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  1. i have the idea of RC rovers and space station in my head for a long time and didn't know how to get my idea ut here until now. the idea is simple exept for the ingredients needed. 1. space station: info: a small to medium size space station you can visit with a rocket and store items in and send rockets away to other planets without losing more feul to get inbto orbit, like an space elevator idea. sugested ingredients needed and info: you send diferent rockets up into orbit with the meterials needed like: titanuim, aluminium and solar panels like that. 2. rover and rover launch base (from orbit): a rover crafting bench on your space station where you can launch and control diferent rovers. rovers have a limited batery and if not recharched fast enough the player needs to bring a energy source or face a chance of loss of the rover due to dust or damage. but before you can put a rover on a planet the player has to place a special landing pas on the curface. this is my idea for a new update. i hope you like it and i would love if this becomes a part in this game i like to play these types of games. keep up the good work devs.
  2. I have seen many requests for a space station and am one for the idea. I have made a simple sketch for one with Microsoft Paint. Astroneer Open Space Station Concept.bmp The side flaps have a landing pad on which Hydrazine can be placed to fuel Shuttles with the Hydrazine Thruster. The center part is tall and has a hatch with which one can save the game. Landing at it with the shuttle does not use fuel from either thruster. It is made in the Large Printer. When unpacked, it has launch thrusters equipped. They burn up once the station is in orbit. Space Station Crate Size: Large Recipe: 1 Rosin (not Resin), 2 Titanium Alloy, 1 Tungsten Carbide Research Cost: 10000 Bytes (open for change) The station also closes up when you leave it with the Shuttle. The side flaps fold into the station. When you fly there, each landing pad on each flap is a separate bubble to land on similar to those on the (SPOILER AHEAD, LETTERS REVERSED) etilletaS deifitnedinU. Please let me know what you think.
  3. Mouse/keyboard Steam on Windows 10 What were you doing leading up to this bug? Multiplayer guest driving a buggy on Vesania Two small windmills attached and operating for power Buggy flipped Occupant was stuck partially in the ground and couldn't eject He left my server and rejoined Upon rejoining, he was stuck in space in the same space station that is on the loading screen No ability to leave the space station Attempts to fix Guest left and rejoined several times Host closed the game and reloaded Closed and exited the game completely several times Tried to adjust their space suit and colors Had the host drive to and flip the stuck buggy Guest is still stuck in space station orbiting Vesania (images attached) Help....
  4. It would be interesting to get a space station crafting arc, we have space shuttles which put us into orbit already. If we could put Satellites into orbit, with scanners in could give us information about the planet. Also to have a space station in orbit would be very interesting and could be quite an interesting part of the game. On the subject of Satellites. You would craft them at your base on the planet surface. Maybe put them onto a shuttle base. It would be interesting to have them be a one use, just to get them into orbit. Before you send them off you would outfit them with different scanners. Such as a planet survey scanner. This scanner would scan the planet, maybe give you an overview of the size, where the mountains are, cave, etc. On the resources. A scanner could give you information on if an area has a high concentration of a certain resource, so if you wanted to mine just a tone of Graphite the scanner would tell you this location seems to have a lot of graphite. You could then travel there with a rover, or fly there, mine up a bunch of graphite then head home. You could have a module on the surface base where the satellite sends its information. With a satellite dish and an output screen, you could look in on. Some other things the scanners could do with an overview of the planet. It could give you the rarity of resources on the said planet. Maybe a weather notifier to show you where storms are so you can prepare accordingly. There could be an item that you can craft onto you suit to give you an early warning for weather. There could be just how dangerous the planet is, the hostility of the organics, how often storms occurs, etc. There could be some scanners for wreaks as well. On the subject of Space Stations. Similar to how you could put a Satellite in orbit you could send up different parts of Space Stations. Space Stations would be more of a late game project. You would be able to go up to the station yourself. Maybe there would be some research capabilities only available while in orbit. You could have docking and refueling stations, so planet hopping would be a little cheaper on fuel. You could have a refueling station in orbit of several different planets, then travel to each one to top off and head to the next. Just being in a space station, and living life up there in orbit would be an interesting survival mechanic as well. There could be some interesting multiplayer action that could happen. Your running out of some resources and your friend on the surface could send up some relief supplies. Overall it would be a very expensive project to take on, in-game and for the developers. I think it would be a great addition to the game, it would add a lot more crafting and opportunities as well as just much more to do. I would definitely even pay if it was a DLC for the game. Thank you for your consideration
