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Found 16 results

  1. My friend can press the arrow buttons to change resource (as in the lines on the physical indicator of how much soil you need per resource change ) but the screen doesn't change and he cannot start the centrifuge process. I can use them normally but he can't. When he logged off and back on, it was fixed.
  2. StOrM HyDrA DBS

    Bug Machinery

    Hi, I've encountered a bug with the Chemestry Laboratory and the Soil Centrifuge. The Chemestry Laboratory don't put the materials that have been just done on a free storage slot, it just drop them instead. The Soil Centrifuge use to take Soil Canisters to fill up and put them back (if space available). Now, you have to initiate the process, and even if it's fully filled up, it will continue to take Soil Canisters, wich is annoying for "semi-automation". So can you please fix it to work as it used to ? Could you please take those bugs in consideration, and fix them ? Thank you.
  3. The soil centrifuge still gets stuck. To solve, you have to save and reload the game every time.
  4. System: Win 10 - Steam - Keyboard/mouse - I was making some ammonium earlier today and while moving items around on some connected storage, I some how added an ammonium to where the finished resource comes out. It then glitched and put the finished ammonium onto the storage. However it then split part of the ammonium onto every available space of storage. Now I have 2 storages that are useless because it's got part of an ammonium on it, and I can't remove it. I also can't move the ammonium that is missing chunks. I attached a picture to hopefully explain this a bit better. I don't want to test if I can replicate it, as I don't want to go creating storages that are now useless. I moved the ammonium just as the soil centrifuge was spinning up. In the picture below the ammonium on the platform with the soil centrifuge is missing parts to it. The parts are on the medium storage next to it. I can't move any of the missing chunks, and can't move the ammonium with the missing chunks.
  5. In the past it was possible to take the last canister off of the soil centrifuge and place it back on the storage to force the created materials to go to the left or right side, like some kind of automatic sorting. Now it always takes the next canister and this way the canisters get mixed with the items the soil centrifuge creates. This results in a multitude of more clicks I have to make to sort everything after each run of the soil centrifuge. Please change this behavior back how it was in the past. It is not a game breaker, but I find it really annoying at times. Thank you. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1903 | Build 18362.295 (US Version with German Keyboard) CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Eight-Core Processor 3,00 GHz GPU: ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2070 8GB OC RAM: 64 GB Corsair Vengeance Drive: 4TB WDC WD40E31X-00HY4A0 Astroneer - Soil Centrifuge creates chaos on storages.mp4
  6. StOrM HyDrA DBS

