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Found 3 results

  1. Using Mouse/Keyboard as controls, with Keyboard Option "Vehicles Use Absolute Steering" set to "ON". Remapped "Forward" key from default "W" to "HOME". Remapped "Back" key from default "S" to "END". Vehicle does not recognize the new mappings, instead uses the default "W" and "S" keys for forward and back movement. Note that remapped LEFT and RIGHT keys function properly.
  2. I was playing with my 2 friends and we built the small rover. My friends were able to drive the car normally, but when I tried to drive the controls were messed up. Something like A was forward, S was left and else. The weird thing is that when i press any button then the controls switch to something totally else. I checked the control settings, but these were okay. This also occurs with the medium rover and the large rover. Does anyone know a fix? This is really really annoying to not be able to drive the cars.
  3. First, let me say that I'm very happy with the improvements made in the rover driving dynamics. So much better with absolute steering in my opinion. Not sure if this is better off as a suggestion or a bug... While steering, the medium rover uses power even if you aren't moving. It takes power to move wheels, I get that. The part that I don't get is that under full-lock any further steering input uses power, even though the steering gear can't go any further. If the vehicle steering gear is full-lock left or right, any further input in those directions should not use any more power. Because no work is being done.