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Found 4 results

  1. Okay, brace yourself because when I was working today, a whole bunch of ideas came to my mind, so sorry if it doesn't make sense, but I'll try to make it sound perfect. I play Astroneer on the Xbox One, and I love the planets you can travel to. So, I was thinking there could be planets that are like Saturn and Jupiter. Even planets with rings around it that you can actually land on and the ring is around the planet, and you can see it just like the image below. Another thing is to build telescopes so you can see other planets or suns or stars from where you are. Like, I was thinking
  2. Here's an observation to test out. I thought I'd go for a drive around the irradiated planet, heading due South. I was using the stars to navigate as usual but I notices that when I checked the mini compass on my astro, it was all over the place after a while. I'd set off in the direction, drive for 30 secs or so then recheck, and it kept flipping. This completely threw me so i went back to using the stars; and immediately noticed what looked like a zenith overhead. So is there a magnetic north and south pole effect here? Looks like there is which is pretty cool but can throw your naviga
  3. Just sharing a brainstorm of ideas that have come to mind as I play... really enjoying the game even in its pre-alpha stage. Just hopeful that a variety of planets is on the horizon for the game.The inclusion of gas giants and planets with rings? Also perhaps vary the color of the sun (star) as well as the size of the sun. in the center of the solar system. The addition of meteors striking planets, perhaps bringing with them new alloys? Astroneers landing on and mining asteroids or even comets. Is there going to be the inclusion of gold or an economic aspect to the game? L
  4. It has just been released but its beauty already amazed me. I would like to see your guys scenes and artworks of Astroneer here. I have captured some of them . I hope you like.