    Bug Machinery

    Hi, I've encountered a bug for the Atmospheric Condenser and the Soil Centrifuge. The Atmospheric Condenser don't refuel some gas pods, I've noticed the Hydrogen, and sometimes Nitrogen. (I have not verified for the other gases) The Soil Centrifuge use to take Soil Canisters to fill up and put them back (if space available). Now, you have to initiate the process, and even if it's fully filled up, it will continue to take Soil Canisters, wich is annoying for "semi-automation". So can you please fix it to work as it used to ? Could you please take those bugs in consideration, and fix them ? Thank you.
  7. For some reason, only Soil Centrifuge is bugging out, no idea how to recreate this bug, sometimes is when I go from my base too far away, sometimes when I log out, sometimes just in front of me. Mouse/Keyboard Steam I usually put 3 containers of dirt into it, 2 to make it full then the next one to make the Soil Centrifuge collect dirt ones again. out of all the building and etc, this is the only one I have problems with (I am quite close at finishing the game)
  8. sorry to sound like grave news but as of soil centrifuge's no longer work as they did prior and this has unfortunately killed my playthrough and enjoyment of the game at the peak of its heights. (pun if found unintended) the main issue here is the auto deposit from inventory to centrifuge now needs to be manual. before exploration update the SC took its soil and held its container on its own making large and small scale deposits workable with ease however now the SC require nearly full manual dexterous since it now does not start auto depositing and takes already full canisters in place of empty ones which clog the reclaiming process of items having the user search for the missing canister on the receiving end with some nodes being hidden when using endgame storage solutions. why is this an issue: 1. as far as functional wise it is a unneeded regression in efficiency to how the SC system used to work it prior allowed the user to operate it efficiently and from my own work with it maximize and expand on it with large scale incentive. 2. my current project is the harvest of a whole planet; the SC is one of the key elements to this process and experimentation as not only did it provide fuel and resource for the expanding operations but gave a satisfying sense of closing impact to what we where doing. how can we fix ? my solution is to have it work prior to exploration but have the SC put back the canister to where it was as priority 1 to stay with the rest of them Q: is this an intentional design? will it ever be fixed? tips for those that might try: limit research items to endgame items only essential to the project to maximize item selection efficiency. the large shredder on a slop and single platform that can hold it drops scrap in a "neat" pile for pick up 3 SC on the 2iron 2steal platform makes a great processing plant that can work with storage 4 working silos to draw from for full harvesting playthrough.
  9. Soil Centrifuge will not unload until I close the game and go back in. This bug came up for me after the recent Lunar Lander update to the game. Thank you.
  10. Hello I made a Soil Centrifuge in game to use to make resin and clay and a few other things when I loaded it up to do its process it just sits facing down and not working and you cant make anymore stuff as you can see in the image below
  11. I'm having problems with the centrifugal the resources get stuck under it when finalized and it only becomes normal when it left and I enter the game
  12. Summary: - Steam - Soil Centrifuge doesn't load soil, doesn't release resources when done Description: Downloaded the game update today from Steam. Then, re: soil centrifuge: 1. Existing soil centrifuge would not load from soil full (green light) canister. Connected, clicked into place, no action, light on canister remained green. 2. Control panel for soil centrifuge is ... weird. The lines are missing from the SOIL histogram, and all of the elements are at x0. 3. Built a new soil centrifuge. It worked! Loaded soil canister. Chose to make Graphite. Working! And then ... BUG! Centrifuge finished condensing Graphite, but wouldn't turn right side up. I can see it there, pointing down. Can't click on it, or remove it. And now the new soil centrifuge is locked up just like point [1.]. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 CPU: Intel Core i5-6600K GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW RAM: G.SKILL Aegis 64GB (4 x 16GB) 2400 (PC4 19200) Drive: SAMSUNG 950 PRO M.2 512GB PCI-Express 3.0 (SSD)
  13. When a canister containing soil is placed on the same platform as a Soil centrifuge, it is automatically transferred to the soil centrifuge to empty the soil contents of the canister into the centrifuge module's internal soil buffer. This functionality is great, but has a minor flaw. A canister which has just been emptied in this way will be replaced by another canister containing soil, to continue filling the centrifuge until the centrifuge is full. However, once the centrifuge is full, an empty canister is left on the centrifuge's canister slot (assuming that two full canisters were used). While I understand that this is done to facilitate the storage of a partially filled canister on this slot while the centrifuge is in use, it has a major downside on the quality of life while using the centrifuge with large batches of soil. As the empty canister is left on the centrifuge, a slot on the medium storage from which the canister was taken is now empty, allowing the contents of the centrifuge operation to empty into this slot instead of the canister, which is still on the centrifuge slot. This means that the canister and items must manually be moved around, which is annoying for bulk centrifuge operations. My suggestion is to add functionality for the centrifuge to eject empty canisters from the centrifuge slot to other platform slots. This would allow for complete separation of canisters and centrifuge products, allowing for easier and more efficient use of the module. Current Result: Desired Result: Thank you to SES for all your hard work, and I hope that you will consider my suggestion for implementation.
  14. I was trying to get a semi-automatic medium storage maker using the soil centrifuge after seeing that resources could automatically fill printer slots. However when I put 4 small printers (1 in each slot) on the same platform as the soil centrifuge, it for some reason decides not to distribute the resin into the slots. I've uploaded a short video to Imgur that shows what I'm talking about.
  15. From what I have seen of 1.0, I absolutely LOVE it. You have made everything fit together so well, System Era. Terrain 2.0 is not as harsh as I expected and there are so many other new awesome features. There are some things that I was hoping for that still did not come. I know there are many more updates that will improve on the game so I have created this thread. 1. Trade Platform I must admit, the Trade Platform is still one of the ugliest modules to ever make it into the game (second to the old Medium Printer). That black and white part on the top looks extremely weird. There is still a single slot in the front that does absolutely nothing. I put a Small Wind Turbine on it in one save and it actually worked. Also, it still only accepts Scrap which is weird as well. 2. R.I.P Vehicle Bay I know that I will greatly miss the old Vehicle Bay. This new Large Printer looks awesome but I at least wish the ability to find the Vehicle Bay in wrecks and repair it. 3. R.I.P Storm All I want with this is an option to toggle the existence of the storm and perhaps have a planet fully in a storm. 4. 1 Canister > 1 Ammonium All that needs to be done for this is that the value of a Canister should be decreased. To make up for this, make it possible to extract Laterite and Malachite 5. Pointing The logo for when you point is exactly the same as the Terrain Tool arrow. Perhaps, make it look more like this:
  16. MarcusUniversee

    Soil types and resources

    Different types of soil you can collect in canisters (or different canisters for different soil). Certain types of soil must be found in caves or on different planets. In the soil centrifuge, different types of soil can give you different types of resources. Example: Surface soil on Terran only gives you basic resources. But a soil found deep in a cave can give you laterite. Another type of soil on a different planet gives you compound, but twice the amount a normal surface soil would give you. Let me know what you guys think!