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Found 83 results

  1. BarnBurner

    Space Stations

    Adding the ability to make space stations that you can store supplies refuel and rest at.
  2. I love this game
  3. BarnBurner


    Adding some sort of drones that can mine for you would be awesome, or some sort of railway system with automated trains that can bring materials to and from a mine to home base and automatically put them in a smelter or something. Having to EVERYTHING manually gets kind of annoying after a while so maybe adding some sort of automation.
  4. Adding some sort of way to track how the planets orbit and when you can get to them, I think, would make the game a lot more fun. Also a way of making a map for land travel so you know where you are instead of beacons.
  5. sadbugaboo

    Suffocating in Space After Death

    Gaming Information : 1. Mouse / Keyboard 2. Steam Client 3. Dying in Multiplayer Bug Description : After dying in a multiplayer game I was returned into space without a beginners pod. I could walk around in the stars, looking down upon my home planet. Of course, I suffocated in space due to the lack of oxygen. After this death I was returned normally to my beginner pod and landed safely on my home planet once again.
  6. Summary: There is no any UI or mouse over planet selection in space. Description: I make small shuttle, get in and liftoff. After second I at orbit with blue region at homeplanet (with help window - RB/ LB launch). I press RB/LB - and go to solar system screen - there is no any UI available to select planet. No any response of any keys. Just fly at orbit and you only can save and exit from game. There is no any available action. I try to get at mouse over any planet, but useless. Just look at screen. Version / Build Number: 0.10.2 Specifications: OS: Windows 7 Pro x64 CPU: Intel i5 2800GHz GPU: GTX 760 RAM: 8Gb Drive: 2 Tb
  7. Imagine putting an XL storage on a space ship, imagine flying with a absolute tone of astronium, imagine putting a researcher on a space craft and giving us a use for titanite! Imagine giving a space craft electricity! Wouldn't it be great!!??
  8. trueghostly

    space explortion

    while I was playing this game I came across a problem I built a rover on one planet but I cant move it so I had this idea what if after researching everything there is a massive shuttle you can park rovers in have extending platforms so you can put buildings on it now to make this item not useless to make planets only it can reach also I ran into the problem of not having enough space on rovers due to buildings so I thought what if there was something you could research that its like a portable base that extends that has multiple buildings now im not good at explaining by typing so if this confuses you feel free to contact my discord so that we may talk at trueghostly#6887
  9. mustafa karatas


    we need space a Station and a homebase that we can build it
  10. Hello! I have some small ideas for the game that are really cool. 1. Wind Turbines should be at full capacity during a storm. Seems illogical to me to not have any wind during a storm.. right? 2. Interstellar travel. travel to other stars, discover new types of planets and you will be able to choose your star with.. 3. The Observatory you could build an observatory to observe other solar systems, and gain knowledge about them so how do we use the knowledge about other solar systems??.. 4. The Spaceship (idk find a cool name) When building it, it will be placed in orbit of your current planet, and when you wish to go to another solar system, go on to the spaceship and choose your observed solar system. (much like the shuttle but with the observatory) you can always go back if you wish. 5. Add Types of Sun Add red giants, add white dwarfs, add all the stars you could ever know. 6. Add Space Stations It will be nice to add space stations and observe other planets of the current solar system. and find out diffirent things about that planet! (Hostility, Storms , Minerals , and other stuff such as....) 7. Soil Density this will get annoying on some planets, the soil could be denser, harder to mine, you get more soil, but you mine slower. 8. Space Elevator it could be cool to build a space elevator to space stations. and could be a must for the spaceship. 9. Asteroid Belts and Comets. There should be asteroid belts with asteroids (duuh) with different minerals, colors, and density. Comets could be rare, temporary , with juicy, rare minerals. 10. Add Large Solars and Winds
  11. Skippy The Magnificent

