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Found 61 results

  1. Please add a function that will reduce the volume level of a storm based on how far under ground the player is. That is, when I'm in a cave two layers down with no exits to the surface anywhere near the player the sound can become DEAFENING when a storm passes directly overhead. As the player is insulated by a thick layer of ground, dirt, rock, whatever the sound from said storm should be substantially muted and or/ non existent. I know this is a game but ... you might want to consider that, it there isn't any air (e.g. we are in a vaccum) or the atmosphere is of some other makeup (e.g. Helium) then the transfer of sounds an they way they would be heard would either be impossible or dramatically different (e.g. Helium) as the sound waves travel at different rated in different mediums which could be accomplished by adjusting the pitch based on planet type and altitude. Would be a nice technical touch to the game sounds IMHO ThanX - DJ
  2. Hi! I got a stopped game when i unplug my usb headset. Only when I disconnect them, when i connect them, does it works well. I use the steam version, with mouse and keyboard on windows 10. I upload my hardware configuration and a video showing steps to reproduce. DxDiag.xml
  3. При входе в игру звука нет настройках поставил 30% звука принял и вышел из игры захожу снова звук на 0 как это исправить пробовал удалять папку с настройками тоже не помогло все равно с следующего за хода в игру нет звука снова на 0 стоит исправьте пожалуйста это! At the entrance of the game sound does not have settings set 30% sound accepted and left the game I go again sound on 0 how to fix it tried to delete the folder with the settings too it did not help anyway from the next move to the game there is no sound again at 0 it costs correct it please! Jpg GameUserSettings.ini MusicVol=0,000000 SoundFXVol=0,000000 VoiceVol=0,000000 AmbientVol=0,000000 Tried me to 1,2,3,4 0.300000 all the same for 0 puts automatically =(
  4. Arda Orhun

    Sounds resetting

    When i close the game and enter again . Sounds has been reset .
  5. missing1eyebrow

    No sound

    I was playing on my laptop a few hours ago and everything was working fine, but getting home to the PC I discover a lack of music and sound effects. I've checked my playback devices, steam launch preferences, unplugging peripherals and un/reinstalling the game plus verifying the game files. Other games and programs work just fine, internet and mp3s play through the speakers as they should, but the game is silent. Thoughts?
  6. QuensTube

    Rover Sound Bug

    Hi, I found a bug when the energy from the rover is emty and you put an battery on the rover he makes no more engine sound. Hope I can help Greetings Quens
  7. Summary: Sound settings to zero-Keybinding to default Description: Everytime I close Astroneer(after i saved the state of game properly) my audio(every single one) settings are set to 0 when I start the game next time. Same with my own keybindings, they are set to default. Sorry for my bad english. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10
  8. Edupic

    Sound resets to 0.

    This happened on Windows 7 using Steam. Once I've changed the sounds of my game from 100 to like 30-50 (I'm setting it to 35 on each category now I can't remember the exact number I first used everywhere but they all were the same number for all 4 options) and then opened the game up the next time the sound automatically is reset to 0. This is in no way a dramatic issue it's just annoying to set it again each time. Side note: I love your work. Keep it up.
  9. As the topic title says, I notice that when you are mining these 2 resources and your backpack is ful, you don't hear the clunky overflow sound as the stack is discarded. Resin and Compound are working still. (haven't tried with titanium and coal yet)
  10. dking1981

    game sounds stop working

    I think I have found a bug. I am on PC (Windows 7 64bit) and using the most up-to-date steam version of the game (0.5.1). If I start the game through steam while my Chrome browser (64.0.3282.167 64bit) is open and playing any Youtube video it automatically kills all sound on my computer. To fix this I have to close my browser and then close the game all the way to the desktop and then restart the game through steam and then start Youtube in my browser. If you need more information please let me know.
  11. Hi everyone, i'm a french player so please excuse my poor english. My sound config and the controls, are not saved when i quit the game. I play with an AZERTY keyboard and i see the config file, in the "C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor" directory ; have the correct settings (almost for the sound volume) but when i launch the saved game i must reup the volume and remake my control configuration. I try to erase my saved game to start new but the same problem occur. Thanks for your work.
  12. Summary: - Steam - Suffocating right as you touch a tether Description: If you ever suffocate to death, but touch a tether at about the same time (as I have twice now), the sound of your oxygen tanks being refilled is playing as you die. The strange part is though, when you get back to the body to retrieve your stuff, the sound is still playing, as if it is coming from the body itself. The only way to stop the sound, it seems, is exit the game and come back in. But you can only hear the sound around where the body is (or was), so it's not like it's constantly playing everywhere. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1079 | Build 16299.125 CPU: Intel i7-7700T 2.90GHz GPU: Intel(R) HD Graphics 630 RAM: 2x8GB DDR4 Drive: Samsung 237GB
  13. Summary: [Research Update] - Steam - Research machine stops making sound Description: After venturing into a cave to grab a research and some malachite while my research machine was researching a space-barbecue, when I came out, I noticed that the machine was researching, but making no sound. That's really it. After the research machine lost power and then later started up again, it was making the sound again. Version/Build: Research Update (so, it's got the cool bytes and stuff) Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 10.0, Build 16299 CPU: Intel i5 7600 3.50GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti RAM: Advantage 2x8GB DDR4 Drive: Seagate Barracuda something-something 4TB HDD
  14. krabbbbe

