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Found 6 results

  1. When will split-screen on ps4 comes out, does anybody know?
  2. I've always enjoyed playing Astroneer but I feel like it would be much better with splitscreen. I play video games with my brother and it sucks that we have to take turns playing. It would be much more enjoyable and make exploring/building much easier and much more fun it this feature was added! I would love to see this happen and I know the community would as well. Keep up the great work!
  3. i've read some time ago by a moderator that splitscreen could be introduced in the near furture. Could the game developers please give us a expected time when we could get this, or just say they are working on it IF it will be implemented into the game (Please do❤?). Thanks really love the game just want another way to share the experience.?
  4. What if you could play side-by side with 3 other friends on your couch. Besides, a full astroneer server is 4 people anyway so it fits.So you could play without needing X-Box Live Gold.
  5. Please add a splitscreen mode for Xbox One if possible, the game would be much more fun with this addition
  6. If this game had split screen, I would buy it in an instant. This game is perfect for that, and if it had it, could possibly be as big as Minecraft. Also, the amount of games with split screen is getting smaller every year even though everyone wants it.