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Found 21 results

  1. DarkPhosphorus

    Space Ship platform

    I think that there should be a separate base model / platform specifically for space ships, so that when landing, the game doesn't use all open vehicle bays as landing sites. This way, a player can define/specify the landing spots.
  2. Jack

    Ship bug

    I am playing on steam (pc) and when I get to the moon of the starting planet, if I land on top of the large spaceship I am stuck on it forever, and can't move besides jumping and spinning around. its as if the player's feet are merged with the ship. I can't enter the seat, and I can't make the ship move (by destroying all of the dirt below it). I don't know if it happens on all planets, it's just that the low gravity on the moon makes getting on top of the ship more probable. 2018.01.04-11.06.mp4
  3. I was playing with a friend and I had gotten into a seat for my space shuttle and he had picked me up. I can no longer get out of the seat; however, I am able to pick items up while in the seat.
  4. I have two vehicle bays on two separate bases that are pretty close by. Coming down with my space shuttle, I accidentally chose to land at the base with the spaceship, not the empty base. The shuttle proceeded to land inside of the space ship, in fact, it glitched right through. Not knowing what else to do, I went to space with the shuttle that I was still in and landed at the other (empty) station. When I got out and looked up there was my spaceship... (picture attached). I feel as though I shouldn't have even been given the option of landing somewhere that already had a vehicle in it, or the vehicle should be moved out of the way when I land.
  5. Summary: 119 - Steam - 1 seat modules don't stack nicely on the space ship Description: When adding two single-seat modules to the space ship, they stack with the same orientation, rather than being symmetrical. It makes me sad. But I guess it's minor, if a bug at all. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 119 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1607 | Build 14393.693 CPU: Intel i3 4370 3.8GHz GPU: ELSA GTX 750Ti 2GB RAM: Elixir 2x4GB DDR3 1600Hz Drive: WD Black 750GB PS. Your game is amazing and extremely stable on my machine so far!
  6. I'd like the ability to recycle accidentally placed nodes and buildings as well as vehicles made obsolete by researching better ones. For example replacing rovers with with trucks and shuttles with ships.
  7. erikinthebakery

    I think I found a surprise

    Looks like the habitat and one-seat can no longer be used to fly the space ship, at least from on storage. The lift-off button appears, but I was unable to activate it (on xbox, at least).
  8. I landed on the tundra planet with a space ship with only a one-seat on it, nothing in storage. I jumped to the top of the space ship next to the one-seat and was unable to jump down off the ship. A wind storm hit and I was killed with flying debris. I jumped back to the top of the space ship to retrieve the items from the body and was again unable to leave the top of the space ship. I am playing on a PC with keyboard/mouse controls. EDIT: I'm running Windows 7.
  9. mushroom908

    Bugged Space Shoip

    The cursor to select the take off button or do other things disappears when I enter my spaceship, and I can't get it to come back despite pressing the correct trigger or any buttons. It has some aluminum, copper, resin, two habitats, and some compound. It has two habitats, one to pilot and one to use as a base. Essentially things to start a new base. It uses two vehicle storages to hold all this. The planet doesn't seem to matter, this bug happens regardless. Please fix soon!
  10. So i was thinking to add a water planet (with only water), you can explore it only by using the submarine that you have to build in the cargo ship. The cargo ship is a big ship that csn transport materials and some vehicles. You can build the ship near the space station (i talk about this here) For building it you need 20 alluminium and 20 copper and 2 astronium, its alimented by idrazine. Discuss about the aspect of the cargo ship, the submarine and other ideas to add in this topic
  11. blacktoothgrin7

    Deep Space Exploration

    Once more planets are added, and more solar systems, you guys should add a Deep Space Exploration Shuttle/Space ship. It is bigger than the currant space ship, can hold more fuel, has built in storage, multiple places to add more storage, crane/drill, winch, and you can build multiple colonies/bases off of it. You should also add a vehicle bay onto it, or be able to attach a rover/truck to it, it can travel between solar systems, but this uses more fuel.
  12. On this Picture U can see the 2 Ships on the same landing Position.
  13. leoniiiiiii_7

    Wrong Seat

    Here, u see the space ship with a men in the habitat. It didnt start out from the seat. On the pic is the ship moving home. The failure starts on the home planet , with full loaded ship. All the time from printed the ship to starting the trip, the ship was docked on base. So, U can only start the ship from the Habitat. Loaded with: -Fuel to the top + 2x ..... on the side - 2x Large Storage (Printed) -Habitat, Single-Seat (Wich was founded in an another broken ship), Batterie, Wind Wheel, 4x Storage (2x loaded with "mix", 2x loaded with "Harz")
  14. I landed on the polluted planet. However, directly on a wormhole. The camera did not look at the start button. Only with much turned around and many try I managed to look at the button.
  15. Vehicle bays from the shuttle always occupied. To build a space ship I had to build a vehicle bay. When I landed with the space ship again on the planet, the space ship stood exactly on the shuttle. Actually, the shuttle was then in the space ship. On the picture it can be seen when you look closely. No matter how many times I start and land, the space ships end up at this vehicle bay, though still have an empty one.
  16. sillls

    Space ship add-ons

    You start off knowing how to build a small shuttle. When I try to have the vehicle bay add a storage case to it. The shuttle turns into a paper wait. I am unable to move it or use it other than a place to store stuff. Since it is in the way of the vehicle bay. I can no longer use that and since it does not have a seat, I can not fly it eater. I wish that there was a way to move the shuttle without flying it or at least having the option to park it at your base but out of the way of the vehicle bay So I can use it. On the other hand if I build a 1 seat and then try to add a storage unit (via a vehicle bay) it just falls off the next time I try to fly it. Another option would be to be able t get rid of unwanted parts via recycling them. Or just moving them out of the way. Some ores needed to make the stuff is sometimes hard to find. But then again I am just starting out with this game, testing and all. Hope this helps.
  17. doublebingo

    Astroneer Spaceship Issue

    I have just made a spaceship and i have stuck two large storage spaces on it, however i have now realised i cant put any seats on it now and there is no way to remove the large storage, please help?!!!
  18. OUTLAW

    Space Ship Glitch

    So I moved my spaceship to another base and the link it had made to build a remote base did not disconnect. Then when I flew it to my other base it started transferring power from my base on the other side of the world to my main base. Kinda a cool glitch.
  19. gut wrenching nut buster

    Item lag

    My game likes to lag out from not being able to delete cars/items, not too mush but I want a way to delete Items.
  20. Please see the screen shot i have attached. i was able to create a spaceship with a 1 seat installed, i then was able to create a storage container for it however the space ship had no free space so i appeared laying on top of the ship. As soon as i launch the storage piece fell off onto the map.