    Menu | Settings

    Hey deer Systemera Team, I've got an idea for the menu. I wanted to turn the volume down... but It took ages untill I've got it to 50%. So my idea is adding a slider or the possibility to keep the mouse pressed and don't have to click each volume sound fpr it's own. I hope you know what I mean!
  15. Hi there, on PC while playing on sound turned off in the game via the ingame menu --- all is well until you enter an underground cave, where the ambient track starts playing, i've also noticed the Oxygen tank linkup/fill sound plays underground too while all other sounds are muted --- guessing these few missed the options menu sound control? love the game by the way looking forward to having more to do and dedicated server support
  16. After playing with the sound of the PC, after that, no sound comes out in the game at all. Occulus came out several times? I ignored the display. Is it possible to make sounds sound normally? By the way I reinstalled.
  17. The video is only like 3 minutes long but it was still to big to upload here so the google drive link to the video is below: List of Shown bugs: Audio cutout on digging Turning flat terrain bumpy Flat ground unable to fill in holes Extension to base moving on hills View Distance, even on ultra, is not enough Says no power when there is still a little bit left continue digging for a few seconds with modules after it says no power Storm blocks in the Valley even though the storm was on the opposing side of the mountain Power can't in between bases connect via tethers List of Un-recorded bugs: Audio cutout on flame animation for not having room to hold soil. Flat ground making stair steps Character would turn around when digging a tunnel.(the tunnel did continued straight though) sometimes ,no matter how hard you try, there is no way to stop sliding.
  18. I was running around mining some minerals and my oxygen got low, so I started running back to my base. I know it is going to be a close call and the second I attach to the base and my oxygen refills, I die from suffication. You know that loud breathing sound your character makes when you almost sufficate, well that sound was still playing on my corpse and it would not stop. So ofcourse I try to loot the corpse and burry it in a very deep hole to maybe cover up/stop the noice. Unfortunately the sound kept playing and it never goes away.
  19. Ljorius


    i don't know how everyone else feels/experiences the music/sound inside a cave, but this sound is very depressive and/or creepy. That sounds makes you feel uneasy, the longer you are in the cave or area underground. like the music outside, something like that would be nice
  20. I have 0 sound bug since the new menu has been implemented. When I set sound configuration manually in game and click save and exit, game saves my settings and when I'm restarting game keeps resetting my settings. 2017-10-14 16-46-19.mp4
  21. Quarit

