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Found 21 results

  1. Hi. I'd love to know if drill will collect soil in future update? I know it's a issue for many players remembering pre-release state, when that was possible. Or was it dissabled for balance and for not overusing soil centrifuge? I'd like to get a clear answer. Will it be possible to collect soil with drill or not?
  2. So far i have only seen this issue in multiplayer. i will explain the setup so it will be clear that this setup has no issues and would work fine. Extra large curved platform holds one soil centrifuge, one medium storage in middle slot, one large storage silo B with six medium soil canisters and two soil canisters to get them loading the centrifuge. Auto arm on separate platform ads to a table of medium resource canisters until they are full. overall there is between 8 and 15 power going to this setup, never so little that it wouldn’t run and when i checked this the table had full power. mid the arm cannot remove material fast enough it will spill out to the medium platform and even onto the silo In the last few days i’ve used this setup to make one medium resource canister at a time. last night i tried filling up to four. after the first can the soil centrifuge stops. i check on it and it is acting as if there is no power to it. cannot press start, button is blacked out, repeat is still showing on. machine shows it is full of soil still and there are no items left u loaded. machine simply will not start. i moved the machine to a different table. no luck. unplugged table. no luck. i built a new centrifuge and put it in the exact same place and setup. three medium cans got made. the fourth did not and joe a second centrifuge is in this unusable state.
  3. When I use the mineral extracter to make an item if I start it then leave the base before it is finished the extracter makes it but i am unable to grab it and have to make another extractor have gone through 3 extractors and It keeps happening I have to stay near it to be able to get the resource thx.
  4. sorry to sound like grave news but as of soil centrifuge's no longer work as they did prior and this has unfortunately killed my playthrough and enjoyment of the game at the peak of its heights. (pun if found unintended) the main issue here is the auto deposit from inventory to centrifuge now needs to be manual. before exploration update the SC took its soil and held its container on its own making large and small scale deposits workable with ease however now the SC require nearly full manual dexterous since it now does not start auto depositing and takes already full canisters in place of empty ones which clog the reclaiming process of items having the user search for the missing canister on the receiving end with some nodes being hidden when using endgame storage solutions. why is this an issue: 1. as far as functional wise it is a unneeded regression in efficiency to how the SC system used to work it prior allowed the user to operate it efficiently and from my own work with it maximize and expand on it with large scale incentive. 2. my current project is the harvest of a whole planet; the SC is one of the key elements to this process and experimentation as not only did it provide fuel and resource for the expanding operations but gave a satisfying sense of closing impact to what we where doing. how can we fix ? my solution is to have it work prior to exploration but have the SC put back the canister to where it was as priority 1 to stay with the rest of them Q: is this an intentional design? will it ever be fixed? tips for those that might try: limit research items to endgame items only essential to the project to maximize item selection efficiency. the large shredder on a slop and single platform that can hold it drops scrap in a "neat" pile for pick up 3 SC on the 2iron 2steal platform makes a great processing plant that can work with storage 4 working silos to draw from for full harvesting playthrough.
  5. XL Soil Centrifuge Research Cost: 5,000 Bytes Material Cost: 2x Plastic & 2x Aluminum Alloy Size: XL Power Consumption: 8 Units/Second Description: An Upgraded version of the regular soil centrifuge that rewards you for producing in small amounts. Visuals: -Circumference of the extra large storage -Has 2 counter rotating centrifuges. One with 8 capsules (like the existing one) and another outside it with 16 capsules -A medium slot for taking soil from Canisters, Tanks and Soil Silos Produced Resources (Up to) 24x Compound 24x Resin 18x Clay 12x Quartz 6x Graphite 3x Ammonium [New]2x Laterite Same Soil to Resource Ratio as the existing centrifuge. New Systems You can choose how much of one resource you need, if you need it to be made as quick a possible while also saving soil. The less resources you make, the faster the centrifuge goes, by following this equation. [0.1x +(0.125x - 0.005xr)]p X = fully powered centrifuge speed (Roughly 30 seconds) R = amount of resources being made P = Power being received Examples: You make 5/6 pieces of graphite at 7/8 Units/Second. The equation would be [0.1x +(0.125x - 0.005x(5))]7 [0.1x +(0.125x - 0.025x)]7 [0.1x +0.1x]7 0.2x * 7 1.4X The speed in this situation would be a good ways higher than in a regular soil centrifuge. You make 24 pieces of resin at 8 Units/Second. The equation would be [0.1x +(0.125x - 0.005x(24)]8 [0.1x +(0.125x - 0.120x)]8 [0.1x + 0.005x]8 0.105x * 8 0.84x Slower than a regular centrifuge, but with 2.5x more resin every second of production. The reason for this equation in the module is to balance the resource production. I didnt want mass producing resources to be the only point of having this module, so I nerfed mass production while buffing small resource collection. Items to go along with this: Soil Tank Research cost: 1,000 Bytes Material cost: 1x Resin & 1x Plastic Size: M Use: can hold 3 canisters full of soil -can transfer soil from canisters through a small slot Soil Silo Research cost: 2,500 Bytes Material Cost: 1x Resin & 1x Silicone Size: M Use: can hold 12 canisters full of soil -can transfer soil from canisters and tanks through a medium slot Credit to @TMarcher74 and @Marcin7667 for inspiring me! If I did anything wrong, or if I could balance anything better, OR if you have an add-on suggestions, please comment.
