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Found 6 results

  1. I have the Steam version of Astroneer since 6. March 2019. After seeing the new "Missions, Compass and Power-Update" i wanted to play Astroneer again. The game was not installed, because I got a new Computer and I did not install Astroneer until jet. After installing the Game, I started it up and wanted to play it, but after chosing if I wanted to play Astroneer in Fullscreen or Windowed mode, nothing happend and the button to start a game in Steam went back to the "Play" status. I have tried different methods to fix and launch the game, but nothing helped/worked. I also checked, if my video drivers and windows is updated, and yes they are. The files for Astroneer are still incomplete, because the game never realy lauched/started. I have added a Screehshot of the folder, Astroneer is installed in and a video of me trying to start it. (Unvortunatly the writing in the video is in german, but i think that this doesn´t realy matter, cause the steam layout is allways the same, regarding the language.) My Pc-specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 MOtherboard: As Rock B450 Pro4 GPU: Nvidia RTX 2060 16 GB Ram 2x 1TB SSD My old Pc had worse hardware, but it could run Astroneer with above 60 fps no problem. Ps: You can answer me in german, too. Desktop 2021.04.04 -
  2. I have yet to try to play on my main pc but on my laptop which i use when away from home; I cannot for the life of me get the game to start. When i click the game to open the loading screen opens with the black borders and the small picture of astroneer and then almost instantly crashes. I downloaded new c++ visual files which allowed me to play for one night and the next day (today) it is back to the same problem; I have repaired the visual c++ and that also has done nothing Lastly, I have also tried changing the fps limit or something like that in the files and that didnt change anything either. I am on the windows 10 platform of Astroneer.
  3. Hi everyone, I have a problem with my Astroneer. When I start Astroneer, it loads the solar system, but when "the solar system" is loaded and you go to the main menu, the game crashes immediately. I tried things like deleting some startup .mp4 videos and so on, but that didn't make a difference. My system: CPU: Intel Core i5 - 10th generation @1 - 3.7 Ghz GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 630 (4GB VRAM, 1.1Ghz clock speed) RAM: 8GB I can play GTA V on my pc, so I hope I can play Astroneer as well. Does anyone know of a solution to this bug? Personally i think i miss things like (DirectX) drivers etc but I'm not sure.
  4. I tried to run the game a couple of times with a couple of different parameters (windowed/fullscreen, admin, start from Steam/directly from executable). Black screen, and a message "Astro has stopped working". Reinstalling the game and restarting the computer didn't work. It worked fine just a couple of days ago. I e-mailed my log files from today's attempts as well as my dxdiag results as described in "how to report crashes".
  5. hello mistake which appeared in my room is a little annoying because every time I run the game I have to enter the settings and to turn it down or to turn it up, my sound settings are all at 20 after restarting the settings are different or everything at 100 or at 0 I would ask for fixing it because it's annoying
  6. Yesterday, I was playing for a few hours with no issue, but today when I tried to load up my save file, it would flicker and then crash without warning. Any ideas?