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Found 4 results

  1. As seen in video. I'll walk around them for now ASTRONEER TEST.mp4
  2. Some of you probably knew this already, but if you can zap those flying spike balls with your terrain tool, they sometime drop an organic resource pack. I walled up my base to block them and in the process trapped a pile of them in a corner. Went to open a hole to let them out and "zap!", I had a bunch of organics.
  3. Hardware Setup: PC - Windows 7 x64 Steam Intel i7-3930k 16gb DDR3 Nvidia GTX 980ti Keyboard Bugs: During single and multiplayer game session, FPS continually drops over time while playing as the base grows. This continues to effect the gameplay even after restarting the game. It seems to get better at times, then will degrade further to the point of an unplayable experience Extreme lag when connecting two or more vehicles to the base via the "power connectors" in older games (2+ hours). I can actively connect one at a time to the base, and there is minimal lag, however connecting two causes spiking lag "freezes". For example. I have truck #1 connected to my base, and hop in truck #2 to go on a supplies run. When I return to the base with truck #2, and connect it to the base the freezing occurs. It doesn't seem to freeze if I am standing still, or even if I move the camera. The freezing occurs when I move the character around inside my base. I can take 1-3 steps, and then the entire screen freezes for about 2-3 seconds or until I stop moving and the game catches up. Overall I LOVE this game. Great work getting this far! I am excited to see where you guys take this in the future. I can acquire video of the above bugs, and would be willing to if it would help provide context. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help! To (non-pre) Alpha and beyond!
  4. When playing multiplayer on Xbox, the rolling "spike balls" (for lack of a better term) seen on Radiated are only visible (and felt) by the primary player. The other players who are connecting to the game over the internet do not see or feel the "spike balls" as they fly through the lava tubes or the surface. I do like the concept of the unexpected threat that the "spike balls" brings to the game experience. Keeps you on your toes when venturing into the unknown.