  6. I suggested this because I love the progress being made with the Drill. Yet, Canisters fill on a rover with a Drill extremely fast so I decided to suggest a Medium Canister. It is a 2 slot version of the Canister (which would be renamed to Small Canister) that has a capacity of 20 regualar Canisters and only works on a rover with a drill. Medium Canister: Capacity: 20 Small Canisters Research Cost: 500 Bytes (open for change) Recipe: 1 Plastic, 1 Ceramic (open for change but I want the player to need the Chemistry Lab before they can make this) Size: Medium You would need, obviously, a way to extract materials from soil collected in these canisters or they would be useless. For this, there should be a module that dispenses this soil into Small Canisters. I might make a 3D model for this later. Research Cost: 800 Bytes (open for change) Recipe: 1 Iron, 1 Aluminum, 1 Copper Size: Large Please let me know what you think.
  7. Can we get glue canisters to put in the terrain tool for things like salvaged solar arrays so they dont move after you place them where you wanted? some people say you need to save and reload the game to freeze the solar array but doing so never worked for me and using the standard soil to secure it can cause it to jitter even if the soil isnt physically touching the array. a specially designed soil variant designed as glue would be great for keeping objects static. I would suggest that the way this be crafted is in the chemistry station using a full canister of soil, and resin.
  8. We tried many configurations of Large Rover + Crane + Drill + Soil Canisters, but couldn't get it to fill the soil canister.
  9. As the title suggests I would like to suggest that we be allowed to use gas from the atmospheric condenser to trade for soil. Main reason being is that it is entirely possible to destroy soil in the game and never have it return. Since players are unlikely to make soil cansiters to keep saving soil and are likely to burn through soil without a second thought, this leads to "Soil Entropy" meaning that it is possible to completely erase all the soil of a planet and have it be gone forever without starting a new save. Therefore I would like to suggest that we be allowed to use the atmospheric condenser and the trade platform to trade gas for soil so that soil entropy is less of an issue for those of us with "mega projects" now realistically is someone going to erase all the soil of a particular planet? No. But the ability to get lost soil back I think would be a subtle feature. Additionaly: this soil should not be allowed to be used in the soil centrifuge for game play balance purposes.
  10. When playing multiplayer once creating the Soil Centrifuge and powered it on I was able to add soil with no issues but when going to start the process the green button to start the fuge is blacked out. so it's full of soil is getting full power but the start fuge'ing button is blacked out to where i cant use it. this will be a problem when resin and compound become a little harder to find. please please please fix this issue. thanks. -Robby-
  11. Summary: – Steam – Soil Fragments respawning Description: I don‘t know how often I removed this and other fragments. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home | 1803 | 17134.523 CPU: Intel i5-4460 3.20GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti RAM: Kingston 2x8GB DDR3 800Hz Drive: Western Digital 1TB (WD10EZRZ-00Z5HB0) Bug Report Counter: 17
  12. Different types of soil you can collect in canisters (or different canisters for different soil). Certain types of soil must be found in caves or on different planets. In the soil centrifuge, different types of soil can give you different types of resources. Example: Surface soil on Terran only gives you basic resources. But a soil found deep in a cave can give you laterite. Another type of soil on a different planet gives you compound, but twice the amount a normal surface soil would give you. Let me know what you guys think!
  13. Summary: – Steam – Rocky Soil Bug Description: Terraforming the rocky soil with the flatten mode is as fast as normal soil. I don‘t think that‘s intended. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home | 1803 | 17134.523 CPU: Intel i5-4460 3.20GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti RAM: Kingston 2x8GB DDR3 800Hz Drive: Western Digital 1TB (WD10EZRZ-00Z5HB0)
  14. On xbox, lack of mouse support makes it nearly impossible to create flat structures. A solution to this could be printable architecture! At first I was just focused on flat walls and floors that snap together easily, but there is potential to make unlockable shapes and styles like crown mouldings, stairs, railings, columns, windows, doors, roofs, etc. If these are crafted with colored terrain analyzers the colors could be applied as well! Having many different size and style options would provide more options for decorating and building. All options should be bought with bytes to give more items to unlock. Rather than just crafting from soil, perhaps trees could be 'shredded' and wood grain styles/textures could be implemented. Other building materials could be useful as well like steel, aluminum, etc. Another option could be conductive surfaces: giving players walls that could distribute power without needing to connect modules at a slight loss of power. (Think wireless charger) Just to reiterate, the main point here is to give Xbox players an option for aestheticly pleasing bases. I've built bases on Xbox but I can't even come close to replicating the deatil you can get with kb+m. Anything to add? Sorry if this has been suggested, I didn't see it anywhere when I checked.
