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  1. With all of the new tools and items for backpack widgets that have been added since the original release, managing backpack space has become unfun. I suspect if at the beginning, the dev team had imagined having a small solar panel, wind turbine, small generator, worklight, jetpack, small oxygenator etc, they would have designed the backpack to have more widget slots or to be expandable. 2 more widget slots at top would be helpful, or better yet, put in an endgame Deluxe Backpack craftable item that has extra widget slots or that makes the slots stackable for resources.
  2. Hello, when I crafted a medium storage and placed it to his place and I want to fold it I pressed "f" or "t" and nothing happened. Can some1 help me please?
  3. I have multiple extra large storages and old small and medium shuttles that I want to get rid of, but the extra large shredder doesn't do that. I feel like the EL shredder should be able to or there should be a way to breakdown the old items.
  4. I am loving these new medium soil canisters but I do have 1 suggestion. Please add the nice radial fill level indicator on the top like the medium soil canister has. I like the green 'full' indicator, but it would make things so much easier if I could see at a glance how much I had of something. I like the side gauges, but more often than not I have them next to each other which blocks the side gauges unless I zoom in and have that perfect angle. I think it would also mesh well with the other level indicators from the other canister types. Image 1 illustrates the suggestion, image 2 shows the gauge blockage. I feel like this addition would make the resource canisters even more amazing than they already are.
  5. From the onset, we collected many resources, and quickly it became a problem to manage all the resource units we had collected. They would get dumped at base and become a trip hazard. So you start making storage units - which quickly grew to be storage farms. But even that quickly became a headache. Where did we put that titanium alloy? Why is the hydrogen there, there, and there? Here are some ideas for managing resources. 1. A storage sorter console. The console could be plugged into a storage port, and when clicked upon, would present a display showing all the resources plugged into that storage unit. It would show a count for each resource. Click a button and all the resources would re-group in the storage unit to be grouped together. This would be scalable for when multiple storage units are plugged into a platform. 2. A collection chooser. With a rover equipped with a drill - and available storage - one can quickly collect anything, and EVERYTHING. Accidentally drove through all that organic? Now your storage is full of organic. What is needed is a console that allows one to choose which resources to collect, and which to avoid. With that, one could go for a drive and get just the specific resources needed. 3. A resource direction finder. Want some graphite? Drove past some awhile back; but which direction was it? A resource direction finder would solve that.
  6. Late games can get very cluttered and storage is a very big problem so I thought I would suggest this: storage unite that holds items at a capacity similar to the backpack but they can only hold one type of item. So if someone just has tons of Astronium or something like that you could put it in there holding (IDK what would be balanced) let's say 30. It's in a small little space but right there if needed not spilling out needing several medium storage silos to fill. I imagine it being printed by the small printer or maybe a version that can hold 4 different types by the medium printer, it could be made with Astronium because steel won't explain that apparent shrinking of items into almost nothing. It would also be really cool to see some automation in this game, say you just got back from an interplanetary mining mission and you have tons of different items on one extra large silo. you could just throw it onto a special platform and it sorts it out maybe going into a smelter and then going to a DSST or just straight to a Chemistry Lab's storage. You could also send an automated tiny shuttle to another planet and have it automatically use the base that is there and get some gasses or it's expensive and can get the gasses on its own. Thanks for reading!
  7. Hello! What if we could add a packager-like item on a storage to "lock" what ressource can be put on it? ( would go amazingly well with the new automation update ) It would make the management of bases SO much easier.
  8. If we had an extra socket on the storage items like the medium store and silo storage etc, that does not consume the item but uses the attached item as a filter. so for example if i have 3 large storage silos, completely filled with small storage silos, if i attach aluminium to the filter slot when i switch through the blueprints it only puts aluminium back on that storage silo, this means that i wouldnt have hundreds of materials randomly placed all over storage silos and platforms, it would keep all the carbon where i chose carbon to go and all the glass to go where i chose glass too. Also useful if i attach a drill to a vehicle and i want to only pick up resin on one storage unit and only grass on the other storage unit, as i drill it uses the filter socket i attatched resin to as a check to say only apply resin to this storage units sockets etc.
