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  1. I dont know whats causing this, also all my teathers teleport up a step every once in a while
  2. Would be awesome to have huge solar panels use this design for mad power generation!
  3. I was in a multiplayer two-person game (other player was host). Host had built beginnings of a base on Barren, then returned to Terran. I then went to Barren whilst host remained on Terran. Whilst I was on Barren the day/night cycle functioned as normal (sun rising every three or so minutes, remaining for three minutes, then setting again), but the solar panels did not act or provide power when they are meant to. Although I was on Barren, I only got power when it was daytime for the host back on Terran. This applied to both the solar panel the host had left on Barren and the subsequent solar p
  4. Summary Big salvaged Solar panel disappeared. Description So wandering around my planet, I found one of those big wrecked solar panels that was usable since it had a cable plug. Brought it back to my base and decided to set it up(with much difficulty and some swearing). I hooked it up to my lines and attached a winch on a platform to make sure it won't move. After I came back from exploring a cave system I found far from my base, I looked over and it had disappeared. Attached are some photos of the journey that solar panel went through. Version / Build Number Alpha(0.9
  5. So there are three bugs I encountered at about the same time. The upper part of the small solar panel disconnected from its base (See image.), the same happened when it was in my backpack. In the backpack, down in the crafting thing, the left 'hologram' (Where you are supposed to put your material.) was constantly vibrating. It fixed itself after I went in my space shuttle and flew back to my home planet. My walking and running speed became the same as when holding something in your hand, while I wasn't holding anything. (Not sure if this is a bug, but on the exotic pla
  6. Small solar panels don't appear to be working properly on Tundra. I like to build bases at the north pole of Terran and Exotic (only two planets I've spent time at so far) for endless solar power. I decided to visit Tundra and do the same, but the solar panels aren't working right. New save after the release of 0.9.0 on steam on Windows 10.
  7. Just found some minor bugs here. First, the small hologram in the bottom left of the backpack (on the printer, showing material required for printing) is constantly vibrating for me slightly. As in the image is seemingly shaking a bit. Happens every time I open the backpack. Second, my solar panel glitched a bit and the panel part sort of detached from the stick it sits on, though it still functions fine. Attached screenshots show this pretty well I think. This seemed to occur after I launched myself into a wild frenzy with the thruster-powered rover. These are very min
  8. First and foremost - Great update! Love the added freedom of creativity to place things through power tethers! I like the direction its heading! Large Rovers / Large Storage [Steam: Post Basebuilding Update] The large rover has 4 (x2) slots [including the front and back connectors], and a large storage uses up 2 of the (x2) slots [giving you a total of 8 slots free: 4 from the large storage, 1 seat, 1 remaining (x2) on the rover, and the front and back]. Prior to the update, you could power your rover by placing a power source [solar panel/wind turbine/large battery] either on your large
  9. When the hologram comes up to attatch the buggy to a part of the base if you have a solar panel on that part it just pops off... Of course this isnt very major and may not even be a bug and you probably arent even supposed to put solar panels their but I thought it best to mention it
  10. I hook the winch tool up to a crashed satalite that's still had operational solar panels. When dragging back to base, satalite had no gravity effect. winch tool will not disconnect aswell seems to be endless winch line while it is glitched. Recommend adding weight to satalite wreakage. If it was to drag behind Rover instead of slingshot overhead I believe the winch tool would not glitch
  11. When the new update was come to game, solar panels doesn't work. When the sunrise on planet solar panels are openin but they are don't give the energy. When I pull solar panel and quickly take its area they are work. Please correct it.
  12. Ran out of power in the rover at night. Solar panel was already on the front, research taking up slots in the back. Sun came up and rover did not recharge. Workaround: remove research and place solar panel in the back till full recharge. Suggestion: add a slot to the top of the rover for solar panels Also related, driving close to base removes solar panel when equipped to front or rear slots. Would be nice if it stayed on and required a manual removal to charge to base if needed.
  13. i just noticed, retried, and confirmed now solar panels small or big ones do not work properly. when you create a small one and attack it to the backbag of the astroneer it does not work initially, it needs to be picked up and reattached, otherwise it will not transfer power. same happens with the big one attached to a rover or truck. when the entire power is drained and the sun comes up again, the solar panel opens and the indicator shows working, but no power is transferred to the battery. you have to pick it up and reattache it to the vehicle. also sometimes when still power is a
  14. Found a potential glitch / bug: 2nd base on the 2nd landing, 1st planet on my first save-game, base is built hexagonal in shape from a single Habitat, with first ring of extensions loaded with 6x Tier-2 batteries, second and third ring loaded with Tier-2 solar panels (12 in-total). Each "base arm" is about 3 or 4 extensions long from the central Habitat before a platform is built and a base structure is constructed on it. I've no problems with power transfer between structures (vehicle bays, 3d-printer, smelter, research) being supplied with power from either the batteries, solar panels or the
  15. Greetings! In game play, solar panels, be them small, large or satellite sized, automatically produce power when the sun is above the horizon. However, unless someone has done some calculations proving otherwise, it's a strictly on/off affair. Problem is solar energy is not realistically gathered in this manner but it's fairly simple to introduce these factors to this environment. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating 100% realism of this game. For example, planets currently don't experience Summers or Winters. Though as a moderate measure of realism, solar panel efficiency should b
  16. Hi SystemEra, Love the game!! +1 I am having the same exact issue with my Solar Panel. It won't move after it has been unearthed. The first time I experienced this bug, it was with a chair. Xbox 1 from a previously saved game What were you doing leading up to this bug? I just made discovered a crashed solar panel. I unearthed it only to realize that I need a truck with a winch to move it back to my base. Then I spent the next 3 hours making new discoveries to get the option to build winch and truck, as well as collecting enough resources to build them.
  17. I am playing on a Windows PC, through Steam So I was playing on Astroneer yesterday, when I finally researched the winch. I made one, slapped it on my truck, and went to go get one of the giant crashed solar panels. I towed it back to my base and started trying to get it into the right position. Eventually it flipped over, and when I tried to flip it back with the winch it refused to move. I tried for a while to get it unstuck, but nothing work. I spent a further 30 minutes this morning trying, but nothing is helping. Also, my winch itself has thrown out multiple cables, neither of which
  18. The solar panel that i installed on the truck was unable to function when the sun rise up.I had to reload again so that the solar panel will open and charge. Anyone experienced this error?
  19. Solar Panel Continues to work during a sand storm. Not sure if this is a bug or not. I could not see the sun during the storm though. Hope this helps.
  20. So I discovered that I can mount 8 solar panels on a storage platform on truck and it recharges power. Unfortunately when I created more solar panels my fps just went through the floor and it is so laggy it is unplayable, a 6 hour game again.
  21. This happend always for me. Keyboard / Steam Video link: Notice how the solar panel disconect when the ghost wire appears
  22. Took me a while to get that thing into the right position so my truck can connect. There are four bars on the bottom so I suppose it would have double efficiency than the large solar panel built by the printer. However, I doubt if it could be used to any advantage since the cable seems to have a maximum power flow equals to the output of a regular solar panel. Anyway it looks pretty cool. I hope they add more cool stuff like this so I can build a collection!
  23. So while exploring I found a crashed satellite which one of the solar panels was still working. After some testing it became apparent the connections were different, maybe older, incompatible tech, from my base and wouldn't connect. However, it did connect with my older truck adapter. After hours of digging I got her free and with my trusty winch I took her home. I sacrificed my truck and used it as a bridge for the power. SUCCESS! I can power my coffee machine for another day. Really though, I don't think it's any better than a normal solar panel. Was fun doing it tho