  15. I was hosting a multiplayer game, and my partner put his canister with some soil in it in the Large Shredder. The image of the canister was persistent, even when the shredder animation and sfx stopped. When we put another item in the shredder, the game would completely crash, booting us both out to the desktop. When we restarted the game, the canister image was still there, and if we put another item in the shredder, the game would crash and punt us back out to our desktops again. We eventually just made a new shredder. When we put completely empty canisters in the shredder, we don't get the glitch.
  16. Since the addon of canisters we require to have at least 1 canister with soil to be able to use the other functions of the terrain tool (add and flat) i think the terrain tool should carry by default a small canister integrated in the tool itself, something like a quarter of a normal canister, which purpose would be only for the modifying terrain and not for soil collection, that would require normal canisters.
  17. I have very much enjoyed being able to create structures and build rudimentary buildings with the soil from the containers. I would love the ability to builds with various colours, however, the building colour is set. I was thinking that a cool aspect would be that the colour of the soil inside the container is a mix of the colours of soil extracted from the terrain. This way building colour would change depending on where it was extracted. Furthermore, a module could be researched and built that filters the soil inside a container into the different base colours so that one could build with them. This would allow you to hold different colours of soil in different containers. This idea could lead nicely into the idea that particular soil colours have particular properties, and the terrain gun can then be used to build and manipulate those properties. an example would be that you could grow particular vegetation on a particular soil, one would then be able to farm something. Although this is just a thought of what could happen as an extension.
  18. What if there was a type of massive drill you could put on the front of a large rover that could dig tunnels that it could get through? The crane is hard to use and I think a drill module could make life easier for the average astroneer.
  19. Summary: - Steam - Infinite soil by mining concrete near habitat Description: As you can see, by mining the concrete as shown, the fill bar of my soil canister is slowly increasing. There is nothing much to say about it but you can get infinite resources using the mineral extractor. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 family x64 / v1703 /build 15063.909 CPU: intel i5 7600k 4.8GHz GPU: 1060 6GB RAM: 16GB corsair ddr4 3000MHz Drive: seagate barracuda 2TB
  20. The one thing about this game is that there aren't too many things to actually "do". Once you complete all the research, Its pretty much like, "I can either prepare and set up another base on another planet, (without much to gain or discover, more than I already have) or I can start a new game." To help give players more things to accomplish or complete, here are some of the ideas I have come up with today: Soil Density - Different types of soil have different types of mineral in them, so extracting mineral from a specific type of soil can extract more compound, and less lithium. Even using a mineral extractor is useless to obtain rare metals like lithium and titanium unless you use soil from deep enough within the planet, or on a planet that has that resource already abundant on the surface, which would mean the soil is rich enough with that type of resource that it can be found on the surface. More Resources ( that haven't been foreshadowed) - Resources like Gold, Silicon, etc Research Upgrades/Tiers - Some of the researches have levels, where once they are researched, they can be leveled up with more bytes. Leveling a research up would give small new additions. Certain researches cannot be completed until the player has reached another planet, and obtained an artifact or "sample" that can only be found on that planet Backpack Upgrades -Backpack upgraded to hold slightly more oxygen or power, without using tanks/batteries. 10% to 50% increased power/oxygen upgrades. +Backpack storage upgrades/attachments that slightly extend the storage on a backpack. jet-pack to replace the seat glitch, still allow movement at high speeds, add some restrictions. PLEASE!!! WE REALLY WANT A JET PACK SO WE CAN TRAVEL WITHOUT CHEATING , and speaking of that, maybe some more uses for hydrazine early-game + late game would spice things up. Large Printer A printer that uses a LOT of resources to print things like large batteries, that can hold 4 time more than a medium battery. Large (non vehicle) storage, a big cylinder with 32 connection points for items. Large solar panels (with extender for high point). Base walls / Dome to protect any enclosed areas from storms, and reduces dust/wind. Medium / Large soil containers instead of trucks loaded with a lot of small ones + soil tube, to transport soil from the tool, directly to the container. the soil tube would work like the base connectors, and can be printed in sections. More Power-demanding tech technology that takes a LOT of power for massive scale things. for example, a nuclear reactor that uses the equivalent of 32 medium batteries of power to generate one resource. another example is a huge drill, that digs a very wide hole in the planet straight down (very slowly, constantly requiring massive amounts of power per layer excavated. In return, may fill a lot of soil containers. or one big soil container, and collect resources. Terrain Tool Mods for excavation, create a mod that removes soil in more organized sections/cubes, so that the player is able to excavate in a more orderly manner, easier to work with. Other Stuff Lava? Meteor crash sites? Factory/automated tech? small wind mills are weak.. It would be nice if they could generate a tad bit more power. - Wind patterns/places that are always windy + jetstream.
  21. I have purchased Astroneer yesterday and have already spent 10 hours on it. I have a suggestion: a machine that can be researched that will automatically fill canisters with soil. I got this idea when I spent 2 hours filling canisters with soil so that I could use them in the Mineral Extractor and found that it is very so a grind. I fully understand this but, my idea is that this machine works slower than a player could fill canisters. Of course for that you don't need to go somewhere and dig for 2 hours, instead you work on your base or do other things and come back to filled canisters. Please let me know what you think, and ask any questions you have about my idea. Thank you!