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Found 1 result

  1. My idea is that the research should branch off, Like imagine you can't get the fuel condenser when you haven't even unlocked a shuttle. You won't be getting a wide aug for your tool when you cant even make a 8x2 storage. If this would've been implemented in 153 and the whole printer and Vehicle modules debacle wouldn't have happened.They could've just made the 3d printer in a very small pool of items that can be unlocked with your first research ball. This would allow for a more organic feel for advancing through the game and make it that your aren't entirely playing a roulette game just so you don't have to waste a bunch of resin just to place items down. I also don't think this would be to difficult to implement, you guys already uprooted the research system and made it the backbone that it is to advancing. It's just not fun playing a game where the only thing stopping you wanting to explore or play it is because a dumb ball said you get oxygen filters and not a basic item like the 8x2 storage. This is how I think item research should be