    Sound Bug

    Hello fellow Astroneers! About 2 months ago I changed the normal sound settings from 100 to 60 and saved the changes. Ever since then it always starts with all sound at 0. I changed nothing else and I'm playing on the latest stable version 0.4.10215.0 (The Excavation Update) on W7.
  22. The sounds sometimes cancels each other out. For example, i hear the smooth music and expand the base, the starts, the music instantly stops and on the second expansion the there is no sound at all.
  23. Some bugs that I have seen, including some I've seen listed but with more indepth results. RESEARCH At first there was no problem, but I did *something* and then all my research pods permanently floated. I could just move them around, and they would remain exactly where I left them, with no impact from gravity. However, collision impacted them. If I hit one research pod with another research pod they would bounce and then move (slowly, but almost frictionless.) Later, it became mixed. Some float, and some do not. Also, the ones I take from crash sites often make a sound to suggest it's continually trying to land on the ground, even though it remains on the ground. The sound disappears when I pick it up, and returns when I place it again. Researching pods was frustratingly slow to find some important features, such as "medium storage". I had to research well over 100 times before I found this. I still cannot build a habitat, but I have a fully loaded large shuttle. I am hoping research 2.0 removes all of these concerns. ITEMS I placed a hydrazine cannister on the ground, and it slipped into the earth and I could not find it. Many days later, a storm left me a miniature hydrazine cannister. (Thanks storm!) Very hard to repeat this problem, so cannot expand further. When I load my save game I often find a single granule of power in certain locations - backpack, rover, base etc. They supply no power so I drop them. They do not despawn. Today I invited a friend into my game, and he saw these nubs as a full pack of power. (We discovered this when he presented a different problem via screenshot). So if I picked it up, moved it, etc, I saw a single nub of power, he saw a full power pack. He put it into his backpack, and I still saw a single nub of power. However, the instant he used his terraform gun with inhibitor mod, it visually changed to a full pack of power. At this point, it prevented loss of power and he could inhibit indefinitely. We interacted with it a lot (passing it to each other, dropping it, placing it on base, repeat) and at some point it behaved like (and appeared as) normal power. At that point, all other nubs of power on the ground despawned. tethers, work lights, air filters can appear in your backpack upside down. This can be from creation, or from shift-click pickup. click and replace will return it to standard. ROVERS I've only driven small rover at this point. When it works, it's amazing. Wheels stay below me, sky stays above me, I can drive up hills, and even jump over them! But when it doesn't work like that..... Sometimes I press W and the rover drives backwards. I can't turn it around no matter how I press my keys or move my camera. I just have to drive in reverse. Sometimes, and especially when I load a research pod, if I press W, I just wheelstand right onto the back of the rover. Why? I cannot say. There are other quirks, but these are the biggest ones. SEATS When I was in reverse on the rover, I decided to just move the seat into the opposite end. However, when I took the seat off, the only place it would snaplock to is the place it came from. I could not place the seat in the other position. This problem transferred to Large Shuttle. I built an enclosed 1 seat onto it, it placed it where I wanted, but reversed - so that the flat edge was outside the spaceship and the door was facing the middle of the spaceship. I wanted to flip it around, but found it would only snaplock back to that same place. So I grabbed the 1 seat from the rover, and took off the enclosed one seat. I placed the rover seat onto the spaceship (it snaplocked to the same place, would go no other place.) Now I took the enclosed one seat, and placed it on the other side of the large shuttle. It went where I wanted it to go, facing the correct way (curved outside, flat inside). I took the rover seat back, and everything was great. When I reload, it's wrong again. SOUNDS I play with no music. I only hear sound effects. Sometimes when I'm digging out a wall the sound of the terraforming gun disappears. If I let go the mouse button and restart the terraform, sound returns. Sometimes storms give no cue, and you only realise a storm is coming when the rocks hit you. Speaking of rocks, the rock sound effect is about four times louder than anything else in the game. Correct to have it loud and overwhelming, but too much. As said earlier, some research pods "bounce" on the ground, if you listen to the sound. The worst sound glitch has to do with Ammonium. Sometimes when I place Ammonium on the Ammonium refinery (as if I was about to load it into cannisters), if I walk away it creates a location based sound near my habitat. The sound is a roaring pressure-based noise that is constant, loud, and gets louder as I get closer to it. If I remove the ammonium, the sound disappears. FLORA You know those plants that spike you if you get too close? I believe that I killed some, and then accidentally picked up and dropped two spores in the same location. Later on, two more of those plants had grown (working as intended) but I could not kill those plants no matter how much earth I dug out. MULTIPLAYER In all of these, I was host. 1. My friend's game crashed while he was running forward. His character stopped running, but continued walking very slowly. He filled out a crash report, and eventually his dude exploded. 2. My friend died from lack of oxygen while he was not only tethered but also had oxygen in his backpack. 3. My friend crashed approximately four times in the space of an hour. 4. Once when I was sliding down the ramp, when I hit the bottom I slightly entered the ground, and then could not jump out. I could not jump at all. When I used movement keys, I began to spin visually to myself and my friend. I would move very slowly in the direction I was holding, but still rotating as if on a merry go round. Eventually, I accidentally clicked a cannister from my gun, which dropped, I picked it up and that rescued me from my plight. This happened twice more in random situations, and using my backpack seemed to help. 5. My friend was in the cave using his inhibitor to test it, it was draining power from his backpack. This power was being replenished via tether lines and my base was solar powered. I was standing outside looking over my base at the time. I saw the power being sourced from my sediment plant instead of my solar panel. He saw power travelling along the tethers, except not the one he was attached to. This was not repeatable. Lastly, when I quit to desktop, Astro-Win64-Shipping.exe remains running. Also, this. This is how my friend saw my character at one point. You'll see also a pack of power on the ground behind us, he saw that as a pack of power, I saw that as a single nub of power.
  24. Good day, developers, I apologize in advance for my English from Russia. The problem in patch 199. Now when I launch the game I do not have a sound, I go to the settings, and there everything is at zero. Well, I change to 100 and after that I press "apply and continue", but the game closes and jumps out the error (the screenshot attached). The same problem when I try to change the screen resolution. Correct this bug, I can not play like this! Thank you.
  25. Summary: Description: If you turn off the effect sounds, you can still hear the echo. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Experimental 0.3.10199.0 Specifications: OS: Win 10.0.15063 Build 15063 CPU: Intel i7 2600 GPU: GeForce GTX 7470 RAM: 16 GB Drive: 250gb Samsung SSD 850 EVO