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Found 7 results

  1. Discovered whats causing the force closing/crash it is the Chemistry Lab if you start to make something then save and quit then return and continue to synthesize that same material it causes the crash It also produces half of a material which you have to remove then put terrain over then remove the terrain to delete the object causing the crash it is also happening when making Hydrazine had to just burnt it out in the jetpack to get rid of the item as it just kept crashing while trying to resume the process (picture of it happening to Steel below) NOTE: Console Xbox One S
  2. Tyler James

    Soil Centrifuge Temp Fix

    If your soil centrifuge gets stuck with the resources upside down, use a packager on it. When you package an item with objects attached, they all get dropped. This has also worked when a few other of my structures have froze. Seems like a cure all for glitched buildings.
  3. I was hoping someone knew if i were to upgrade my win7 PC to win10, with Astroneer initially purchased through Steam. Would i be able to play that version of the game with other Xbox One players or am i required to purchase the Window10 app store version of Astroneer? Or is it possible to transfer my license of the steam version to the windows 10 version? All i want to do is play online with xbox one players from my pc
  4. greenguygo

    Xbox movement.

    So, I bought the game today, and I was kind of confused on the movement and I'm not sure if it is a bug but I cannot walk forwards only side to side? If anyone could help that'd be great!
  5. where do I find the last release note for experimental branch? also a request: smaller "experimental" written,would be welcome
  6. Hi guys! This is a question about de update 125. Before the update i always played with my best friend @Remilia via Steam. But after the update 125 the option to join to her game doesn't work. This is temporaly? Or is something that's happens only to me? We still trying to play togheter but the option to join just don't do anything. I have the game via Steam. O.S Windows 10(x64) with 12GB RAM. And a Nvidia Geforce 920M graphic card.
  7. I bought Astroneer on Steam for my PC. I love it, and would like to play with my sons, so we bought it on the XBoxOne. I don't see how to play multiplayer and could use some help finding out how to do that. Thanks!