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  1. I have the Steam version of Astroneer since 6. March 2019. After seeing the new "Missions, Compass and Power-Update" i wanted to play Astroneer again. The game was not installed, because I got a new Computer and I did not install Astroneer until jet. After installing the Game, I started it up and wanted to play it, but after chosing if I wanted to play Astroneer in Fullscreen or Windowed mode, nothing happend and the button to start a game in Steam went back to the "Play" status. I have tried different methods to fix and launch the game, but nothing helped/worked. I also checked, if my video drivers and windows is updated, and yes they are. The files for Astroneer are still incomplete, because the game never realy lauched/started. I have added a Screehshot of the folder, Astroneer is installed in and a video of me trying to start it. (Unvortunatly the writing in the video is in german, but i think that this doesn´t realy matter, cause the steam layout is allways the same, regarding the language.) My Pc-specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 MOtherboard: As Rock B450 Pro4 GPU: Nvidia RTX 2060 16 GB Ram 2x 1TB SSD My old Pc had worse hardware, but it could run Astroneer with above 60 fps no problem. Ps: You can answer me in german, too. Desktop 2021.04.04 -