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  1. the solar gen rotates while tracking the star. this gradually causes it to roll off its stem. this occurs if its worn on the player or applied to the buggy. over several solar passes it will eventually migrate completely off some times up to several meters ... there is no way to reset its position within the game as of yet. bug first appeared in alpha. early access... still present as of in attached video at apox 0:27 the rotation occurs. Astroneer Bugged Small Solar.mp4
  2. Would be awesome to have huge solar panels use this design for mad power generation!
  3. Since i last played there were many new changes to the game. About 90% of which made the game much more fun to play. But there are still some small issues (possible pun) that i think need to be addressed in some way: In particular Large and X-Large versions of some structures and items. First off i have some ideas for some new T-3/T-4 structures *Note: units/s pertain to power units per second* 1. Windmill (Large Wind turbines) The large version of the "Wind Turbine". Wind driven power source. A larger unit to gather more power from the wind thus producing more power then a single Medium Wind Turbine. One Windmill Produces 5 Units/s (the same amount of power as 5 Medium Wind Turbines) 2. Power plant (Large Generator) The large version of the "Generator". Fuel driven power source. Large unit to generate more power from a fuel source. This unit utilizes Hydrogen gas in order to operate and produces 12 Units/s over the course of 200 seconds. (The same amount of power as 4 Medium generators, but runs for 200 seconds per fuel unit instead of 100 seconds per fuel unit) *3. Extra Large Platform C Another Extra large platform that has an either a square or Octagonal shape (similar to the Extra Large Platform A) with 4 Tier-2 slots each slot being on one of the the four sides (Top, bottom, left and right side. This applies to the octagon shape as well). The main purpose of this Platform is to allow multiple Tier-2 structures to be placed on it. Such as for example several crafting modules, having one or more modules and/or storage items (which can be used to make production faster/ easier to manage. 4. Item Transferal Module The ITM allows players to transfer Units from one source to another. It would/should contain two T-4 connections. It would transfer items/units from one side to the other. This would only allow Storage units to be placed. Structures such as the X-Large storage (or any other storage sizes) would be placed on either side, and then allowed to transfer items into the slots. This is only meant to save time from taking units and items off of storage modules, such as the X-Large storage, allowing the attachments to be transferred to another storage unit. For example: If you want to transfer the contents of one X-Large storage, to 2 large storage units with (4) medium storage units attached , you would place the X-Large Storage on one side and the empty storage's on the other. Once activated it will automatically, and quickly, pull items off the X-Large Storage and place them onto any free spots on the other side. If there's no more space to move items to then they will not be transferred. This would not be much different then how some modules pull items from one storage and then after use/or smelting places them back onto a free spot. Suggested changes: I found a few items that already exist that have some issues with them: 1. Solar Array: The power output should be 10 Units/s instead of 8 units/s. The difference would mean your getting one extra solar panels worth of power to offset the cost of making them. Part of the reason this change would be nice is to make the module worth the materials it costs to craft it. For the time and cost of materials required, you can use a few extra easily obtainable / abundant resources (all of which can be found on the starting planet) to make a singe Large Platform B and 4 Medium Solar panels. Comparatively you save on copper and glass, but you still must craft Plastic and Graphene (both of which require the chemical lab as well as the atmospheric condenser for the latter). In turn, adding more power output to the array would make getting it over getting a solar farm more efficient at the expense of the resource cost, as well as take up less space (something it already dose very well) 2. Extra Large Platform A: An addition of the single T-4 slot, there should be two smaller T-3 slots allowing for up to four T-2 slots on either side. this would make the platform more useful as a production platform allowing multiple Production modules to be attached and work off each other and/or having multiple storage units attached to speed up production. This of course wouldn't be necessary if something like the Extra Large Platform C idea (as mentioned above) exists, however this could be a good alternative to it.