  5. Disclaimer: Space stations are currently sitting at “CONFIRMED FREQUENT SUGGESTION, BUT NOT WORKED ON AT ALL” in the development itinerary. That means it’s a suggestion that will make into the game, but is in the lowest of all priority. This thread is about the discussion of how stations might work in Astroneer, and isn't intended as a suggestion. Topic What will orbital stations be like? Will they have interiors, or be more like ground based modules as a single plane? How will Astroneers move around them? Why even build one? There are many questions to be answered. Feel free to voice how you think space stations might be implemented in Astroneer. Considerations Construction: building stations, location, and all things regarding presence Purpose: the functionality stations could serve Example: Platform modules are constructed to be support structures, with the purpose of forming a stable base for items and modules. The basic concept of a station is straightforward, but when theorizing about yet non-existent elements it can get little blurry. Something as simple as adding wheels a platform, and you’ve conceptually created a vehicle. Medium and Large rovers are essentially wheeled platforms with independent power supply (an obscure definition of a rover). With that in mind, I'll describe my own thoughts on the subject. Theory How might stations be constructed? I imagine stations would have fixed orbits, but perhaps some relocation from docked shuttles. Each could be constructed using purpose made station modules; not unlike a real world examples, such as the International Space Station (ISS). The ISS can rotate using gyroscopes, but it cannot change altitude under its own power (relocation via boosting with shuttles). The station's component modules, if they have internal volume, would be quite large (larger than anything ground based). Astroneers would conduct EVAs to interact with the exterior and construct/add new modules. Building a station would be large undertaking; with each separate piece needing raw materials shipped into space and constructed, or prefabricated modules made, launched, expanded, and connected. The size of station modules might also exceed the current tiers that ground modules occupy (Tier 4+). This means they would be limited to late game content, and likely gated by research cost and resource demand. What purpose do stations fill? More specifically, what are advantages? Space environments don't have storms (solar wind notwithstanding) Unlimited expansion without need for modifying surroundings (as with ground bases) Depending on orbit, limitless access to solar energy Unparalleled fuel efficiency for travel Already in orbit, immediate access to all landing sites The first three points are very important, but the last one is the real kicker. Consider this scenario: there are two ground bases needing materials transported between them. Astroneers have to move material by land vehicle. Ground travel over large distances is time consuming, and treacherous. The current alternative is to use a shuttle; lifting cargo to orbit, and landing (hopefully) near the destination. A round trip between two ground bases by shuttle costs a whopping 4 fuel charges, or 2 canisters of Hydrazine. For anyone needing a reminder, that’s half a Hydrazine Catalyzer production run, and two production runs for Fuel Catalyzers. This is where having a station comes into play. Move one base to space, and now it only take 2 fuel charges, or a single canister to ferry materials via shuttle. Station save time, and fuel. Only takeoff, landing, and interplanetary travel cost fuel charges. With station docking costing no fuel, there is more reason to build one. Astroneers collecting resources at distant planets, rather than landing on a centrally located planet, could dock at a station, eliminating landing costs. Besides the entire cool factor of making your own space station, one less fuel canister per journey is massive savings, and space travel is all about mass efficiency. Of course, no storms is awesome too. Are there any other purposes that stations could fill? First up is deep space geostationary orbit, whereby a station orbits by maintaining a fixed point matching planet rotation. Because the station orbits above a fixed point on the surface, it could be readily accessible from bases situated below, as the travel time would be fixed for docking/disembarking. Another cool benefit of geostationary orbit is wireless energy transmission. Yeah, it’s a real thing - stations collect power with solar, and then use use lasers/microwaves