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  1. First off I'd just like to say amazing job on this wonderful game. I just started playing it 3 days ago and was introduced by a friend and this game is simply amazing. While I do agree that there is a lot of room for growth in the game. I think the foundation is really well thought out, and I am eagerly awaiting what comes next! That being said. I have an idea for hopefully a simple fix to the common issue of item sorting and also a neat jab at the automation concept. Here goes: Item Sorter. Item is a small device similar to a small solar, small wind turbine or small printer. It will create it's own tiny base and has directional power cables like the large rover does. You hook the device up between two tables. Then you look at the item sorter and press the F key. Inside there all the items in the game are listed. You choose ONE item and the item sorter will pull all of that type of item from the origin table to the destination table based on how you have the directional power hooked up. It doesn't have to be an instant pull. It can take a little time. Also the item sorter would need some power to function. Since having these things running all the time may cause lag issues especially if you have a lot of them. The item sorter will turn itself off once there are no longer any items to pull of the given type. You then have to go back inside of the item's interaction UI to flip a switch to turn it back on. This item would only move Tier 1 items. Also as an addition the large rover can use it's front power cable to unload every single tier 1 item off all storage on the rover and onto the table it is connected to. This would help significantly on unloading the massive piles of stuff that you collect while out harvesting. Hope this idea is either accepted or useful in coming up with a better or different option!