  4. Hey everyone, second post here, still loving the game and the new patch to Astroneer has definitely helped with performance and a little bit of the jitter gun issue. The current issue I'm having even before the latest patch was spotty Solar Power on Desolo. Many times the panels would be open and wouldn't be getting any power during broad daylight, or they would be closed at night and yet somehow still give me power. Not sure if anyone else has been having these same issues, but any light that can be shed on this would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello, the solar panels on my rover-train turn on while stopped in a cavern. I waited until it happened again then captured this. Also when I connected it to the outpost the power loop began and I could smelt and research for free. Power loop: Small solar panel: Medium solar panel: I love the game btw
  6. First off well talk about the Recycling center/station. Essentially its a means to get rid of any unwanted platforms vehicles and modules (as well as their permanent attachments) The way it would work would be similar to how the vehicle bay "detects" an empty vehicle slot in front of it. When a large item (such as a platform, vehicle, or module) is in front of the station, it will allow you to do one of two things: Recycle - This will destroy the item and return half of the materials (a minimum of 1 per item recycled) used to create the item(s). This will recycle and return at least one material per item recycled, but cannot recycle materials (so be sure to remove them before recycling). Ex: if you place a single "Large platform D" you will receive two Aluminum for it. But if there are other items attached to it, for example a single medium solar panel, then you will also receive materials from that. Granting you two aluminum and one copper. you also cannot recycle the starter items (to ensure players cant continuously respawn the starter set for easy material farming) Deconstruct - following the same rules as the Recycle system, it will allow you to destroy items placed in front of it including any attachments. The difference is that rather then returning materials it will allow you to receive data (bytes) and will allow you to add a small amount of Bytes to your bank. the higher the tier the more bytes you can receive though the highest amount will only be around 50 bytes Next is Tier 4 power options. Currently the only real use for the XL platform is to be used with the XL storage (which is the only tier 4 module currently). These options will allow for greater power alternatives as well as a use for the XL Platforms. XL Wind Turbine - This windmill shaped turbine will provide up to 3x the amount of energy then a normal wind turbine, Using its articulated propeller it can face the direction of the wind allowing it to be more efficient with energy gathering. XL Solar Panel - Providing more solar energy this station works similarly to the small solar panel in that it will tilt itself towards sunlight to gather energy more efficiently the large solar cells are slightly larger then the XL platform but can deliver up to 4x the amount of power compared to a standard solar panel. XL Generator - Providing 2.5x the energy as a medium sized generator would be worth it enough, but due to innovations in technology XL generators not only will consume coal at one third the rate (essentially making a single stack of coal last up to 3x longer), but can also utilize Organic matter, but they will be consumed at half the rate as a small generator essentially making it last 2x's as long and more efficient then a small generator). They are also designed with a single Tier two slot allowing for two single items for storage or a single two tier item (such as a medium Storage module) All XL Power supplies are crafted with 2 Titanium and require a tier 4 slot making the XL Station or Large Rover the only way to use them (will be permanently affixed).
  7. Entire base no longer works. All power has stopped flowing from any source. All machines are dead. Recently built items were a worklight(which worked fine) and the terrain analyzer(which drained all power within 3 seconds or less.) I think that the terrain analyzer is the culprit here. Not going to start my base over for a 5th time. Second Bug. Getting in and out of Vehicles almost never works. Easiest workaround is to remove seat and place it down again. Third Bug Power extenders want to place new extenders down instead of stretch from the outlet. I can select the outbound port and I get the little circle to extend, instead it places another extender. Game is not playable at the moment for me. I will check back once hotfixes/patches have been applied. Thanks Also this seems to be one of the most civil alpha game forums I have ever seen. Way to go peoples. Most alpha access games have devolved into worthless bickering by now. Its nice to be in a pleasant community again.
  8. My friends and I have been thinking that there are lots of items with "small", "medium", and "large" in their titles, but there aren't always all three of the same thing. There's a small solar and a solar panel, but it would be helpful, more comprehensive, and more consistent if there was a large solar as well. Other examples: Large Storage and Medium storage but no small storage(could have 4 slots instead of 8) Small fabricator and medium fabricator but no large fabricator(could make a large hab like the one starting on terran) Small battery and Medium battery but no large battery ( maybe use medium fabricator to make it, put it on a large platform) Medium Rover and Large rover but no small rover (maybe just two slots and a seat, segway type) Small generator medium generator but no large generator( maybe hydrazine->power) And if something is too useless, just use small and large (for example, a small platform would be useless, so rename medium to small and keep large that way the naming is more comprehensive)
  9. The change in the power slots on the vehicles seems to have caused a problem with using the small solar panel in those slots. The small solar will still connect but does not generate power in either the front or rear slots of the small rover. This is a problem if the rover is being used to carry research or resources.
