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Found 5 results

  1. peregarin

    Spacesuit upgrades

    My suggestion is to make an upgrades for spacesuites, or spacesuites(it was said that there will be a new ones) with different abilities. I am always think about double or "high jump". Maybe it would be jetpack do all thing possible, but "high jump" must be possible near the start of the game. It must not be such expensive than jetpack. High jump + grappling hook would be useful in caves when you accidentally fall deep down without O2 tether.
  2. I have never been so defeated by a bug, 2 wolframite gone. Info : Was in the barren cave system, while running from heat-seeking gas i was grabbed by a tendril and thrown through the planet
  3. djcad2017

    Lost In Space

    I was standing on Barren minding my modules when all of a sudden I was out in space in my spacesuit with no way back. I re-booted the game but I was still out there, floating in Space. I wish I would have taken a screenshot !. I finally made it back by just waiting till my Oxygen ran out, then I died and returned to barren.
  4. Gelbin Mekkatorque

    Personal suit details

    So, what I suggest: Flags on suits depending of country that set in Steam/Xbox etc. Flags can be on shoulder like IRL Nickname on suit instead of standard that hovers above player. It can be placed in middle of chest It's just simple detail, but it adds more personality for each player. It was inspired by real spacesuits. And also once in vlog you told that want change all interface to more in-gamish, not just abstract things which appear from nowhere.
  5. Hello fellow astroneers! I play as dr. oj, and i really like to take my quad and explore the world driving around seeing the sun go up and down and live free... But i do realize that astroneer is much more than that, its about crafting an building. So i was thinking on 2 ideas to make the building more immersive and fun. EXOSKELETONS and a COMMAND CENTER! I feel like the astronauts needs to do let go of the psychic power and start to do some heavylifting to get things done! like really carry things with your hands and building your base old school style. For the "light" items such as components to the research items, i think with a exoskeleton, it should be possibly more immersive than using the force. Now lets go to the command center: The command center would be the first building you have to craft, in order to use it to craft the others. It has a operable crane so the player could enter and start to place modules for expanding its base of operations. With this idea im trying to make building a little deeper, increasing the costs of modules (more than 2 resins) so you really have to go exploring caves and the underground to get the AL, CU, FE, TI and possibly for the end game buildings the astronium. PS: this building also gives you the chance to replace or scrap something that you mistakenly had placed (i have 3 printers and have no idea how to delete 2 of them)