    Ideas for Space

    Right now you are confined to the five planets(and moon) except for the shuttles. Shuttles can be made and fueled easily and have great range. Instead the small shuttle can only go to Barren and back and the large shuttle can go to Arid and Tundra(I believe they are next closest two planets. There should be the ability to build a space station this sould take a lot of resources and a long time. Also the space station would be the next leg in exploration. To build the station you could wear a jetpack (IMU) or a crane. Once the space station is large enough a spaceship and eventually a starship. This is how we would get to the other planets including new ones. This could also be a new use for hemitite and coal, they could be combined to make steel. The space station could also be used for zero gee crafting. Also each of the planets should have a unique resource or resources.
  12. I've built the bottom of the my rocket but I cant locate where you build the top. I'm probably just being stupid and overlooking it, but I seriously cant find where you build the cockpit. After searching through guides on Steam I have come to the consensus that I am an idiot. Help?
  13. MarcusUniversee

    Space travel

    This is a picture of the range i can go to. It would be nice if there was an bigger outer circle, so i could go to- lets say for example- exotic in the back. This would require double the fuel to travel though
  14. I think it would be a good idea to add a space station upgrade. Kind of how in subnautica you can build houses. You could set up houses on planets and be able to take off your helmet.
  15. MarcusUniversee

    Space stations

    This is astroneer. Astroneer is all about space and yet we dont have any contact with space except when launching to other planets Here is my idea: space station New printed item: Space habitat. A building module for space windows and other building features. engines ZERO GRAV
  16. The Coolest and only guy on mars

    Space Trains!!!!

  17. Howdy! I love this game so incredibly much, excited to see where it goes in the future! None of the bugs I have experienced have been very awful - either hilarious or another thing to work with in the game. However, this bug can't be fixed! I don't think this has anything to do with any hardware of my own or my friend, as I've ran the save on multiple accounts/computers. The error likely resides in the fact that on our way to landing on Barren in our spaceship, my bud lost internet connection, crashing the game (he was host). Now whenever the host launches to world, he is stuck permanently in space, orbiting Barren with no option to fly out to other planets, nor land on Barren. Additionally, the camera angle is broken. We've tried making new save points as well as bringing a shuttle next to the space ship and nothing has been able to fix or mend any of the issue. The sad part is that anyone who can connect to the game can still play on the world, just not the host. Anyway, just to help, this bug is on Steam and I'm thinking if you want to try to replicate the bug, attempt to land on a planet and (perhaps?) alt+f4 to shut the game down, unless you'd rather rip the modem's power out to crash the game, though that is probably not a great idea. Thanks! If you need any more details please let me know, cause this is sort of game breaking for me. P.S of the pictures I have attached, the second is the camera angle - my spaceship is at the bottom of the screen and that's as close as I can get the camera to it. The first picture is a direct pan up from the second, showing Barren. That should give you the idea of what I am dealing with - no buttons to leave the orbit, nor land, nor a convenient camera angle to check the ship. I think adding a kill command would be able to fix this bug!
  18. K3N16

    Space Exploration

    First of all kudos to all of the Sytem Era team. Astroneer is basically a LEGO set in outer space, and I love the game to bits. It would be amazing if players had the freedom to fly the shuttles. Not just take off and land, but go through the whole experience of starting the engines and taking off, manuevering, reentering the atmosphere, and landing. It might be a bit far off in the future (and not sure if it is mentioned in the roadmap) but it would just be cool to see the same caliber of exploration that is offered on land to be translated to space. The shuttles are cool, but I can’t help to ask for bigger ships with a greater range of control.
  19. Something I really want to see in Astroneer are satellites and space stations you can build and travel to, probably mine asteroids for astronium or other valuable resources. With a sattelite my vision is to have them scan a planet for its resources, and you can go down to that planet and dig. The purpose of the space station is to mine asteroids for minerals like lithium. asteroids should appear every two Astroneer days and get pulled in with a winch. And also you will need a spacewalking suit to maneuver in space, an alternate option would be to physically tether yourself to your space station. Also add in large solar panels to put on these.
  20. Jonny saville

    Space station

    Like the trade platform rocket you can build a module and fire different parts up to space. Once completed with all the parts can launch a shuttle and have the ability to visit it. Could maybe have some platforms pre-set for building and can be sent to different planets
  21. shadowcrafter01