  9. The 8 slots in the 'main' storage area of the backpack, I want to just all at once swap that with the contents of a Medium Storage. Say I gather 8 Organic and I swap with an empty Medium Storage, I simply unload the 'main' area to that Medium Storage If that Medium Storage has any contents, those contents are moved to the backpack. In this way I could dump the Organics I picked up, and gather all of the items I left behind for a moment to gather Organic
  10. Here's another idea. Why not use the scrap bundle system for mass storage of items. You could combine 5 or 10 of the same item into a bundle of that item in the field so you can stay out harvesting longer. Then have a structure in the base that can break down those bundles into their original items.
  11. I've made a post like this before but I feel it deserves a better explanation. Down below the Module would consist of 4 Slots a 1 connector (to the Backpack). In the place The Jetpack is, is where this storage item would go. It Could cost 1 or 2 Nanocarbon Alloy to craft as to balance And it can only be used in those to slots. ~CreateTeen
  12. The Following concept is a extension to our current backpacks, the Glow sticks are the top connectors on the backpack which would have a L like shape as shown added on, but with on the 3 connectors (The Pink). While The Top of the Back Pack (Glow sticks) would not allow for another item EX: Jetpack, Jump Jets, etc., To be attracted to the slot as to balance the item.
  13. It would be cool to be able to assign an item type to storage so that it only holds that type of item. Ex: If you could assign a different resource type to each column of a medium silo (or the silo as a whole) so that when you output materials to it, they would appear in the column that has been assigned to that material type or if the storage does not accept that material it would not be stored there. Simpler example: Assign a medium storage to only hold resin. Any other materials would not be able to be placed on that storage.
  14. A storage that can convert Extra Large slots to Large slots would be great and it would also increase the viability of mobile bases and perhaps the Extra Large Platform A. One solution that I'm thinking is 1 XL -> 3 L slots. The storage itself would look like a fidget spinner of sorts and can be rotated clockwise 1/3 by using F. All L slots are orientated outwards. This will allow rover mobile bases to have an additional L slot for each part of the train for push / pull storage or a machine. If this feels too overpowered, then perhaps it could be 1 XL -> 2 L + 2-4 M slots. Even though on mobile bases this would mean that you can't attach more machines, it would possibly free up a large slot used by a large storage silo and also allow easier machine item push / pull.
  15. The title says it all. The first picture shows how i had the canisters on the new large T-Platform with my centrifuge. You can see that it is empty but not pulling canisters. I tried this with the other platforms with the same result. The second pictures on the rover shows 2 situations: the canister directly on the silo, and the canister on a medium silo attached to the large silo. Neither of them would fill soil through the drill. I haven't tried testing the shorter large storage silo.
  16. Posted on reddit, but I`ll post here. One thing that can sometimes bog the game experience down is transferring items from place to place. It would be great if we could hold Alt, click a storage item (a), then click another storage item (b) to transfer all items from A to B. Ideally, once you ALT+Click the first storage, a line of some sort would follow your mouse around, starting at that storage, to show you you're trying to transfer. To go along with that, if you Alt + click an item on a storage, then click a different storage, all of that type of item from the first storage will transfer to the second storage. This would also work if you Alt + click a storage, then click your backpack to quickly fill your backpack. Or vice versa, Alt + click your backpack, then a storage to transfer all 8 slots from your backpack to a storage. Active slots and your terrain tool slots would be ignored. I think this would be a huge quality of life improvement for inventory management, and stays within the simple UI / control scheme. We can already shift click items to fast pick up, and there's auto feed built into some base objects. This would kind of combine all that, and would do wonders for organizing your base.
