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Found 4 results

  1. Add a "Long-Term research" that you could cue up multiple research objects on but it takes more resources to make and takes longer to research but it's for like research bases and stuff. Also add a shuttle that only has enough fuel to get to a planet and back, but has a internal storage to carry a ton of stuff for building bases, so you could ship tons of stuff from a base. And internal storages that have like a catalog on the front that shows what you have in it so you don't have to have tons of medium storages and despawn the resources that go into it so it is easier on the processor.
  2. Im thinking you should add space stations you can live in so you dont run out of fuel as quickly. You should add a feature that alows you to fix your rocket ship/shuttle if you add a meteor shower feature so you can walk iutside of the space ship and repair it. Also you should add different ores so its not just the same ores you have to use to make ingots for an example there is just one type of malachite so you could add other ores that you can smelt into copper,etc. And finally you should add ropes so you can use them to get down caves without dying or leaving a big mess of rocks. Also if yo
  3. Main Idea 1: PvP PvP combat is something I thought this game could use. If you look at the trello page, they'll eventually add server multiplayer support. I thought having weapons and such would be a fun add-on, but don't add any health bars, I like it this way. Weapon Smith: Have a weapon creator so that you don't just use 1 item in your inventory. Swords: There should be more uses for titanium than just tanks, so use it for swords. Add 1 titanium and 1 compound in the weaponsmith to make a sword. How you implement it to wield the sword is up to you.
  4. I think huge space station would be a cool thing to add that you can fly to and dock and restock also to be able to dock more than one ship into the station like the space station in the main menu where there is more than one pod something like that. also customablize to where you can place down like beds or a farm to grow organics