to beam energy to ground based power grids. Next up are Lagrange points, or areas of space with combined gravitational forces that are in equilibrium. Basically, stations built at Lagrange points act as midpoints between planets. Traveling to a midpoint station would cost less fuel compared to traveling between planets. The cost/benefit of a midpoint base is an equidistant local, allowing dual access from two locations. This partially compensated for the necessity of a building a station around both planets - trading off a smidgen of fuel each trip. Another possibility is that of elliptical orbits. Unlike circular orbits that maintain a fixed distance, elliptical orbits follow a path which periodically changes distance. Large enough elliptical orbits transition between planets. To make a journey, dock with a close station, and simply wait. The station will eventually close distance with the other planet. Elliptical orbits reduce fuel cost, trading it for time. This cuts travel fuel cost in half for short orbits, but consider a station with an orbit the distance of a system! Traveling five planets over would cost two fuel - albeit Astroneers would have to wait a bit, but processing and fabrication would bide the time. Other mechanics: Asteroid mining Larger scale trading Larger spacecraft (interplanetary; between player sessions) Space elevators So, what do you guys think? Is this how you imagine stations, or are your ideas a bit different?
  6. Hello! I have some small ideas for the game that are really cool. 1. Wind Turbines should be at full capacity during a storm. Seems illogical to me to not have any wind during a storm.. right? 2. Interstellar travel. travel to other stars, discover new types of planets and you will be able to choose your star with.. 3. The Observatory you could build an observatory to observe other solar systems, and gain knowledge about them so how do we use the knowledge about other solar systems??.. 4. The Spaceship (idk find a cool name) When building it, it will be placed in orbit of your current planet, and when you wish to go to another solar system, go on to the spaceship and choose your observed solar system. (much like the shuttle but with the observatory) you can always go back if you wish. 5. Add Types of Sun Add red giants, add white dwarfs, add all the stars you could ever know. 6. Add Space Stations It will be nice to add space stations and observe other planets of the current solar system. and find out diffirent things about that planet! (Hostility, Storms , Minerals , and other stuff such as....) 7. Soil Density this will get annoying on some planets, the soil could be denser, harder to mine, you get more soil, but you mine slower. 8. Space Elevator it could be cool to build a space elevator to space stations. and could be a must for the spaceship. 9. Asteroid Belts and Comets. There should be asteroid belts with asteroids (duuh) with different minerals, colors, and density. Comets could be rare, temporary , with juicy, rare minerals. 10. Add Large Solars and Winds
  7. Give us a feature to make and design our own space station. Maybe like a module we build at a fabricator and bring it to space in a shuttle and give us an option to use it. Station could have something like mining lazer but it takes time to mine stuff. And we could mine stuff from asteroids. Have space shuttles to get us down to planets. Have a landing pad which goes into decontamination. Maybe we dont have to go inside it because that would completely change the game. Maybe a platform floating with thrusters. Jumping off would automaticlly connect you with a tether and pull you up. Maybe craft the same module to make the platform bigger but it can only get so big. And maybe like a soil mining feature.
  8. I think it would be a good idea to add a space station upgrade. Kind of how in subnautica you can build houses. You could set up houses on planets and be able to take off your helmet.
  9. So, finding your way... I've often wished for the ability to spot markers at a greater distance when you inevitably get lost. A basic GPS system would be helpful, although its function should be as realistic as possible. The network could be made of satellites or (assuming they make it into the game) modules on space stations. I would propose that; - Any one satellite/space station has limited range, and only works if you, it, and the thing you're trying to find are all within that range (i.e. triangulation). The satellite's orbit would also affect this, rendering some useless from certain positions. - Modules on stations might be simple in terms of resources. Satellites however, should be resource intensive, higher tier items that require a range of resources + hydrazine to launch. - When in use, the GPS network would highlight bases/GPS markers on your compass, assuming they're in range. This should prevent it being too O.P. or destroying the frontiering experience, as would happen with a map, and could only be a consistent aid if you've invested heavily in a big network. This would probably work best as a mid-late game unlock, but add your thoughts if you think it's a mechanic that could be useful and balanced.
