advances it to the end of the storm. If you are hiding in a foxhole then you have to wait it out but in your habitat you have tagged home and are safe.
  19. 1- First of all, it's important to delete game progress, and as far as i'm concerned, there's no "official" way to do that. 2-Secondly, the terrain that we deform, mainly the holes on the groud are a huge pain when we are driving the ground vehicles, maybe some feature thet fills those holes with time would be cool, or maybe with the storms, I don't know. 3-Last but not least, you have done a very good job guys! Keep on! Congratulations and thank you!
  20. Earlier, I made a post about transferring power from base to base and how this could improve the game play of Astroneer (post can be found here: After thinking this idea over for a while, I have began to think about inter-connectivity within the game on a wider scale, mainly through the addition of roads. After driving around in both the truck and the rover, I have come to the retaliation that the physics engine freaks out when vehicles attempt to pass over the various rocks and fauna that litter the various planet surfaces. Whilst this problem can be solved by flattening terrain, this process can be time consuming and frustrating due to the logistics required to give the player a continuous supply of power and oxygen over long distances. This is where my concept for roads comes in. Roads could be placed in a similar way to how base modules expand, with an origin point that can then be expanded upon when provided with adequate materials. Expansion of roads could wither be free form, with the player having full control over the gradient and curvature of the road. Alternatively, road placement could be based off of a grid, with different pre-set parts e.g 1x1x1 straight road, 1x2x1 ramp etc. Once placed, the roads could be slightly elevated form the terrain so that they could have a perfectly smooth surface for vehicles to merrily drive from base to base. This system would encourage exploration as it opens the possibility to the player that if they see an awesome looking cave, they could mark it with a beacon, run back to base, construct a road from base to the cave and then easily and efficiently deliver resources from the cave back to base, making the whole process easier and far more efficient so that the player can spend less time mining and more time exploring. However, it would be silly if we were to have roads that were permanently undamaged, and a such I propose that some changes be made to the weather system to both support my roads concept whilst also making the weather of the planets a bit more viscous. Let's take the starter planet Terra for example. Currently, we have the debris storms that can kill the player, but have no real impact on structures. However, if we make the storms less of a massive deadly blob of destruction and more a hurricane, it makes them both more realistic and also balances them by reducing the radius of the storm itself. This would allow the developers the ability to make objects (such as tethers and road supports) be damaged by the storm, adding in a need to maintain the sprawling tether lines and road networks that arise when connecting locations together. To express my ideas for the weather system in general, I think each planet could have weather unique to their ecosystem. Taking the starting planet Terra as an example again, alongside hurricanes replacing storms, rain and thunder storms could be added in. Rain storms would have next to no physical impact on the world (unless the developers somehow add in liquid physics to the game), mainly serving as a slight hindrance to visibility and adding to the immersive qualities of the game. Thunderstorms, on the other hand, would pose as a real threat to both the player and equipment such as windmills, that could be stuck by lightning and destroyed - requiring the player to repair them. I would have written my potential ideas for a railway system and trains, but the developers already sort of confirmed this on a live stream. On an unrelated note, please let us name and colour beacons as it would both help with navigation and also allow me to climb each and every mountain and name them after the Scottish Munros . As always, if you wish to expand upon or improve my idea in anyway, don't hesitate to comment.
  21. I will list my bug history, but i must say first of all, I love this game. In multiplayer experience: 1- Only the host can see upgrades titles after research facility makes a research. 2- Only the host can see beacons from the shuttle while in space. 3- When exploring near the host of the game, if he quits a vehicle my vehicle stop working, like if he thinks that i quit too. 4- Several times exploring even on flat terrain , the car drops you out automatically and then the rover take off and goes like crazy stopping in mid air, and you have to make a mountain trying to get it back, so it fall down. 5- When I die been the guest in multiplayer game, my pod landed every time in the nearest cave down of the main base. 6- While being the guest when a storm kills me near a base the game bugs and even I am alive, it shows me on the floor like I am still dead, and the screen all RED, like if the rocks are still hitting me. 7-When die in single player I don’t lose everything that is in my bag pack, things like the battery or solar panels in the auxiliary cells still remains when respawn.
  22. xxsteven69xx

    Wind Vane

    Dust storms should make the wind generators go crazy. Or just activate them the normal amount. This might be a bug if it is suposse too.
  23. Knouvael'Qeskre

    Electric Storms!

    A friend of mine talked to me earlier about electric storms. Here are some idea that him and I came up with: The storms can produce lightning. Players can harness the power of lightning through an attachment on their base (or vehicle(s)?) and cause the lightning to generate power for their own base. Likely needs to be generate a great deal of power, and should be quickly brought into the machinery it is attached to. These storms can hit the player (if they are the tallest object in the area or underneath the tallest object in the area). Player takes damage upon impact of a lightning strike, either killing them or nearly killing them. And could get stunned for a moment. Energy on backpack can fluctuate or malfunction, could possibly create a fire if the planet has gas that would provide fire. Could possibly implement an attachment to make the player a lightning rod and allow the player to use such as a much smaller and personal lightning rod for a good source of generating power on your suit. Should only be able to attach on the sides of the backpack. Or perhaps on the player's helmet? After all, it would look pretty funny with having a large lightning rod on your head! Should also have some kind of attachment to dampen the effect of a lightning strike on the player. Lightning can hit your base, and overcharge the base and possibly create a fire (if the planet has gas that would provide fire) or cause the machinery to malfunction at it's process. Give the player an ability to compensate for such overcharges, and allow the player to add some form of material that can deafen the effects (such as rubber) or completely prevent the machine(s) from being effected by such lightning strikes. Likely from unknown research. Can also hit the player's vehicle. But a dampened effect if the vehicle has rubber. If the player is on the vehicle, the player may take a great deal of damage, nearly killing them. A much higher chance of nearly killing or even killing them if the player is hit directly first then the vehicle itself. That is some details I came up with with my other friend's ideas incorporated along with my own. I hope you all like these ideas! And perhaps I will be more open with other ideas I have in mind if I see positive feedback!
  24. Just another thought I had as I waited out the latest storm in my hab. Perhaps a difficulty setting could be developed where your base and vehicles take damage in a storm? The damage would be fixable with resources at a Mechanic Station? Also maybe maintenance would be necessary on a difficult setting or your base would not be as efficient? Also the hab door is closed normally, yet when I get in it to ride out a storm it is open, I think this should be the opposite. It should be closed when I am inside the hab. I was even killed riding out a storm inside my shuttle when I was doing some exploring... I guess I took a direct hit to the head by debris! It sucked because my backpack was loaded and there was no way to recover the items because I was in the shuttle, the "X icon" that denoted the location of my fallen Astroneer pointed directly into the shuttle... that was no help, I could not get anything out of there. Another reason the door should be closed during the storm/when your Astroneer is inside!