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  1. i have the idea of RC rovers and space station in my head for a long time and didn't know how to get my idea ut here until now. the idea is simple exept for the ingredients needed. 1. space station: info: a small to medium size space station you can visit with a rocket and store items in and send rockets away to other planets without losing more feul to get inbto orbit, like an space elevator idea. sugested ingredients needed and info: you send diferent rockets up into orbit with the meterials needed like: titanuim, aluminium and solar panels like that. 2. rover and rover
  2. I have seen many requests for a space station and am one for the idea. I have made a simple sketch for one with Microsoft Paint. Astroneer Open Space Station Concept.bmp The side flaps have a landing pad on which Hydrazine can be placed to fuel Shuttles with the Hydrazine Thruster. The center part is tall and has a hatch with which one can save the game. Landing at it with the shuttle does not use fuel from either thruster. It is made in the Large Printer. When unpacked, it has launch thrusters equipped. They burn up once the station is in orbit. Space Station Crate
  3. Mouse/keyboard Steam on Windows 10 What were you doing leading up to this bug? Multiplayer guest driving a buggy on Vesania Two small windmills attached and operating for power Buggy flipped Occupant was stuck partially in the ground and couldn't eject He left my server and rejoined Upon rejoining, he was stuck in space in the same space station that is on the loading screen No ability to leave the space station Attempts to fix Guest left and rejoined several times Host clos
  4. It would be interesting to get a space station crafting arc, we have space shuttles which put us into orbit already. If we could put Satellites into orbit, with scanners in could give us information about the planet. Also to have a space station in orbit would be very interesting and could be quite an interesting part of the game. On the subject of Satellites. You would craft them at your base on the planet surface. Maybe put them onto a shuttle base. It would be interesting to have them be a one use, just to get them into orbit. Before you send them off you would outfit them with differe
  5. Disclaimer: Space stations are currently sitting at “CONFIRMED FREQUENT SUGGESTION, BUT NOT WORKED ON AT ALL” in the development itinerary. That means it’s a suggestion that will make into the game, but is in the lowest of all priority. This thread is about the discussion of how stations might work in Astroneer, and isn't intended as a suggestion. Topic What will orbital stations be like? Will they have interiors, or be more like ground based modules as a single plane? How will Astroneers move around them? Why even build one? There are many questions to be answered. Feel fre
  6. Hello! I have some small ideas for the game that are really cool. 1. Wind Turbines should be at full capacity during a storm. Seems illogical to me to not have any wind during a storm.. right? 2. Interstellar travel. travel to other stars, discover new types of planets and you will be able to choose your star with.. 3. The Observatory you could build an observatory to observe other solar systems, and gain knowledge about them so how do we use the knowledge about other solar systems??.. 4. The Spaceship (idk find a cool name) When building it, it will be
  7. Give us a feature to make and design our own space station. Maybe like a module we build at a fabricator and bring it to space in a shuttle and give us an option to use it. Station could have something like mining lazer but it takes time to mine stuff. And we could mine stuff from asteroids. Have space shuttles to get us down to planets. Have a landing pad which goes into decontamination. Maybe we dont have to go inside it because that would completely change the game. Maybe a platform floating with thrusters. Jumping off would automaticlly connect you with a tether and pull you up. Maybe craf
  8. I think it would be a good idea to add a space station upgrade. Kind of how in subnautica you can build houses. You could set up houses on planets and be able to take off your helmet.
  9. So, finding your way... I've often wished for the ability to spot markers at a greater distance when you inevitably get lost. A basic GPS system would be helpful, although its function should be as realistic as possible. The network could be made of satellites or (assuming they make it into the game) modules on space stations. I would propose that; - Any one satellite/space station has limited range, and only works if you, it, and the thing you're trying to find are all within that range (i.e. triangulation). The satellite's orbit would also affect this, rendering some useless from c
  10. Original: Astroneer Club - Космическая база Turns out, there is a possibility to go to outer space without shuttles in Astroneer and even build a space base there! Claims 3 players (including you) Researched large or small shuttle Researched habitat (if using large shuttle) Researched 3-Seat Preparation To begin with, create a large shuttle and place a 3-Seat on it. Or create a small shuttle with 2 1-Seats. Fill in the shuttle with hydrazine. You will need to enter the Terran orbit, fly to Arid or Tundra and land there. Though, I do recommend you to
  11. I think you should add Space Stations. It would work where you would make like solar panels or hallway pieces, docking stations. You could also make a cargo rocket to carry the pieces. I think it would be really cool!