  17. Since launch the game got a few storage updates, mainly the MSS (medium storage silo) and its two large storage counterparts. now while that is great for transporting stuff it has introduced a lot of clipping issues which are most apparent when two MSS are mounted next to each other and the items they carry overlap. in such cases you click to collect an item you see but you get the item that is overlapping with it. obviously this is quite annoying. Medium Compressing Storage: a new end game storage item. basically the medium soil canister coming with next update - but instead of soil it would work for resources. however it could store only one resource type at a time meaning that once you put e.g. aluminium into an empty compressing storage it would only accept aluminium and nothing else until emptied again. Pros: can store significantly more then a MSS (something between 50 and 100 items?) game performance: items within the internal storage are no physical objects anymore thus don't require any calculation time. visually much smaller with little potential for clipping (think of 12 of these are attached on a large storage silo B instead of MSS full of items) Cons: stores items of one type only requires a little power each time an item is stored/compressed into it unlike the medium canister however input and output mode would not require manual switching. the input slot will immediately store items and thus clear itself. it won't accept items of the wrong type. the output slot on the other hand will always have an item for as long as the container isn't empty. if removed it will immediately be replaced by another from the internal storage. therefore it also serves the important function to display which resource type the container contains. (for reference, this is my original concept before the medium soli canister was added) now with such a new container we should have little storage problems left. this should give us a some freedom to fix the most problematic clipping issues. a simple solution is to block MSS from being placed on medium slots that are directly next to each other. for example on a large storage silo B with 12 medium slots it would mean that you could occupy only 6 of them with MSS (placing them in a checker pattern) while the remaining rest could still be used for the old classic medium storage. this is also a nice side effect that renders the medium storage not entirely obsolete. from the implementation point of view you would mark problematic modules like the MSS with an oversize property which would trigger the blocking mechanics for the platform/module they were placed on. as such it would not prevent clipping between modules placed on different platforms/modules. this however is okay as it happens rarely enough while being far more difficult to solve. in any case the oversize property would be applicable to any future modules with the same problem.
  18. Following Idea, what if you can lock a medium storage on a plattform, so if you missclick Shift+Click on the plattform nothing would happen. The lock buttons could be the same for rotating but you have to hold it. Sry for bad english, I'm trying my best.
  19. sorry to sound like grave news but as of soil centrifuge's no longer work as they did prior and this has unfortunately killed my playthrough and enjoyment of the game at the peak of its heights. (pun if found unintended) the main issue here is the auto deposit from inventory to centrifuge now needs to be manual. before exploration update the SC took its soil and held its container on its own making large and small scale deposits workable with ease however now the SC require nearly full manual dexterous since it now does not start auto depositing and takes already full canisters in place of empty ones which clog the reclaiming process of items having the user search for the missing canister on the receiving end with some nodes being hidden when using endgame storage solutions. why is this an issue: 1. as far as functional wise it is a unneeded regression in efficiency to how the SC system used to work it prior allowed the user to operate it efficiently and from my own work with it maximize and expand on it with large scale incentive. 2. my current project is the harvest of a whole planet; the SC is one of the key elements to this process and experimentation as not only did it provide fuel and resource for the expanding operations but gave a satisfying sense of closing impact to what we where doing. how can we fix ? my solution is to have it work prior to exploration but have the SC put back the canister to where it was as priority 1 to stay with the rest of them Q: is this an intentional design? will it ever be fixed? tips for those that might try: limit research items to endgame items only essential to the project to maximize item selection efficiency. the large shredder on a slop and single platform that can hold it drops scrap in a "neat" pile for pick up 3 SC on the 2iron 2steal platform makes a great processing plant that can work with storage 4 working silos to draw from for full harvesting playthrough.
  20. XL Soil Centrifuge Research Cost: 5,000 Bytes Material Cost: 2x Plastic & 2x Aluminum Alloy Size: XL Power Consumption: 8 Units/Second Description: An Upgraded version of the regular soil centrifuge that rewards you for producing in small amounts. Visuals: -Circumference of the extra large storage -Has 2 counter rotating centrifuges. One with 8 capsules (like the existing one) and another outside it with 16 capsules -A medium slot for taking soil from Canisters, Tanks and Soil Silos Produced Resources (Up to) 24x Compound 24x Resin 18x Clay 12x Quartz 6x Graphite 3x Ammonium [New]2x Laterite Same Soil to Resource Ratio as the existing centrifuge. New Systems You can choose how much of one resource you need, if you need it to be made as quick a possible while also saving soil. The less resources you make, the faster the centrifuge goes, by following this equation. [0.1x +(0.125x - 0.005xr)]p X = fully powered centrifuge speed (Roughly 30 seconds) R = amount of resources being made P = Power being received Examples: You make 5/6 pieces of graphite at 7/8 Units/Second. The equation would be [0.1x +(0.125x - 0.005x(5))]7 [0.1x +(0.125x - 0.025x)]7 [0.1x +0.1x]7 0.2x * 7 1.4X The speed in this situation would be a good ways higher than in a regular soil centrifuge. You make 24 pieces of resin at 8 Units/Second. The equation would be [0.1x +(0.125x - 0.005x(24)]8 [0.1x +(0.125x - 0.120x)]8 [0.1x + 0.005x]8 0.105x * 8 0.84x Slower than a regular centrifuge, but with 2.5x more resin every second of production. The reason for this equation in the module is to balance the resource production. I didnt want mass producing resources to be the only point of having this module, so I nerfed mass production while buffing small resource collection. Items to go along with this: Soil Tank Research cost: 1,000 Bytes Material cost: 1x Resin & 1x Plastic Size: M Use: can hold 3 canisters full of soil -can transfer soil from canisters through a small slot Soil Silo Research cost: 2,500 Bytes Material Cost: 1x Resin & 1x Silicone Size: M Use: can hold 12 canisters full of soil -can transfer soil from canisters and tanks through a medium slot Credit to @TMarcher74 and @Marcin7667 for inspiring me! If I did anything wrong, or if I could balance anything better, OR if you have an add-on suggestions, please comment.