  10. Original: Astroneer Club - Космическая база Turns out, there is a possibility to go to outer space without shuttles in Astroneer and even build a space base there! Claims 3 players (including you) Researched large or small shuttle Researched habitat (if using large shuttle) Researched 3-Seat Preparation To begin with, create a large shuttle and place a 3-Seat on it. Or create a small shuttle with 2 1-Seats. Fill in the shuttle with hydrazine. You will need to enter the Terran orbit, fly to Arid or Tundra and land there. Though, I do recommend you to fill in the entire fuel tank Next you need to craft the habitat on the printer and place it somewhere near the shuttle. You can create a small storage and place there all items needed to create a new base in space. IMPORTANT! Do not plug small solar panel to habitat slot. For reasons unknown, the solar panel is causing habitat rotation in outer space (perhaps, this is happening because of the rotation of the solar panel itself). Anyway, plug any items to habitat slots at your own risk. I recommend to leave them empty for the first attempt. Creating a save backup It is likely that your first attempt to go to outer space will fail so I strongly encourage you to create a backup of your save file. Open the file explorer and place the line below at path field. Press Enter then. %appdata%\..\Local\Astro\ This is how it should look like: Copy "Saved" folder and move it somewhere. This is you backup now. You don't need to worry about failed attempts now. To restore the save just remove the existing "Saved" folder and copy-paste your backup "Saved" folder. Go on! What do we have now? One big shuttle with 3-Seat filled up with hydrazine. A habitat near the shuttle. Two invited friends. Now you need to apportion the roles: Pilot Hitcher Gagarin Pilot and Hitcher will be in shuttle during the mission. Only Gagarin will go to outer space and start space base construction. Step 1 Pilot is taking a seat in shuttle. Step 2 Hitcher is taking a seat in shutle. Then he needs to grab the habitat that is located near the shuttle. Step 3 Gagarin is taking a seat in habitat that was previously grabbed by Hitcher. Then Gagarin can grab a small storage with resources (if there is one). At this moment make sure you have a "grabbing" chain: Hitcher is holding habitat. Gagaring is sitting in the habitat and holding the storage. Step 4 Pilot launches the shuttle and entering the Terran orbit. At the beginning of taking off the "grabbing" chain will be looking fine. A few seconds later Hitcher and Pilot will probably lose sight of Gagarin. It is OK. It is important for Hitcher no to click left mouse button which will immediately release the grabbing and Gagarin will fall on the planet's surface. Step 5 Pilot should choose between Arid or Tundra plantes and start interplanetary flight. (we have not tested with other plantes) Key step Hitcher must release the grab in 1-2 seconds after interplanetary flight starts (to release the grab simply click left mouse button somewhere). Provided time is appoximate. It is important to release the grab while the shuttle is in interplanetary flighting state and located somewhere between the planets. If everything is done right the habitat with Gagarin inside will stop immediately after releasing the grab. Sometimes it can slowly spin in space. There should be no feeling that Gagarin is falling somewhere. Step 6 Gagarin have to activate the habitat (orange button on the top of it). From this moment he can start building the space station. You can watch a clear demonstration below (with English subtitles). Red selection — Hitcher. Blue selection — Gagarin. Pilot is sitting in the shuttle.
  11. I think you should add Space Stations. It would work where you would make like solar panels or hallway pieces, docking stations. You could also make a cargo rocket to carry the pieces. I think it would be really cool!
