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Found 6 results

  1. Yesterday I made a big trench next to my base to park my 3 rover train into so the storm dos not flip it. Today when I opened the save everything was fine, then I built some Research chambers and I turn around to go to my rover and half of it is in the ground and a minute ago it was fine. Unfortunately I did not take a screenshot of it being spawned like that, but I have drawn a picture of how it was.
  2. loaded save, suddenly plants on my base. one of them i almost couldn't remove, would've made my base useless
  3. So I've began to notice when you start a new game or are landing on in a new zone on a planet, more often than not the landing is a cave or some hill making it safe to unmount the spaceship, should fix it so all landings/ spawns in games are guaranteed to be flat and not in a weird crevis. Had to make three planets before I found one with a decent spawn.
  4. I'm playing on a pc through steam, my friend and I love this game, however whenever I log out or encounter a bug that crashes the game, it spawns me back onto the starting planet Terran and I lose all of my gear. We tried to remedy this through logging out inside a habitat module or a spaceship however neither works. Also one of the most frustrating bugs is when mining or selecting an item, when placed into your inventory, it despawns. This is consistent until you restart your game, again placing you back on Terran when you log back in. Hopefully this can be sorted out soon becaus
  5. When I joined one of my girlfriends game and the habitat took me to the surface, it took me right through the surface and took me into the cave underneath the spawn. I almost died and was pretty upset. Please fix.
  6. Would be kewl if we could spawn to other locations. Maybe once you place a beacon down you can then spawn to it. I only say this because it will come in handy to be able to do a fast travel and if you get stuck you can choose to spawn to another location or if they do make a suicide feature where you can kill yourself that could be an option. But once you die you loose all the items from your backpack. So having the ability to spawn will come in handy in many ways