  21. Love using the new Medium Storage Silo, so got to thinking "why not have a large version?" It would take up the same sized slot at the existing Large Storage, be made of either four Titanium or possibly two Titanium plus two Steel, and would provide three times the medium storage slots that the Large Storage does. after all, we can never have too much storage...
  22. So with the latest update introducing Large Storage Silos, I think it's now possible to make superstorage on a single Extra Large Platform C - With the right stuff, it can hold 1152 Tier 1 items. No, I'm not joking. It uses an Extra Large Platform C with 4 Large Storage Silo Bs, each with 12 Medium Storage Silos. If you're interested in the maths to check on it... get outta here you frickin nerd (I haven't actually tried any of this yet, this is all in theory, but nonetheless sensible)
  23. Many people are clamoring for more storage, here's an idea inspired by the central column on the trade platform. This is the schematic view from above, it has 4 tiers at 6 slots each. The 2 smaller grey circles are the contacts underneath where you connect it to a module. If having too much storage feels like cheating, make it so that it only connects to platforms/modules and not to vehicles.
  24. The extra large storage was something I was really excited to get to when I first started playing the game, as organization is one of my favorite parts of any sandbox. But i quickly realized that it just didn't make any sense. It's a teir-4 (Uses 8 "dots") Item that has 31 slots. For comparison, currently the most efficient way to store things is with a large storage with 4 storage silos on them. This can hold a total of 96 items in a tier-3 (4 "dots") slot. This is a ton, but you might be thinking "well those take titanium to craft so they're kinda pricey. To which i say, yes. You are right. But even if you use the medium storage, the 4 of which can be made with only 2 full soil canisters, you can hold 32 items in a teir-3 slot. It's OVER DOUBLE the amount of storage of the extra large storage for arguably a commensurate amount of work. To get the full storage you need to use the centrifuge only 3 times. Twice for the resin for the 8 medium storage, and once for the clay for the 2 large storage. Plastic isn't horribly hard to make, but even if it took 5 times as long to make the large storage/medium storage combo instead, i still would do that over the extra large storage. I'm not sure how many slots it needs to be balanced and don't have much of an idea of what that would be as i don't claim to be a game developer. But right now it's disappointing and will go down as one of the only items in the game i have never crafted. P.S I searched for "extra large storage" in the forum search bar and didn't see anything, but I find it hard to believe that no one has posted about this. So if it has been, Feel free to delete the post.
  25. As i played through Astroneer so far i have noticed that in the late gate phase there is a problem with overflow of resources - even if i build large bases on every planet i hardly consume as much resources as i collect. many resource deposits are simply huge and yield far more stuff than is actually need. and even now with the addition of the silo storage i am still easily able to drill up more then i have room for (for example when going for the planet core or a gateway). From a technical point of view i also doubt that producing that many items (of which many are simply left in the landscape) is good for the game performance. A solution would be a special end game storage (pocket dimension storage) with only two slots (input and output). unlike any other storage however it would store items internally (invisible, no actual game objects, just an internal number - thus no impact on game performance). it would of course come with a major drawback: each such storage could only store items of a single type. so if you want to store compound and resin you would need two of those. therefore it would only need one input and one output slot to withdrew items - one an empty storage collects an item its input slot would simply not accept anything other then items of the same type. another potential drawback could be that storing and withdrawing items could require energy. this isn't really needed to balance the storage itself but rather due to the fact that in the late game we have a lot of power production but very little stuff that actually consumes it.