  12. I think this would be an interesting idea that would not only allow players to expand down on the planets, but in space as well. This station would have 8 individual parts that would be found in 8 different research cubes, and would cost a mix between astronuim and aluminum to make. This station would have multiple uses: 1. To act as a stopping or refuel point for your ships (minor idea) 2. Project a map of the multiple planets' surfaces that you could use to track storms and maybe other natural disasters if any more come in the future 3. Allow discovery of new planets or solar systems outside the vicinity of your own. 4. Reduce the cost of all materials bought from a trade platform on the space station 5. Produce a large amount of electricity for your bases of course this is a sorta cool idea I have myself, but I can see that it may be a bit hard to put in game. If anyone has ideas to add or constructive criticism, feel free to reply.
  13. Hello everybody, I'm very sad and somewhat frustrated because I got stuck in a habitat after making a badass space station. [Fig. 1] I was working on expanding the station and fell off. Normaly that wouldn't be a problem but ... as I was falling, I saw a habitat on the ground and decided to enter it to see if I'd survive the fall. Good news: I did. Bad news: I've been stuck in there for the past month. I've tried having a friend join my party and blow me up or dig me out of it but no matter what we do it all fails. I love this game but that bug has mostly ruined the fun for me. I'd love it if you can help me get it fixed. I've attached my savefile so you can take a look at it, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you. AUTOSAVE_5_2017.04.18-23.53.45.sav
  14. Hello everybody, first of all i would like to say, i love your game. I have some suggestions according the research system and a space station. First: You can research an addition augmented. This needs to be attached to the terra-former. Now you are able to suck in your base building(s) (it gets destroyed) to get back some materials like resin or something like that. (like the inhibitor) Second: Maybe there are some lost bases on the planet (above or below the ground) where you can find a dead astroneer (optional; with some materials attached to his backpack). In this lost base you find a rare building (like a rocket launch site) (Maybe there are more than one lost base where you can find other rare buildings). This building(s) can't be research be the player. But you can suck in this building with the augmented mentioned in "first" to research this building(s). Thirdly: With the augmented mentioned above you can also research the destroyed space stations on the planet. Fourthly: If you had discoverd all the stuff mentioned above you can build the rocket launch site on your own and start building some space station parts. Now you are able to fly in the orbit or space and attach the space station parts to get a full space station. I hope you like me ideas. Some of this are stolen from the game subnautice where you can scan base parts from lost bases to unluck them . Thank you
  15. I've recently been playing with my buddy on Xbox One and we decided to make a ramp going straight up all the way into space (yeah I know). We ended up completing it and there wasn't a whole lot up there. We reached what seemed to be an invisible barrier or something that prevented us from terraforming any higher so we decided to make a huge platform to hang out, but we later discovered we can go even higher if we curved our ramp and went a new direction; it all somehow still felt very limiting because that's all that we we're able to do. On one of the bullet points on the "PSA (Read this First) Frequently Suggested Feature + Confirmed Ones" THREAD it says that "Realistic Gravity, Physics, Solar System" is ALREADY a feature; I really think this can be improved upon and the game can be expanded to be far more creative than it already is compared to Minecraft so hear me out. The Earth we live on rotates on its axis every 24 hours right? Ok well keep that in mind because I'm saying we add something like this into game, but more importantly also add on to the already existing game physics that would allow us to experience more and create more, perhaps the freedom to create something like a space elevator. My favorite channel on YouTube (Vsauce) made a video titled:"How High Can We Build?" towards the end of the video Michael mentions that although humans haven't built anything taller than Mt. Everest in human history its possible that we CAN build something even taller that can reach the depths of space; unfortunately he also says the problem with building things that are really tall is that they get heavier and heavier and have to support their own weight, but luckily only to a certain point. After the tall object is above geostationary level it undergoes a new centrifugal force upwards rather than the usual force being applied down due to the gravity of Earth I suppose. Sounds kind of complicated I guess, but watching the video would definitely give you a better understanding. Either way he later throws is all out the realm of real life possibility by stating that there aren't any materials in known science today that would allows us to complete such a structure anyways (except some weird nanotubes), but that's why the Astroneer universe is so cool; we can use dirt and grass for everything huh? It might sound dumb and a huge waste of time to some people, but I envision myself being able to use a space