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  1. Summary: Steam build Aug 12 2019 - Sylvan - Firework Delivery Airbags Continuous Spawning in-game Description: On Sylvan planet. Discovered delivery airbags with fireworks spawning in-game. Usually these are three static objects. Now there are more than 11 and they exhibit active spawning. I can watch them glitch into existence with new fireworks. Game lags at this point but traveling out of the area the game will return to normal performance. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: build Aug 12 2019 Specifications: OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Ho
  2. Summary: - Steam - Spawn Glitch And Die In Shelter Description: Die Together To Reach Cloud of Sylva, We Have Make Brigde To Cloud And If Cloud Experimental, My Monitor's Blank, And Die And Spawn In Shelter Together. Maybe You Can Watch This, And I Can't Out Of Shelter Before I Die. Btw I Have Trouble Connection For Joining Friends, Our Connection Is Fine But Sometimes Disconnected Every 30 Minutes Or Less. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home 64x CPU: Intel Core i5-4210U 2.40 GHz
  3. When I spawn in, for a long time I am not attached to my person, i am attached to the world and I can just rotate it around. It eventually fixes, but it takes a while.
  4. Hello, Recently while playing Astroneer I decided to plant a few of those weird white-ish pink mushroom things because I discovered some seeds. I did not realize, however, that the exact location I planted them in is the same place that the dropship brings me when I respawn after dying. Shortly after I planted them I unfortunately died and every time I try to leave the drop ship I am killed by the mushroom things. I'm not quite sure what to do. I know this isn't necessarily a bug, but I would just like to know what I can do to successfully respawn (if anything). If nothing can be done the
  5. Hi! I got a problem like you see in photos. How can I fix it? Please give me a solution. Thanks! ?
  6. I bring some seed and just bring it on the floor. but they grew and right know that's a bit annoying me. I hope you guys can do something ^^
  7. Summary: of the rover spawned in the ground Description: 2 days ago I made a big trench next to my base to park my 3 rover train into so the storm dos not flip it. Today when I opened the save everything was fine, then I built some Research chambers and I turn around to go to my rover and half of it is in the ground and a minute ago it was fine. Unfortunately I did not take a screenshot of it being spawned like that, but I have drawn a picture of how it was. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: Sp
  8. Hi, I started the game few days ago and I'm very frustated because the habitats don't set spawn points and it's really annoying when you die so far from the last habitat you have created. So my idea is to make this feature. Thank you and sorry for my english, I'm french
  9. Hello I have bug since I bought the game. Friends invite me to play and arrive in the game my game brings me home without there is a house logo ItsLaek
  10. Controller : Mouse/keyboard Platform : Steam How it happened : I setted a dynamite over some resources, I quitted then got back to the game and the hole made by the blast was still there and random resources (different to the previous ones) spawned over the void. How to reproduce : Go to a first layer of caves, set a dynamite, blast it, close the game and get back in less than 1 min.
  11. Hi there, A friend and I recently covered Astroneer in our First Look series and we encountered a variety of bugs which were all caught on camera and can be found here: The bugs can be found at the following times: 2:25 16:00 16:45 More bugs to come in the 2nd part which I'll post on release next week. Thanks, Falco77
  12. I had recently traveled to Tundra to set up a new base. Went to explore a cave, and died. When I spawned back into the game, I was placed underneath of my space ship and halfway clipped into the ground. Nothing I did would dislodge me from the ground, and the game saved when I re-spawned so I'm kind of at a loss with this save. I listened to the stream that was posted to YouTube the other day, so I am guessing it has something to do with the way the terrain, and objects are loaded during a spawn. I'm just not sure why I did not spawn into the habitat that I had already set up instead o
  13. Basically while dying if you you can still get into a seat. You'll respawn in the seat. Expected behavior, respawn at base.
  14. My friends and I went off Planet, but when they re-join me, they spawn on our home planet (Terran) rather than the new one that I'm on. I tried building a Habitat which still didn't work (it only works for whoever is hosting the game). Please fix It's really annoying to pick up my friends everytime they die on another planet.
  15. Hei, when I play in multiplayer and a friend is joining my session, he always spawns on the start planet . Sometimes his landing shuttle flies to the other planet ( where I - the host ) am , but then turns around and goes straight back to the starter planet.
  16. I was just walking around my base when I started falling through the world. The only way up was to use a hole I had previously duh and semi-jump my way through. Ill have the the same problem when dying. I'll spawn in a little nothing area and gently float down till I hit a cave and die or somehow magically bs my way out.
  17. upon loading my safe, which was made upon entering my truck, i spawned with the truck inside an already mined deposit. i could not move the truck, however battery was consumed. i was able to exit the truck, upon which the mineral deposit "plopped" back to its supposed state, how it was mined, thus freeing my truck and myself.
  18. Whenever I try to load it just puts me in a random cave then it says I have low oxygen I have no idea where my base is and I have lots of items on me so I don't want to die. I am playing a laptop with windows 10 using keyboard and mouse.
  19. Almost every time I begin a new game or spawn after dying, I begin underground or inside the planet. Just trying to report this issue. Sometimes it corrects and I slowly ascend to the surface. Other times I die inside a cave where I am. If I hold jump I can get to the surface faster. Thank you.
  20. Ever since my friends introduced me to this game I have been almost addicted to it, Astroneer is almost what I would call a masterpiece. Since this title is so good, it feels like a shame that I have to point this out. There are still a good amount of glitches, which is totally acceptable because it is still in an alpha faze. The main glitch that I have found is that whenever a non-host person spawns into the game, they will sometimes fall through the ground. This is not a huge problem since it doesn't break the game but it can be annoying. Traveling to another planet can also have the sam
  21. I'm playing on a pc through steam, my friend and I love this game, however whenever I log out or encounter a bug that crashes the game, it spawns me back onto the starting planet Terran and I lose all of my gear. We tried to remedy this through logging out inside a habitat module or a spaceship however neither works. Also one of the most frustrating bugs is when mining or selecting an item, when placed into your inventory, it despawns. This is consistent until you restart your game, again placing you back on Terran when you log back in. Hopefully this can be sorted out soon becaus
  22. Bug with muliplayer: We had no problems playing yesterday, but now whenever our third player "joins" he is not placed at my habitat. He is either placed at a random location in the world, but we cannot find him if that is the case. I tried orbiting the planet in a shuttle after he joined to find him but could not. He is on a low end computer and loading times are quite long. It seems that he is being placed in a single player world.
  23. Xbox one, controller My husband and I have been playing on my saved game together and he has repeatedly had an issue when he re-spawns after dying, the camera will go back to the base, his character will spawn in the main pod, but then will fall through the bottom and the ground into an underground cavern, where he will hit the ground and die. This does not happen every time, but has happened frequently. This has not happened to me as the host player when we are playing together.
  24. Hello Mouse/Keyboard - Steam - 4 Players CO-OP I'm not the host. When i die,i respawn under the shuttle and i can "fly" under the ground with the "fall animation".But when i reach a tunnel and able to walk i instantly die because the game think i'm falling. For reproducing: Not enought free space at the shuttle (all link possible) and died in a storm. Hope it can help ! Cheers
  25. Is a nice idea to put a button in the habitats to set your home and respawn location.