    Asteroid Mining

    (I noticed that there was another topic on asteroid belty things but i think my idea is a bit different) Firstly, this game is insane Secondly, I once got an idea for, say, and asteroid belt that (like irl) has a set distance from the sun in the space map, and when you travel to it, you and your spaceship zip through it and can use it as a form of planet-jumping, and as you travel through it (if you have a crane on your ship) you could snag some rare minerals (which would make up entire small asteroids) as you go i drew a thingy and it sorta shows what i mean i guess... maybe a little bit... (this idea really came about when thinking about a crane on a rocket, just sorta thought, "what would it even do?..."
  22. Original: Astroneer Club - Космическая база Turns out, there is a possibility to go to outer space without shuttles in Astroneer and even build a space base there! Claims 3 players (including you) Researched large or small shuttle Researched habitat (if using large shuttle) Researched 3-Seat Preparation To begin with, create a large shuttle and place a 3-Seat on it. Or create a small shuttle with 2 1-Seats. Fill in the shuttle with hydrazine. You will need to enter the Terran orbit, fly to Arid or Tundra and land there. Though, I do recommend you to fill in the entire fuel tank Next you need to craft the habitat on the printer and place it somewhere near the shuttle. You can create a small storage and place there all items needed to create a new base in space. IMPORTANT! Do not plug small solar panel to habitat slot. For reasons unknown, the solar panel is causing habitat rotation in outer space (perhaps, this is happening because of the rotation of the solar panel itself). Anyway, plug any items to habitat slots at your own risk. I recommend to leave them empty for the first attempt. Creating a save backup It is likely that your first attempt to go to outer space will fail so I strongly encourage you to create a backup of your save file. Open the file explorer and place the line below at path field. Press Enter then. %appdata%\..\Local\Astro\ This is how it should look like: Copy "Saved" folder and move it somewhere. This is you backup now. You don't need to worry about failed attempts now. To restore the save just remove the existing "Saved" folder and copy-paste your backup "Saved" folder. Go on! What do we have now? One big shuttle with 3-Seat filled up with hydrazine. A habitat near the shuttle. Two invited friends. Now you need to apportion the roles: Pilot Hitcher Gagarin Pilot and Hitcher will be in shuttle during the mission. Only Gagarin will go to outer space and start space base construction. Step 1 Pilot is taking a seat in shuttle. Step 2 Hitcher is taking a seat in shutle. Then he needs to grab the habitat that is located near the shuttle. Step 3 Gagarin is taking a seat in habitat that was previously grabbed by Hitcher. Then Gagarin can grab a small storage with resources (if there is one). At this moment make sure you have a "grabbing" chain: Hitcher is holding habitat. Gagaring is sitting in the habitat and holding the storage. Step 4 Pilot launches the shuttle and entering the Terran orbit. At the beginning of taking off the "grabbing" chain will be looking fine. A few seconds later Hitcher and Pilot will probably lose sight of Gagarin. It is OK. It is important for Hitcher no to click left mouse button which will immediately release the grabbing and Gagarin will fall on the planet's surface. Step 5 Pilot should choose between Arid or Tundra plantes and start interplanetary flight. (we have not tested with other plantes) Key step Hitcher must release the grab in 1-2 seconds after interplanetary flight starts (to release the grab simply click left mouse button somewhere). Provided time is appoximate. It is important to release the grab while the shuttle is in interplanetary flighting state and located somewhere between the planets. If everything is done right the habitat with Gagarin inside will stop immediately after releasing the grab. Sometimes it can slowly spin in space. There should be no feeling that Gagarin is falling somewhere. Step 6 Gagarin have to activate the habitat (orange button on the top of it). From this moment he can start building the space station. You can watch a clear demonstration below (with English subtitles). Red selection — Hitcher. Blue selection — Gagarin. Pilot is sitting in the shuttle.
  23. Sebastian Goslin

    Large Rover train stuck in orbit.

    I created a 3 rover train on Barren and needed to get some supplies from Terran. So I went back got them and launched back to barren, however I couldn't find my rover train I figured it was a rendering issue and waiting a bit but still couldn't find them. Until I happened to look up. Not sure what to do at this point
  24. Titico7777

    Derelict ships in space

    Has the idea of derelict ships in space been discussed before? Abandoned cargo ships, space stations etc?
  25. I recently started a super cool space base, but I can't continue construction because this invisible wall prohibits any placement soil. *insert tears here.