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Found 6 results

  1. When i go out for a while away from my base I find that the solar panels don't produce power when I come back during the day. i take them off and re-attatch them and they produce power. i find this to be annoying. ALSO idk if I should post another thread but my game crashes after a little while of playing while i'm either driving something or trying to get into a seat
  2. Hey Devs, I have noticed that my small solar panels, whether placed on a base structure or on my rover (plugged in to the base and parked/not in use), do not begin powering things when the sun comes up, even though they are tracking the sun (and therefore probably should be powering things). When I remove one and replace it, however, they all begin powering things at once, as if they simply needed to be jolted awake or something. It hasn't made a difference whether there are two panels on the same structure, or only one per structure. I'm on the steam version, hotfix 155 applied, new save game started after the hotfix. Keyboard and mouse. Around 15 fps if it matters. Have fun squashing bugs!
  3. Knouvael'Qeskre

    Combinable Power Generation

    This topic was made during the pre-alpha version 0.3.10155.0, or simply "155". You know, I have been thinking, having two small solar panels on a platform looks kind of funky. (For those of you wondering, yes, solar panels do work on your space pod and does produce power. I suppose solar panels can look better there as well, since it does clip inside the space pod.) What if there was the ability to have these two solar panels combine together to make one big solar panel? (One that is different from the other, and also less efficient than it as well.) The reason why I feel there should be a combinable solar panel is because having two small ones on a platform does not look the best. Why? Well, each one clips inside each other. Notice how these are clipping, such as the one in the foreground, these are intersecting not only the solar panel itself but also the framework of the solar panel. If the user were to remove the combine-able solar panel, it should either give them the original solar panel section and keep the other one on the platform or the new combine-able solar panel itself. Note: Other forms of power generation as well can also apply here, I used solar panels as an example. That is mostly because these solar panels are the easiest to obtain at the start of the current state of the game. Any power generation that usually only takes up one slot on a platform applies to what I am suggesting here too. To Summarize: I feel that basic solar panels and other power generation that takes up one space should combine with each other, if connected to a platform. If this power generation were to exist, it should produce twice the output of what one basic power generator would produce. I also feel that despite being twice as powerful as one power generator, it should still be less powerful than it's advanced counterpart. If this power generation were to exist, it should also able to picked up by the user. This could either be picked up as the newly combined power generation or one of the original pieces that has been placed down to create said power combined power generation, all while leaving the other original piece on the platform until the user wishes to pick it up also. Hopefully this wasn't a lot to take in, I am curious all of you think of this idea of mine!
  4. I'm sure many of you have noticed that placing tethers causes a ton of lag and the temporary work around for that was to pick them up again. However NOW for those further along and have bases with a ton of connectors the lag and frame rate continues to be an issue. I don't believe this is an internet connection issue but rather something in game, specifically the terrain generation. Despite not having any tethers around my frame rate is sub-30 and almost unplayable. Some people are theorizing that the game constantly renders where everything is even if you're away from your base and so the more you explore the worse the frame rate and lag gets. Just a theory but one with promise. I am fully aware this game JUST came out and will continue to improve a ton every day but hopefully this is priority over adding new content. With all that said, Astroneer is amazing and I hope to see it continue to change and adjust into something fantastic.
  5. I brought back a giant solar panel with the winch to my base.I linked it to a rover and linked the rover to my base. It works ''sometimes'' since i have to use my deformation tool next to it for the power to flow from the panel to the rover then the base. If i don't use it, nothing happens. Is it intended that way?I Tried placing batteries on the rover and other stuff but nothing seems to help it. And a little thing that i find strange is the fact that a giant solar panel outputs less power than 2 solar panels from the printer. That's pretty much it thank you for your time and the work you put into the game :).
  6. I noticed on other streams and on my own game that solar panels in the top/side slots are transferred to your resurrected body. Reproducing: 1) Build a small solar panel 2) Put it on one of the top or side slots on your suit so it gets sun 3) Die 4) Revive at base with solar panels, but no other resources Expected: Revive at base with no solar panels (or anything else) and no resources.