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Found 6 results

  1. FloppyDisc

    Space Station

    I've been playing Astroneers for a while now, and I think what should be added is a way to craft a space station which requires 4 Titanium 2 Copper 2 Resin 4 Compound It can be build on the vehicle bay and has to be launched into space using alot of fuel. Once its in space, you can expand it by adding more shells to the station, but only if you land it. You can also add certain stations like the furnace etc., only if you land it. I think this would be a great idea to expand space exploration, and also for having fun with friends on servers.
  2. Imagine being able to visit certain planets and these planets would be social hubs where you can randomly run into anyone else who is also playing astroneer, on this planet you can build with anyone, explore with anyone even set up base together. Similar to a MMO. And if you so choose you can invite other players to venture out with you into a party system to visit other planets etc. Same aspect would work for multiple space stations floating in space (maybe being able to build your own space stations that people can visit and dock at) where you would dock your ship get off and walk around and meet new astroneers,NPCs, shop at the stores on board, use facility etc. This idea can be applied to any planet as well this way there will be multiple astroneers living on a planet giving the planets and the universe a more social vibe. There's is something special about wandering out alone and you come across another real actual player. This is my idea.
  3. If you guys do actually consider adding a buildable space station. I'd like to see a truster upgrade to the back pack so we can float around upgrading and connecting pieces to the station. Would also be cool if you added a rocket to launch the equipment to the station. And use a control system to connect the pieces with thrusters like in real life ??? That would be cool!! (Interior would be a neat addition on the station) This game has so much potential. I'm stoked! Freaking love space
  4. satellites My idea is for the addition of satellites and satellite imagery to the game to improve gameplay by adding a map where the user can see a live feed of the planet from the satellite giving the player a bird's eye view of where they are. having the lander be able to fly up to the satellite and dock with it would be great and also give the player the ability to walk around the satellite and expand and upgrade it. i also think the satellite image should not show a map of the entire planet it should just show its view from where it is in space requiring the player to invest in multiple satellites to fill in the entire map. The map should also include placed beacons so the player can easily find there way to where they need to go on the planet without getting lost.
  5. Hello all! I would like to ask for forgivness for my terrible English. ;9 So the IDEA. Basicly, we could craft some kind of mini station that we could send in to the space. We could travel to it and would have an interior. The spacestation would have a computer,some kind of interface for: Required resources for spacestation upgrade Intergalactical Trading(with otherplayers or aliens) Achievements/Milestones Discoveries Different kind of information about planets like fauna,resources(Example Titanium:Medium,Compound:High) Spacesuit,backpack customization The upgrades would give: -Bigger storage(Mining bases on the planets would store the resources here and we could call a drone like the trading station that we need compound or coal from the spacestation storage) -Some kind of telescope(Would give information about the planets fauna,resources,flora,weather,radiation,classification,rating) -Garage(Spaceship customization,epic upgrades on the spaceship needed to be done on spacestation) -Better interior,bigger,customizable(Trophies on the planets we could place in the rooms) Bigger solar panels(We need more energie for bigger spacestation) More durable shield(Against Asteroids,radiation,Spacestorms) Mini quests like an asteroid hit the solar panel, your charachter manually need to repair it so you need to go out and repair it,while your charachter could get hit by debris. Thanks for the reading,I hope it gives some good ideas for the people and the devs
  6. WhiSKeYAmiGO

    Idea - Space Station

    I would love to see something where it could make it easier for you to expand your locations and have multiple locations on multiple planets you can bounce back and forth from using a space station as your overall hub to transport to and from. I'm thinking the concept would work a lot like the base building in subnautica but in space instead and allow you to move around outside the base to enhance it (obviously thinking way future forward as it would require new mechanics but even just having it as a place to store resources would be super helpful to warp back and forth from initially). Would allow gamers to expand their experience and potentially open it up for resource diversity, alien lifeforms to be discovered, new and further base building, etc. Anyway, that's my thought...probably already on this forum somewhere but putting it down anyway.