  10. The frequency of Storms seems to be way too often, 3 or more everyday is annoying and it takes up most of the daylight hours. Beacons should also be able to be seen over greater distances, maybe through mountains? The research module seems to draw a lot more power than can be stored, they are almost useless at night.
  11. After playing for a few hours the rover started to display odd behaviour. First the small solar I had attached to the front of my rover decided that it wanted to be in my back pack when astroneer was sat in the rover. The animation would cycle around the solar being attached to the rover node and moving to my backpack. When I jumped out of the rover the solar would become detached. You can see it mid-flight in the image below. A few minutes later, stranger behaviour again. The rover started to buck when I exited, something I've seen before but not for some time. Then, when entering the rover the front-end embedded itself in the floor. Don't know whether this helps, but I was attempting to circumnavigate the planet.
  12. The thruster has 4 spots that you can put a small item on each one of those spots for storage (I'm assuming). It would be nice if when you attach say: a battery, small solar panel, small wind turbine to those spots and attach it to the back of your larger vehicle (and possibly anything else the thruster may attach to, I'm not that far in the game I don't know if it does yet) that it would charge your car from where it sits on the thruster. The design of this game is so intelligent that when I did it I assumed it would work and was surprised that is didn't. So I just thought It'd be nice to see it as a functional feature. I just think it would speak for the already intelligent design of the game. Also I hate that I cant just put single Items anywhere I want on the the open ports on the back of the ship. It autofills you from the seat on back.
  13. I have over 6,000 bytes of research credit. I have unlocked the small solar panel and small wind turbine, as well as other items. However, my backpack research PDA is NOT showing the medium solar panel to unlock for research. ??! I have toggled through every button on the device, and looked at everything, but no medium solar panel. Is there a prerequisite item that I need to unlock before the panel will show up? This is kind of frustrating, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I truly believe this game will thrive with more than the current planets we have. It would be amazing to see new planets/systems you could travel to. This would obviously require a top-tier rocket but I believe that it will improve the core gameplay and bring in more players.
  15. Okay so in my game, I just hauled 2 solar arrays back to my base, but I can't get them to stay put. I looked it up and they're supposed to be unmovable once you exit and re-enter the game, I did that multiple times and it isn't working. Has this been changed or is there something else I need to do?
  16. So I know I've seen this in comments on threads, but couldn't find a dedicated thread for it. If it's been suggested already, lmk and I'll remove this if I can for clutter reasons. But basically, weather should affect solar panels and wind turbines. Just now I had a storm roll through where my turbines were off but my solar panels were still running as if it were noon. Hopefully this can be changed in the future, because currently how storms interact with these modules doesn't make sense.
  17. After digging up and dragging one of the giant crashed solar panels to my base, I had to save and restart before I could place it and connect it to my base for power. Once back in the game I found the panel stuck in the position I left it in without any way to move it. There is no terrain that I can remove to release it from it's position. Terra-forming (adding terrain) under or around it results in it being covered and although the winch will attach, it will not drag it. Unfortunately, the giant panel is laying right on top of my base... I have reproduced this bug by simply doing the same thing: -digging up a giant panel -moving it -saving the game, exiting (either to menu or Windows) and restarting the game -panel is now frozen in place I'm playing on the Steam version with keyboard and mouse.
  18. Summary: When using Small Solar units, I've noticed they behave differently depending on if they're attached to the Astroneer's pack or the Hab (for example). Specifically, when the sun comes up, a Small Solar unit on the pack will "notice the sun is up" much sooner than the unit attached to the Hab. Testing Procedure: Construct two Small Solar units, and attach one to the Hab, and the other to the Astroneer's backpack. Stand parallel to the Hab in relation to the sun (so that both panels should begin charging at the same time). Note that the panel on the backpack begins charging noticeably sooner than the Hab.
  19. I don't know if this is necessarily a bug, but it is quite annoying. I have two small solar panels on the front and back of my rover. Whenever I am driving by my base and a connection from the rover to the base is shown, it pops off the solar panel where it would connect. [how do I embed an image?] This should probably only happen once you actually try to solidify the connection between the rover and the base.
