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Found 3 results

  1. First off I'd just like to say amazing job on this wonderful game. I just started playing it 3 days ago and was introduced by a friend and this game is simply amazing. While I do agree that there is a lot of room for growth in the game. I think the foundation is really well thought out, and I am eagerly awaiting what comes next! That being said. I have an idea for hopefully a simple fix to the common issue of item sorting and also a neat jab at the automation concept. Here goes: Item Sorter. Item is a small device similar to a small solar, small wind turbine o
  2. Like Elfusan said, the forum is filled with repeated ideas/topics/bugs and, as discussed here and here, members have suggested a voting system as well as a tighter control from the mods part. My suggestions here are: Differentiate member tags from Dev/Mod tags Obligatory tags before posting an OP/Threads/Topics (Example: Language:Eng, Platform:Xbox) Mod/Dev’s built-in Tags (Similar to the Roadmap: Narrative, Vehicular Gameplay, Customization, etc) Suggest existing Tags when creating a new topic Allow Mods to tag existing post/bugs for managing purposes
  3. The forum has been pretty cool to read through though there should be something added to each. There should be a list of all unique concepts or ideas for the suggestions forum where players can vote on what they think would be the coolest or the most important changes to be made. Moderators could scout for new ideas and add them as they see fit. This way there is less redundant posts of different people having the same "new great idea". Having a center for discussion would also bring the conversation past "yeah that would be great" as it could be the first post everyone sees. A similar concept