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Found 2 results

  1. I would like to see Portals worked in the game. They would look similar to "Stargate"portals, and you could set them up near your bases on multiple planets and you could teleport back and forth more easily then traveling with ships. Of course you would first travel to the planets to place them. If the developers could program them so you would instantly pop to other portals without a load screen would make it all the more effective. I imagine them looking like stargate portals, with arrow selection like the printer has. You would choose for which portal you want to travel to. Maybe they would require crystals that you must find throughout the planets to operate (This would give players who already have everything unlocked something to search for.) Also I imagine finding ancient portals on planets that you might find, and it would teleport you to some random planets once you found crystals to use them.
  2. Hi , I was thinking about in what way this game could have additonal ways to travel to other planets. I watched a good deal of the series Stargate and wondered if this could not be implemented in this game. For those not familiar with the show: A stargate is a gate which allows inter planetary travel and thereby links multiple worlds. In the show 1 stargate could "dial" a lot of other stargates. But for the purpose of the game it also possible to link 1 gate to just 1 other gate. Why are stargates interesting for this game? Stargates can be hidden across worlds can give the game more depth. Maybe a stargate is unfinished and has to be built first or it has to be transported or assembled. I am imagining a game where i start on the "Earth type world" and stumble on an active stargate and when i go through i would be on the tundra world. It may even be possible to build a base that is connected through these gates. What do you guys think? It is quite a lot of scifi but its cool