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Found 4 results

  1. Adding the ability to make space stations that you can store supplies refuel and rest at.
  2. This is astroneer. Astroneer is all about space and yet we dont have any contact with space except when launching to other planets Here is my idea: space station New printed item: Space habitat. A building module for space windows and other building features. engines ZERO GRAV
  3. When you have a module on the front of a ground vehicle(either Rover or Truck) and a module on the front of a station, when they get near each other they will auto snap off. Reproduction: Build a station(any). Snap a Generator module to the front power outlet. Build a Rover. Snap a Generator module to the front/rear power outlet of the Rover. Drive the Rover near the front of the station until you can see the blue hologram conveyor line. Results: Both modules will snap off from the hologram popping up. This also happens when you have 2 ground vehicles co
  4. I like the tutorial you have at the start, its good to keep tutorials short but I would walk a player though building their first station. I expanded 4 platforms out before I figured out that I was suppose to pull resin off my back and turn them into stations XD. Not a huge deal but it would help.