  20. After the 158 patch I can't seem to get the research for the large solar panel. I get nearly everything but the solar panel. I can make a crane, a drill, I can sit in a 3 person enclosed seat but I have no research for either spaceship. It seams there should be some researches that take a top priority, the solar panel being the most important. Also, why give the spaceship seats research before the spaceship research? PC via steam
  21. Found a massive scrap solar panel, and pushed it back to my base! I was able to hook it up with a car. Tons of power!
  22. Running Patch 131 via Steam... Backpack printed solar panel, mounted to large storage on a truck. Panel charges truck until sunset. At sunrise, panel follows sun, but does not charge. Dismounting the panel and remounting fixes issue.
  23. I believe a nice feature is that you could build a solar plant or wind turbine at some great distance from your base. You could have your base in a cave and build a type of power plant with solar or wind power and transfer the energy back to base with tether-like connectors. You could place a wind turbine on the top of a mountain where it is always windy and connect it to your base directly.
  24. Hey guys, here I'm gonna talk about a few ideas on potential storms and other atmospheric events, as well as possible modules to combat them! I know that some of these have already been discussed at length, but I wanted to collect these concepts together and add some of my own ideas on the matter GEOMAGNETIC STORMS (SOLAR FLARES): Solar flare events would be relatively rare overall, however their effects can be felt on all the planets at varying degrees, perhaps according to their distance from the sun. When they do occur however, they would be one of the most dangerous of the meteorological events. Picture the sky lighting up with bright auroras of green, pink, and blue, as strong winds begin to pick up. These winds should not be as powerful as the vanilla storm with debris flying about and the wind moving vehicles and inhibiting player movement - instead their danger should come from radiation. As is typical of geomagnetic storms, all vehicles or modules should stop working due to the interference even if they have power, and perhaps a couple could even malfunction and breakdown entirely. Additionally, if any GPS or map systems are implemented by that time, these would also fail. The greatest threat however will be the radiation poisoning which sets in soon after, forcing players to seek shelter underground to avoid the radioactive threat. ELECTRICAL STORMS: Imagine a massive cloud of pulsating light charging towards you from the horizon. As it engulfs your base, you can hear the static in the air as bolts of lighting randomly strike from all directions. The flashes and pulses of light turn your screen white, making navigation difficult, whilst a direct hit on the player is an instant death. If a module is hit, it temporarily stops working, but vehicles are safe because of the rubber tyres These types of storms should occur on moist planets with enough of an atmosphere to generate such powerful supercells. RADIATION STORMS: Similar to the geomagnetic storms, without the aurora and the damage to vehicles. Instead the air would have a slight yellowish tint about it and the surrounding objects and landscape appear to have a bit of a glow. Radiation poisoning sets in relatively quickly, forcing players to find shelter before dying from exposure. Only radioactive planets would suffer from this kind of storm. VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS: As I discussed in another thread (see Molten Planet) some planets could harbour volcanoes, and these would erupt periodically. The air will turn black with soot and ash, as red hot boulders and flaming pyroclasts rain down from above. Every now and then, a random bolt of lightning will strike as a result of the static charge generated by the thick smoke, as is often seen in real eruptions. There could be a feature where oxygen is somehow inhibited by the thick smoke, but I haven't really figured out quite how that might work. METEOR IMPACTS: As has been mentioned a lot before, mineral rich meteors should totally be a thing, and if they could leave an impact crater that would be even cooler. The only bit I wanted to add is maybe having frozen asteroids as well as meteors, or even the wrecked remains of advanced alien crafts that hold special artifacts that are extremely hard to obtain otherwise! MODULES & MORE: 1) Shelter Module - A heavy duty shelter module capable of whitstanding the toughest storms that can hold up to four players at a time. 2) Monitoring Station - A complex looking module with tall aerials and satellite dishes that can forecast dangerous weather events up to 60 seconds before a storm hits, giving you chance to buckle down or hide. It could even tell you useless but fun little facts, like wind velocity etc when you click on the module Once this module is created, it would be really cool if you could also create a small device (like the wind vein or small solar panel) that you can attach to your backpack or vehicle and would warn you of approaching dangers when you're out and about. If you want to make life harder you could make the module require a constant energy source, but that might be a bit overkill considering how dangerous the storms are haha 3) Vehicle Dock - A module that creates a space for two terrestrial vehicles to be tethered down without risk of them moving. Given that every time I return to my homeworld I find all my vehicles have disappeared I figured this might be a pretty useful idea overall.