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Found 5 results

  1. To organize crafting materials and ressources that can be stacked onto stack modules it would be great to have some kind of cupboard or shelve to put them on. Now, I craft a lot of stack modules and place them in a self made cave, that I made with the terraforming tool. Continuing this idea, I would appreciate a light system. Maybe it would be great if you could connect the working light to the tethers and gain power from the basement or rover. At the moment, I use the tethers to create some light in my ressources cave.
  2. I am not sure whether to call this a suggestion or a bug or both. I decided to post it here as it was my original intent to do so. In my own opinion, I believe tethers should be turned off within the character's inventory (or when the stack is on the ground), as it is not connected to the base like the play may or may not be. Also, when trying to give a screenshot with a non-full stack of tethers, I have noticed they have different textures on the tethers themselves and not lit like I thought it up should have been. So what do you guys think, should we have our tethers black like the older textures or should we have them light up in as a stack? Since it doesn't have any power or oxygen in them innately, I would say the latter doesn't make as much sense in this case.
  3. Controller : Mouse/Keyboard Platform : Steam How it did happen : I was melting some minerals at the refinery and an incomplete stack jumped right to the side slot. How to reproduce : I think the building run out of batteries half of the way, but I can't remember for sure, I simply filled the 4 refinery active slots with the same material and it just happened. Aditional info : The slot still bugged and useless, I tried to fill all the slots up with the bugged material but the refinery works as if the slot wasn't there. I logged off and on a couple of times and the building keeps working but missing that point.
  4. Summary: 125 - Steam - Resources extracted with the drill do not create stacks properly Description: The titanium and lithium resources extracted by using a drill attacked on a crane, which is mounted on a truck, do not assemble complete stacks. Nearly every time, before the resource stack is complete, pieces of the titanium/lithium extracted fall on the ground or remain attacked on a crane's free item space. These uncompleted stacks are useless for crafting. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 125 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 CPU: Intel i7 6500U 2.50GHz RAM: 16 GB Drive: 500 GB SSD -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Not being able to pick up unfinished stacks of resources is a pain! It renders inventory slots on your crane and smelter useless as you can't remove them or try adding to them. Enabling to pick them up and making sure incomplete stacks on the ground despawn after a while would resolve this issue. I am playing on the Steam version.