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  1. Mouse and keyboard, Steam XL (and maybe smaller versions) shredder sometimes becomes completely silent during shredding things
  2. The current sound when teleporting is way louder than the rest of the game sounds. It is also a rather sharp sound, so it hurts my ears if I don't turn down the sound in that moment. I could also just lower the sound in general, but then I can't hear the other game sounds as well. Perhaps this is a bug, but I'm not sure, so I'm posting this here instead.
  3. Summary: 1.16.60 - Steam - Printer sound doesn't stop in multiplayer Description: The sound for a printer didn't stop after the print finished, but only for the guest in a 2-player game (happened when I was the host and when I was the guest). The sound effect never ended. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 1.16.60 Specifications: (both PC's that we play on are the same) OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 2004 | Build 19041.572 CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: GTX 1650 Super 4GB RAM: 2x16GB G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4-3200
  4. Self explanatory. Whenever I use a medium printer once, for the rest of that time I spent in that one loaded instance of the save, the printer sound will never stop, even if the printer is removed or destroyed.
  5. As many may have experienced, the various machines and doohickeys within Astroneer can get more than a little bit loud. For someone like myself, I find any setup with more than 2 RTGs almost unbearable. So, why not add an item that can remove the machine brrrs and whrrrs without making the player either mute their game, or rearrange their entire base? If not an item, why not add a sound setting more specific to machines? It could be simply named "Machine Sounds" and have a slider next to all of the other sound settings. Having to turn down all of the game's sound effects works, but ruins the s
  6. After using the small/Medium printer a few times, the printing sound that is made while creating items is constant, and does not go away. It was not fixed by moving the printer, the platform it was on, etc. It stays where the printer was originally and does not seem to go away. Multiple people in our game noticed this. Not sure if this is an issue for the dedicated server, but we have only seen this on our server. We also noticed this over multiple sessions
  7. Hello! I love the sound design of this game, and would love to have a clean copy of the sounds the backpack makes to use as my phone's notification tones in real life! Specifically, when an item completes crafting it makes the "bee-boo bee" sound, and when you open the research center it makes the 'buh-duh' sound. These are a couple of sounds of many that I think would make great ringtones -- but lack the knowledge to try and extract them from game files! So here I am! Thanks for such a great game, in every way. From the sound design, to the art style, and especially the modular nat
  8. Hello, I just purchased Astroneer and have been enjoying the game a lot. However, I've noticed a lot of FPS (frame rate) drops while playing and while troubleshooting online only one solution has worked for me. In order for me to eliminate any stutter or fps drop I need to set my steam launch options for the game with the "-nosound" command. Now this fixes all my fps drops, however it's not ideal to play this game with no sound. Now I've noticed this was a problem almost two years ago and was wondering if there has been a fix yet that someone knows of, as I could not find anything else on
  9. Description: When using the Extra Large Shredder to grind something, moving out of audible range, then back into range. The item being ground can be heard, but the motor from the Extra Large Shredder cannot be heard. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 8.1 CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K 4.00GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Audio: Realtek High Definition Audio RAM: 16GB DDR3 HDD: Western Digital WD2003 2TB Expected Result: Both item being ground sound, and Extra Large Shredder motor could be heard when coming back into range.
  10. The shredders are great and all but man do they make a racket! It makes it very hard to hear anything else when standing anywhere near one.
  11. Summary: More problems than I can honestly portray. I will do my best to keep an even temper, because I completely lost it tonight while playing. Description: I really want to love this game. I do. I ignore them for the most part, but sometimes they get so big, it breaks the enjoyment. Below is a list of the problems I can remember having in the last two to three days. There were probably more, but once you get a list like this, things get lost. I didn't write them down as they occurred, because I hoped 1.0 would be a polished product. I am sorely disappointed. Platform: Steam
  12. When an astroneer reaches an oxygen source JUST as they start their suffication animation, they're tanks fill, up but after death, the oxygen refill noise plays indefinitly ASTRONEER version (Steam + mouse and keyboard)
  13. The bug is: some stuffs make sound on wrong speaker of headphone, like medium generator for example, only makes sound on left speaker regardless of my position in relation to it. (other objects are affected by this same bug too, Research Chamber also included). And the second bug is: The Terrain Tool make sounds on wrong direction regarding to my position. To exemplify: If I use it on my left side the sound goes to right speaker, and if I use on the right side the sound will go to left speaker. My computer is a high-eng-specs and all problems I've spotted was in Desolo (and other p
  14. it appears that when I am using the rovers all tire sounds will only come from the East on a planet. an echoing sound accompanies this phenomena and is extremely jarirng because when one is traveling north or south the tire sound effects are only in the left ear when going south and the right ear when going north. I am primarily using Razer Surround Via optical cable But i have found other audio environment are affected as well listed below: Dolby atmos Dolby 7.1 windows sonic Nahimic DTS:X DTS ver 2.0 This audio issue also continues when using USB instead of optical.