elevator to get to my space station all while being in orbit. Sure space debris could destroy everything, but that's why my space station would also have force fields duh! I might sound crazy for contradicting myself for wanting realistic game mechanics all while wanting an elevator taller than Mt. Everest, but Astroneer is the only game that comes close and has even surpassed the imaginative and unique ideas that Minecraft had for its time and its our job to create and imagine crazier and even more fun ideas for this game; Minecraft paved the way for games like this and set a pretty high bar, but there's always idiots like me who want the most outrageous ideas to make it into the game. IDEA: Being able to use the space ship/shuttle to stop somewhere in space where you can build a little space station using compound, It would be like a second home base or like a pit stop when voyaging to other planets right? My idea would make it possible for you to make a structure (elevator or ramp) either by terraforming or using compound to make a "space elevator" and make it to the space station WITHOUT the space ship/shuttle needing to land on the pit stop space station. I know this would give the game a more open-world feeling where you can explore and experience in all different types of elevation of the planets, where you can comically terraform a ramp like I said I did with my Xbox friend and walk on foot to a space station lol. What does everyone think? Please reply i'd love to know what everyone can chip into my idea. YOUTUBE VID: *You can also see the fun xbox clips me and my friend had building our space ramp
  16. All of the crashed spacecraft pieces (the random artifacts scattered around) could be used to build a space station (flexibility in design like the ground bases we build now). Or, perhaps a really large spaceship (that is constructed in orbit) that could be used to move to other solar systems. Perhaps some types of research can only be done on a space station which unlock interesting new technology (perhaps some of it alien).
  17. So, I made a ramp on top of the mountain. Then to the clouds. And then continued towards the moon. Half way there I found a nice surprise.
  18. I understand that if any of the developers read this that making these things in the game is much more difficult than just saying that is should happen. Space Station It would be a nice idea if it were possible to have a space station accessible from further distances than what are allowed in a planets orbit - For instance, if I were orbiting Arid and I wanted to get to Tundra, but their orbit cycles are so different in relation to the sun, it takes ages in game for me to move from one planet to another easily. Adding a space station might help as a midway point between these two planet. Another way to make this less time consuming is adding different travel distances for the shuttle compared to the spaceship - For instance, if I were in the shuttle and wanted to fly to Arid from Terran, it would be very possible depending on the orbit cycles. If I wanted to fly from Terran to Exotic, but Exotic is further away, it would be possible while only in the Spaceship opposed to the shuttle. Planets From what I know is that there are already future plans to bring in Dwarf planets into the game. Great idea! More variety in planets would be a very nice feature to add to the game as well as it adds time to spend in the game. Possible incorporation of a campaign or missions would be highly suggested. I love this game a lot, but it is difficult to stay attached to the game itself when it seems to get very repetitive. I would like to see more "alien" or "precursor" existence on individual planets (not live creatures per se, but remains of an existence). Astronauts A customization table for an astronaut would be really cool to add in! Have things such as different visor colors, different primary and secondary suit options, designs on the astronauts, and even design options for the excavation tool. Something to incorporate into the game would be where you find specialized research items that unlock these customization specialties. Organic is a resource that I rarely ever use, unless it's on the trade platform (maybe that's what you designed it for, maybe you have a plan for it in the future). If there were ever a hunger indication bar or something of the sort for your astronaut, organic would be the number one solution to solve that problem. Buildings - Not just platforms Again, I'm not sure how well you would be able to add this to the game, but actually being able to enter certain buildings would be an interesting concept to add to this third-person adventure. More than just a habitat, but a home. The home would have multiple storage spaces, a few spots to power the home on top (solar panel, generator, and wind vane slots to keep the lights on). Specialized buildings or platforms that you can use to customize rovers, trucks, spaceships, and shuttles with different colors, designs, etc. Extra Features In storms that pass by, shouldn't the wind vanes as well as wind turbines be working double time? Higher elevation areas such as mountains or atop plateaus would normally be considerably windier than in a valley or plains. Banners or flags would be kinda cool to integrate in the game, for territorial, guide directions/locations (i.e. Laterite and Malachite deposits down here), and for aesthetic reasons. You could also put organic to a use for the dyes, cloth material, etc. that would be required to make these banners or flags.
