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Found 2 results

  1. tested with 7.1 surround and MPOW eg3 headset (eg3 non bluetooth version). some audio effects from various objects in game appear to direct sound into opposite direction speaker for headset and 7.1 surround sound speakers. the system test shows the correct outputs and perform outputs correctly with other applications (tested with Planetside 2 and Screaming Bee voice service) but when in game, objects like thermal vents on Desolo along with the new 50th Anniversary Moon Lander audio stream come through the opposite earpiece. R & L are reversed. as this is a new headset for me which neither provides nor requires drivers i am unsure if its just my headset but audio seems to play correctly in Planetside 2 and while using Screaming Bee Voice. Im reporting this bug to see if anyone else has the same issue and can confirm with a less NEW headset and 7.1 surround system.
  2. barbarossa

    reversed stereo

    Hi, I am experiencing a strange sound issue. Basically, it seems that some sounds get reversed stereo over time. I was starting a new game with 119 and was happy, that all sounds seemed to be in place once again and I hoped it got fixed. When I now jump into this save, the stereo for some sounds are reversed again. But here comes the strange thing: Yes, I have double checked I wear my headphones right. And when I revers my headphones, it does not sound right either, as not all of the sounds are reversed. Regards This happens on the Steam version, Win8.1.