  12. I think this would be an interesting idea that would not only allow players to expand down on the planets, but in space as well. This station would have 8 individual parts that would be found in 8 different research cubes, and would cost a mix between astronuim and aluminum to make. This station would have multiple uses: 1. To act as a stopping or refuel point for your ships (minor idea) 2. Project a map of the multiple planets' surfaces that you could use to track storms and maybe other natural disasters if any more come in the future 3. Allow discovery of new planets or solar
  13. Hello everybody, I'm very sad and somewhat frustrated because I got stuck in a habitat after making a badass space station. [Fig. 1] I was working on expanding the station and fell off. Normaly that wouldn't be a problem but ... as I was falling, I saw a habitat on the ground and decided to enter it to see if I'd survive the fall. Good news: I did. Bad news: I've been stuck in there for the past month. I've tried having a friend join my party and blow me up or dig me out of it but no matter what we do it all fails. I love this game but that bug has mostly ruined the fun for me. I'
  14. Hello everybody, first of all i would like to say, i love your game. I have some suggestions according the research system and a space station. First: You can research an addition augmented. This needs to be attached to the terra-former. Now you are able to suck in your base building(s) (it gets destroyed) to get back some materials like resin or something like that. (like the inhibitor) Second: Maybe there are some lost bases on the planet (above or below the ground) where you can find a dead astroneer (optional; with some materials attached to his backpack). In this lost
  15. I've recently been playing with my buddy on Xbox One and we decided to make a ramp going straight up all the way into space (yeah I know). We ended up completing it and there wasn't a whole lot up there. We reached what seemed to be an invisible barrier or something that prevented us from terraforming any higher so we decided to make a huge platform to hang out, but we later discovered we can go even higher if we curved our ramp and went a new direction; it all somehow still felt very limiting because that's all that we we're able to do. On one of the bullet points on the "PSA (Read this First
  16. All of the crashed spacecraft pieces (the random artifacts scattered around) could be used to build a space station (flexibility in design like the ground bases we build now). Or, perhaps a really large spaceship (that is constructed in orbit) that could be used to move to other solar systems. Perhaps some types of research can only be done on a space station which unlock interesting new technology (perhaps some of it alien).
  17. So, I made a ramp on top of the mountain. Then to the clouds. And then continued towards the moon. Half way there I found a nice surprise.
  18. I understand that if any of the developers read this that making these things in the game is much more difficult than just saying that is should happen. Space Station It would be a nice idea if it were possible to have a space station accessible from further distances than what are allowed in a planets orbit - For instance, if I were orbiting Arid and I wanted to get to Tundra, but their orbit cycles are so different in relation to the sun, it takes ages in game for me to move from one planet to another easily. Adding a space station might help as a midway point between these two pl
  19. It would be really cool to have other living things such dangerous and friendly wildlife and other npc's like other explorers,traders,pirates and maybe you could defense turrets to your base to help protect it from wildlife and pirates.
  20. It would be really cool to have other living things such dangerous and friendly wildlife and other npc's like other explorers,traders,pirates and maybe you could defense turrets to your base to help protect it from wildlife and pirates.
  21. It will be cool to add a space station for this game where you can land with the space ship, go around, expand it and have utilities like a planet base!
  22. Some thoughts on space - some have probably been mentioned, but the use of a forum for suggestions is going to get us a lot of repetition (as has already been said ) : Firstly, rename the current spaceship to "large shuttle" (which it resembles), and maybe double fuel use, so it gets the same range as the small shuttle. Shuttles are short-distance vehicles, so you can only go planet-moon, moon-moon. The planets are out of reach. A space station builds like a base, but in 3 dimensions rather than two, so we reuse a lot of the same mechanics. Most base modules wil
  23. Just a thought after playing the game for a while now, there should be a way to make a space station eventually in the game. Obviously the game is in pre alpha, but just a thought
  24. What if players could start a space station on a planet then launch it into space then use it as a mass storage and have players build a cannon or somthing to put items on the space station and a console so that they can have their items drop down like care packages. Then maybe after that's all working make it so players can go onto the space station in a different update and make it a place of operations aka a player home.
  25. Launching space station and sharing resource and item between planets. Unmanned rocket can send resourse to the appointed space station. Rocket can park on the station to replenish fuel and change other resourse. The satellites can change climate and atmosphere.