  19. It would be really cool to have other living things such dangerous and friendly wildlife and other npc's like other explorers,traders,pirates and maybe you could defense turrets to your base to help protect it from wildlife and pirates.
  20. It would be really cool to have other living things such dangerous and friendly wildlife and other npc's like other explorers,traders,pirates and maybe you could defense turrets to your base to help protect it from wildlife and pirates.
  21. It will be cool to add a space station for this game where you can land with the space ship, go around, expand it and have utilities like a planet base!
  22. Some thoughts on space - some have probably been mentioned, but the use of a forum for suggestions is going to get us a lot of repetition (as has already been said ) : Firstly, rename the current spaceship to "large shuttle" (which it resembles), and maybe double fuel use, so it gets the same range as the small shuttle. Shuttles are short-distance vehicles, so you can only go planet-moon, moon-moon. The planets are out of reach. A space station builds like a base, but in 3 dimensions rather than two, so we reuse a lot of the same mechanics. Most base modules will have SS versions. Things like Wind turbines obviously won't. New module for space stations: Coupler. This acts as an airlock when exposed (i.e. you can dock to it), but can also be used to join and part sections of the station, so if you use couplers, you can alter the station geometry later on, but only at the the couplers. Using couplers increases mass and cost, so there is a price for flexibility. A new module type to allow moving materials station <--> planet. (Or the Trading platform could be extended - I wouldn't see this use incurring a 50% tax tho) Aside: The game needs a currency so you can sell for later credit, rather than just exchange. This would allow for non-ratiometric resource exchange rates too. Solar panel output will vary depending on (a) how far from star, and (b) star sectral class. New module: Power beam. Allows station to send power to ground bases & vehicles. Corresponding receiver at other end. High tier versions might supply several planets, and be an excellent improvised WMD, should the game permit. Spaceships use the same build mechanics as stations, but they also have a thruster module (or they are a station). Range depends on thrust/mass ratio (so more thrust the further you can go). The whole planetary system becomes accessible at this point, assuming you have enough thrust. Thruster tier I is hydrazine powered - an uprated shuttle engine, in fact. Thruster tier II is ion engine, and uses energy. Use of couplers would allow you to drop sections of a ship off to act as small stations in places you couldn't build them. (Like a huge solar orbital power plant, for instance - could be used for beamed power or an antimatter still.) Reactor power plants would be pretty much required for the dark outer reaches of the system, so we need some reactors as an alternate power source. Fission (Th,U,Pu fuel) and Fusion (H,De,Li fuel) types are obvious. Going further into the future, a Starship is just a step up from a spaceship with an "exotic" FTL drive of some kind: Warp, Hyperspace, Wormhole, Inertialess - whatever. ... which might call for a similarly exotic power plant (Antimatter, Magentic Monopole, SIngularity...) to provide the huge amounts of powert it will doubtless require.
  23. Just a thought after playing the game for a while now, there should be a way to make a space station eventually in the game. Obviously the game is in pre alpha, but just a thought
  24. What if players could start a space station on a planet then launch it into space then use it as a mass storage and have players build a cannon or somthing to put items on the space station and a console so that they can have their items drop down like care packages. Then maybe after that's all working make it so players can go onto the space station in a different update and make it a place of operations aka a player home.
  25. Launching space station and sharing resource and item between planets. Unmanned rocket can send resourse to the appointed space station. Rocket can park on the station to replenish fuel and change other resourse. The satellites can change climate and atmosphere.