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Found 5 results

  1. This is essentially a duplicate of the post above, but that's from four months ago and there hasn't been any update on this since, so I'm bringing it up again. It gets distracting enough that I find it hard to play on Desolo, I imagine it doesn't require much work to fix this issue. Here's a YouTube video in which I demonstrate the problem.
  2. hello mistake which appeared in my room is a little annoying because every time I run the game I have to enter the settings and to turn it down or to turn it up, my sound settings are all at 20 after restarting the settings are different or everything at 100 or at 0 I would ask for fixing it because it's annoying
  3. when i go down int caves i sometimes hear a bubbling sound and i can never find the source of the sound it all most sounds like lava bubbling can anyone tall me what it is
  4. Kevin Crawford

    No game sounds

    Updated game to version 03.10189.0 started game like normally no game sound. Restarted Xbox cleared cash, restarted game still no menu or in-game sounds.
  5. Crafty_Genius

    Multiplayer Sounds (Bug?)

    When playing multiplayer most of the sounds are directed to the host session and NOT the people whom have joined the game (i.e. multiplayer). The host will hear the other players as they take fall damage and have alien life forms attempt to kill them. Meanwhile, the other players will not hear most of the sounds, like mining, tether connections, etc.