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Found 13 results

  1. Ok first post here, so let me know if I'm doing something wrong: First of all: There would be two types of vehicles added: one for land (similar to a car hauler), and one for space. Second thing: All 'prices' I state are just ideas for what I think would be fair and/or balanced. Land: Small Vehicle Carrier: Can transport 2 tractors(with 3 trailers each),4 small rovers, or 2 medium rovers. Would cost similar to a large rover. Medium Vehicle Carrier: Can transport 4 tractors(with 3 trailers each), 8 small rovers, or 4 medium rovers. Would cost 2-4x as much as the large ro
  2. It simply makes logical sense that the Terrain Tool should at least require some power, right? The Large Rover already requires a HUGE amount of power but the Terrain Tool requires nothing. Also, spacecraft should not give free power when you are tethered to them. Power should be a problem that you actually need to consider when you leave your base. Please let me know what you think.
  3. Me and my friend were playing and I got stuck on barren, he launched the home base space craft and when he arrived his craft merged with mine. When he attempted to get out he wasn’t able to. Also when he tries to join he doesn’t spawn in the satellite he spawns in space. Thank you for the time and I hope you can fix the issue soon
  4. Hello, I have been playing the game for a while now, I have established a well made base on Terran and have gotten the chance to explore all of the planets with the new Mineral extractor. I have researched many science topics one of which included anti-matter, and warp travel. of course these are still in the making. I was thinking it would be cool to add inter galactic travel to the game, I know the coding behind that would be super massive and the maps would take a while so this is in no way a "please do now." This new feature would include at least a new solar system, a new type of travel,
  5. I've had problems with landing spacecraft when my base has multiple closely-spaced vehicle bays. From orbit, I have a hard time selecting my preferred vehicle bay for landing, and when I select an occupied vehicle bay, my shuttle or spacecraft ends up occupying the same space as the vehicle that occupied that bay (both vehicles are superimposed together.) One possible solution might be to disallow landing in occupied vehicle bays -- or at least make this an option. I saw this on the XBox a few weeks ago before Patch 125. (I took a while to create a account to submit bug reports.)
  6. We all have seen all different kinds of space debris, that currently, has no use. My theory is that, either it's already in game, or it's coming, that we somehow build all the 'parts' together to form a rocket ship, and that's the ultimate PvE goal. Parts are scattered throughout the solar system and would require long term game play to collect parts and transport them back on one planet. Maybe Astronium has no use because it's a 'new' element, and our goal is to stuff the rocketship full of it, to 'travel' back to home planet. Either that or I've been awake way too lo
  7. Could you please add a landing pad for shuttles so that they dont park themselves in my vehicle bay and make it impossible to create more land vehicles?
  8. [Xbox One] First off, not sure if this should be a bug report or a feature request, apologies for that. ISSUE: Shuttles and Spacecraft sometimes appear overturned or upside down (on loading a saved game or returning to them after travelling a ways from them). This results in not being able to select/click on their contents, and obscures the 'take flight' icon. OBSERVATION: When this happens to a Rover or Truck I have noticed that attempting to enter them (using the 'X' button option) can set them back to the right way up. This behavior does not extend to the Shuttles or Spacecra
  9. Specs: PC/Steam i7-K, 16G Ram, 8TB HDD (RAID 0), GTX 970 Symptom: After creating a spacecraft base/foundation, the vehicle bay allows you to construct a storage object. Once the storage object is placed on the spacecraft vehicle, it cannot be removed, launched, or otherwise relocated. Expected Behavior: The module is expected to be removable, like other vehicle modules. Reproduction Steps: 1. Create vehicle spacecraft base/foundation in Vehicle bay 2. Create storage addon via Vehicle bay 3. Attempt to remove storage addon
  10. Hello, i can't go down after coming from another planet.I restarted the game and the result is the same. Did all that go away? note: This article was written with google translate.
  11. first im sorry my english is not enough to explain something.. TT so it's hard to understand. Me and my friends are glad to play fixed astroneer. we play almost 3 hours without crash. So we could make the spaceship and left first planet(terran? i don't know spells). we are arrived second planet(dry) and make base. (i'm the host and my friends are guests.) i will attach the image my screen and my friends screen. My friends could see everything but base.. We did everything we can (reopen, reboot computer) And plus when we re join the game a huge
  12. I built a spacecraft, added a single seat, filled it with fuel, and then added a habitat before realizing how late it was and logging out while sitting my in base habitat (a storm was coming through) not the one on top of the spacecraft. When I logged back in this morning the habitat that was on top of the spacecraft was now sitting on top of a giant rock the same color as the platforms that are used for new base platforms. I can only assume that the habitat sitting on top of the spacecraft made the game assume it was being placed for a new "home".
  13. When I went to the orbit and settled in another place, the ship actually landed, but I fell from the ship and then I entered the limbo! From Brazil in an Xone Slim