  15. Summary: - Steam - Audio reversed Description: Almost all sounds are being played in the opposite direction they should be. The bug temporary stops when the camera is positioned to look at the character from below. Sample of the bug: Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1803 | Build 17134.523 CPU: Intel i7 4790K @4.5GHz GPU: GTX 970 G1 Gaming 4GB rev 1.1 RAM: Trident X 2x8GB DDR3 2400Hz Drive: HDD Seagate 1TB 7200 rpm
  16. there is about a 20% chance of your tractor falling through the ground on Sylva while your back is turned I have turned around many times to see my second trailer segment sticking out of the ground while the rest has submerged most commonly happens near pits or cliffs on Desolo and Novus there is a chance of being teleported into the sky while walking, falling to your death there is about a 40% chance that your tractor will be unresponsive when you sit down, can be temporally fixed by replacing all attachments on sylva small items dropped on ground have a chance to fall through
  17. Please add a function that will reduce the volume level of a storm based on how far under ground the player is. That is, when I'm in a cave two layers down with no exits to the surface anywhere near the player the sound can become DEAFENING when a storm passes directly overhead. As the player is insulated by a thick layer of ground, dirt, rock, whatever the sound from said storm should be substantially muted and or/ non existent. I know this is a game but ... you might want to consider that, it there isn't any air (e.g. we are in a vaccum) or the atmosphere is of some other makeup (e.g. H
  18. Hi! I got a stopped game when i unplug my usb headset. Only when I disconnect them, when i connect them, does it works well. I use the steam version, with mouse and keyboard on windows 10. I upload my hardware configuration and a video showing steps to reproduce. DxDiag.xml
  19. При входе в игру звука нет настройках поставил 30% звука принял и вышел из игры захожу снова звук на 0 как это исправить пробовал удалять папку с настройками тоже не помогло все равно с следующего за хода в игру нет звука снова на 0 стоит исправьте пожалуйста это! At the entrance of the game sound does not have settings set 30% sound accepted and left the game I go again sound on 0 how to fix it tried to delete the folder with the settings too it did not help anyway from the next move to the game there is no sound again at 0 it costs correct it please! Jpg Gam
  20. When i close the game and enter again . Sounds has been reset .
  21. I was playing on my laptop a few hours ago and everything was working fine, but getting home to the PC I discover a lack of music and sound effects. I've checked my playback devices, steam launch preferences, unplugging peripherals and un/reinstalling the game plus verifying the game files. Other games and programs work just fine, internet and mp3s play through the speakers as they should, but the game is silent. Thoughts?
  22. Hi, I found a bug when the energy from the rover is emty and you put an battery on the rover he makes no more engine sound. Hope I can help Greetings Quens
  23. Summary: Sound settings to zero-Keybinding to default Description: Everytime I close Astroneer(after i saved the state of game properly) my audio(every single one) settings are set to 0 when I start the game next time. Same with my own keybindings, they are set to default. Sorry for my bad english. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10
  24. This happened on Windows 7 using Steam. Once I've changed the sounds of my game from 100 to like 30-50 (I'm setting it to 35 on each category now I can't remember the exact number I first used everywhere but they all were the same number for all 4 options) and then opened the game up the next time the sound automatically is reset to 0. This is in no way a dramatic issue it's just annoying to set it again each time. Side note: I love your work. Keep it up.
  25. As the topic title says, I notice that when you are mining these 2 resources and your backpack is ful, you don't hear the clunky overflow sound as the stack is discarded. Resin and Compound are working still. (haven't tried with titanium and coal yet)