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Found 12 results

  1. Hello I have a problem on my Coop part with my friends when I go into my space shuttle and click on launch its march a first time to go into the orbit of the earth and then nothing happens and I can’t choose other planets and other problem I also have my tractors that fly and send me into space I am on PC Can help me
  2. I landed my spaceship and it landed itself sideways.
  3. I'm new here and do not know if those ideas have been submitted yet. Sorry if they have been and I have not noticed them. Daily Objectives: Would love to see some daily objectives (for instance orders coming from the Command Station). For example - extract soil from said planet and send it up with the trade station back to them for research or find a certain unknown material to put in the research station. Reward could be something like: if you research certain soil from a planet enough you'd get more materials while mining from it and if you research enough stuff in the research station you not only get bytes but inreased oxygen capacity or something similar. Spaceships and Space stations:I think it will be awesome to be able to build large ships (late game) with interiors and hangar bays where you can park rovers, have fabricators, trading stations, etc. Kinda like a mobile base that you would normally have on the surface. With that in mind there could also spacestations (with interior and bays) that you could build on the surface and then launch (and be able to travel with your shuttle to and from planets) which then orbit the planet they were launched from (they have dedicated dropship to get from the planet they orbit to station and vice versa). Think the devs have done an amazing work so far and would like to see something like that added. NPCs and Enemies: The only enemy I have encountered so far are the poisonous shrooms and the only hazard the storm. Would be cool instead only of the trading station to have an NPC with which you can haggle for resources and buy equipment from (kinda like in No Man's Sky) - they could be in a space station and sometimes come to your base with new stuff for example; I'd also love to encounter wildlife and maybe an enemy faction (would explain all the destroyed habitats you find); Thanks for reading and hope you find some of these suggestions interesting.
  4. I Have A Spaceship Somewhere On Terra Already And I Waned To Make A Second One Wich Is Kind Of At The Otherside Of Terra And I Waned To Make Second One But Even With Flat Ground It Wont Build It It Just Stays Red/Pink Colour Is It Just A Bug Or Did They Do It So U Can Just Have 1 Spaceship If So Its Very Annoying
  5. When there are two vehicle engines and landing with a spaceship, it lands on top of another spacecraft or vehicle. One overlaps the other.
  6. I just added two storage modules to my spaceship. After stocking it up and putting a one seat on it, the craft won't launch. The button appears, but it can not be pressed. No highlight appears when you hove on it. I've tried removing all the items and switching the seat position. None of these worked. The storage units can't be removed after adding them so I can't test if the spaceship will launch again with out them. I've launched the game both with Steam and directly. And in both full screen and windowed modes. The problem will not correct itself.
  7. I'm able to make the game crash "on demand" using a few procedures in my 0.6.5 created base. Preface, (which I think is important) I had a base made with 0.6.5, and it had some worklights plugged on the ceiling, which were bugged (and non functioning but visible) in the 0.6.6 hotfix. Itwould only show the actual light without the base/power plugs I used the same savegame in 0.6.7 to reproduce the crash. but the bugged worklights dissapeared (are no longer there ) I made 2 new worklights to replace the (nonexistente) old ones, then I went up to the shuttle and entered it. = crash. Whenever I do the same procedure, (on the savegame) it always produces the same result. Build connected (functional) new worklights in base, go up to shuttle, enter = crash. I provided a crashlog, dxdiag and the savegame in which you can test this. DxDiag.txt
  8. So I build the spaceship with 2 storages like you're supposed to do, shove 7 small storages on the nodes and one habitat, and I can't enter the habitat. So I put a seat there instead and enter it, and I can't launch the spaceship. This wasn't mentioned in the patch notes. For the love of God, please revert it back to the way it was in 0.5. What do I do?
  9. Summary: - Steam - Can't exit space ship Description: After a two-player session, main player can't exit spaceship in next play, cause stuck objects under the main spaceship. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1607 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600X Six-Core Processor 3.60GHz GPU: R9 290X OCII 4GB RAM: DDR4 16GB I'm not good with computers, so this is what i think i have (custom made by friend) -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Howdy! I love this game so incredibly much, excited to see where it goes in the future! None of the bugs I have experienced have been very awful - either hilarious or another thing to work with in the game. However, this bug can't be fixed! I don't think this has anything to do with any hardware of my own or my friend, as I've ran the save on multiple accounts/computers. The error likely resides in the fact that on our way to landing on Barren in our spaceship, my bud lost internet connection, crashing the game (he was host). Now whenever the host launches to world, he is stuck permanently in space, orbiting Barren with no option to fly out to other planets, nor land on Barren. Additionally, the camera angle is broken. We've tried making new save points as well as bringing a shuttle next to the space ship and nothing has been able to fix or mend any of the issue. The sad part is that anyone who can connect to the game can still play on the world, just not the host. Anyway, just to help, this bug is on Steam and I'm thinking if you want to try to replicate the bug, attempt to land on a planet and (perhaps?) alt+f4 to shut the game down, unless you'd rather rip the modem's power out to crash the game, though that is probably not a great idea. Thanks! If you need any more details please let me know, cause this is sort of game breaking for me. P.S of the pictures I have attached, the second is the camera angle - my spaceship is at the bottom of the screen and that's as close as I can get the camera to it. The first picture is a direct pan up from the second, showing Barren. That should give you the idea of what I am dealing with - no buttons to leave the orbit, nor land, nor a convenient camera angle to check the ship. I think adding a kill command would be able to fix this bug!
  11. i was building a nice looking spaceship, and then i realized that i could not place the thruster on the backside of the ship. i was pretty upset and would like that to be possible. maybe for decorations, maybe to (if the thruster is fully fueled) make you have access to more planets at the same time. (make the ring bigger) and also, i would like to have a custom inside of the spaceship editor, if it looks like mine (i made a spaceship with a 3-seat on it, and a big storage with four medium storages on top.) it could have some new reseachables, and you could go there for like 20 sec. if you fly to the furthest planet. (assuming the thruster is in action) and if you do not like tat idea, you could make a bigger spaceship with a new module that does have that in it. you can just put one in the game, don't think you have to put everything in, just one is fine too. thanks for reading this far, i'm gonna go now. bye! PS: replying is welcome!
  12. I have not played since January so most of the updates are new had to figure them out but I forgot you needed like ABSOLUTLY needed a printer and I ended up making everything else forgetting a printer wasted time trying to research another habitat when I needed a printer to make it so me and my friend had to start a new world it was frustrating. So it would make the game better and prevent these if you could somehow make it let us delete machines and branches since we're only allowed 4. Thanks.