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Found 4 results

  1. I have the Steam version of Astroneer since 6. March 2019. After seeing the new "Missions, Compass and Power-Update" i wanted to play Astroneer again. The game was not installed, because I got a new Computer and I did not install Astroneer until jet. After installing the Game, I started it up and wanted to play it, but after chosing if I wanted to play Astroneer in Fullscreen or Windowed mode, nothing happend and the button to start a game in Steam went back to the "Play" status. I have tried different methods to fix and launch the game, but nothing helped/worked. I also checked, if my vi
  2. Hello! So I have downloaded the game and played for a couple of hours with a friend fast forward to next day, opening the game leads to a grey screen with the sound of System Era on the background playing, google tells me to delete the config folder, easy enough, still the same, the only fix seems to reinstall the game, done that, fixed! Until I next time I open the game and it keeps on going every time I try to launch the game it goes into the same grey screen with some noise playing on the back, I since I'm gessing is the movies and loading on that background I left it for about an hour
  3. So why does the game generate the solar system at start up, and then again on when the player chooses new or load save game? Seems like you could improve the start up load time by not doing that.
  4. When I start the game through steam (pc) the first time, it freezes on the splash screen. I have to close "Astro" in the task manager and try again, after that all is fine. Awesome game by the way, off to a good start Dev's!