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Found 3 results

  1. So, some people have been suggesting that once you have built a Spacestation, you should be able to build a larger, interstellar spacecraft that can be used to reach nearby solar systems. I'm for this idea, as it would open up the option for the developers to add new content in the form of new solar systems, with new and different planets. In light of this, I'd like to open this thread up to anyone who has any ideas for new planets, moons, and any other destinations they have thought of. I have a half dozen suggestions below, to kick things off: Magma This planet would look similar to Arid from space, being predominately a dark red in color. However, upon reaching the surface players would discover that the planet is littered with pools, rivers and lakes made of lava. The lava would obviously be a hazard that players would have to navigate past, or form bridges over using the Terrain Tool. The landscape would vary from wide open terrain to mountainous. The planet would have a very long day/night cycle, say 40 minutes or more. The primary source of power would be from geothermal vents that could be built upon. As a secondary source of power, the planet could have medium to large deposits of Coal on the surface, including Coal nodes that regenerate over time. Forrest This planet would be covered in large amounts of planet life, and would be unique in that it has a breathable atmosphere, meaning that Astroneers visiting this world would not need to be concerned with building tethers to keep oxygenated. The planet's day/night cycle would be be about 8 minutes. There could also be an abundance of animal life, both predatory and passive. Solar power and small generators would provide most of the power on this world, as there would be very little wind. The planet would have two moons, both of which would be reminiscent of Barren, though a little smaller and with differing day/night cycles. Ocean This world would be covered mostly by water, the land above the waterline forming small, medium and large islands dotted around. Strong winds would allow for Wind Turbines to generate a lot of power, supplemented by Solar Panels. The day/night cycle would be similar to that of Tundra, about 20 minutes, or possibly a little less. To cross from one island to the others, a new kind of vehicle would have to have been researched. I'm thinking a Hovercraft, not an anti-gravity one but like the sort that exists today, that float upon a cushion of air. This would allow them to be built at a Vehicle Bay, then driven out onto the waters. There could be extenisve plant life that grows up out of the water, with artefacts attached to them. To get them, a new attachment for the Crane could be a Grabber that takes hold of the artefact and pulls it off, before being placed on the vehicle. The chance for a lot of aquatic life would exist here. Ocean would have five moons, two of which would be much larger than the others. All five would rotate at different speeds, giving slightly different day/night cycles, ranging from 3 minutes like Barren, to 10 minutes like Terran. Sunburnt This planet's rotation would be locked, meaning that one side would be permanently facing the star it orbits, whilst the other side would be forever in shadow. The 'Day Side' would be mostly yellow and very barren of anything organic, with a few mountains here and there. Scorpion like animals could be found mostly in caves and sometimes out on the surface. Players also would have to watch out for areas where the texture of the ground is different, as there are patches of quicksand here and there. The 'Night Side' by contrast would be much like Tundra is all over, covered in ice and rocks. The Night Side would have almost permanent wind in most places, allowing for a reliable source of power, backed up by a battery or two. There would be Artefacts unique to each side of the planet, encouraging the player to build at least two bases (one on each side) to cover them both. A thin strip of land would divide the two sides, forming a ring around the world where day meets night. In this 'Twilight Region' the temperature would be more balanced, allowing for a large amount of plantlife, a stark contrast to either side. Sunburnt would have one moon, which would have a day/night cycle of about 7 minutes. It would mostly be covered in shades of brown, with a few places where it turns dark red. Broken This world's normally spherical shape would be broken by a massive chunk missing that would account for about a fifth of the planet. This would be the result of a collision with another planetary body, maybe a former moon it use to have, or a large enough comet or Astroid. The surface would be primarily brown and yellow, with frequent dust storms covering it. Organic life would cover a fair amount, about the same as on Terran. The large region where the land is missing would be a sharpe contrast to the rest of the planet. The ground would go from brown to dark brown, then to grey and finally to black in the centre.there would be no wind inside this region, though an abundance of Coal and solar power would make up for that. The day/night cycle would be about 18 to 20 minutes, so when building or driving into the 'Crater' you would need either a large supply of Coal or a Solar Panel and quite a few Batteries. Alien This would be truly a very different feeling world from all the others. The atmosphere would be a light green, and the surface a dark blue by contrast. There would also be a few bodies of water, which would have a green tint to it. The developers could go to town inventing all manner of weird and intertesting plant life, but the surface would also be covered in ruins hinting at an alien civilisation, hiding a variety of alien-themed Artefacts. A few crashed alien spaceships could hold additional 'loot'. When the night cycle approaches, all the plant life starts to glow, giving off almost enough light to see as well during the day. The day/night cycle would be around 12 minutes.
  2. There are already multiple planets but how awesome would it be if players could build special space ships that are specifically made to go to different solar systems where new planets await. I know this is really hard but what if there are even different galaxies! Just the thought of the endless possibilities makes me giddy
  3. Sir DarkDudez

    Space exploration

    Adding new planets and solar systems are a common topic (and likely addition) but adding abandoned spaceships, stations and Asteroids would be very cool. Because of how travel works in this game, maybe a telescope can be made at a base and used to locate these smaller places to land. Once located it appears in the orbit screen and you can travel there. (That's my idea, there are other ways of doing this) new solar systems could also be discovered this way, adding a whole new array of planets to explore. Also, the production and launching of your own space station, which you can walk inside of (basically a base in space that you can move between planets) would be a very nice touch.