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  1. Hi. The bug I found is that when I tried to make a rubber ingot in the chemistry lab for the first time it started production, and then finished after about 3 seconds. But, the input resources where still in the input slots, and a unfinished rubber ingot was in the output slot. (Screenshot attached to this post.) Now the tricky part, I dont really know what caused it. But this is what I remember doing: I where trying to make a large rover that I just unlocked, and I had just made 2 aluminium alloys before I tried to make the rubber ingot. I had all the materials in my inventory and I simply opened the control panel for the machine, and clicked to green button. Making the resources automaticly move to the input slots and starting production. After a few seconds the chemistry lab made the ping sound, indicating that it was done, but in actuallity, it wasnt. The resources where now stuck in both input slots and the single output slot. I have a two theories to what caused it. I will try to reproduce the bug tomorrow, and I will update this thread with steps to make the bug happens if I find how to do it. My whole base was wind powered, and the power changing might have caused the problem to happen, but I find it unlikely. Possibly the save got broken because of the three crashes before. (These where not caused by the game. (More info about it later in this post)) Game version: 0.10.1 STEAM System specs: acer aspire VX5 laptop. intel i5 7300hq 16 Gb 2400mhz ram 256 Gb nvme ssd nvidia GTX1050ti laptop model I use keyboard and mouse. About the crashes, I dont think the game saves when it crashes, but as Im not sure about it I hope someone knows if it could have written something to the files even when the game crashed. And why it crashed, I have undervolted the cpu to both reduce temperatures, and noise (I dont want to annoy people around me with a noisy computer). The problem is that it is only stable when I have the laptop connected to a power outlet. If I try to play games when not connected, I have to disable the undervolt, othervise games can crash, and sometimes the whole pc restarts. When the crashes started I didnt understand as the computer where connected to a outlet, but after the laptop restarted after the third crash, I realised someone had turned of the power cord thing, so I just had to turn it back on again, and the crashes stopped. Save with the bug attached. FInaly I just want to say thanks for att the really nice updates from the past months, your doing a great job. Keep it up! AUTOSAVE_0_2018.09.07-21.21.47.sav